and it's beautiful cast


I saw seven birds: the Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Lonely Journal-keeper, the Peacemaker, and the Wordless One.

matt and harry are just so aware of the responsibility of representation and they make sure they’re taking care of them for us. Like, the fact that they’ve talked abt how they have in depth conversations abt their characters and scenes multiple times just says so much. They just rlly want to do this right and I rlly appreciate it :’)


With everyone getting to know about Luke Evans thanks to Beauty and the Beast, my good old YouTube playlist featuring 40+ videos (so far) of him singing might interest some of you, so I thought I’d share it! (the gifs are from his performance of Delilah!)

Here’s the link, enjoy!


Happy Birthday Harry Shum Jr. (April 28, 1982)

“Every project I work on makes me feel like I am on the right track because I’m getting paid doing what I love to do. I view each film and show I get to work on as a small dent in the universe that hopefully makes some sort of impact to someone somewhere. So I guess in a way, whatever current project I’m working on reminds me that I am on the right track.”


The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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To celebrate the 4th of July, a video from 2014 of Ben Platt and Skylar Astin in maroon velvet suit jackets singing an a cappella rendition of “America”

Did Matt try to foreshadow some morning scene or the morning scene in 2x15…? He was so sly talking about this, god help us all

Can we please fucking stop

with this “the game is homophobic because of this secret cult ending that didn’t even make to the final game" bullshit? I’m honestly trying to enjoy this game and its beautiful art and music and diverse cast of characters and I’m just so pissed off by seeing the word “homophobic” and “(literally) demonising lgbt+ people" fucking EVERYWHERE!
Breaking news: LGTB+ PEOPLE CAN BE ASSHOLES! Just because some people are queer doesn’t make them some kind of perfect, pure angels that cannot do anything bad. There are evil gay people, asshole trans people, bi bullies just as there are asshole white people, asshole hetero people, asshole black/Latino/Asian people. We are all HUMAN and some people being duchebags is just part of it! Where did the equality we all fight for suddenly dissapear? You can’t pretend like hate doesn’t exist among other than white cis communities. That’s fucking EQUALITY!!! Accepting that not only there’s nothing wrong with being gay/trans/pan… but that these people have the same flaws and make the same mistakes as any cis person.
So just because one, ONE fucking character who happens to be bi is evil and a literal demon doesn’t mean you’ll forget all the other SIX fucking amazing, beautiful, QUEER dads who all have different and distinctive personalities, ethnicities and body types. Just fucking stop please.

Attn: Still Star-Crossed Fans

Did Still Star-Crossed change your life? 

Were you left wanting more after that finale?

Do you think ABC is shady as hell?

Do you want to see more of Lashana’s gorgeous face?

SavingSSC is here to fight for the little show that could. We’ve seen wonderful petitions floating around the internet, as well as countless people wondering why a show with such a beautiful, talented cast wasn’t given its fair chance. This account exists as a starting point  for what could be a campaign to get our show back. In order for that to happen, we’ll need as much man power as possible. 

We figure, if a show without any promotion was able to generate this much interest, imagine if Still Star-Crossed received the support it deserved! We’re down to accept campaign and promotion ideas. It doesn’t hurt to try right?