and it will be yummy tomorrow too

So we had lunch around 4pm today. 😅 Hopefully my sleep schedule will be better tomorrow. Our lunch was good but we forgot to include mushrooms and tomato paste! 😢 Brown rice and sautéed red onion, carrots, beans, peppers, and zucchini with water. All seasoned with paprika, cayenne, cumin, oregano, and thyme. 👌 The cherry tomatoes are just too pretty to me. 😍😍

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Hi! Any chance you could write a Supercat #58 as a post-breaking-off-engagement sequel to your #26 fic, please? Thanks.

Oh my goodness. @statuepuppie, I can! I totally can. Love it. Here ya go.

58. You smell like a wet dog.

Read Part 1 here.


Kara hovered high above the city. She watched all the lights twinkling from cars and buildings below. The wind swirled around her, blowing her hair every which way. She didn’t mind. The cool air felt good.

Trying to hone in on emergency noises around the city, Kara found her mind jumbling. All the sounds seemed to mix together. She couldn’t focus. She’d been up here for over ten minutes, listening.

Tapping the comm in her ear, Kara asked, “Alex?”

“I’m here,” Alex quickly responded.

Kara sighed, then admitted, “I don’t think I’m up for this tonight.”

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Dinner at a Korean restaurant after rehearsals!  Yummy cheese dak-galbi (치즈 닭갈비)~  Ryoutarou was at dinner with them too, but he left early since he has his birthday event tomorrow.  

And for every single one of them that posted a photo of this dinner, Ken-chan replied to all of their tweets going, “That must have been nice~” because he really loves Korean food.

(x) (x

Nightmares and New Toys - Carl Grimes x Reader

Lorelai talks very maturely for her age, but this isn’t something I’ve just made up as an excuse for her to talk like a five year old. When you have older siblings and cousins then it’s easier to pick up information. Say the kid wants to keep up with their five older siblings who are all older than six, the child has to learn everything faster. I know many kids who have gone through this. 

Request: @livelikethereisnomidnight (The link isn’t working so I really hope you get to see this!)

Summary: Carl and the Reader are older and have two children. Their daughter Lorelai has a nightmare and needs her father to cheer her up.

Characters: The Reader, Carl, Lorelai and Glenham

POV: Second Person

Warnings: Fluff and lots of cuteness

Nightmares and New Toys

It was two in the morning when you woke up to the sound of crying. Immediately you jumped up in your bed and grabbed the pistol you kept on the nightstand. Feverishly searching around your room for an intruder, only to lay eyes on your husband, Carl. He was running to the door, hastily while trying to put on his night pants. This would have been the moment when you yelled at him for never listening to you and putting clothes on after you had sex, but you were focused on the crying that you now identified as your daughter.

“Carl, what happened?” You asked, but he was already down the hallway in her room. Following after him you practically flew into the room, praying to God that the cause of her tears wouldn’t be a monstrous creature tearing her soft flesh from her little bones. To your relief, you walked in to see her crying into Carl’s shoulder. He was rubbing her back and whispering into her ear.

“Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay, daddy’s here now. I love you my little Lorelai.” Lorelai continued to cry into his shoulder,

“D-d-daddy, t-the m-monster e-eaten y-you a-and mo-mommy.” You ran over to her, she must have had a bad dream.

“Baby, no. Daddy and I are right here, we’re okay. Lorelai, you’re safe, we all are.” She stayed, a tiny little thing enveloped in Carl’s big arms. Her arms squeezed around his neck,

“Mommy, they took you from me.” You looked at Carl and he gave you a sad smile. You knew what he was asking. He wanted you to let Lorelai sleep in your bed, something you had dealt with for nearly three years. You were done with letting her kick you off your own bed, but seeing how upset she was you nodded at Carl and he smiled brightly.

“Hey, babygirl. Do you want to lay in mommy and daddy’s bed.” She picked her head up from his shoulder and looked at him,

“Mhmm. I want to lay with you and mommy.” He rubbed the back of her head in his hand and you wiped the tears from her cheeks. Carl handed you Lorelai and you went back into your bedroom, only to find your son laying under three layers of blankets. You smiled at Carl,

“It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any sleep.” He chuckled.

“It’s okay, I got a shift at seven.” You set Lorelai on the bed and tucked her under the covers next to Glenham. Carl sat down next to Glenham and kissed his forehead. “Hey, buddy. What are you doing here?” Glenham stretched his arms and yawned.

“I heard you guys were up and I wanted to get up, too.” You scoffed.

“Bubby, we’re up because Lorelai had a bad dream.” He looked over at her and hugged her.

“No, Lorelai, don’t cry. Don’t cry, little sister.” You put your hand over your chest and looked up at Carl. He mouthed to you, ‘He’s so sweet’. You nodded and got under the covers.

“Lorelai, you okay now?” She frowned and shook her head at you. You thought about what would cheer her up. She loved ice cream, but it was not even three in the morning. She loved playing with Glenham and Hershel on the little swings Rick installed, but it was too early to be waking everyone up with the sound of their cackling laughter. What about blueberry muffins. The other day Carl found a powdered box of muffin mix so you made them yesterday. No one was allowed to eat them because you were saving them for the party Rick and Michonne were throwing for everyone, but you could always make more.

“Would you feel better if daddy got you a muffin.” She practically shot up from the bed,

“Yes, yes, yes! Daddy, get me a muffin!” She squealed, zealously. You giggled as Carl groaned.

“Baby, why me? Why can’t you go get them?” You gave him a mischievous smirk and reached over top of Lorelai and Glenham and gave him a teasing kiss on the cheek. It was soft, but full of desire and it lasted just long enough to get him going, but not long enough to satisfy his lust.

“You’re going to go get them muffins because mommy knows daddy wants to play with mommy’s toys. If daddy doesn’t, mommy won’t let daddy touch her toys, ever again.” Carl virtually fell off the bed and raced down the stairs. You fell on the bed laughing hysterically.

“Mommy, you have new toys? I want to play with them.” Glenham exclaimed with a smiled.

“Yeah, I want to play with them, too.” Lorelai shouted. Your eyes became the size of cantaloupes. What could you say? You couldn’t exactly tell your children they couldn’t play with your toys because that would more incest and sexual abuse. They didn’t know what most of that sentence meant. They were toddlers.

“Bubby’s, I was just kidding. I don’t have any new toys, but I promise when I go on the run tomorrow with Grandpa Rick, Grandma Michonne and Auntie Judith we’ll definitely get you new toys.” They both frowned.

“Mommy, that’s too bad. I really wanted to play with your new toys.” Lorelai said with her arms crossed.

“Yeah, but daddy’s bringing you muffins. Doesn’t that sound yummy?” You asked.

“Yay!” They shouted. As if on cue Carl walked in the room with a plate of muffins. He sat on the bed and the kids immediately grabbed a muffin scarfing it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, you must really be hungry, you’re eating like walkers.” You giggled and hugged him.

“I love you.” He kissed the side of your head.

“I love you, too. Now, let’s get them back to bed.” With full bellies, the kids fell back asleep and you and Carl followed suit.

“Y/N, babe. Hey, wake up, I have to go.” It was Carl, he was shaking your arm. You yawned and stretched your arms over your head.

“Hey, you’re leaving now?” He nodded, you sat up and looked over at Lorelai and Glenham.

“They’re still asleep, just let them.” He whispered and you nodded. Looking into his eyes in a moment of silence you cupped the back of his neck in your hand. Your fingers dancing on the silky waves that fell effortlessly from his head. He raised his hand and wrapped one of his arms around you, the other rested on your cheek, slowly stroking your smooth skin. Unable to take the tension you brought his lips to yours, melding them together in heavenly bliss. The arm around your waist lowered as he cupped your ass, pulling you into his lap. His tongue circled yours, enlisting a moan from deep in your throat. Your hips began to gyrate into his unintentionally, but neither of you were against it.

“Mommy?” Lorelai asked. You finally realized you were dry-humping your husband in the same bed as your children and you scurried away from him. Carl practically leapt from the bed.

“Hey, baby girl. Did you sleep well?” You asked her, pulling your shirt down from where Carl had accidentally pushed it up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“No nightmares?” Asked Carl, from the corner of the room. Lorelai nodded ‘yes’ and Carl walked back over to the bed in front of . “Good, baby I have to go now so give me a kiss.” He said puckering his lips out to her. Lorelai screamed,

“No, daddy! Don’t go! Daddy, please stay!” You and Carl looked at each other, surprised. Carl got in the middle of the bed and pulled her into his arms.

“Baby, don’t cry. Hey, it’s okay.”

“Then don’t go, daddy!” She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. He cradled her and started to sing,

“You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy”

You layed down on the bed in a curled up ball. His voice was cracked and hoarse, but it was beautiful in its own way. The way he held her was mesmerizing, his love for her evident in the tightness of his hug. You just watched, as he looked into her eyes with more love for one human being than you had ever seen before.

“When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much, I love you

So please don’t take

My sunshine away”

When he finished she was gingerly touching his cheeks, smiling at his beautiful blue eyes. He made a face and she started to giggle.

“Daddy! You’re so silly!” You smiled at the adorable action. They were so sweet together.

“I am, but baby I have to go now. Can you let me?” She frowned and crossed her arms.

“Fine daddy,” She paused. “But under one condition, you bring me more muffins.”

“I can do that.” He said as he bent down to kiss her nose. She giggled under his gentle touch and he sat her back down on the bed.

“Bye daddy, bring me muffins.” She said, bouncing on the bed.

“Bye my baby, I love you.” He said with a sad smile.

“I love you, too.” She responded happily. You got up off the bed and walked to him. He pulled you in by your waist and kissed you.

“I love you, Carl.”

“I love you, too.” You smiled at each other and he suddenly gave you a mischievous smirk.

“Can we set up some playtime tonight, you did promise me.” You scoffed and put a hand over your heart.

“I promise you nothing,” He frowned. “But I don’t see why not. I’m nice about sharing my toys.” He chuckled and brought your hand to his lips to kiss your knuckles.

“Daddy? What are you doing? Go get my muffins.” You and Carl started howling at Lorelai. She was adorable.

“Fine, I’m going. Love you guys, see you soon.” Carl said, defensive. You shook your head in disbelief and hugged him.

“Have fun.” He gave you a questioning look and walked out the door.

“I won’t have fun until I get to play with your toys.” You giggled as he lept down the stairs and out the door. Wow, it was going to be hard to wait for him to get back.

Love you all! 😗 Like and Comment, I love feedback, even if its constructive! Hope you have a super great rest of your week!

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Officer Bucky Returns, ya’ll!!

So, yeah,  I know it’s been forever and a day since I left you guys on a bit of a cliffhanger with In the Arms of Justice. Honestly, I was nervous about jumping back in because it consumed my life completely. Adding that to my already crazy life stressed me out enormously, which led to a necessary hiatus. 

BUT. I’m in a much better place now and inspiration struck! I’m almost done writing the rest of the series and plan to post 2 parts a week until finished. Part 16 will be posted Tuesday, May 16th at 3pm EST. I repeat: 


It’s happening, you guys!! I’m seriously excited for you all the read it. If you’re excited, too, let me know! I love to hear your enthusiasm. Also, if you’d like some eye candy while you wait, this yummy Bucky!Cop fan art has been making it’s way around the tumblr, busting ovaries. The original photo is from this post right here, which was the actual inspiration for AoJ (along with @buckysberrie ‘s insistence that Officer Bucky happen in fic form. ;) ). IT’S MEANT TO BE. 

Also, here’s the In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist if you need to catch up beforehand. GET READY. :D

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Just another beautiful morning here in Italy! I’m relaxing with some yummy coffee and taking it all in! ☕💕  I couldn’t help but do some more drawing too 😊  I wanted to  work on a couple of cuties before I set off to explore the city some more and start set-up for the Roma Cartoon Festival this evening! 🦄💕  I’ve only been in Rome for a few days and I can already feel the creative juices flowin! ✨ I think this city has that effect on people. 😜❤ But I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of the Roma Cartoon Festival! 😆 The past couple days flew by! You can find me at the show all weekend so I hope to see you lovelies there!😘💗

Birthday Parents (3/4)

A series of drabbles based on the request: Can you write something for Gillian’s and David’s birthday with Eaden and her siblings, please? Maybe in the Vancouver house. 

Part I - Part II

“Wraahh!” Eaden screamed as she came running towards them, arms propelling wildly through the air, carelessly crossing the paths of the people who were trying to work.

It was the first day of filming, and the little three year old whirlwind was already the most famous person on set. Who would have guessed?!

As she came closer, Gillian noticed that she was wearing a pair of big, grey hands with long fingers over the whole length of her forearms - it had not taken her long to find the alien stuff.

“Hey, watch out! Eaden!” Gillian called out, watching Eaden taking a slight turn to prevent colliding with someone in the last possible moment before continuing to boisterously make her way towards her mother.

The impact was hard, but Gillian was used to little bodies storming into hers, so she’d braced herself just in time as Eaden ran into her headfirst. Annabeth, who was standing beside her, chuckled at the sight of them.

“Eaden, you need to be careful! There are people walking around you don’t want to hurt and equipment standing around you don’t want to destroy, okay? God knows I’ve already destroyed enough expensive equipment for all of us,” she said and threaded her fingers through Eaden’s soft, blonde hair.

“I’m not Eaden, Mommy! I’m a scary alien!” Eaden said pointedly, raised her arms up high and attempted to make a frightening face. “Wraahh!”

“Wow honey, you look very scary! But where did you get those? Did you ask before taking them?”

“Yes, I did! A nice lady put them on me after I asked!”

“Good girl! Hey, do you remember Annabeth here?” Gillian asked and put her hand on Annabeth’s upper arm.

“Hey, Eaden! It’s nice to see you again,” she said and kneeled down to get on Eaden’s eye-level.

The little girl shook her head no and stepped closer to Gillian.

“Yeah,” Annabeth nodded, “you were very little the last time we saw each other! You just started to walk!”

“Really?” Eaden looked up to Gillian.

“Yes, you were just a baby back then.”

“And now I’m a big girl!” Eaden beamed, and Annabeth stood up again.

“She is sugar, Gillian! So cute,” she said warmly and smiled down at Eaden, who was also grinning up at her, alien arms tightly wrapped around Gillian’s upper thigh.

“I’m out of sugar, Mommy!”

“You’re out of sugar?” Both Gillian and Annabeth chuckled heartily before Gillian picked her daughter up and kissed her cheek. “Will the sugar queen even be able to survive without her beloved sugar?”

Eaden giggled, knowing her mother well enough to realize that she was teasing her, and rested her head on her shoulder.

“What about my little extraterrestrial sugar queen, huh?” David suddenly piped in from behind and stepped beside them, still clad in the dirty clothes that Mulder wore by the end of the last season, holding a paper plate with a big piece of cake on it.

Eaden’s eyes went wide. “Is that a cake, Daddy?”

“It is! It’s my birthday cake that I got from Chris! Doesn’t it look yummy?” he asked and put a spoonful into his mouth, closing his eyes in pleasure.

“Wow!” Gillian marveled and looked greedily at his plate. “I wonder if I will get one, too.”

“I bet you will,” David grinned. “It’s your birthday tomorrow. And if not, you still have what’s even better than birthday cake,” he winked and put his arm around her waist as her face turned two shades redder.

“See, Mommy! I’m not out of sugar for a loooong time!” Eaden exclaimed excitedly, leaned forward, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide, waiting for David to finally share his colorful birthday cake with her.

→ Birthday Drabble Game.

→ Requested by @baebae-goodnight
Fluff, Slight Angst (mentions of food & dieting)
→ OC x Lee Jooheon, Monsta x
Word Count: 1421
→ Prompts: “You did what?“ "Kiss my ass” “Shut your mouth before I shut it for you”

You walked into your apartment and promptly dropped your keys and bag on the floor not bothering to set them on the counter in their regular resting place. With a large sigh, your jacket slinks off of your tense shoulders and onto the floor along side your bag. You couldn’t be bothered to pick up after yourself. The work day had zapped all of your mental and physical energy. Working in an office with a bunch of loud mouthed middle aged men, who can barely find their way around a computer has always grated on your nerves, but as of late the tension is reaching a fever pitch. “I’ve really got to start looking for a new job,” you mumble as you step out of your shoes.

Your one relief was that you had taken your Sunday to prep dinner for the week knowing that cooking after a long day of explaining the basics of Excel sounded awful. You shuffle towards the refrigerator, using the bit of physical energy you have to open the door. You bend down with a yawn cut short. “Wait. What?” You squat down into the fridge refusing to believe what you see. “Where is my food?” You throw around the few containers in the fridge none of them containing the well-prepared dishes you created. In your horror, you miss the sound of Jooheon coming into the kitchen. He leans against the doorway from the living room to the kitchen. “What are you looking for babe?” You shoot up the irritation evident on your face. “Um, where’s my food?” You bite out. “Are you talking about my lunches?” Jooheon remaining unaware of the venom in your words. Your shoulders tense even more. “What do you mean your lunches you took those to work on Monday and they had the green lids. My dinners which had the red lids have been in here, on a different shelf so they wouldn’t get mixed up with your food.”

You know in your head you should give up and just accept the fact that Jooheon without a doubt took your meals. But the exhaustion of the day has left your fuses awry. “Oh, I took those with me. I thought you made them because you knew I had an intense week of training.” Jooheon sits at the kitchen table still completely unaware. “You did what?” With a large sigh, you slam the fridge door and throw your head back with a groan. “Babe, come on you know I make dinners because you’re usually home late and I don’t want to cook. I set out those protein packs with your lunch for your hard week of training.” Jooheon chuckles at that. “Oh, I left those in the pantry I thought they were a part of that stupid diet you said you wanted to try. What was it paleo or something?” That triggers a crazed laugh from your mouth. Seriously? He’s doing this? After the huge argument, you got in over your diet suggestion and how he kept griping about how it’s silly and you don’t need it and things like changing your eating habits should only come from a positive place, not with a negative self-image. You gave up the idea and repurposed the “diet” foods to help him sustain his high protein intake needed for training. Kiss my ass Jooheon you know I gave that up. Especially since you ate the protein packs last week!” You walk out of the kitchen and stomp into the living room throwing yourself onto the couch.

Jooheon gets up from the kitchen table and follows you into the living room. Biting his lip he finally he finally feels remorse, realizing how irritated you are about the whole situation. Standing a few feet from the couch, Jooheon runs his fingers through his hair with a sigh. “I’m sorry babe. I should’ve said something. I thought I’d beat you here with enough time to make something before you got home.”  You return his sigh with one of your own. Your hands coming up to massage your temples as you close your eyes. “It’s fine babe I’ll just run to the store and get stuff to make myself more meals for the rest of the week. I get bored most of the time anyway. I just had a really long day ya know and I wanted to just eat and shower and lay with you when you got home.” You sit up resting your head on your hands on the back of the couch hoping that making eye contact will help portray that you’re more exhausted than angry. “No babe you stay here, take a shower, and I will run out and get some take out for tonight and get some food to cook up the rest of your dinners for the week.” Jooheon walks towards the front door grabbing his hat off the coat rack and checking his jacket pocket for what you assume is his wallet. ‘Honey, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to go through all of that trouble just stay here and I’ll get delivery and then grab groceries on the way home tomorrow. You had a long day too we’re both tired and we should just stay..” Your words were cut off by Jooheon picking your face up in his hands with a playful smirk on his face. “Babe, shut your mouth before I shut it for you. I’m going. I’m getting you food for tonight, something warm and yummy and then fresh goods to cook up for the rest of the week and that’s the end.” You look at him and smile. The exhaustion wiping away your usual snarky rebuttal when he got like this. You know he’s anticipating you to say something back but instead, you turn your head and kiss the inside of his wrist. “Okay honey.” Jooheon gifts you with a full smile and kisses your lips. “Now go get in the shower, wash off the day and I want to see you cozy on the couch when I get home.” Jooheon kisses you again and makes his way out the door.

With an exhausted groan, you pick your body up from the couch. Mirroring your actions when you walked into your home, you peel off your clothes walking through the bedroom to your bathroom. Full undressed you turn the shower on as hot as you could stand and slinked your way underneath the water. The sound that left your mouth startled even you, but it felt as though the entire day was quite literally running off your body and into the drain below. You slowly worked through washing your hair and slathering your body in suds. You took particular care near your neck and shoulders using the combination of the heat, water, and your hands to work out your knots. As you rinse your hair and your body you close your eyes and allow your mind to focus on the moment. You were physically relaxed in this moment and you wanted your mind to follow suit. You stood in the shower eyes closed and shoulders relaxed until you felt the water begin to cool. Satisfied with your long shower, you climb out of the tub and grab your towels off of the back of the door and wrap one around your body and the other on your head.

You make your way to your vanity and begin your post shower process of lotioning and brushing your hair. As you set down your comb you hear the front door opening. You rush and put on an oversized t-shirt and shorts anticipating what Jooheon brought home. The smell of chicken fills your nose as you make your way down the hallway into the living room. Excited, you turn the corner and see Jooheon opening the red and white boxes and setting out napkins. You bound towards him and plop onto the couch and drag him back to sit with a laugh. Startled Jooheon laughs at you and wraps his arms around you. “Come on babe you eat I have to get cooking.” He stands to leave but you pull him back. “Eat with me first. The cooking can wait. Who knows after I have a bit of sustenance I may even join you in the kitchen.” Reaching forward to grab some chicken he turns his head to look at you, surprised. “Really?” You laugh and kiss his cheek as you reach for a biscuit. “Maybe. But don’t count on it.”

*This is my first published writing ever. Please be kind and I hope y’all enjoy it.

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Hey, just wanted to remind you to take good care of yourself. Eat some good food. Something you love! Get something yummy to drink too, and don't forget to drink plenty of water! Stay warm, and look for things to smile about. Get enough sleep. You're a good person, and you deserve every good thing that happens to you. I hope you're okay, and I hope tomorrow is even better. It'll be okay.

I’m fine dear, and even if I was going through an apocalypse of emotions I think this ask could heal it ALL. Thank you ❤️

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You too guys please take good care of yourself ^^

Oatmeal made with soy milk and water for lunch. 🙌🙌 I like this half and half mixture of soy milk and water better. It was still creamy but not too rich. Coconut sugar and banana made it extra nice! I just picked up some hemp milk for my oats tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it! 🍌 And thanks to Rebecca for the chia seeds! 😜

The heir.
  • A short childhood story from RC’s perspective.I planned on doing the same for OC,but since last chapter was already his perspective,I’ll do this.I may still be doing OC too.
  • This will possibly be using a lot of non-canon acts and thoughts since we know nothing past chapter 131 yet.
  • Excuse my non-existent writing skills. xD

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Richard was begging for dinner and i wasnt very hungry so i whipped up a quick wholewheat spaghetti dish to fill his little tummo.
Stir fried greens in coconut oil with chicken & garlic.
Stirred in half an avocado, lemon juice, parmesan and spices and it actually turned out really yummy 🙄🤗🌾🌼

50 length swim earlier too, second one of september and another one scheduled for tomorrow - off to a good start this month.


Been getting a lot of positive feedback from friends and family about me working out so I’d like to share How To Lose Weight in 10 days with you! I’ll start the blog series tomorrow here. All about my workout routine (at the gym or at home), and the foods I eat! Especially my tips on how to enjoy cheat days without feeling guilty!

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These cuties are Bourbon Petit Shrimp Crackers! They came in my February Tokyo Treat box and I’ve been looking forward to trying them! The package was a cute pink with a happy little bear on it which was pretty adorable ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ.
Inside there’s these tiny little crackers which made me super excited! They’re so little and cute! I expected them to be bigger but I love the adorably small size! They’re yummy too! To me they taste more like crab cake than shrimp but I really like crab cakes so I think that’s a good thing ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) They’re filling too! I only ate half the package and was totally satisfied (plus now I have some for tomorrow!
I would really recommend these! If you don’t like shrimp, offers other flavours (most of which I might have to try)

october 11th 2016 // it’s 6pm right now. I just got an early dinner in one of the dining halls before grabbing an oolong milk tea from chatime! their teas are so yummy but so $$$ too. now I’m sitting in the library studying for my statistics midterm tomorrow…probably gonna be here til 9pm tbh. I also got my calc 2 midterm back today which I scored 68% on, was totally stressing about that til I realized that it’s an A thanks to the curve. that curve is my favorite thing in the world right now.


Today was good.

• we went to look at some houses and HATED them. Lol. I think we’ve decided that we like our house too much to move. So that’s whatever. I’m not sure what’s going on with that.

• I cute my hair yesterday. It feels Sooooooooo much better. My goodness. I went for a shoulder length cut, slightly angled, with layers, and thinned it out a bunch too! I love it 😍

• I also made delicious muffins today. It’s been so long since I’ve baked.

• tomorrow I’m making pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes. Yummy! Maybe I’ll add some Brussels sprouts because I’m an old lady like that. 😂

Love is Only You ~ Yonghwa

This is for Anon and Anon! I hope you both like it and think that it is fluffy enough for the both of you! Thank you both for the requests and letting me write for such and amazing guy <3

Request: Here and Here

Staring at the clock, watching the second hand tick as the minute hand moved even slower and yet there was the hour hand that moved the slowest. Wanting to turn the clock to the exact moment when Yonghwa came home was what you were trying to do with your eyes as they were glued onto the second hand.

Cradling your head in the palm of your hand, sighing you tapped your fingers against your cheek as your other hand felt the smooth glass, the ground edges and the divots in your case where you have dropped your phone on multiple occasions.

Glancing down at the quiet device in your hand, you lit up the screen as you opened up your messaging app.

How is everything going?

You messaged your boyfriend as you let the screen turn black, moving your eyes back to the clock, you felt a vibration in your hand as you swiped your screen to open the message.

Sorry sweetie, I have to stay late tonight, I have to finish this song by tomorrow. - Y

Have you had dinner yet?

Not yet. - Y

Can I bring you over some dinner and just be with you while you work?

Biting your lip, you hadn’t asked anything like this before but you sent the message, staring at your phone now it lit up again as you smiled at his response.

I love your company <3 - Y

I’ll be right over with some yummy dinner for you too :D

“She is so sweet” Yonghwa said to himself as he picked up his pen and twirled it between his fingers as a blank, lined paper stared back at him.

Tapping the butt of his pen on the paper below, he rocked his head back onto the wall as he tried to think.

“I need something to base it on.” He closed his eyes as he tried to think of previous songs that he had done. After a while, he couldn’t think of anything as he hissed, running his fingers through his hair ruffling it up.

Carefully walking through the halls of FNC Entertainment with a bag of food in your hand, you tried to find the room that Yonghwa was working in. Looking all around, you couldn’t find the room that the lady at the front desk had said that he was in. Quickly pulling out your phone you typed a message to him hoping that he would get it and find you.

I’m lost, I don’t know where I am.

Are you in the building? - Y

Yes, I just don’t know where you are. :(

Yonghwa chuckled at your message as he knew that you always got confused in one part of the building, getting up from his spot he opened the door and casually walked down the hall as he saw you trying to figure out where you were with the numbers on the door. A soft smile broke onto his face.

“Jagiya~” He called as you turned around quickly, your face lit up instantly as you jogged down to him. He opened his arms as you ran into them wrapping yours around him once you two met.

“Thank you for coming to find me” You said against his chest as he smirked, petting your hair.

“Anytime beautiful.” He kissed your head gently as both of you pulled away from the hug. Moving your hand into his, he smiled and brought you back to the room that he was working in.

With a large desk, a couch and a table filling the smaller room, the light from the window filled the room with a soft light as both of you walked in and took a seat on the couch.

“Did you have a good trip over here?” Yonghwa asked as he took the bag from your hands and set it on the table in front of both of you.

“Ne, just a little traffic today.” You smiled while pulling out the dinner for two. Helping you with the food, he smiled just hearing your voice.

“You got my favorite!” He beamed, opening up the main dish.

“I thought you would need it for your song.” You smiled, taking your chopsticks you lifted some food to his mouth as he happily opened his mouth while you guided the food in. His pink lips wrapped around the chopsticks as you pulled them out slowly. Watching a smile melt on his face was priceless as he repaid you with the same small gesture, causing both of you to laugh.

“What? I tried to feed you.” Yonghwa defended as your chuckle escalated to a full out laugh.

“It was a really big bite.” You giggled out as you put your hands on your stomach as both of you became infected with laughter.

“I thought you were hungry.” He giggled back as he fell back onto the couch trying to catch his breath, but every time he looked over at you, both of you burst out in laughter again.

“I am” You smiled as the giggles began to reside in both of you. Yonghwa grabbed the food and brought it over to the two of you as he fed you smaller bites, as you fed him a little bit bigger ones.

Once most of the food was gone and both of you were full, he set the empty containers on the table.

“Thank you for dinner, it was divine.” He kissed your forehead sweetly while you leaned on his shoulder.

“Thank you for letting me come over.” You looked up at him with a smile.

“I needed some inspiration.” He tightened his grip on your side as you smiled brighter.

“Did you come up with any ideas while I was coming over?” You asked him, sitting up as you cleaned up your little mess.

“No” He replied sadly, getting up, he helped you as you took the bag to the trash as he grabbed his pen and paper.

“Maybe I could help you.” You smiled sitting back on the couch, resting your head on his shoulder once again.

“Go for it!” He smiled down at you while his arm wrapped around your waist as your fingers played with his.

“What about a song about your members?” You asked while your fingers played with his loose bracelet.

“Are you crazy!?” He giggled as he tickled you a little more as you curled your legs under you.

“Hmmm. What about something you love? Like acting?” You offered your ideas as he played with the pen.

“Let me try that!” He got an idea as he began to write something down on his note pad.

The hours rolled on as you tried to help Yonghwa think of something to write a song about. Several crumbled-up balls of paper around the room, he was becoming frustrated as it was approaching midnight. Standing up, he paced around the room as you tried to help him with more ideas. Shaking his head softly at your attempts to help him, you began to yawn as sleep was taking you over.

“________, if you want to fall asleep, go ahead. I am sure I will think of something.” He said softly as you nodded, laying down on the couch.

“What about one of your dreams?” You whispered into the air as your body relaxed into the couch, sleep pulling you into its arms.

Yonghwa walked around the room for hours, you were fast asleep on the couch. Sigh after sigh, he racked his brain trying to think of the perfect song. Sitting on the desk, he watched you for a while as your chest moved up and down slowly, your curves were seen under the light blanket he had put over you a few hours ago. Smiling to himself, something clicked in his head. Folding his legs under him he smiled as his hand quickly worked to write down the ideas that were racing through his head.

The early morning sun lit the whole room, making it too bright for you to sleep. Opening your eyes slowly, they adjusted to the bright light, your fingers gently grasped what was in your hand as you smiled feeling Yonghwa’s hand in yours. Rolling your head to the side you smiled at his sleeping figure.

His disheveled hair that gently covered his eyes, his pink lips that were slightly parted, his wrinkled shirt from sleeping against you, his peaceful carefree face that relaxed. Looking onto him like and angel, you were met with his note pad between you. Carefully taking it out from his hands, you flipped to the first page as you read the lyrics carefully.

Love is only you
Love is only you
Love is only you yeah
Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Only you
ma Love is only you you you

Whether listening to some wonderful music
Or walking around the beautiful streets
I think of you, think of you
Just thinking has my heart thumping
Whether watching a touching movie
Or wearing pretty clothes, always you, always you
(You) appear in my head, smile and smile
Not a single word is needed, (but I) know just by my feelings
My heart has confessed it all, I love you

You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Oh, please stay by my side, whisper to me that you love me
You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Every day, I want to be held tight in your arms
For sweet dreams, sweet dreams, baby

Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Love is only you
ma Love is only you you you

Uh, though you don’t mean to make me laugh out loud
With no interesting story at all
Looking at you, I smile without my knowing
With no reason at all, my face is full of smiles

Have I exposed my heart yet? I’m not worried
Because you’re totally special, I don’t hide myself
I just want to show you my heart toward you, as it is
To you, I want to be a tree that keeps giving

Please look into my eyes and tell me that you love me
Can you hear my heart beat?

You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Oh, please stay by my side and whisper to me that you love me
You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Every day, I want to be held tight in your arms
For sweet dreams, sweet dreams, baby

When I am down, I only have to think of you
Then smiles will fill up my face without my knowing
24 hours, oh oh, isn’t enough for me at all
All day long, my head is filled with only you
Oh no no no no no

You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Oh, would you please gently hold my little hands?
You are my sunshine of my life
my sunshine of my heart
Every day I confess to you
I love you, love you, baby

Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Love is only you
ma Love is only you
Love is only you only you
only you only you

Smiling at his sweet work, you looked over at him as he still slept peacefully beside you.

“You’re so talented” You leaned in and kissed his cheek gently. “I love you.” Moving into his embrace, you set the note pad on the edge of the table, before wrapping your arms around him. The sound of his steady breath and his slow heart beat lulled you back to sleep in his arms and secure arms.


Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1518

Summary: Dean and the reader become closer, talk more about magic.

Part 2 in Magic Series. Read Part 1 here.

Part 2! You guys all loved this, and i am more than happy to continue it. Again, I am only posting this series on Saturday, every week. This one is somewhat Halloween themed, in celebration! :) I have lots of plans for this series, so get ready! :) Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

I am a first year in college & since school started I haven't had my period. I've taken pregnancy tests (although there was like no chance) & all were neg. I took the initiative to tell my mom, buy some vitamins & nutrient dense healthy fats at target this morning (yummy Lara&KIND bars&nuts!) & I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Im nervous, but I know this is the best thing for me.I don't sleep enough/eat enough/exercise too much. My stress & emotions have been hitting hard. send prayers xx

Hi baby, I am sending you so much strength & many prayers!!! Please take care of yourself and trust the doctor :) 

All I Want For Christmas Is You (M.C.)

A/N: So sorry that this didn’t go up on Saturday. I spent the majority of the day in an airport and on a plane so there really wasn’t much of time to write. As for Luke’s for this coming Saturday, the same thing will most likely happen. Anyways, enjoy! :)

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Ashton || Luke || Calum



I turned away from my locker to see one of my friends sprinting towards me. I smiled at him. “Oh. Hey, Luke. What’s up?”

He bent over and rested his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

I turned back to my locker and continued to switch my books for the next class. “I highly doubt you were running that much to be that out of breath.”

Luke lifted his head up to glare at me. “Mind you. I’m just very unfit.”

I laughed. “I’ve noticed.”

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