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Y’all can gush all day about how Bitty is the captain now (and trust me, I am right there with you), but nothing is more important and poignant right now than these three panels. This boy has grown so much and there’s just one thing left in the way from truly being himself in every aspect of his life.

reasons to stay alive

- sunsets

- when it’s the perfect temperature outside

- the feeling of falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow

- music

- drinking water when you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night

- going for walks

- stars in the sky at night

- whole moons

- fireworks

- wearing your favorite clothes

- rain

- travel

- the feeling of starting a new book

- the feeling of finishing a book

- watching snow fall from somewhere warm

- a cold drink on a hot day

- the sound of crickets at night in the summer

- when you waking up feeling fully rested

- the sound of ocean waves

feel free to add just as I probably will

even when you feel like everything is falling apart just remember it’s the little things, okay? tomorrow’s a new day

You know it really warms my heart that a wlw ship between a Mexican heroine and an Indian heroine is the most popular ship in the fandom. Trimberly means a lot to me not just on the surface of it being a ship between two girls who support each other, but because it’s interracial. Rarely, if ever, have I seen an interracial wlw ship (besides Korrasami) receive so much love and support from a fanbase. And it makes me so happy seeing myself, a wlw Mexican girl, represented in Trini both in terms of us being unapologetically Latina and being wlw. This is really important and it breaks my heart that a movie franchise with so much potential flopped and there’s a higher chance we will not get a sequel even though we deserve one. Please support the movie in any way you can. The cast is so wonderful and the movie was executed amazingly, I really want to see the other sequels this movie rightfully deserves. I want to see these kids grow and and discover more about themselves. I want to hear Trini say she’s bi, or pan, or lesbian. Or hell, even just saying “wlw.” I want to hear what Trini’s last name is in this incarnation of the series. I want to know more about Jason and Kim and Zack. I want more to be done with Billy. I wanted to see if they’d try their hardest to get a Native American actor to play Tommy Oliver, or even if they managed to let Tommy be a girl in this incarnation. I wanted so much with this series and I really really hope we get to see it thrive because if it flops for good and it doesn’t get those sequels and love it deserves I don’t think I could go on being the same person. This was the movie tumblr always preached about. So why is it that a highly diverse movie with 4/5 leads of color, a black autistic hero, a wlw Latina hero, a cast who act like real kids and who have consequences for their actions, whose acting was phenomenal and felt real, who were given equal treatment the entire course of the movie, who have the set up for amazing representation in the future if we do get those movies, flopped? Please support power rangers. It was so good and deserved so much more than what it’s been given.


“You really think that if they believe Tron’s alive, it will inspire a revolution?”
“I know it will.”

TRONfest 2017 
Day 2: Favorite in Other Media // TRON: Uprising

  • Ao3: *is down for 30 minutes of routine maintenance*
  • me: why do you hate me

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Can I ask what's gonna happen to onew. I've been away from social media and I understand that there has been an issue and misunderstanding but why is onew no longer with SHINee and for how long? Is he leaving? Being forced out? Is there a chance of that? Or is it just a temp thing he chose? Help let me know please.

He’s not leaving. We are just waiting on an official statement from the prosecutors office on his case, which I feel, in the end, will be dropped. But until that has been made, he has chosen not to continue with any activities with the other members, as I am sure he does not want to bring any bad publicity onto them or onto SHINee any more than already has been. I feel that it will be soon that we will be hearing something, because of the Shilla announcement that their concert in November will be FOR SURE with all FIVE members, so I think that they are confident that everything will be cleared up by then, and that Jinki will be able to come back and continue all his duties and activities with SHINee as planed, including their scheduled comeback for early next year.

So don’t worry, and just please try and be patient. I know this has been SO HARD on all of us Shawols. But think how hard is must be for Jinki and the other members too. They are trying to handle things as best they can. Let’s all just keep our faith in them AND KEEP LOVING SHINee!!!

She stared for what felt like forever before studying my eyes with hers.

“So how did you ever get.. over me?” Her voice cracked under fear she must have been feeling form me.

I leaned back in my chair and gave a small smile.

“I never did. Maybe I should have, or maybe it’s best I don’t. But the idea of letting you go hurts me so damn much. It’s like a tornado violently crashing against the walls of a volcano. It’s dangerous, and the outcome is catastrophic.

—  An excerpt from a story I’ll never write. (#46)
Response to That "Decepticons Helping Humans in Rescue Bots" AU thing
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream... what do you have in your hands?
  • [Starscream shows what's behind his back]
  • Human: WAUAUUGHH!!!
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Where did you-- put him down! Down!!!
  • [Starscream starts to open his claws so the human drops to the floor]
  • Nurse Darby: Gently...!
  • Starscream: But he's squirming..!
  • Nurse Darby: You heard me!
  • Human: HUAAUUUGH!
  • Starscream: [cringe] I can hear HIM too.
  • [Starscream gently places human on ground, who scrambles away behind June]
  • Human: That... that HUGE freaky robot TRASHED my lawnmower!
  • Starscream: Yehk. Is that what you call it? Looked more like an abomination to me. Doesn't matter, it's scrap now.
  • Nurse Darby: Starscream! Why on Earth did you abduct this man and destroy his lawnmower?
  • Starscream: While I was making my rounds, I saw this human and his machine on a patch of grass. But upon my second pass, he was driving down the road! He couldn't have been going more than 5 miles per hour, however LOCAL speed signs that were CLEARLY posted indicated 25 miles per hour. He was obstructing the flow of traffic, and placing himself and OTHER humans in a potentially hazardous situation! It was so incredibly foolish I just KNEW I had to intervene.
  • Nurse Darby: ... Were you really driving a lawnmower on the road?
  • Human: W-well my next job was only like a mile away!
  • Nurse Darby: That's still a decent amount of time to clog up the road, sir. Normally, if a cop saw you, they would probably give you a ticket. Though I really wouldn't know. Here, let me see that scratch...
  • [Knock Out comes in]
  • Knock Out: Oh. It's YOU. The human in that slow-moving contraption.
  • Nurse Darby: So is this a typical thing for you, or what? I swear. Don't you have a truck you can put that thing in?
  • Human: Well its not like I'd need to any more, cuz HE totalled my mower!
  • Knock Out: Did you really?
  • [Starscream shows what's in his OTHER hand]
  • Knock Out: [whistles] Yeah, I can't fix that.
  • Nurse Darby: [sighs] Starscream, did you REALLY have to destroy it?
  • Starscream: [scoff] When HE didn't heed my warnings to get off the road, I knew I would have to use force--
  • Human: --I always wear ear protection when I mow!
  • Starscream: -- but then, THIS hunk of scrap exploded! Disgusting, green, organic mush rained down upon me, staining my paint, streaking my windows, squishing between even the tiniest of gears...
  • Knock Out: [scandalized gasp]
  • Starscream: It even smeared all over my landing gear... Oh, it'll take a WEEK to get the stuff out of my vents!
  • Knock Out: He's right you know. I'll pencil you in right before tomorrow's 2nd shift.
  • Human: What about my mower?!
  • Nurse Darby: I don't get paid enough for this...

Why do people lose their shit every time a piece of media about queer people has psychological horror in it

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.

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I don't get why on every count aside from larry every anti comes off sounding like a Simon toadie. How don't you get that unlike Ed, Taylor, Bieber, these are five boys in a manufactured band that had little to no control, maybe in the last year that changed a bit. How do you not get that niall most likely had a million dollar medical malpractice suit waiting t go because they forced him to delay his knee operation due to the tour schedule. Liam isn't speaking thru his ass.

I mean…. what do you think 1D were forced to do that you think I’m denying, if you agree with me about Larry? (Which it seems like you do?) Because I don’t like Simon Cowell, I just don’t think the boys were forced to pretend to date women they hated or were forced to fake a baby or were forced to have their entire family play along about the fake baby even as they grieved for Jay.

Like I said here, I generally take the boys’ statements about their level of control to mean that they had a voice in the discussions and were generally comfortable with how they were portrayed, even if it wasn’t always exactly what they would do. I’m not saying they were like “fuck yeah, let’s put out another perfume,” I just don’t think they were like “I refuse to put out merchandise” and were then forced to.

Whatever else happened, One Direction and Simon Cowell made a shit-load of money together, and it certainly seems that 1D themselves have seen a lot of that profit - I don’t know if it’s reasonable or fair because the recording industry IS unfair, but certainly compared to boybands of the past they did pretty good.

When you said “Liam isn’t speaking thru his ass,” you’re referring to this?

There was always so many different heads to please in One Direction; between us as a band, the management, the label - not to mention all the fans that we wanted to please as well. You know, it wouldn’t have always been within your taste or your design, it would have been through a design of many. So, y’know, having your own chance to make it all yourself and choose as you wanna do and collaborate with the different people you wouldn’t have gotten to. 

I missed the “they forced Niall to delay his knee operation” part of that. I missed the “we had no control whatsoever” part. I certainly missed the “we have to fake babies if we’re told to and even fly them out to be in photographs with our sisters and their friends right after our mother passes away” part. 

(Here’s what Niall says about his knee, btw: page 1, page 2.)

This is like what I was saying about 1D girlfriends the other day, where defending them from any level of hate is taken as being a profession of love, and blogs that don’t loathe them are called fan blogs who idolize them.

I don’t like Simon Cowell at all. I don’t think the 1D boys had the final say in everything they did. I think they were overworked, although I imagine a lot of factors went into the timing of Niall’s surgery and I would be extremely surprised if he started to pursue it and was told he couldn’t. And I think the boys profited from the pace and volume of their workload, even if it wasn’t ideal.

Harry worked with Ben Winston’s company for his behind the album DVD, even as he was free to get someone else to do his music video. Niall stayed with Modest and embarked on a new venture with them, even as he was free to sign with a new record label. Louis kept working with Syco and Simon Cowell, even as he was free to sign with new management. Louis and Niall didn’t even want to go on hiatus!

Simon might be a shitty person in a lot of ways, but One Direction weren’t miserable slaves, forced to make themselves miserable at his hands or the hands of his minions. And he certainly didn’t do the outrageously over the top, nonsensical, ridiculous things Larries claim, which is what I’m usually arguing against when I discuss these issues.

Like, Larries have literally said that Simon is a self-hating closeted gay man who Louis has tried to hint is a psychopath, who is destroying Louis’s life for the hell of it because he’s so threatened by Louis. They think Louis’s siblings are forced to carry around a picture of their entire family and deceased mother in which she is holding a fake stunt baby and they have to set it up at every new location and make sure to document it. They’ve said Louis and Harry were forced to take on fake personas to make it seem like they didn’t get along, including pretending they didn’t have mutual friends so they were only allowed to be seen with half of their friends in public.

Me saying this shit didn’t happen is not the same as me saying “1D always had exactly as much control over their music, promotion, and presentation as an established solo artist would.” (Liam is almost definitely talking as much about not being in a band in general as he is talking about 1D in specific, btw.) It’s just that there’s nothing sinister about there being differences. There’s room for disagreement about how much control they did have, but I cannot get behind the characterization of 1D as completely abused automatons who could only do as they were told, even without Larrie.