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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍

hello have you heard of brad bradson who believes in you very much


Coming off anon to show the pics! She’s laying on a full size pillow for size ref btw. Everyone was like ‘are you really gonna make it that big?’ Yes. Yes i did. I thought using some cool patterns as well would make her look cool as well!
Hope this satisfies your curiosity!!! :)

Ahhhh!! I had a dream about Jacob the other night and I JUST remembered to tell you about it xD It was about Madeline and Jacob (earlier I was trying to think of more oneshot things to write about) and in the dream, Madeline was feeling down thinking that Jacob was just using her for her magic tricks to fight off the remaining Blighters (idk if it was because a Blighter/Templar told her that) but Jacob ain’t having ANY of that! So he starts gently kissing her shoulder, then trails up her along her neck, jawline, and then passionately on the lips. He assures her that he truly does care for her and love her, and nothing would change that. All lovey, fluffy, dovey feels :D

I vaguely remember what they said to each through the dream, but one thing Jacob said stuck with me;

“Nothing and no one, will change the way I feel about you,” Jacob stated, his famous smirk and pure lovely green eyes meeting her gaze. “Perhaps you require a more… proper persuasion?”
I’m pretty sure you have a good idea of what happened after that ;) He literally leaned in to kiss her again after that and the next thing I know, I wake up! xD

Other than that wonderful dream I had, how was your day Senpai?

Oreana: mawwwr, well, it still sounds like a nice dream. =P I’ve had too many with the man to count so far. xD;; Some are very personal in a sense, but I do remember we had sex in a public bathroom after a very deep conversation (I know—what conversation could possibly happen with 40 y/o Jacob in a lady’s bathroom), but it was a bit too personal to really talk of here given the account happened in real life and left me in tears.

I did tell a lovely just now that the sex scene in The Assassin’s Anxious Heart was inspired by one too—except there were chocolates involved as he was making me eat them while ramming into me. How I didn’t choke, I do not know.

There, of course, was the one where he asked me to marry him, but I got scared and nearly wanted to run. X’D

The Fall came from a dream, but the ending was more sexual as I was straddling that man’s face while he was healing on the train. =P

I cannot have a single clean dream, it seems… 8T When I do, it is rare.

My day has been fine; thanks for asking. Just a bit stuffed up from the pollen. X-x; Having headaches from it. I do hope you’re well~!

(If you’re rp'ing with young Jasus, this is about what you’re getting. He’s got so many pockets because he’s a miner and it lets them bring back that little extra to help maximize productivity, though the pups usually keep shiny rocks and miscellaneous trinkets they find in them instead. It was at this age where he really got his hopes up that his horns might curve upwards after all.

They did not.)

imagine rami and sami

young, in their teenage years where they’re struggling with body image and identity. they talk to each other late at night, when they know their mother would be angry at them for staying up so late. sami’s in rami’s room, and they’re talking about their insecurities, their blossoming feelings for women, and their self confusions. they insult each other jokingly, in a loving manner the way siblings like too, but don’t hesitate to correct each other when they throw across the general “why am i so short?” “hey man, do you think people actually like me?”, tending to each other’s egos, bonding and loving each other in the way only twins do. “it’s funny we’re twins.” rami says, and sami nods in silence. they talk to each other about their aspirations, their dreams and they support each other at everything, listening to each other even when they don’t even know what the other’s talking about. they love each other.

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Head canons of Paladins having their cheeks squished and kissed (softly) by their s/o when s/o is like "I just love you so much!!!" (Just decided to send it again)


  • He thinks its adorable, and he laughs a little before he gives them a quick kiss on the cheek.


  • Help this poor boy. He’s completely red. He doesn’t hate it, but he’s kind of dazed for a little bit.


  • He kisses his s/o right back. He’s super happy with any form of affection, and he’s more than happy to return it.


  • He gives his s/o a big bear hug, and spins them around a little bit. He’s really sweet about it and nuzzles his nose into his s/o’s cheek.


  • STOP. Give them a minute to prepare themselves. They need it. Okay, they’re good. WAIT. Okay, now they’re good.

- Admin A

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Have you ever drawn a self portrait and if so would you ever post it on here? 😍 Also I love the little creature you drew with the srm sling. Its very adorable. Suits you well madam Rem. <3, I never did it. I drew myself only as cartoon but I don’t think I could be able to do my portrait XD! I always avoid mirrors and cameras, I always hated the way I look and I would not dare to set my image to portray myself. I would be like “ew…bleah…it sucks. The problem is not the drawing but the subject…ew, Lord, please help me…tomorrow I wish I could wake up like Selena Gomez, please” hehe…

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Who do you ship with the girls in the 99 liner and older gc?

Oh jesus. Im never in that chat

Bianca- Doyoung or Taeyong bc shes the mom

Amanda (Brazul) - Taeyong

Elliot- Ten or Johnny

Emma- Winwin

Esmer- Haechan (bc she gets mad fast and its adorable and then Bianca calms her)

Annika- Johnny


Isak’s startled little huff in reaction to Even surprising him.