and it's 4:25

best of Sehun 2015 and beyond

*fan says fav member is chen* “Sorry can’t hear, there’s a bad reception”

“do you want me to take off my clothes and change the rating to 19+?”

“you girls are so naughty”

“after i take a shower. when i think i’m sexy, thats most ‘me’”

“i sleep at 5 am because it has a unique feeling”

“no i said i was the cute one [my fans] are not cute”

*suho mentions about him still streaming on v app* “i’m playing with my babies” “what are you saying to our exo-l babies?!” “our babies want to play with us”

“my hair smells good! smell it!” *shoves head to screen*

“why does my heart flutter when i look at a man?”

“after you dance there will be a lot of water in your ears…it enters all your holes”

“i want to go to places where i can just get naked and have fun!”

“since i am a baby, my fans are babies”

“members that have pictures of me on their phone should feel blissful and happy”

“do i sound like a pervert..”

“there’s only one angel in this world…and it’s me”

“i reject you rejecting my love”

“chanyeol hyungs nickname is yoda because his ears are bigger than the others just like yoda”

“i hope lay hyungs film will sell out!”

*suho saying fans should sleep because its 4:25 am* “is that important..with love?”

“the scariest thing in the world is to be left by the people who were once beside you”


All my JERRIE people just watch from 0:33 onwards. 

It just keeps going! They are still giggling at each other even at the end of the fookin performance 4:17 / 4:25.

if ur looking for an excuse to blaze it well heres ur chance because in brisbane its 420!! …thats what i would have said 5 minutes ago when it was actually 420. now its 4:25, so you’re too late sorry this is no excuse snap back into reality stay in school do ur homework



iJustine recently managed to sit down and interview Shigeru Miyamoto! She asked about all of the upcoming Nintendo titles, including the ever-so-popular Zelda U! During this interview, we learn not only about their development plans for Zelda U’s world, but also about what to expect when playing it and how it’ll have some form of amiibo support! 

Rather than list all three different topics here and end up making this post extraordinarily long, I’ll just let you guys hear what the man himself has to say! [Or, rather, the translation brought to us by Bill Trinen from Nintendo.] I’m not completely heartless, however, so I will post the timestamps for the different topics in case you just want to hear about Zelda U and not have to sit through a 20-minute interview.

- Development of Zelda U’s World [It’s Size]: 3:25 - 4:30

- Gameplay Design for Zelda U [Sidequests?!]: 4:31 - 5:31

- Possible amiibo Support for Zelda U: 8:00 - 8:34

DAY 2736

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct  4/5,  2015               Sun/Mon   3:59 am

Birthday - EF Kishor Vithhal Patil

Monday, October 5, 2015 .. in the early hours of the day of birth may we all wish you a most generous and happy birthday .. love from us all ..

Be not afraid of the trials and turmoils that we impose upon ourselves. Be not afraid of the intensity of the work we undertake. Be not afraid, and this the most important, whether the effort shall pay or not, both materially and philosophically. For, that is not what intensity of work is measured with. Intensity of work is measured, with our effort and immeasurable faith. Faith that if there is truth in our work schedule, then the truth, irrespective of all else shall show. Show not necessarily in finite presence, but in some form of poetic justice ! The kind of justice that we encounter in film after film …

I am now OD’ing on the strains of music .. they that possess the skills to be within notes and sounds independent of any other input .. are the blessed .. 

We are not … because we are not the closest to the Almighty .. we are not the closest because we are distanced from the creative art of making music, or even making effort in that direction ..

If ever I do get the opportunity to learn the craft, I am absolutely certain that its knowledge shall be constrained by any kind of public exhibition. Musicians are the superior gifts from heaven .. they must sleep well and live content lives ..

They are my envy … for, they are the ones who suffer us and we adore them .. somewhere there is a wish that we both adore each other .. or should at least. If only adoration could magically transform itself into the gift of music, I would go to any length and breathe to search for such liberty.

I am in the process ..

I am in the reticent and plural condition ..

I am in absurdity of a gathering that would only consist of the absurd ..

To be honest, public appearances are the death knell for me … tongue tied on such matters, one had always wished for the end to be near and handy .. to be swinging that club or swinging past the glories of University, than to be swinging material that will respond in kind and cause ..

I must now retire .. its 4:25 am and work starts at 8 am … err .. in just a few hours .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

(the signature has been missing for some time .. excuse the absence !!)