and it's awful:


Okay so here’s this, my spoken Swedish is so awful I’m sorry but native speakers pls correct stuff !! 

What I said (or tried to): 

Hej! Jag heter Sydney. Jag är amerikan, jag bor i USA. Jag är sjutton år. Jag har två bröder och tre syster (syster ?? jag vet inte). Jag pratar lite svenska, lite kinesiska, och mycket lite franska också. Hej då! 

So yeah idk if all the grammar in that or whatever is correct (also what the plural of syster is ?? my brain failed me I couldn’t remember & plurals are way harder than they have any right to be). Pls correct mistakes & such in that, and also I know my pronunciation is awful so again pls feel free to correct that too.

There are 3 steps to having a good accent in a different language I think

1. Realise you must develop a new voice, you will not seamlessly switch from language to language. You must feel like you are speaking in a new voice, you can’t cling onto your own language.

2. LISTEN TO NATIVE SPEAKERS. Just listen to them over and over again, listen to songs, radio, tv anything. Listen carefully, make sure you are commit to memory the way they move their mouth and where the stress is placed etc…

3. IMITATE!!! Arguably the most important step, but after you hear something you must imitate it. Get the general feel for a word, then practice, make sure you’re getting the accent down. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t let yourself be lazy, stay in your different voice. Don’t slip back into your native tongue, stay in it and keep working at it.

I Actually Screamed Because The New OP Is So Freaking Awesome!! (AS EXPECTED!!!) And my boys were looking so cool with these glasses!!


~Y por esa boca no me importa ser ladrón~

Watch me get inspiration for cheesy KiriBaku comics from latin american music. I’m not sorry.

i hope some of you know how insensitive it is to analyse chanyeol’s or any idols behaviour like this to imply they’re “next” to add to what you must consider to be for shock value. it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to care… but this isn’t the way to do it. stop writing essays on why he’s depressed, its so so so so ugly. there’s a difference between an idol coming out and expressing their struggles and you pushing this onto them just because you want something to discuss.