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jokes aside, can we just talk about bum killing or even helping kill jieun is 10 times worse because bum can relate to jieun. he was in her shoes once. catching themselves falling in love with sangwoo - his kindness, his sweet nature - only to find he’s anything but. entire perception of sangwoo’s character crumbling before their frantic eyes. jieun will go through the same bout of disbelief bum did, the same tears, the same fear for her life and while her pleas mirror his own, bum will have to kill her. he’s going to have to kill someone who was in the same shitty position he was months ago. that’s pretty huge.

She stared for what felt like forever before studying my eyes with hers.

“So how did you ever get.. over me?” Her voice cracked under fear she must have been feeling form me.

I leaned back in my chair and gave a small smile.

“I never did. Maybe I should have, or maybe it’s best I don’t. But the idea of letting you go hurts me so damn much. It’s like a tornado violently crashing against the walls of a volcano. It’s dangerous, and the outcome is catastrophic.

—  An excerpt from a story I’ll never write. (#46)

when u gotta smile despite the Ls

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.


btvs rewatch ✞ 2x22 Becoming Part 2


The weather was yucky today but it’s the first time in like a week I was home before dark so a very good boy got a nice long walk today! He has been so good and patient this week while I’m working all the time (transitioning between jobs so I’m working two at the moment) and contented himself with playing inside when I get home because it’s too late to go anywhere. In another week I’ll be done with one job so we will have a more normal schedule and he will get daily exercise again!


Tolkien Pressure 68/?

Changing blogs!

Sorry for the silence! I’m alive and well, if @corvuscorona‘s blog serves as any indication. Somehow, keeping up-to-date here has always been difficult for me in the winter months, but I’ve been living happily with my beautiful girlfriend, my wonderful dog, and my shiny new playstation. Can you believe it’s been four months since I last picked up a pen? Wild! I may have also had to wipe a fine layer of dust off my laptop…shameful.

Anyway, one big thing that has been keeping me away from tumblr is the fact that I’m just so weary of the blogs I have now, the fact that i keep art and personal posts separate, and the feeling of obligation that I have towards a lot of my followers- that I have to curate my posts in ways that they would like, rather than what I want. That’s not really true, I know, but it’s felt that way for a long time and I could use a change.

Not too much of a change though! You’ll note that I’ve adjusted my URL. PMcrunchwrap is just too good to let die. This time though, I’ll be keeping everything contained in just one blog rather than multiple ones. This has only ever been a hobby for me, and I just want to socialize with friends and talk about anime and cool plants and art!

That’s all I really have to say. I missed everyone a lot and I hope we can continue being friends! 


morning draws ´w`;;

zer0 for the masses -throws flowers- happy first of November guys! ´ w`/ *~**

the last drawing is the mask i have him wearing in my BL2 gameplay ´w`; he remin d s m e of a c at

-timmy trumpet’s around the apartment-©me

the first thing you see when you arrive at hell