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I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀


from last night streams doodles (*≧▽≦)ノシ


I’ve been meaning to post this drawing here forever, so even though the quality is crap (as usually), there you go ✨

So in the @pkmncreatives chat, I noticed that a new friend of mine (@bluwiikoon , hi!) seemed to have created a variety of avatars for the various members of the chat. Feeling a bit left out, I decided to try to create my own avatar of sorts using a similar style. However, upon thinking about it, I thought that their art could be well-suited for Vector graphics, which are something I’ve been trying to get better at as of late, so I decided to create this piece in Adobe Illustrator. (This image isn’t a vector, but I would have certainly posted it as one if I knew how!)

I like how some fans try to pull the whole “wow these people have an entire side blog dedicated to criticizing a cartoon show” thing when the only reason said blogs even exist is out of courtesy for followers on their main blogs that don’t want to have to see the negativity

okay, so i’m very sorry to just slap some words on a picture for my first follow forever, but i was in a lil rush. with the beginning of a new year i figured i would start the first of hopefully many follow forevers! i’d also really like to say thank you to everyone who follows me for liking my blog enough to stick around  ♡

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I hope 2017 treats y’all right and that you guys are v happy with how far you’ve come! Thanks again, ily~

Forgotten Roads (chapter six)
bard/thranduil ▪ fantasy/road trip!au ▪ read on ao3

Bard shook his head. “We all have enough to deal with as it is,” he replied, slowly. “I wouldn’t want to bear strangers’ hardships, even in exchange of my own.”



contact info:

Please read the following:

  • I am open for slots from tv series/films and ship art
  • I will not start the commission untill I have recieved full payment
  • I will not draw NSFW, but comments hinting is fine
  • If you want me to draw an extra character, I will add ¾ of the original price to the piece. I draw more charcters, it takes more time and effort.
  • If you wish to commission me then please send me  a direct message or an ask here on tumblr or send me an email.
  • When talking to me about the details you would like for your commission please send me a reference sheet of the character(s) I am drawing. It is your responsibility to provide me with any necessary information for your commission.
  • If you commission lineart, I won’t allow recolouring. Please respect that.
  • When I finish a commission I can email it to you, but if you repost it, you should credit me as the artist of the piece.
  • If you have a character that’s really complex or you have any specific big requests for the commission then I will raise the price a bit, because it costs extra effort for me.
  • Please don’t complain about my prices, I need a living too.

Questions? Send me an ask or a private message! 

Note that not all these drawings are recent, they are an indication of what you can expect if you commission me. For my most recent art check my ART TAG.

anonymous asked:

I'm just curious, but would you write an older Konohamaru? Like when he's Boruto's team leader?

I could certainly try! I just find it difficult to write as the characters in the previous post. I could even give younger Konohamaru a shot, but it would have to be strictly platonic. 

I was talking to birb lady and saying I was sort of more a cat person bc I like cuddling up to the fluffy kitties and she laughed and said her birds were super cuddly and thats also how i came to cuddle a birb

bc she also wanted to show me birbs can be super cuddly and i can happily say im won over tbh

who you should fight: Australian Prime Ministers edition
  • Barton: You could fight Barton. He was pissed all the time anyway. Plus he was first so people will know who you’re talking about, but none of them will know enough to get angry at you for it.
  • Deakin: He’ll come back like three times. You will get to walk past everything named after him like “Ha, kicked the shit out of him” though.

  • Watson: He was PM for four months, why would you bother

  • Reid: You could just roll him over, but be warned: he’ll have a Cutting Remark about it.

  • Cook: I don’t know shit about Cook and neither do you.

  • Fisher: See Deakin, but without the name recognition. 

  • Hughes: DO IT. FIGHT HUGHES. He’s evil, tiny, and the whole ALP will help you.

  • Bruce: Just look at that smug little union-busting prick. You can take him.

  • Scullin: Dude had two splits in his party at once in two different directions. Why would you make his life worse?

  • Lyons: Don’t fight Lyons. He might die, and then Sir Earle Page and Dame Enid would kick your ass.

  • Page: Yeah, fight Page, I don’t think he’ll mind, just leave Lyons alone and it’ll be cool.

  • Curtin: Beloved national hero who led this nation through World War Two while struggling with alcoholism before dying in office. Do you want the whole country to hate you?

  • Forde: 8 days. Why?

  • Chifley: Dude made a referendum in Australia pass. Don’t mess with him.

  • Menzies: The entire Liberal party will come after you. Don’t. 

  • Holt: Have fun fighting underwater.

  • McEwen: DO NOT FIGHT MCEWEN. Don’t be fooled by his being interim PM for like a month. He single-handedly stopped Holt’s obvious successor succeeding him. He created the protectionist policies for rural Australia for decades through sheer force of personality. DON’T FIGHT MCEWEN.

  • Gorton: He survived crashing his jet, having his face torn to shreds and being left for dead in the middle of the Pacific. He’s a tenacious bugger. But just put Fraser in the room and he’ll be too consumed with rage to even notice you.

  • McMahon: You could take McMahon. Anyone could take McMahon. You won’t be proving anything.

  • Whitlam: Too bloody tall, also the entire Australian left will come after you in revenge.

  • Fraser: He might not look tough and have that snooty voice, but dude was like 6′4″ and destroyed two Prime Ministers. Don’t take the risk.

  • Hawke: You could fight Hawke. I mean you’d lose, but he’d definitely buy you a beer afterward. You’d also lose the subsequent drinking contest though.

  • Keating: DON’T FIGHT KEATING. DO NOT FIGHT KEATING. I don’t care how skinny he is, he will play dirty, destroy you will psychological warfare, ‘do you slowly’ and probably come up with some insult people will still be quoting three decades later.

  • Howard: Do it. Fight Howard. Tiny, evil, whole left will help (also Peter Costello).

  • Rudd: Seems like an easy win until he devotes the rest of his life to destroying yours. Don’t fight Rudd.

  • Gillard: Woman is tough. Best avoided.

  • Abbott: Like, I wanna see Abbott get punched as much as anyone, but he was a prize-winning boxer. Let the Liberal caucus do it instead.

  • Turnbull: Give it a go. Fucker’s gotta be bad at something, right?

“don’t,” you whispered, gritting your teeth, “don’t do this”.

it’s too late. you can’t keep me trapped in this body i despise. i am strong enough to escape from this prison of flesh and judgment. i am free. i can feel my wings grow, i can smell freedom, i can almost taste it. it smells sweet, just like honey.

i can see your worried faces, and tears pooling up in your eyes. you firmly grasp your radio in one hand, and hold each other’s hand with the other, the sirens screaming and screeching and calling for punishment.

This just makes me sad, Dr. Reid is a kickass character who could have given bisexuals a non-stereotypical portrayal. He’s smart enough that the reasoning could be he can find attractive qualities in both, but no, because smol baby has to want to fuck the smart blond he’s just straight with no hope of any change so far. Like, he could’ve been bi with the crush in the show.

Please help out some broke mentally ill trans boys

I’m Charlie, my boyfriend is Sylar, and we need help.

We’re in a bad situation right now, I wouldn’t be asking for the money if we didn’t really need it.
We’re both mentally ill, and we both need alot of things that we can’t afford right now. The priority at the moment is raising enough money to pay for therapy and antipsychotics for me.

This isn’t just about me, though. Sylar needs a service dog. Badly. If we meet our goal for my things, I’d like everything else past that to go towards getting what he needs.

He can’t work because of his anxiety, which we’re working on treating. (He has the slight advantage of being on his parent’s insurance, which is why we’re not raising money for his medicine as well.)

And while I’m applying to pretty much everywhere in a 20-mile radius, I haven’t heard back from anyone yet and my mental health is deteriorating to the point that I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to function soon without treatment.

Our PayPal is

I’d really appreciate it if you could donate. If you can’t, I’d love for you to reblog this and spread it around. Thank you for any help you can give, we both really really appreciate it. Any amount would help so much and get us that much closer to having the tools we need.

so I realize this is technically due to the animation and all that, but I find it pretty amusing that Rex’s roots never show even though he keeps his hair buzzed extremely short and there are times (like the Zygerria arc) when he definitely wouldn’t be able to dye it for a while.

this brings me to an even more amusing thought: imagine if Rex lets everyone think he bleaches his hair - and generally gets away with it because his eyebrows are dark enough - but thanks to some Kaminoan making a typo during his engineering, he’s actually a natural blond.