and it's a standalone

There will be a huge move for the show, and it will be as satisfying an ending as it would have been in the first two seasons. So if we had ended with Will taking the fall for Hannibal’s crimes, that would be a satisfying ending. Or if Hannibal is actually laying all of his friends to waste and walking out in the rain, that would be a satisfying ending. And this ending for season three would be as satisfying.

Bryan Fuller

Okay, so now that I’ve seen the finale, I’m no longer questioning Bryan’s understanding of the word “satisfying.” But I think he might have serious issues with the word “as.” The phrase is “more/than” or just “more.”

Its about time I started that Wonderland standalone chapter I started up on VOID so here is the back and front cover sketches. I doubt I’ll get all of it done in time for the deadline but we’ll see where I’m at. Not sure the exact number of pages but I at least wanna do 24. It has nothing to do with previous VOID comics aside from the characters. Even then I changed Simon, he is younger/a teenager this time around. Ditching all the detective subplot that I ditched very early on in the comics anyway.

Anyway we’ll see how it goes. This isn’t gonna be a regular project but I need to keep drawing while I write Panda Girl so this is a start.

His film is as good as the two blockbusters Marvel released this summer. I’d argue it’s just as funny and heisty as Ant-Man and its sun-spun setting is more fun to look at than Avengers: Age of Ultron. The reason it works so well is that it feels like its own standalone thing, rather than being a cog in a franchise machine. For two hours, the film feels like a vacation. You don’t need to think about future plots, a possibility of a solo Solo movie, or Gaby getting married when it’s over.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is a welcome vacation from this summer’s blockbusters (VOX)

While I don’t agree with the whole no sequel thing (yes, please, I’ll take another), I do like the rest of the review. And also, it was so fun that I cannot contain myself.

chaoswolf1982 replied to your post “update: i still hate jeremy soule his music is like the spiceless…”

Never heard Skyrim’s soundtrack, then, I take it?

It suits the tone of the game well enough to accompany it but I just don’t think it stands out very well on its own.

Just really not a fan of his stuff as standalone pieces– decent for game backgrounds, bland chicken when listened to by itself without the gameplay to distract.


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Zarry 18! Pleasee

ok idk how this happened but this went sort of post-apocalypse/end of the world au and it’s sad, like really sad. and also probably doesn’t make sense because it’s sort of part of a larger fic that i’ll never get round to writing. anyway i’m gonna put a warning here for character death so read at your own risk

things you said when you were scared

When it comes down to it, to the big, scary, capital-E End, they do what they’ve done from the start and ignore it all. Zayn spins him across the shattered glass and the dark, stained floor and hums ‘what a wonderful world’ in his ear and Harry doesn’t know if he’s smiling or crying any more. They dance even as Zayn’s legs shake and pain burns behind his eyes and sweat falls steadily from his skin. They dance as the world burns red and ashy around them, until eventually it’s too much.

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For the chapter ‘I totally didn’t need more au ideas’: I decided I was gonna get through discworld going by subseries, I’m REALLY getting deep into this dark hole or I wouldn’t have done three books in three days and I might be recasting half of the night’s watch already and NO ONE NEEDS THIS

Sherlock Fic 662

lifeonmars | John/Sherlock | Not rated | 3,146 words

Sherlock did not believe in marriage, but he wanted to be married.

He found this something of a surprise.

I haven’t had the time to sink my teeth into Damage – yet –, but luckily its epilogue Engaged can also be read as a standalone. And that, well that makes me damn happy because I’ve been craving to read a fluffy, funny, well-written fic that features a marriage proposal and oh, Engaged definitely matches the description! It’s adorable (sweet, but not too sweet) and the characterisations ring true throughout the whole story – such a charming read!

Clone Wars Review: Shadow of Malevolence

[Note: these reviews were originally posted on a now-defunct blog of mine last year, and are being reposted with only minor edits. These early reviews have only a few images sadly; later ones will have more]

Shadow of Malevolence is the second episode of a three-part arc, and it’s worth examining what that means in The Clone Wars before we dive into the episode itself.

Stuck with a pretty rigid 22-minute time limit for each episode the creators quickly realised that this would limit them with the kind of stories that they could tell. This isn’t to say that you can’t tell a good story in 22 minutes - hell, The Clone Wars does some of its best work in character-study standalones, although we’ve not encountered any of those yet - but it does limit the amount of things that can happen in a single show - hence two or three-part arcs being commonplace.

What this doesn’t lead to very often are multi-part episodes; the distinction is important. With only a few rare exceptions, The Clone Wars doesn’t have cliffhanger endings. Even within an arc, every episode is it’s own story. The previous episode, Rising Malevolence, was about Plo Koon’s survival against impossible odds and Ahsoka’s inability to accept the likelihood that he was dead. The episode ends with Plo’s rescue and the heroes escaping. Even without the other two episodes, it works as its own story. This is a format that the series sticks to very well, and it makes it all refreshingly demanding.

Likewise, while Shadow of Malevolence continues on from the previous episode pretty much directly in terms of characters and setting, it doesn’t really require viewers to have seen it to understand what’s happening. Sure, having seen Rising Malevolence helps understand why Plo Koon is tagging along, and why the massive Separatist ship is so important, but such things are a bonus, not required reading.

The episode opens where the previous one left off. The Malevolence has been discovered, Dooku has gone off in a huff, Grievous is still kicking up a stink and Anakin is planning the Republic strike on the ship.

This should be a very tall order, of course. Such an important weapon full of prototype technology and housing a key enemy military leader has to be either hidden or heavy protected after all, and now that the Malevolence’s cover has been quite thoroughly blown, the sensible course of action would be to surround this new flagship with every spare Separatist cruiser available and make any assault impossible.

Of course, General Grievous has done no such thing, and is still sitting on the exposed bridge of his exposed flagship while Anakin Skywalker prepares to fill his face with a plateful of bombs. Apparently when Dooku stormed off he took the only functioning Separatist brain with him.

From the Republic point of view, it’s interesting that they’ve decided that attacking Grievous on the Malevolence’s exposed bridge is actually higher priority than destroying the superweapon-ship he’s piloting, which is surprisingly mature for a show like this.

Anakin’s confident of success, but Plo Koon and Ahsoka don’t share the sentiment, and so tag along to help. Anakin tries to convince them of success by having the squadron commander back him up on their chances of success. Reassuring words from someone genetically programmed to agree with everything his commander asks him. Plo volunteers to fly fighter escort, and Ahsoka is roped into manning the gun turret located on the Y-Wing’s cockpit. Hey, that might come in handy if ever a Y-Wing was attacked by something that Came From Behind.

*Actual dialogue.

Catching up with the Malevolence itself, Grievous is busy having it chomp down on a poorly defended convoy, which is easy prey thanks to the ion cannon’s electro-donuts. Dooku has apparently calmed down a little, and rings up Grievous to inject the requisite level of peril for the episode - Grievous is to destroy an undefended medical station, which for some reason is located in the middle of nowhere.

On hearing of this, Ahoska remarks:

“Only General Grievous would go after clones who can’t fight back!”

This would be fine if it was set up as an ‘Ahsoka is naive and has poor understanding of the brutal realities of reality yet’ line, but since no-one calls her on it we have to assume that they’re all as blindingly idealistic as she is. I know it’s technically a war crime, but this is from a series where blowing up planets is a thing, so it hardly seems a surprise.

This leads Anakin to alter his plan so that the bombers intercept the Malevolence before it reaches the medical station, and that involves a short cut… through a nebula. I know, nebulas are massive, yes yes, Star Wars physics, let’s not dwell on it.

The medical station is warned, but can’t possibly evacuate in time, because of circumstances like Stuff and Things getting in the way.

The mission gets underway, and Plo’s role as fighter escort suddenly becomes all the more important, as we see he is the only fighter support that the bombers have brought along. Seriously? You’ve got no other escort whatsoever? Anakin’s a good pilot and a good leader, sure, but this is like applying a golf handicap to try and make your battle seem more fair.

Deep in the nebula there’s apparently little to do than to complain about poor visibility (because nebulae are just space clouds, after all) and set up the inter-squadron competition for most pointless and stupid one-liner. First up, Anakin Skywalker:

“This is old-fashioned flying. You have to feel your way through.”

Not bad, not bad. Sets a high bar for the others to follow - 7/10. Next up it’s clone pilot Broadside who follows through with:

“I always know where I’m going… I’m going to blow up that battleship.”

A fine comeback - 9/10. But Anakin isn’t finished yet, as he casually mentions the name of the route they’re taking, which Plo Koon points out is straight through a flock of space whales. Because space whales make everything better! 10/10 for Anakin, but he’ll have to share the points with Plo for having to have him point out exactly why it’s so stupid.

Despite a couple of ships taking damage from bouncing into the space whales, the entire squadron makes it through and have a clear run to the medical station. Before long the Malevolence has turned up and the battle is on. Obi-Wan is on the way with the fleet but have to take the longer route as well, so it’s very much up to Anakin to do the mission proper.

Seeing Stupid Soundbite Squadron, Grievous puts on his Vague Competency hat and orders fighters to launch. Man, thank god Anakin’s got so much fighter escort of his own, eh?

The Malevolence has a lot of firepower of its own, too, and ion-donuts a bunch of fleeing transports before carving them up. As the bombers get closer it appears the Vague Competency hat as already slipped off as he orders the ion cannon to fire on Anakin’s squadron… as well as his own droid fighters.

Shadow squadron try to dodge the donut, with only limited success - three bombers are disabled and two destroyed, although Anakin insists on carrying on. As they close in on the Malevolence Ahsoka insists:

“We need a new plan!”

She has a point, as Anakin’s plan appears to fly along the entire length of the enemy ship, being shot at all the way. This is possibly the worst angle to attack from, seeing as how the bridge - their target - is located all the way at the back.

More bombers are hit, leading Ahsoka to point out that although Anakin is good enough to do the mission, the clones are all going to get shot to pieces.

So… have them bug out and complete the mission yourself?

No, instead the whole squadron switches out to hit the secondary target - the ion cannons themselves. So they all turn around and…

Wait, what? They’re already at the bridge! Would it be so hard to have launched a few torpedoes while they’re there? It’s not like they’re running out of ammo or anything.

Apparently it is, so Indecisive Squadron hit the ion cannon instead, damaging it enough to make it go asplode when Grievous orders it to fire. The Malevolence is crippled, but not destroyed.

Grievous tries to beat a hasty retreat, only to find the hyperdrive is disabled and Obi-Wan’s fleet has finally shown up. Not only that, but the medical station is saved and Anakin has Learned Something Today about not expecting his pilots to be as Mary-Sue awesome as he is.

Everybody wins!

(note: many clones died so that Everybody could Win. They are hereby considered honorary winners)

In Conclusion:

Shadow of Malevolence is The Clone Wars’ first attempt at a proper space battle, and it executes the concept well. The action is exciting and well-paced, although the camaraderie between the clone pilots feels a bit forced, especially considering we never see these clones again. More of a problem is the sudden flashes of both extreme competence utter stupidity that are suffered on both sides, giving the episode a very uneven feel. It can flip you around from cheering on the heroes to slapping your own forehead in frustration at their utter rubbishness.

Final score: B

Unspectacular but decent enough fun.

The Malevolence arc closes in the next episode, Destroy Malevolence. Guess what happens!

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1. Physical book or e-book?

Physical books. I do read e-books from time to time and I keep considering buying an e-book reader, but in the end, I love the feeling of a book in my hand.

2. Audio or book in hand?

Book in hand. I suck at listening to information and retaining any of it. I never even got passed episode 8 or so of Welcome to Night Vale, even though I really liked it.

3. Paperback or hardcover?

Paperback. Although there are a few books I can’t wait to have, so I’ll buy the trade paperback or the hardcover.

4. Adult or Young Adult? 

Originally posted by idiot-eden

5. Series or Standalone?

When a world and its characters are interesting, it is great to get more story. But there is something to be said for a book that is content with itself and doesn’t need a series. But in the end, it all depends on what is right for the story being told. Sometimes it can be short and sweet, and dragging it out over several books is just boring. Sometimes it’s huge and epic, and confining it to one book would do it grave injustice.

6. Dog ears or bookmarks? 


7. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?

Books in my possession get manhandled. I break the spines, I put them in my bag where they get thrown around, I underline things, I make notes in the margins. Frankly the only thing I don’t do to books is dog ears. Unless it’s borrowed, of course. Then I do everything to give them back good as new.

8. Borrow? 

Yes! I love borrowing books to people and sharing the awesomeness with them. And I borrow books from people as well, though more often than not I buy them.

9. Bookstore or Online? 

When I know exactly what I want, online. When I want to browse, bookstore.

10. Fiction or non-fiction? 

Fiction. Though the occasional non-fiction that has nothing to do with uni finds its way into my reading pile.

11. Fantasy world or real life issues? 

This question makes no sense. Fantasy worlds tackle real life issues all the time, only differently dressed.

12. Kindle, Ipad, or other? 

For reading? Mostly paper. Or my tablet.

13. Monster read or short and sweet? 

See question about series or standalone. Though admittedly I am partial to long books.

14. Starry eyed romance or full of action?

Again, these opposites don’t make much sense. You can have both action and romance in one book and I love both.

15. Read the review or decide for yourself?

Decide for myself or get recommendations from people whose book taste I trust.

16. Zombies or unicorns? 

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All photos by Chantelle D’mello

Combining carbon dioxide, calcium and liquid nitrogen may sound like the start of a chemistry experiment, but a new restaurant in Qatar is using the scientific substances to push the boundaries of its menu.


The concept, dubbed molecular gastronomy, is a subdiscipline of food science that focuses on the chemical reactions in food. It’s led to chefs and restaurants creating new textures and flavors in food while reimagining popular dishes and incorporating science into everyday cooking processes.

Coined in 1988 by Hungarian physicist Nicholas Kurti and French physical chemist Hervé This – who visited Qatar in 2013 – the concept has been popularized and rigorously explored by famous Michelin-star chefs such as Adam Melonas, Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adrià.

While several of the Qatar’s top hotels feature dishes showcasing molecular gastronomy at their various restaurants, the concept will make its first appearance in a standalone restaurant when Zaffran Dining Experience opens its doors in the Al Emadi Financial Center on C-Ring Road on Sept. 2.

Bohemia bar manager Simon Mhaidat

It follows the opening of what proponents call the Middle East’s first “molecular bar” in the Marsa Malaz Kempinski hotel.

Bohemia cigar lounge features drinks that are prepared with an element of theatre including dry ice, dramatic lighting and other special effects.

Elsewhere in the region, several Indian cuisine restaurants are currently experimenting with molecular gastronomy, including Dubai-based Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor and Tresind.

The emirate is also home to Scoopi Cafe and Sub Zero, both of which offer buttery-soft servings of nitrogen-frozen ice cream.

Restaurant origins

For Zaffran Dining Experience owner Niten Shah, the restaurant is a follow-up venture to his first Qatar eatery, Zaffran Cafe, which is just off Salwa Road behind the Radisson Blu hotel.

“I’ve always wanted to go into food and beverage, but none of my family members or myself had any background in it. So what we thought of doing was to start a small concept, Zaffran Cafe, that sells Indian street food. Based on the success of that, we decided to take our food to the next level, and this followed,” he said.

The project, which has been in the works for some 14 months, cost some QR6 million (US$1,647,720) to create, with the bulk of costs going towards training staff in new techniques, buying specialized machines and setting up the space.

With equipment imported from the US and chemicals sourced from Qatar, the restaurants hopes to offer diners a novel sensory experience.


The project’s molecular gastronomy offerings are mixed in with a wide-ranging menu of popular Indian and Indian-fusion dishes.

The restaurant’s deconstructed pani puri is a take on the popular Indian street snack, which features bite-sized portions of flavored water (“pani”), tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, vegetables and chickpeas inside a hollow and crisp deep-fried casing.


Using varying quantities and mixtures of calcium and sodium, the deconstruction involves a culinary process known as “spherification” that involves shaping a liquid into sphere.

Visually, the dish – served in small individual bowls – resembles green Jello domes that burst when eaten, releasing the taste of pani puri.

Other menu items include dehydrated chicken infused with vegetable juices as well as drinks infused with dry ice. Solid carbon dioxide is mixed with tea or other beverages, producing a smoking concoction.

Future plans

According to Shah, the food has been deemed completely safe for consumption.


“It’s all elements that are in our bodies and ones that we ingest naturally, so it’s fine to eat,” he said.

After the restaurant is operational, Shah said he hopes to experiment more with his menu by merging Indian cuisine with Middle East, Japanese and other Oriental and European dishes.

Would you dine in a molecular gastronomy restaurant? Thoughts?

Qatar restaurateur puts chemical reactions on the menu in new venture All photos by Chantelle D'mello Combining carbon dioxide, calcium and liquid nitrogen may sound like the start of a chemistry experiment, but a new restaurant in Qatar is using the scientific substances to push the boundaries of its menu.
The Wicked + The Divine #13 (2015)

Kieron Gillen: Writer; Tula Lotay: Artist P3-23; Jamie McKelvie: Artist P31

I remain torn about the WicDiv strategy of employing guest artists while McKelvie is preoccuppied with the latest run of Phonogram, but at least this issue delivers a better standalone story that its immediate predecessor, mostly because Gillen’s writing is more pointed and purposeful. Lotay’s art is nice, suited to the world but distinctive enough that it comes across like the same vista viewed from a different angle. It’s nice, I suppose, that the creators have come up with a valid way to keep McKelvie’s name of the credits page, but his one page is such a throwaway that it’s hardly worth the bother.

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It's Panel de Pon, right? Right?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack/(Pokemon) Puzzle League(/Challenge) is my favorite game series and standalone game of all time!
Its 20th anniversary is coming up in a few months! Maybe Intelligent Systems can actually grant us a new title! It’s only been eight years since the last title. Even more years since the last good title. It’s not too soon to get a new one, right? Right?

Embroidered Jumpsuit

by JustForYourSims

Inspired by fashion from Elie Saab. This is a new standalone item with its own thumbnail and swatch. Works from teens to elders. Needs only base game with newest patch. Just put the package file into your game’s mods folder.


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Physical book or e-book?

Audio or book in hand?

Paperback or hardcover? depends on the length of the book. if it’s a thin book paperback if its really fat then hardcover

Adult or young adult?

Series or standalone? 

Breaking the spine or barely opening the book? i never break the spine but I always open it to a comfortable angle

Borrow or buy?

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fantasy world or real life issues?

Kindle, ipad, or other? neither lol

Starry eyed romance or full of action? kinda half

Read the review or decide for yourself?

Zombies or unicorns? ug neither

so I tag alrightevans buhtterbeer cedricdiggery malfuys pocketpadfoot and whoever wants to, just say I tagged you :)