and it would be awkward lol!

If we kissed?
[x] Quickie.
[x] Tongue.
[x] Softly bite your lip.
[] We wouldn’t.
[x] Long and meaningful.
[] Let’s hit up the bedroom.
[] You remember last time?
[] Awkward…
[] Lol no.

Would I go out with you?
[x] Yes, definitely.
[] No.
[] I want to, but it wouldn’t work.
[] Maybe. 
[] Nope, you’re like family.
[] You’re cute, but probably not.
[] Just simply not my type.
[] If I knew you better.
[] Already did.
[] I don’t know.

If we took a picture together, we’d be…
[x] Hugging each other.
[x] Just chilling.
[x] Holding hands.
[] Kissing.
[x] Acting dumb.
[] Normal picture.
[] You holding me from behind.

You are…
[] Cute/Pretty.
[] Good looking.
[] Sexy.
[x] All of the above

You + me + room = …
[x] Movies.
[x] Cuddling.
[x] Hanging out.
[] Kissing.
[x] Playing games.
[] Everything.
[] Wouldn’t let you in.

You should…
[x] Hit me up.
[] Be mine.
[] Marry me.
[x] Reblog this so I can send you a heart.
[] be studying

If we got married, I’d…
[] Divorce you.
[x] Make kids.
[] Take your money and bounce.
[] Smash every day.
[] I would cheat on you.
[x] Be faithful.
[] Kill you in your sleep 
[] We wouldn’t

Sorry not sorry ;’D

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Would like to know your's and others' take on when Barry and Iris finally get together. Specifically when they get all hot and heavy and he starts to vibrate. Really I want to know how you think CP and GG will do in that scene.

Oh gosh. You can read all of the westallen fanfics written by our fellow bloggers to get an idea of what it could be like. There was an entire westallen smut week! Right now, I can’t really piece together how they’ll get together. I have a general “sketch” in my head of what I think the storyline would be like. I’m thinking something similar to Jim and Pam from the office since their storyline has been unfolding very similarly. As for the steamy love scenes, I don’t even know how gg and cp will handle it, if they’re being this awkward right now. I’m sure  they’ll be professional about it. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that goes down. lol 

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hi! most awkward moment?x

Most awkward moment? Oh man I have so many…  It would probably be at my concert last friday when I fell down the stairs trying to get to my seats lol

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Can I get Wolfstar/Jily with a No Voldemort AU???

yes. yes you may

  • so the first thing that comes to mind is “domestic as fuck,” bc let’s be real, they would be domestic as fuck. as much as they would like to deny it, they would totally be those couples who did double datey things (plus awkward tag-a-long peter) where they make dinner for each other, or who hang out with other couples (like alice and frank), and are just in general v v married
  • they’d be neighbors because fuck you, i want them to be neighbors
  • holy shit
  • imagine
  • sirius and james having a lawn and garden competition
  • like, it would start out innocent, where james is just like, “lol your lawn is pathetic compared to mine, haha,” but sirius would take it, well, seriously, and would find remus and be like, “do you have any books on landscaping???” (he did.) and they would end up just hella competing, having these fucking meticulous lawn and gardens (plus magic, so shit would get ridiculous), and remus and lily would just sit on one of their porch swings together and just be like, “lol, our partners are fucking nerds”
  • sirius and remus wouldn’t have kids, but they would basically be another set of parents for harry+ any subsequent children, and would spoil the shit out of the kids (i mean, that’s already sort of canon, like sirius was on the run and still managed to buy harry the most expensive broom in the world, like, wtf)
  • holidays would be sooooo amaaaaazing, bc they would do them together and make their own traditions, and would go all out with food and presents and everyone would be happy, and no one would be dead
  • they all would go to take harry+ subsequent children to platform 9 ¾, and all of them would cry. all of them
  • imagine wolfstar + jily cheering on harry at quidditch games! oh no, my heart! (everyone would expect sirius and james to be the loudest ones in the crowd, but actually it was lily and remus)
  • basically just everything would be amazing, and everyone would be alive, and peter wouldn’t be a betrayer and would find someone to love, and they would have group everythings and the marauders would live on into infinity
  • i am crying
  • the end 

thank you. or fuck you. not sure which.

send me woflstar/marauders stuff, and i’ll tell you wolfstar/marauders things

My part of the couple-oc-meme-thingy with coulsart !
I figured she would draw some kind of monster girl so I went with a monster boy
His name is Nikos, and he’s terribly unlucky- no matter how careful he tries to
be, if something can go wrong when he’s around, it will.

It doesn’t help that’s he’s a 25 ft tall piece of clumsy merman beef.

He does his best to play the bad boy role but in reality he’s awfully shy and awkward (just the way I like it lol)


Dadadaaa here it is! Another animation because gosh darn it, it’s too much fun to draw Orange’s characters. Sorry it’s so short though. I intended to make the wing part longer but it looked really awkward ;w;

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i met u once, and you were so short and normal looking and it was awesome bc dont get me wrong u are super cute, but like the weird internet ethereal vibe u give off was bam! muted. and i realized that everyone just always gives off an ethereal muted vibe and the internet tenfolds that oh man im rambling and it doesnt make much sense... bottom line everyone is beautiful on the internet but in reality we're alll awkward shorties with long hair and thats super cool

yeah ahahah i feel you! like maybe people would think im intimidating only looking at my profile or tumblr but i really really am not lol 😅 im shy and short and very normal :-)


Awkward first date yay!

So I thought of how Hori and Kashima would start dating and how they’d be a bit awkward at first (especially Hori lol), like, where to put hands, when to hug??I imagine Hori to be a bit conservative, trying to be a man, while Kashima would continue to believe that Hori-sempai wants to be nurtured like a princess =D Of course that’d provoke some fights, but Hori would eventually give up =3


hey guys ^^ in honor of TRB officially being tomorrow for me i wanted to post 2 very awkward pictures of myself & what im wearing to the concert aha. (yes that is my laptop on the ground & i know u cant really even see my outfit but shh i wanna post selfies) But if any of you are going let me know! :) :*

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Sometimes, I think about how funny it would be if instead of Cas saying his name was "Steve" he ended up saying "Dean" because that was the first name he could think of. Can you imagine when Dean and Cas meet at the Gas-n-sip and Deans reaction? I don't know about you but it cracks me up haha!

Oh my god, that would’ve been hella awkward, hahahaha! :’D

“Hello Dean.” 

“Yeah… hello to you too, DEAN.”



words: 2,526 - this here is based off from a dream i had a couple days ago. my dream isn’t exactly like this but it’s something close to it. lol, enjoy! ^^

rated b for bobby, what’re you doing to me?

Clueless- that’s how you felt at the moment when you found yourself surrounded by people you didn’t even know. You had been dragged by Bobby, your best friend of two years, to a wedding of his friend’s and you had no idea what you were doing there because it didn’t feel right at all.

It was very awkward. People would question your relationship with the male and you would answer with,” Oh, Bobby? He’s just a friend.” and then, they would proceed to give you looks because they would ask how it was possible to be just his “friend” when he brought you to the damn wedding and in your head, you were cursing out Bobby. Oh, he was going to hear it from you later on.

You found yourself sitting alone at the table as all the others went onto the dance floor to go dance with the bride and groom. Bobby was dancing with a rather pretty lady and you didn’t pay it any attention, but the fact that she was basically clinging herself onto him was embarrassing. You could tell from the look on Bobby’s face that he was going to ditch her soon. So typical of him.

“Would you like to dance?” The voice of a stranger gained your attention when he sat down next to you, giving a dazzling smile that could melt a thousand hearts.

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Tbh that hold awkward hand holding thing was completely unnecessary and annoying. I also found it weird that they had Phil say it. Like ??? I don't think Phil would even say that in the first place. This marketing could go so much better if they would stop doing the "lol no homo" stuff. I'd rather them say things about there actually friendship and crap. If they think hand holding is awkward, what must they think of hugging? Jfc I can't wait till after its out and done with.

same same same

I really think Steve is interesting. The way he talks and acts around people seems a little different than how he acts when he’s by himself. For example the one night he was walking into the backyard by himself to get his hat, he saw the camera following him and said “I’m just getting my hat nothing interesting here. The day I get out of here this beard is going” but his voice was SO different from how he usually talks. It freaked me out lol. 

I just want one day for Steve to start acting completely different and not awkward at all, it would be hilarious. 

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How would BTS react when you show them your affectionate side, like hugging, cuddle or kissing them bc that's how you show how much you love them?

kim seokjin/jin: *you back hug him* turns around and squish your body to his. “Someone is being extra cute today.” you could feel your cheeks getting red and couldn’t look at his eyes. Because skinship is still a little bit awkward for both of you. “I just…” , “You just what?” you could feel him getting worried “I, I thought I could show you how much I love you like this.” he wanted to kiss you so badly but all he could do was squish you more harder. That was his way to say “I love you too.”

park jimin/jimin: *you shout his name cutely* You see him trying to found you so decide to make a suprise. You just silently said “Boo.” behind his back. *high pitched voice warning* “Yah… You suprised me!” as a reply you hug him. “I missed you.” of course he hugs you back tightly. “I missed you more.” You didn’t want that moment to end and while you were smelling his perfume he kissed your neck. “God, I love you so much.” (not god ofc you lol)

jeon jungkook/jungkook: *you see him sleeping peacefully* you tried to walk silent as you can be we all know even if you shout his name million times he wouldn’t woke up but that is the tradition well you wanted to say he is sleeping like an angel but um… he is an angel so we can just ignore the facial expressions. (you didn’t forget to take photos with him tho) You lie down next to him and put your head to his shoulder. “I love you.” you whispered and closed your eyes. A few seconds later you felt something warm in your cheeks and heard him whispering “I love you too.”

jung hoseok/j-hope: *you send him thousand of flying kisses* When he found you alone boom kabedon (he would do the last one tho but imagine third one lol). “What were you doing out there?” he asked, you gave a tutorial of flying kisses. You could almost feel him getting more anxious.  “What the hell just why are you doing this to me?” you hug him and grip his hair. “Because I love you.”

kim namjoon/rap monster: *you gave a kiss on his neck while he was working on a project* “Yes?” *you kiss his nose. “I’m listening?”  you kiss the era below his ear. You were starting to get his attention. “Um…” you sit on his lap and kissed him. (hell not a romantic kiss of course) “I love you.” you saw his smirk, “You are so sinful.” and kissed you back more harder. “I love you too.”

min yoongi/suga: *you saw him sleeping and start to kiss him* You could everyone gaze at you “You gonna wake him up.” stylist unnie said. But you didn’t give a f- and continued to kiss him. After a few moans (that you thought he was liking it???) he slowly opened his eyes. (curses shouldn’t be attractive sincerely from me to suga) “Y/N? Were you kissing me?” , “Yep.” you barely see him smirk. *husky predebut raping suga voice warning* “You should learn to be a good girl.” , “What are you waiting for then?”

kim taehyung/v: *you make a sudden call to taehyung* “Tae!” “Yes?” “There is something important I need to tell you.” “Okay, I’m waiting.” his voice cracks a litle bit, through being worried. You waited for a minute “Hey! Y/N! Are you okay?” you sigh. “Taehyung I think…” you let another sigh go “I think…” (if I were him I would punch the phone lol) “I’m in love with you.” you heard BTS members laughing hysterically. “I mean I am really serious.” , “You going to pay for this.” he said. After that you had a text message saying. “I love you too, seriously.” (jimin’s comment on this event “She is starting to act like him, we should save her.)