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Technophobia is a clear theme in Breath of the Wild, just as it is in many works in the genre of science fiction, including the two Studio Ghibli movies (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa: Castle in the Sky) that seem to have served as influences on the game’s story and graphic design. Even though there’s an enormous utopian potential in postapocalyptic science fiction, a great deal of it is surprisingly conservative, with advanced technology being characterized as dangerous while pre-industrial societies are romanticized.

This reflects a larger conservative trend in discussions regarding technology, as “new” technologies from the printing press to washing machines to smartphones have been decried as breaking down the social order. And this is absolutely true! Technology does in fact tend to erode existing political and economic hierarchies by empowering groups of people who had previously been disenfranchised.

In Breath of the Wild, as in Twilight Princess, technological advances were outlawed by the monarchy, which thereby maintained its own hegemony. The underlying ideology, which is that technology will lead to disaster if it falls into the “wrong” hands, is fundamentally reactionary, and I don’t think Breath of the Wild is adding anything new or interesting to broader cultural conversations about the complex relationship between technology and society.  

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It’s You and Me

I can (finally) present to you the finished fic for my fic giveaway, which @bananannabeth won!!! Big thanks to her for a really interesting prompt (which was Percabeth going to highschool in canonverse) and also for just generally being an awesome person. 

Disclaimer: I know very little of the American schooling system. Please forgive any inaccuracies. Also, this is set after Blood of Olympus, before MCGA or ToA. Percy still goes to Goode! Other than that, I hope you enjoy this oneshot!!

“Is that Percy Jackson?”


“Percy’s back?”

“Who’s that girl with him?”

Whispers filled the hall as Percy strolled down the familiar corridor of Goode with Annabeth. Heads turned as he walked past, leaving a trail of confusion and whispering in his wake.

Percy’s mind was filled with all his old school friends and memories. He felt Annabeth squeeze his hand and he smiled at her reassuringly. Once again, Percy felt so glad that he and Annabeth were going to spend a year of high school together, especially after the year they’d just had: facing giants, finding new camps…and they’d spent most of it separated.

“Percy Jackson,” someone exclaimed, striding towards him.

Percy looked over at him, trying to place him. For a second Percy didn’t recognise him. But then a casual smile lit up Percy’s face, as Percy’s eyes brightened in recognition.

“Terry?” Percy asked. He clapped Terry on the back as he approached Percy and they embraced shortly.

“Percy,” Terry answered, “long time no see!” He grinned. “It’s great to see you. How long’s it been–a year now?”

“Yeah, must be, mustn’t it?” Percy replied uneasily, messing up his hair unwittingly. He knew this would be the worst bit. “Stuff… happened.”

Terry’s eyes betrayed his confusion and suspicion, but he didn’t press the matter, for which Percy was glad.

“Glad to see you back Percy. How are you, man?”

“Great, thanks. A bit worse now that I’m back at Goode with you though,” Percy joked.

Terry chuckled. “Thanks. I see you’ve brought a friend along too?”

“Yup. Terry, this is Annabeth; Annabeth, this is my friend Terry,” he said, introducing them.

“Nice to meet you, Terry,” Annabeth said, stretching out her hand.

Terry smiled at her then turned to Percy. “This is the same Annabeth? The Annabeth you talked about?” Percy nodded, resulting in Terry grinning broadly. “Well, it’s nice to know she’s real.”

Annabeth raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t think I was real?”

Terry blushed. “Well, you see, he was always talking about you, and–”

“I was not always talking about her!” Percy protested. It was his turn to blush.

Annabeth just laughed. “Well, I’m definitely real.”

“So how come you’re at Goode?” Terry asked. “Did you move?”

Annabeth shared a smile with Percy, a brief but meaningful look passing between them. “We decided to spend our senior year together,” Annabeth said, “so for the first time I’m trying out high school with this Seaweed Brain.” She bumped shoulders with Percy.

“She’s going to love it,” Percy grinned.

“Well, Annabeth,” Terry said. “Welcome to Goode.”

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Dear younger people who like the game Tattletail:

In 1998, I was 9 years old. Furbies were the big thing everyone had to have back then. If you ask anyone in my age group about them, you’ll a) learn why they make great horror characters and b) hear terrifying stories about how you couldn’t get them to turn off without removing the batteries. I know personally at one point my kid brother and I had to lock ours in the closet because it wasn’t picking up that it was bedtime and the lights were off and kept reactivating at the slightest sound or movement.

Furbies were a decent toy idea, but they antagonized nearly everyone who owned them, and therefore a game based around them was a great idea. But if you want to know the horrible truth behind Tattletail, ask someone in their 20s who had one of these things as a kid.

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

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its like yea, skinny white lesbians mayb arent the best representation + yea the game could def use More, + i not saying that fans shudnt continue to push for more lgbt representation but i personally think its really cool tht ovw’s poster character is actually, canonically a wlw + they showcased her + her girlfriend in actual, canon material. like i mean i dont instantly forgive blizz for all its wrongs + i hpe that from here the game + characters can continue to grow and diversify, but honestly im genuinely happy that tracer’s gay and i dont get why so many ppl


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Some people are thinking Pristin is a bad name but its meaning is actually really unique and cool. 

Pristin = Prismatic + Elastin

Prismatic =  formed, separated, or distributed by an optical prism or something acting as one;  varied and brilliant.

Elastin =  an elastic, fibrous glycoprotein found in connective tissue.

It means they are varied and brilliant as one. When the spotlight is on them, they will shine because of their pure talents and visuals. They have the elasticity to do variety of things and that they will always be held by a bond.

And if you put an “e” to Pristin, it will have the meaning of being in its original form or condition. Something clean and fresh as if new. Pristin will definitely give us something original and fresh. 

What more can you ask for?