and it will be something I hadn't thought of


 Nine/Rose + Something by The Beatles requested by @chiaroscuroverse. 

Something in the way she moves Attracts me like no other lover Something in the way she woos me I don’t want to leave her now You know I believe in how Somewhere in her smile she knows That I don’t need no other lover Something in her style that shows me I don’t want to leave her now You know I believe and how



GUYS I just realized something.

When the series is over I desperately want Harry and Maggie to still be alive and Maggie to grow up and get married and have a Carpenter-sized family. Harry never had one as a kid and I think he should have a chance to make up for that.

Also, and more importantly, imagine Grandpa Harry. He would be so unbelievably happy to have this family and he would spoil the children absolutely rotten. Take them for whatever awful greasy fast-food they wanted. Get them all kinds of neat presents. Tell them (edited for content) stories about his and his friends’ adventures.

Picture Harry Dresden being handed this tiny newborn infant and being petrified he’s going to drop or break it. Then he looks at this tiny human being in his arms and realizes that this moment is going to fuel his magic for the rest of his life.