and it wouldnt work


Things may come and things may go
Some go fast and some go slow
Few things last, that’s all I know
But friendship caries on through the ages

aaand here we have another set of EqG outfits! with a bonus pic!
this song and the vid for it are super cute

Inktober 2017, Fandom Edition! ASIP Sherlock :-)

Pigma Micron and W&N brushmarkers on toned tan paper.

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  • Harry: So let me get this straight
  • Harry: *turns to Oliver and Marcus* You two are gay and together
  • Harry: *turns to Katie and Alicia* You two are lesbians and together
  • Harry: Is there anyone else who's gay and didnt tell me
  • Dean: *raises hand* i'm not gay
  • Harry: Oka-
  • Dean: I'm bi and me and Seamus are together

uh-oh, dont get in the way of these crystal gem girlfriends they’ll kick ur ASS

@thunderflan totally drew jasper with a giant pink axe and i really felt like i also needed to *m*

idk how ppl try to claim canon alternia “wouldnt work” when sparta was very successful, ran off essentially identical ideals, and also didn’t have the assistance of fear magic or dark gods