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art history meme • [5/9] paintings: vincent van gogh - starry night over the rhone

It was painted at a spot on the bank of the Rhone River that was only a one or two-minute walk from the Yellow House on the Place Lamartine which Van Gogh was renting at the time. The night sky and the effects of light at night provided the subject for some of his more famous paintings, including Cafe Terrace at Night and the later canvas from Saint-Rémy, The Starry Night.

The painting was first exhibited in 1889 at the annual exhibition of the Société des Artistes Indépendants in Paris, together with the Irises. The latter was added by Theo, while Vincent had proposed one of his paintings from the public gardens in Arles.  


Nobody quite knew what to make of the moon anymore.
Consider a certain night in August.
The moon was so bloated it was about to tip over.
For more than an hour, Leigh-Cheri stared into the sky.
Does the moon have a purpose?” She inquired.
The same query put to the Remington SL3 elicited this response:
Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question
is whether to kill yourself or not

mizuki-takashima asked:

Hey I just wanted to say that I genuinely did like your Body Positivity Post; but I also have a question about it. Why is the 4chan gamer gate mascot girl included in the line-up of "left out" girls? Isn't she a made-up girl by a bunch of gamer gate guys who use her as a mouth piece to talk over actual girls in the gaming community? I can't imagine why she would be thrown into an otherwise insightful piece of art.

She’s there to challenge our habit of dehumanizing people we don’t like, agree with, or are considered in an “out group.” It’s a deeply held belief of mine when we start seeing anyone, even our enemies, as subhuman we risk hurting people we didn’t intend; like kind and insightful folks who may not see the same side of that out-group as others do. Also, I often see people who rail against body shaming turn around and use its insidious tactics on those they don’t like, and to me that undermines body positivity as a whole.

And to my understanding, Vivian means a lot of things to a lot of people, good and bad, and that’s what I wanted this piece to do. Just about every possible interpretation of it is correct ‘cuz it’s deliberately meant to reflect what you bring into it. I know that’s sounds a little pretentious, but it seems the most succinct way to put the whirling mess of ideas bouncing around my head into words. XD Thanks for the interest and the thoughtful note.

EDIT-Also, her being bad with make-up was for the other 99.9% of the population who doesn’t know or care about what we do in our corner of the internet.

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Do your folks know that you have no shame?

My dad is like my twin so if you think i have no shame then chances are its because he raised me that way

no tea no shade no tea but it sucks that some of yall cant even respect gagas love for jazz music/c2c in general because this whole deal helped her thru so much. its just a shame that you guys basically want her to be depressed and making “great” music again, rather than be happy and do whatever she fucking wants. plus, its better to have her on tour doing something than a repeat of the wheelchair era girl…. i want new pop music we all want new pop music but you guys can chill and go stan for halsey or whatever while we wait for that. but be that as it may sweatheart :)

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Its really a shame, that Lucy never got a boyfriend.

Oh my Goddess. At first, I thought you were referring to Lucy from Fairy Tail. Lol. But no! We have it, as a fandom (I believe), that Lucy and Mirta are a couple. Come on. Those two were low key lesbians! Also, Lucy barely talked with any Specialists.

(Oh my Goddess… what the hell is wrong with Lucy’s hand?)

I have walked around my whole life believing that my body, by virtue of its existence, was shameful - that I was harming or corrupting other people because of my mere presence - that I was the inherently rotten core of a rotten piece of flesh.

But it turns out those are lies! My body is just a body, and it is beautiful and ridiculous in turn! But it isn’t the outwardly hideous mark of an inwardly hideous person! It is just organs and bones tied together by the luck of the genetic draw! I am very selfish and often uncommunicative and a little controlling, among many other bad things, but I am trying hard to be a force for good in the world! That is a worthy endeavor and I am worth my own existence, body included!

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Haha right you saw that you are sexually reserved yet I'm looking at your asks you just answered and its very not that. I'm not shaming you, do you! Be a slut!

I’m saying I’m reserved in the idea of who I chose to do things with, like yes I’m all for sex positivity, but if someone tells you they’re sexually reserved, you take it for what it is because in the end you have no right to label my sex life.

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I've seen several pictures where Hayley has blue hair in a side ponytail and like, long orange braids in the ponytail. Was it in the Monumentour blue hair era or was it a temporary thing like the apmas lavender hair?

Hey there!

It was temporary, you see she dyed it blue for the original Ain’t It Fun music video just for the day but then they decided to scrap that one and use the current one where they broke the world records instead. Its a shame because it looked really cool

Meg xo

Evidently the band is not being introduced at some OTRA shows which is bullshit such as Kansas City and San Diego. Not sure if this part of the show has been permanently scrapped or if they just skip it to save time on some shows, but I think this part of the show needs to be brought back, stat.

Attendees of OTRA Indianapolis, why don’t you tweet One Direction and ask them to please recognize the musicians during the show? Tweet Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, too.

Also, it’s easy to tweet individual musicians and tell them that you appreciate them and their contribution to the show. You can tweet Dan Richards (guitarist), Josh Devine (drummer),  Sandy Beales (bassist) and Jon Shone (keyboardist). They will be glad to hear from you! If you know of other musicians that work on the tour that I haven’t mentioned, please add them.

We all can get very wrapped up in the off-stage dramas, but really, without the music, there would be no 1D. So let’s please recognize the musicians, even if the band does not.