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 ・This is my entry for Saigenos week Day 4: “Time travel”, I think it should have been an AU… Sorry (*~▽~)
Saitama is sent back in the past to see 15years old Genos suffer. 

…Sorry (*~▽~) 

helium- chapter 1

summary: Nineteen years of fierce competition between you and Min Yoongi. Not that either of you’d quite chosen that. It was a case of long lived rivalry between your parents, and when the two of you were old enough to be shoved into lessons, you were. Now, however; things took an odd twist of fate.

w.c.: 3.6k

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“Okay, how about this?” You placed your fingers firmly on the strings, playing out a soft acoustic set of chords from your guitar.

“No,” Yoongi stated quietly, not even gracing you with a look during his blatant rejection.


“I don’t like it,” he drawled, boredom evident in his voice, completely unaware of the boiling blood in your veins and the very present frown on your lips.

“…Okay, then.”

Frustrated with your moments ago interaction, you placed your guitar back on its stand with a sigh. You pushed yourself away from the instrument, wanting to get some distance from one of the sources of your anger. This had been the pattern that you and Yoongi had been on for the last hour today. Overall, the last month now, and at this rate, presumably for the rest of the duration of the project. You would play a simple note, a set of chords, on every damn instrument you had in your practice room, and he would simply say he didn’t like it. No actual reason, despite your constant question of why every time he said it. Just ‘I don’t like it’, like he had just previously stated, and it was getting, for lack of better words, annoying as fuck. You and Yoongi had made quite literally no progress in your song. Not even ten seconds written in sheet music. Not even five. An even zero seconds of progress had been made, and your lack of progress made the deadline seem to loom even more in the near future. Yoongi wasn’t trying, and that was the clear downfall to the project. You were both skilled musicians in many fields, holding shelves of trophies that quite easily showed your merit, lessons for over a decade along with that. However; his lack of effort in any semblance of teamwork was the reason you two were going to fail, and it wouldn’t matter if you had an endless amount of talent pouring from your very fingertips. If the other half of the project put in no effort, yours would fall flat anyways. You would have hoped the passion he displayed for music in class and his recitals would outweigh the conditioned hatred for you, and he would offer ideas and critiques to your own, but you had been quickly proven wrong. It seemed that no grade would outweigh the pain of showing any form of respect towards you.

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AoS Winter (Re)Watch: One FitzSimmons scene per episode
               1x01 “Pilot”

💙// So, good news: I didn’t end up having to come out to my doctor [ thank god ], and I’ve been put on meds that will hopefully stop my cysts from developing past the point that they’re supposed to. Bad news, I had to go through the excruciatingly long, slow process of explaining that yes, I do really have a learning disorder that went undiagnosed and caused mega stress and fucked with my adrenaline production, which fucked with everything else, even though I’m not a small child who talks about nothing but trains.

{{ 40-minute sketch of Teo who seems to understand how I’m feeling right now XD }}


I’m going through my stuff, i posted this ones before in my main blog, but i’m going to post them again here and both cos why not

Still Breathing was on the setlist tonight, but they didn’t play it. It was supposed to come right after King for a Day and before Minority, but they skipped it. They’ve probably not completely returned to health again and decided against playing such an emotional song. But I’m very relieved it’s on the setlist, I was worried I’m not going to hear live it at all. Billie’s voice did seem tired at the end.