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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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Maybe draw some dear evan hansen comfort hugs,,,, like between evan and connor or evan and connors sister (i cant remember her name helo)or like,,,,,,,,, any one i just need som comfort hugs

connor isnt used to hugs so he gives people his hoodie as A Hug™

(<- that hoodie hug idea is from @askconvan / @nellos12 follow them :O)


I think there’d be some initial confusion on the concept of a pet not being something you eat for dinner, but this was too cute of an idea not to do some quick doodles for. <3


my thoughts are clouded with ‘almost’s and ‘what if’s

Warm Me Up part 1

College wasn’t nearly as terrifying as people made it seem. It wasn’t much of a change. At least not for Will. Being independent wasn’t that different from how it was back home. His mom worked all day and he watched his sister while she did, which meant he had to learn to cook and clean and help her with homework while managing his own.

He’d looked forward to college. To being able to be his age instead of a fatherly brother. What he hadn’t looked forward to were the awkward friendless days and lack of transportation or money. He would forget to eat sometimes, but he didn’t want to make food in bulk like he always did because he was on his own. He had no one to share with.

It wasn’t too bad. He was good at socializing, at talking to people he met in the café or on his way to class or in class. They were just never official friends. They weren’t people Will saw himself hanging out with off campus, or people he found himself taking up to his dorm to watch a movie or play a game.

His campus was relatively small. A college that was hard to get into but not very well known. He saw a lot of familiar faces, but none of them had names in his mind.

As he walked with his head bent over his phone, someone rammed into him at a corner. “Oh s-” He stopped when a pair of hands pushed him back and looked up to see a dark haired guy scowling at him through a grunt of annoyance. “S-sorry,” Will muttered.

The guy gave him half an eyeroll and walked away. Will felt his cheeks flare with embarrassment and anger. He shut his eyes and took a breath and kept walking. As he walked into class, a guy he usually sat beside turned to him excitedly.

“Dude!” he exclaimed, taking Will by surprise because he hardly ever initiated conversation if not for a partner discussion. “Listen, the café is having an open mic night and me and buddy are performing. I wanted to know if you’d come to, you know show support.”

“Oh. Sure what time?” he answered.

“Seven. It goes on until nine, but you don’t have to stay the whole time.” Will nodded and jotted it down on his hand. “Thanks, man.”

“Yeah, no problem.” He smiled and turned his attention to the professor as class started.

Will figured it’d be fun to hear people sing and play their instruments at this thing, so he was actually looking forward to it. He was looking forward to it so much, he got there half an hour early and found himself seated near the front, reading a book as he waited.

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I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok

squad assemble or something



01. Bear’s Den - Elysium: I just hope that age does not erase / All that you see / Don’t let bitterness become you / Your only hopes are all within you
02. Noah Gundersen - Middle of June: All the saints and the liars, sittin’ by the fire / What will happen to us now?
03. Andrew Belle - Oh My Stars: Have a seat upon this branch of mine / It’s been a while honey I think I feel fine / I see the question mark a top your spine / I’ve got a ladder honey won’t you let me climb
04. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Atlas Hands: I will remember your face / ‘Cause I am still in love with that place / But when the stars are the only things we share / Will you be there?
05. Lord Huron - In The Wind: Take your time, let the rivers guide you in / You know where you can find me again / I’ll be waiting here 'till the stars fall out of the sky
06. Radical Face - Always Gold: But I am fine with where I am now / This home is home, and all that I need / But for you, this place is shame / But you can blame me when there’s no one left to blame
07. Great Lake Swimmers - In The Wild: The fire in your eyes / You were in your disguise / You were haunted you were hollow / You could not see tomorrow
08. The Head and The Heart - Cruel: Nothing’s gone right, I’m at my wits end / I swear I’ll come out of this, out of this / But you’re losing your mind with no hope in sight / I promise you out of this
09. Ben Howard - Depth over Distance: Depth over distance was all I asked of you / And everybody round here’s acting like a stone / Still there’s things I’d do, darling, I’d go blind for you
10. Tiz McNamara - Steady As You Go: Holding your hand tightly, I will wait with you. / I will hold you steady as you go.
11. Matthew and The Atlas - The Waves: Well I’m not afraid of the mess that you made / I’ve seen your heart / it’s tattered and frayed / the skin on my bones and blood in my veins / I’ll wait by the ocean / and home…


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hello shukamod this is embarrassing but what is a UO that you and other people that watch the live is talking about?

Nononono it’s totally fine! I’ve found that it’s actually really hard to learn about this stuff unless you’ve actually been to a live concert or viewing. Which… as some of you may know from experience, is excruciatingly difficult if you’re an overseas fan (꒪⌓꒪)

The short answer: UO stands for “Ultra Orange”, and is a chemical glowstick that glows bright orange, often only for a couple of minutes before it burns out. Because of how short-lived they are, people usually save them for their favorite songs at concerts.

The long answer: I’m gonna talk about glowsticks under the cut! Yayyy :D
Skip to the Cyalume section for the full explanation on UOs :)

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The slight difference in Gideon’s face after the two very contradicting statements Jude threw at him, made me a little giddy.