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Poor Jack

I imagine Jack in constant pain. Like holy fuck. He practically explodes everyday. Jesus fucking Christ. His ass gets handed to him on a silver platter most of the time. Shit son. He’s shunned by people he used to consider partners/friends or by people he praises.

I just imagine that on rare days when he has very little fucks he just gets home and takes a hell fire bath and then eats a big meal and finally takes some pain killers to sleep soundly in the darkness of his room in a mini coma just to wake up three or five days later to deal with all that bullshit.


“Arashi is everything. And, Arashi will always be Arashi.” - Ninomiya Kazunari, (Galac December 2008)

Happy 16th Anniversary Arashi! Because of you guys, I’ve met amazing people. Even if we are sad and unable to keep fighting, you are there to make all of us, Arashians, smile, laugh and forget all those sad thoughts and encourage us to go forward. Thank you. 5x16


my favourite xiaolin monks of all time