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like i just really love how much peridot cares about lapis?? like she tries so hard to make up for what she did and the ways she shows she cares about her are so sweet (asking her if she’s okay, avoiding using “the j word”, grabbing her protectively when amethyst calls them “prisoners”) like its jUST … really sweet she cares about her so much and theyre married ok 

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I love how Fushimi went from adorable to fucking sexy, so what if a strain put him in a loophole of growin. (Doesn't make sense, but one hour he's a child, another he's HOMRA style, and maybe they get to see a future version and he gets even hotter)

The life cycle of Fushimi hotness XD Maybe when Fushimi first gets hit by the Strain it looks like he’s been turned into a baby and Scepter 4 are all ready to dote over him and enjoy his cuteness. Except Awashima notices that baby Fushimi seems to be getting a little bigger somehow. Then tiny Fushimi sneezes and suddenly he’s like five and all wide-eyed and cute. Everyone’s still happy that they have a little Fushimi to play with but it does lead to some concern and more urgency in catching the Strain because this probably means by the end of the day Fushimi will be like a hundred years old. The squad ends up rotating shifts chasing down the Strain and watching over Fushimi, who’s also regressed mentally so as a little kid he doesn’t recognize them. Though then as he gets older he can also help out a little too, like imagine middle school Fushimi being all wary about these guys in blue surrounding him and why do they all act like they know him and also that Munakata guy is creepy. He tries to sneak out to find Misaki and that’s when Munakata suggests they enlist the help of this Fushimi-kun in using the internet to hunt down the Strain. It takes a while to explain things to middle school Fushimi though so by the time they’re done he’s already Homra age and trying to remember what he’s doing in Scepter 4. Finally he gets back to his normal age for a bit and while he’s working the alphabet squad are kinda clustered in a corner discussing because at some point they have all noticed that Fushimi very quickly went from super adorable to totally hot and they can’t even quite pinpoint the exact time. Munakata has totally caught that too, like he’s probably been enjoying how Fushimi went from so cute and cuddly and wide-eyed to a little babyish and cute but with hints of hotness and now he’s the handsome asshole they all know. As the discussion turns to current Fushimi he sneezes and here’s older sexy Fushimi wondering what’s going on, everyone tries not to drool.

current fav thing to draw is lil Allura with young Coran


i have fallen hard