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OK this has been bugging me for ages and I don't think the book or anything actually has an answer. Do you think all of Watney's video logs and sorta diary entries got uploaded to the MAV/Hermes and back to Earth, so everybody actually sees what he went through, or do you think those records won't actually be recovered until if/when another mission goes to that site? LIKE SOMETIMES I IMAGINE HIS CREWMATES WATCHING THOSE VIDEOS AND CRYING ABOUT IT AND THEN I CRY ABOUT IT AND EVERYTHING IS TEARS.

Alright, I have this theory that everything they record on their portable cameras and that Mark uploads on his computer afterwards are immediately transferred to the Hermes via a more powerful and advanced version of Bluetooth (that uses all the satellites in Mars’ orbit as relay for the signal), so that if anything happens on the surface of Mars, NASA gets insta’ update and they don’t loose anything. Now, when the Ares III crew leaves during the storm, Mark’s logs stop being received by the Hermes, since there is too much distance between them by then. He accumulates all these logs anyway because once Ares IV is in Mars’ atmosphere, they would immediately get all his files uploaded on their computer aboard their ship, and even if Mark’s dead at that point, they’d know what happened to him. Which is why he kept recording.

My headcanon is that when the Hermes does its fly-by and Lewis/Beck (let’s say it’s Beck who grabs him in REAL CANON, idc) catch Mark and bring him back to the ship, meanwhile all his logs are being automatically saved onto the Hermes’s database, but everyone’s too busy to pay attention to that right then.

It’s only later that the crew discovers Mark’s logs, probably while the man himself is recovering in his quarters, and that’s when the feels fest happens!

I started this last night because I wanted a new icon, but it doesn’t really work as an icon apparently … you don’t recognise him at all when it’s tiny :/ 


Another comic about my life. One of my excuses for not posting much is that I just haven’t been able to draw lately. I drew this a few days ago and didn’t post it because drawing-wise, it isn’t that great. Its pretty terrible, actually. But then I thought, if I can’t post a comic from a bad drawing day when the comic is about the fact that I have bad drawing days, whats my excuse for all the other comics I’ve posted? ;-)