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Colin O’Donoghue speaking at The Trevor Project’s 2016 TrevorLIVE LA


FFXV: Final Fantasy XV Tour Sidequest: Case of the Stolen Specs (Ignis)

AKA: Ignis’s glasses get stolen by a mischievous chocobo and he demands Noct’s aid in getting them back. I managed to snag this full thing on video and had to share because it’s pretty well hidden and really shouldn’t be missed (sorry it’s so dark, damn rain raining on my tour date!).


And finally, back to feeling cute! My wife bought me this dress, and its just adorable! I tried to do something a little different with my hair, even if it is just a simple ponytail. 

I’m in love with Astronomy, and often stargaze and other such activities. There is something surreal and profound about space that I just can’t shake. I hope to go there one day! Who wouldn’t love to be the first model on the moon hahahaha! 

I would love to know what you think!

“Only way to win is by hard work, perseverance, passion and strength of FRIENDSHIP!

// art-gift for my LucyBae, @supersaiyanblue-goku

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I saw that you prefer Caitlin's straight hair too, loll. I really liked her hair early S1 and episode 2x15. Her bangs were my favorite though, it made her look really innocent and adorable. Its weird but I felt her hair made her differ from s1 Caitlin. And I love a good pony tail. (apologies for the weirdness of this)

Not weird at all! Yes I prefer her with straight hair too, like most of S1 and Flashpoint Cait. My favorite Caitlin hairstyle is with the bangs though (2x07) : 

I love the pony tails too! Also I loved what they did with her hair in 303

What did we do to deserve namjoon? He always tries to speak in english to make us intl fans feel included. He subbed a whole vlive for us because no one did it and he knew how hard it was for us to understand. He thanks us in award shows all the time. If you ever forget how amazing namjoon is and why he deserves to be the leader just read this.

Viktor: *tries to look at everything else except Yuuri*

Yuuri: *tries to look at everything else except Viktor*