and it will really all be worth it

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Im sorry to bother you guys but do you know where to get the puma x bts court shoes in america? Thank you!!

Do you know if puma kr ships to U.K.? My Korean is too poor to work the site out😖 I tried searching twitter for someone doing a go but couldn’t find anyone😭 if not, do you know if sites like koreanbuddy are trustworthy and worth purchasing through? Sorry for all the questions😢 thank you💗

What a twitter group orders and how do i find them? I’m really want to buy these shoes, I’m in japan but have a APO box that technically puts me as an american address

Like most Korean sites, you cannot order unless you live in Korea. In order to help you all order I will outline the few choices that I know of.
1) Use a package forwarding service. These services will give you a phone number and address to use and input. From there, they will send you the package. This is quite an expensive method though. Sadly, I have never used a service so I cannot make any recommendations.
2) Order from a group order on Twitter. A group order (GO) is a way to reduce the cost of shipping. One individual in Korea will bulk purchase the shoes and then send it to one country. In that country, that one GO holder will then domestically ship the shoes. While it might be difficult to find trustworthy GO holders, it is worth a try. You can search “(your country name/abbreviation) GO BTS PUMA” or “(your country name/abbreviation) GROUP ORDER BTS PUMA” or some rearrangement of those words [ex. “USA GO BTS PUMA”]. 
3) Find an online site (distributor) that sells the shoes. An anon sent this link: Please note that these price are inflated and I don’t know how trustworthy it is, so you would need to do some research. The original shoe price is 79,000 KRW or approx. $70.57 USD.

Hi!! It may be a stupid question so sorry in advance but does the shoes are unisex model or not?

Sizes are according to millimeters, so yes it is unisex.
- Kylie

In other thoughts about Molly: I got worried and did some research once and am pleased to report that disposable sanitary pads HAD been invented before all the other women left the Folly, so she won’t have been left out of that one, because that would have just been tragic. 

Although that also raises a very salient reason Ty might be happy to settle into physical middle age, even if she has other options. 

Castiel (Day 12)

► Castiel ● Slytherin ● Half blood ● Beater ◄

Son of a war hero father and a muggle mother, Castiel knows the magic world since he is a kid. Sent to Slytherin, he is a lonely heart who doesn’t have a lot of friends. By choice. Most of them are in other houses. He doesn’t care about blood, unless he can tease you about it if you are a muggle-born, but without wickedness. You will probably meet him during an illegal night walk, and if he thinks you are funny and interesting enough to worth it, he could pay more attention to you - which means, with Castiel, paying attention at all.

He is passionate by muggle music, plays guitar even if people in Slytherin disagree it, but is also a really good beater, one of the best players Hogwarts knew. If you are in your Quidditch team, pray for escape to his strikes, because he won’t manage you at all. He’s your nightmare on the pitch. His favourite class is divination, not because he believes in it, but because of the teacher who offered a distracted show each time. 

Tomorrow : Rosalya

introductory post to the collection | global summary

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Gotham, Claire is holding a rolled-up diploma in that party still. Celebration of her graduation from med school?

I think so!

Since we didn’t see that moment in DiA/Voyager, I’m really curious as to how it will be presented. I suspect that it will be an opportunity to condense a lot of information about Claire’s life with Frank, relationship with Joe, how she is as a mother, etc. all within that one moment.

As well as an opportunity to perhaps flash to Jamie at that exact moment - likely at Ardsmuir. Cold and lonely and hungry and lost.

While Claire and Brianna thrive. Proof that his sacrifice was well worth it.

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An ex mutual/ex friend of mine who liked fo4 personally blamed me for making them hate fnv all because i made a few west coast best coast jokes they unfollowed me over it and cut all contact w/ me. to this day they still low key shit talk me in tags they know i track and its always abt how much the Dreaded New Vegas Fans ruined the game 4 them lmao

that’s really petty of them, and hopefully you feel better not associating with them because they’re definitely not worth your time. like unless your doing it constantly and being a… like… shitty person bagging on it every single minute then they shouldnt really feel like its a personal attack you know?

but tbh most of the people i see who say “fnv is better” either have in depth critical analysis from rpg elements to lore building to quest writing, or are just like… lgb and prefer a game with canon gay companions/characters. writing off either of these things as “disgruntled fans ruining MY fun” is…pretty shitty…

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Can you reccomend me some double b fanfic? 💕

OK so these are one’s i’ve read recently that I really liked!

International Kissing Day  (18+) by clishaye - If you’re looking for some nice fluff and smut ;) A kissing day that gets way out of hand in a good way! 

Midnight Altar (All Ages) by  FluffyRabbit - Ok this one is sooo good! Just the genuine feel and pace of the story is amazing. I really love how doubleb’s relationships grows in this one.Still on going but worth starting.

Drown Every Sense You Know (For everyone maybe older teens??) by cvela22 - This one is just really creative. “Bobby can see and taste emotions. It’s brought him nothing but sadness…until he meets a boy with the most beautiful emotions.” I mean…just let that sink in.

USB Accident (All Ages) by gippeoyox- I’m a sucker for doubleb school aus!! This one was so cute T_T read it! Just do it.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home (18+) by insilence   - BEST ABO I’VE READ! Love everything about this fic!!! on going but the story and characters are just really well done. Not just doubleb but junchan and mino/zico pairings!! I hope it updates soon. It’s been so long T_T


So, story updates will pick up again fairly soon since I’m almost done uploading everything to Ao3. However, I am going to change up how I do it.

All story updates will be on Ao3, then linked here. You don’t need to be a member of Ao3 to view the story. I know this is an inconvenience, but the quality of the images as well as always being able to read it chronologically, on mobile or not, has won me over, and I hope it will be worth it for you too. I spend a long time getting their facial expressions and body language to match the dialogue just to have the images end up so small and blurred on Tumblr. Tumblur? Ha. Anyway. Tumblr is really not made for long series stories. 

It also allows for me to tag adult content when it appears in story in a way that you’ll see before you click it, so you can plan reading it or not while not having the images separated entirely from the story post on a different blog. I don’t want to surprise people with adult images, especially since you can’t block the tags on the app, but I also never really liked separating the images from the context of the story.

I will still be posting random pics from gameplay, outtake pictures from story or portrait taking, townie shenanigans, build stuff, etc as well here. You’ll just have to click through a link to get to story. I will probably also being going a little longer between story updates, since it works better to have the entire episode done before I put it in on Ao3.

Side note: Episodes on A03 are what I’ve been calling chapters here, and chapters there are what I’ve been calling parts here. I had to go with that out of necessity with their system, so it might be slightly confusing initially.

Link to entire series is here!


Just some comparison photos from the last week and a half. Subtle, but there. My waist is slimming down for sure. This is eleven pounds down since mid-April. It’s been really hard, really tough, and somewhat painful (my left foot aches from all the running I’ve done) but it’s been worth it. Goal is fifteen pounds by my birthday and I think we’re gonna make it!

Please do not reblog these!!

theres having a goofy/dark/meta bad end in your dating sim for fun/tropes and then theres literally having the line “I will fuck each Dad whose life I destroy until the shame and stink of their failures has returned our eternal king to life” and expecting this all to be like, funny and quirky and clever, in your cutesy pg-13 game. like its not written as “haha whats the wildest twist we could pull for a funny bad end,” its ‘cleverly’ reframing the entire game as being like, demon-orchestrated miserable bullshit, because its their Clever Meta Joke about how dating sims are fake!! haha!! you dont get to have cutesy escapism in other routes once you know about this one because its all set up to facilitate demon cult rape shit ??? jesus christ like was the 'joke’ really worth it. did you need to have a masturbatory meta joke route that badly and did you REALLY need to do it in such a weird creepy homophobic way

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I always joke with my sister how since we got into NCT we also got into the hoe life. Like it's impossible to have a steady bias for a long period of time. But recently I discovered we ain't hoes we just have big hearts nah the ones that really belong to the hoe life are those who started stanning Jeno after he got his hair blonde. How were you so blind that you couldn't appreciate his visuals until now... It's beyond me (they are all visuals and talented af fight me)

stanning a group that’s entirely talented visuals was the best/worst decision of my life. it’s impossible to stay loyal. they’re all just too perfect ive accepted my hoe choice and gave my entire life to them. totally worth it.

foreal tho 👀 idk what is it about blonde hair that makes y'all trip like? dark hair makes their beautiful features stand out more so are y'all just blind or?????

i’m actually feeling kind of strong for the first time in a while but he said he stopped caring and loving me weeks ago. what kind of liar and evil human being continues to act and pretend that they love someone if they don’t?? literally he said it’s been going on for weeks but the last time we hung out in person was around the time he claimed to stop loving me. that’s also when he forced me to have sex with him when i didn’t really want to. if he felt disinterest in me he should have told me then rather than continue to make me have sex with him and feel like i was loved when i wasn’t. he’s clearly a sick and twisted human being and i feel no sympathy at all for him. and it may be low to say this but i hope he stays miserable forever. yeah i’m hurt but i can move on. i am worth more than this.

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Hi I absolutely live for your blog, but would you by any chance have some good bts blogs to follow? Because i need to keep up with the latest news and everything so if you could help me? Thank you so much!!

Hey there, of course, It seems like you`re first of all looking for a news blog. I know a few that are worth checking out: 
(reaction blog but does update with a lot of news and fancafe updates and such)
(one of my favorites actually, really detailed schedule and a lot of great updates)
(also a lot of great updates, photos, tweets etc.)
(updates of schedules, fancafe and tweets, really good blog)


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

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red is known for having their her paladin prove their worth before letting them pilot her right, so i wonder how lance is gonna prove his worth like im really excited for that scene in season three

red: speak, earthling. tell me your deepest desires. what do you hold dear to you?

lance: well i, uh…. keith’s….. keith’s really important to me and-

red, opening her mouth: oh bitch mood? step right the fuck up welcome aboard damn!

reasons why monsta x is ACTUALLY the best group to stan ever
  • they ruin their own self images, so u don’t have to worry about the fact that ur embarrassing because i can promise u, they are worse
  • they’re honestly basically in love with like all of their fans. like why would u need a man when u have shownu promising to marry u n stuff. or when minhyuk says you’re the prettiest girl (or boy, hey, mx don’t care) they’ve ever seen !!!!
  • they’re really including of all of their fans. like some other groups only care about girl fans, or about korean fans, or about some other specific type of fan ??? but like monsta x ???? they literally love everyone ?????????? like even ppl who aren’t their fans ????? like they’re the type to see u on the street decked out in some svt merch and still be like “wow she’s so pretty aw i like her sweater i love woozi” ????
  • they’re all super talented. like shownu’s dancing, kihyun’s voice, jooheon’s rap, hyungwon’s modeling,,,, like what can’t this group do ??
  • they all really love each other. they’re not like those groups where u KNOW that they all hate each other on the low. they may want u to think they hate each other sometimes (looking @ u,,, kihyun) but we all know they’re lying
  • honestly the monbebe fandom is so nice ??? so peaceful ?? drama ??? what is that ??/ we don’t know ??? the only drama we have is when other fans of other groups do something against us. but like other than that ???? where the drama @ ???
  • okay,, guys,, WONHO. THAT BOY. HE IS AN ANGEL. LOVE SHIN HOSEOK WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART EVEN IF U AREN’T A MONBEBE. this boy loves EVERYONE. like he LITERALLY SUPPORTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. he has like 485975973287589375 pieces of “for a cause” clothing and jewelry. like he has this necklace against child abuse (i think it was) ??? he panted his pinky green for this charity type thing. like WHEN HAS YOUR FAVE EVER ?? like honestly i can’t think of anything wonho doesn’t support ?? gay marriage ? hell he’d marry a guy if he can cook 4 him. causes against domestic and child violence ?? sign him up !! he wants the world to be a happy and good place. wow. such an angel. wow i love hoseok. love hoseok trust me he will never hurt u.
  • they haven’t done anything dumb yet. like problematic. ya know what i mean. like they’re probably gonna do something that starts a scandal one day,, but like they try REALLY hard to make sure they don’t say things that could hurt ANY of their fans. like they don’t talk about race or get offended when they hear people think they’re gay or anything. the only thing they get offended at is cucumbers apparently ???? like honestly they’re angels ?? they care about us so much they try so hard to not screw up n hurt us. get u a man who ?? (or 7 of them,, i support that too ??)
  • they’re literally ?? so dumb ?? and so funny ?? like they argued over which greek goddess is goddess of victory,, LITERALLY for like 20 mins. they have no lives. their lives revolve around doing dumb things to make us laugh ?? like ?? they stopped caring about their image before they debuted ?? who cares ?? they don’t ?? lets ruin it ourselves ??
  • changkyun’s VERY strong urge to see wonho naked. why. i’m sure a lot of mbb won’t complain. but why changkyun. why are u trying tto give us a naked hoseok every single time we see u ??? what is ur motive ??
  • kihyun is really violent. like i don’t understand how someone who dresses in a hamster onsie regularly can be so angry ?? where does he store it ?? why is he so sinister ?? (or should i say why does he just do stuff to people and then laugh for like 2 months over it bc that’s all he really does. he gave minhyuk a cucumber once actually. he still laughs over it. like yoo kihyun are u 5 ??? why are u hurting minhyuk like this ?)
  • changkyun’s really bad puns. those r another reason to stan. trust me u hate it at first but eventually u can’t go a day without listening to him make some weird and oddly funny pun about a name or smth.
  • shownu. dad. honestly a real dad. like. throwback to every member calling him dad and reminding him to not forget the room key. honest dad figure. i wish hyunwoo was my dad.
  • minhyuk is really happy nd cute and honestly u could probably smile for like 3 hours just after looking at a picture of him smiling. he’s literally the definition of sunshine. we need more people like lee mihyuk in this world.
  • i ran out of thing to think of and it’s 2am but honestly stan monsta x ? like it’s so worth it ? they’re so caring and funny and loving and talented and like ??? the fandom is so including and amazing ?? like there isn’t even tension between k-fans and intl-fans ?? we literally all just love each other ?? like stanning monsta x is such an AMAZING thing like it cleanses ur soul from all the bad things in this world. i swear. it’s like actually confirmed. monsta x is so pure and wow. just stan those cute 7 little boys who dress up in animal onsies and dance to girl group songs just to make their fans smile and laugh