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Can you update the pregnant stiles tag pls? :)


I saved a piece for you. by theaisbored (1/1 | 924 | G)

Stiles is pregnant and moody.

From Two to Eight by Kuriosity (4/7 | 4,230 | G)

Stiles was comfortable, as comfortable as one could be when you’re 8 and ½ months pregnant with triplets. Did he mention that he was also put on bed rest until he gave birth?

Truly, Madly, Deeply by briewinchester (3/7 | 15,596 | NC17)

Stiles is having private time and Derek interrupts and ends up getting involved.

I’m Fine by orphan_account (1/1 | 5,182 | R)

Stiles was usually one for ignoring his problems until they went away. This one, however, didn’t look like it was leaving anytime soon.

Tainted Love by readtolive (11/11 | 34,157 | NC17)

The entire pack knew by now that Derek was back in Beacon Hills with a wife in tow. Stiles had to listen to four separate rants from different pack members, namely Erica, Scott, Isaac and Lydia, how they fully expected him not to lose his grip and to remain calm and composed. Stiles wanted that so much himself and he really thought he could maybe manage it. He was glad that they perhaps failed to realize that the main source of his agitation didn’t stem from seeing Derek after so long, but from the fact he was married now. It was something he never even offered to Stiles. It was something Stiles thought Derek would never do.
He wasn’t wrong, as it turned out. He just didn’t want to do it with Stiles.


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(Pro101s2!Boyfriend 5/??)
(Nu’est!Boyfriend 3/5)

  • Loud laughs
  • Violent laughter like chill Min
  • Random videos of him and Aron doing dumb shit
  • “Why am I dating you?”
  • “Because I’m Nu’est Minhyun.”
  • More loud laughter
  • Video calls.
  • Text messages at 4 am telling you to wish him good luck.
  • Drops his phone like 7 times when he calls you because he’s tired.
  • He visits you as much as he can.
  • When he went on pro101 you couldn’t see him
  • Or talk to him really.
  • You could only watch the show.
  • Then he just shows up at your house one day like he’s just there
  • He ignores the fact you haven’t talked in two months like he was never gone.
  • “Let’s go out to eat,”
  • A jealous bf
  • but he’s shy to admit it
  • He gets jealous af but he’ll just silently glare at whoever it is.
  • He could get jealous of a dog if he tried hard enough.
  • He can be really clingy at times.
  • Movies & cuddles on the couch
  • He almost constantly had his head in the crook of your neck and his lips are most lightly attached to your neck as well.
  • “I’m trying to watch the movie.”
  • “I’m better though,”
  • He laughs & cringes at himself.

Smut-ish Part

  • He’s highkey afraid of hurting you
  • He’ll try to be intimidating and sexy but it just doesn’t work for him most of the time.
  • Gentle n’ caring
  • He whispers sweet words in your ear while he’s kissing your neck.
  • Did I mention his favorite place is your neck
  • He kisses you everywhere, but he still mainly resides at your neck.
  • He loves leaving marks on you, but not extremely dark ones, soft marks.
  • He’s just soft
  • No matter how many times the two of you are together he treats it like it’s his first or last, he tries to remember it.
  • He can be rough, but he prefers to be gentle.
  • His eyes can freeze you in place.
  • Eye contact
  • Deep thrusts
  • Sharp rolls of his hips
  • He lives for the sound of you moaning his name.
  • Shallow breaths and soft whimpers against your neck the closer he gets to his end.
  • The way his body tenses and the shallow breaths and his bottom lip shaking slightly when he releases.
  • He always makes sure you release to before he pulls you into his arms sleepily.

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Very Important Post

Here is the very important post i was talking about earlier.

For the last few months I have been severely depressed. I believed I had no identity, and I refused to spend time with the Lord over any of it. I stopped going to church, and I separated myself from any community besides the people I lived with. 

It was lonely and dark. Adam, having the only companionship of God, even felt lonely. So who was I to think I would be better off on my own. Let me be the one to tell you right now, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED COMMUNITY. The Holy Spirit is constantly in community with the Father and the son. We were made to have community. You have gifts the body of Christ needs, and the body has gifts that you need. You are valuable. You are important. Get in community, there is no excuse, its literally essential for growth as a follower of Jesus. 

I went alone for probably 3 months possibly more. I’ve been on this road before. Its not the first time. It usually happens when  I start living in the kingdom and God is leading me towards something big, then I get afraid and stop. Hes so patient you guys. and its not like he is standing at the door tapping his foot angrily. When I was down, he felt my sorrow with me. he was by my side the entire time. I thought I could ignore him, but I couldn’t. Around 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t bear it anymore. My body was getting sick regularly, and my spirit cried out to God in the night, I was full of anguish and angst. I felt like I was a fragile mirror and the slightest breath would shatter me into a million tiny shards of hopeless pieces. 

I came upon a podcast from my old mentor, who I do stay in touch with, and I even posted some of our conversation in quotes as I am sure some of you have seen. 

The topics were, community and the kingdom. 

Monday of last week, I arrive at work and I the Lord tells me, “Start praying with your manager, and the sales manager ever week.”

both of them are believers, and I hardly even argue with God. I am nervous, but I go tell them I think we need to start praying regularly. They agree, and then the Lord gives me a question for them to ask. “What is my role at this place besides my job title”. So we took that questions and prayed over it through the week. After I talked to them and we got our questions written down, I was cleaning some glass and I heard a customer throwing glass away in the back. The Spirit was like, “Its Alex, with *Insert glass company* I want you to ask if he needs prayer.” I was like, okay I will. Sure enough, guess who comes around the corner, ITS ALEX. Its like God knows LOL. So I asked him and he said he didn’t need any prayer, then he stopped and was very concerned and asked me to pray that the hospital will accept his application for a reduction because his eye surgery cost 40,000 dollars. SO I prayed with him right there. 

Lets pause for a second, are you with me still?

A week before this I believe my life was meaningless, and hopeless, and hated everything and felt alone, here I am praying with customers, and leading a prayer meeting with the two managers of my job, both who have been believers longer than I’ve been alive, and both are experienced in this field longer than I am too. WHAT! Thats just how God is. Thats what its like living in the Kingdom!

God showed me some really cool stuff and I am going to share it with you guys because I cant help it, its just too good!


John 14:6  “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. “

John 4:23 “ Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.”

John 18:38 “ What is truth?” Pilate asked. Then he went out again to the people and told them, “He is not guilty of any crime. “

The word TRUTH used in all of these passages is the Greek word,   alétheia,  which translates to the word, REALITY. 

Think abot that for a second. IN life we consider reality what is happening in front of our eyes, and its mainly all bad. We get our source of information from the world, from the news, friends, family, our senses…. thats what we call reality, at least in a general sense. BUT Jesus is saying, “I am the way, The reality, and the life…” Read that again. Do you see it?

Open a tab on your computer and read Luke 5:1-11, then come back to this post.Before you go, keep this in mind, Jesus is the reality,

Did you read it? Please don’t continue reading this until you’ve read that small tidbit its crucial to what I am about to say next.

Peter says what to Jesus when he asks him to throw his net over?

Where is he getting the information that there is no fish? Who is telling him how the world really is right now? Hes getting his info from what he is experiencing, and its not the truth!

its interesting to me, that Peter says, “Because YOU say, Jesus, I will do it. And when he does, there are too many fish! But wait, didn’t he say there wasnt any in the water? He has been fishing all day?

Here’s what happened, Peter got to experience a glimpse of the Kingdom of God. His kingdom is here! Jesus showed it to him! See, when we look through the eyes of the world, WE ARE BLIND. We can’t see the truth, we can’t see reality! We are looking at a shadow of the truth, a reality that doesn’t actually exist. Look through the eyes of the kingdom. Do you know you can live in the Kingdom every where you go? Thats the goal at my job! To help my managers look through kingdom eyes! To help them see that they can live in the kingdom RIGHT NOW. We can walk and live in truth NOW. How do we do this? Romans 12:1-2! By the renewing of our minds. Every single day we have to change the way we thing, and soon it will become natural, because we are actually new people! We have to unlearn our reptilian thinking ways, and get back into the creator mindset like our Father! There is so much incredible potential out there! Nothing is sacred in the kingdom! Every situation, and place is bursting at the seems with Christ, we just have to LOOK through the lens of the kingdom, we have to actually live in the reality we say we believe, because its true!

Here’s whats even more crazy. Who is the king of this Kingdom? JESUS!

What does Matthew 6:33 say? Seek first the Kingdom and all will be added to you/ I will provide for you/ everything is taken care of.”

Can you even begin to understand the GRAVITY of that promise? That no matter what, if we are LIVING in the kingdom, not just a citizen, but living in the kingdom walking in the Spirit EVERYTHING will be taken care of? Which is CRAZY!!! Because that means, We have NOTHING to fear. Not North Korea, not the big earthquake, not the president, not the riots… Seek first the kingdom and all will be added to you. Thats so incredible. Its ridiculous!!

I have nothing to be afraid of, you know why? Because the book of Romans says that God’s gifts and calls are irrevocable and he will finish the good work he began in us. I believe that NOTHING, can take my life unless God allows it, nothing can harm me unless me purpose is fulfilled. Nothing can separate me from his love. I only have this confidence in Christ alone and from what he has promised us. IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? DO you see this? Change the way you see the world! God is HERE! If God is for you, who can be against you? The coworker? The classmate? The manager? No, its likely hes going to use you help them see the kingdom!

You dont have to be afraid, HE IS WITH YOU. 

Do you understand the meaning of the first sentence in John 3:16?

“For God so loved the world he gave his only Son.”

It means that the motivation of God for everything hes going to do in and through your life today and forever is HIS LOVE FOR YOU. He is NEVER mad at you and he is NEVER disappointed, This doesn’t mean its easy! If anything following Jesus is very hard, its challenging, sometimes people die being obedient, but they do it with Joy, because what an honor! What a way to go! 

You guys, we are made to experience God daily, to hear his voice, to speak with him in conversational relationship, to be in community with him and other believers, and to Live in the Kingdom. 

Guess what. We had our prayer meeting today and it went well. Friday Im talking to the whole warehouse staff about changing the way we think. If we want to be successful as a business, We have to change the way we see ourselves, and the place we work. I think God is going to raise us up in the top warehouses but we have to seek the kingdom, or it just wont work. Because if we arent living in the kingdom we are living in LIES. Do you get that? If you are not seeing through kingdom eyes you are seeing a world in deception. Thats disturbing isn’t it, but its true. 

Guess what else, I went to church yesterday,

Guess what else, I met with two friends, in public, got out of my introvert sphere and walked int he kingdom. We went to dinner and had one of the best conversations I have ever had ever, guess what it was mostly about… THE KINGDOM!!! Then we went and Saw Kings Kaleidoscope which was hella good. SO freaking good you guys.

Guess what else, One of my friends messaged me asking if we can meet and prayer for wisdom and advice. WHAT?! this is literally where I left off 3 months ago. God gives and he gives. 

I read a translation of one of the many names of God, I cant remember the name but it said, “God is more ready to give than we are to receive.”

Do you think of God like that? Do you realize, that before Jesus went on the cross he prayed to the father, “Let the love you have for me be in them [all believers]”

Jesus wants God, to love us, the same, that God loved him. WHAT> How wild is that?

DO you understand how valuable you are?

What if we lived in that? I think we can, Jesus showed us how! He said we can do what he did, even greater things than he did! Thats incredible! But we must live in the kingdom. No more christian Zombies! We are free! We are alive! God is with us! The Kingdom is here! We live in the reality of Christ, the only reality. Thats so amazing to me. 

I just wanna ask that you continue praying for me, and I pursue the Lord and be obedient in these things, that God will continue opening doors! Thank you for all of you that do!!

I hope your heart is stirring, that you feel incited, and inspired to go live in the kingdom. DO it! NO more excuses! You never know what could happen. its a beautiful adventure! Don’t be afraid to live, its amazing. I really believe in my heart, this is the way we are designed to love! I the abundance of Christ, in step with him on these wild crazy adventurous. Anyways, I’m doing so good right now. Wow. I could probably teach a class about this. I would if I could trust me. But anyways. Thank you so much for reading this!  

Love and Peace, 



Genre: super angsty !!

A/N: it’s been long since i wrote a short story and tbh im glad some of yall actually read the previous few i posted and im very thankful but please do request for anymore scenarios or storylines because i can hardly think of anymore and i need people to help me and save this blog so thanks !! on a side note , i’ve been feeling really snappy and upset these few days so i guess it explains why i came up with this storyline , i apologise in advance if it isnt good or interesting but also i hope you enjoy reading too !


Everything was quiet and the atmosphere turned into suspense and tension . The sound of traffic and cars could be heard clearly from beneath the apartment that both of you owned-

at least for now.

The sound of the sofa creaking caused you to turn your head as you stared at him with your bloodshot eyes . His frown and clenched up fist told you that he was feeling the same way as you , and both of you had no plans to calm down .

Letting out a frustrated groan , you heard him mumble something under his breath . Raising your eyebrows , you crossed your arms across your chest and scoffed .

“ What did you just say ? ”

“ Nothing , you don’t need to know. ”

His cold reply sent chills down your spine as you had never heard him speak in that tone before . The cute , funny and romantic yuta was long gone , and you missed him dearly . But yet , it only seemed to get worse day by day , until you couldnt take it anymore so you decided to settle everything just a few moments ago .

Fame , popularity and money got to him . You remember seeing him coming back home one day bragging and sharing with you how successful his soccer team was and how much he earned just by playing in a single game . Hugging him closely , you were happy for him and proud that he could finally do what he wanted and love , and you wanted him to achieve more .

But who knew it was totally wrong to think of that

He became greedy , participating in different competitions and becoming a professional instructor to teach many other school teams . He hardly went back home , ignoring your calls and messages and often went home just to sleep and disappearing the next day again , not saying a single word to you .

Both of you grew further apart , becoming more distant . Although staying under the same roof , your hearts weren’t together anymore like how it used to be , you felt rejected . You missed cuddling in his arms and watching movies together , attempting to cook together without burning the kitchen down and sharing inside jokes with each other .

All of these were long gone , and you had to deal with it for 3 months .

You became tired of the relationship , feeling like you were the only one contributing and giving . He of course wasn’t aware , because he was too caught up with his own things . You couldn’t take it anymore , you needed a getaway .

Going on different dates and making out or hooking up with different guys , you lied to them that you didnt have a boyfriend . You needed affection and love , and yuta wasnt giving you any more so you were left with no choice . It felt good , but the emptiness was still there , as the warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t there ,

the one you constantly felt when yuta expressed his love to you.

Sooner or later , you figured out yuta had found out as he stopped going home for a few days and even when he did , both of you slept in different rooms . But yet , he did not do anything . He didn’t stop you and talked to you about it . It was like as if he didn’t care anymore .

Were the both of you still a couple ?

You gave up , you didn’t want to try anymore.

“ I think we should end this . It’s not working out and all you care about is about playing a stupid ball and earning money , being that ’ oh-so-wonderful-popular-soccer-player ’ . When was the last time we even had a conversation apart from when we’re eating ? ” you blurted out , an upset expression showing as you glared at your boyfriend , who didn’t seem to be affected by your words at all .

“ You said you’d support me , and my dream . I’m working this hard for us , and you . If you think you cannot take this anymore then fine , we don’t need each other anymore . I don’t need someone who pulls me down for doing something i love . ” he bit his bottom lip as he avoided your gaze . His fists were still clenched and you could tell from his flushed face that he was angry .

You felt twitching on your left eyelid and your heart rate slowly increasing . Taking a deep breath , you said out loud again , “ Fine , i don’t need someone who neglects me all the time when he’s supposed to shower me with love too . I’ll leave tomorrow , you paid more for this apartment so you keep it . ”

Without saying another word , he got up from his seat and slammed the main door behind him . You saw his masculine silhouette slowly disappear as you finally let the tears that you’ve been battling in your eyes to fall. You bit on your lips as you pulled your legs closer to you.

How did love turn out this way ?
Twin Flames

Hello everyone! I’m back with a soulmate au! Basically in a world where everyone has an indicator on their body, of who their soulmate, or twin flame (wink), is. The reader does have depression in this fic so TW for sure, hope you all enjoy some GAVIN FREE. Also, I left the ending kind of open so if ya’ll want a part two dont be afraid to ask! Along with any other prompts my inbox is OPEN!

Title: Twin Flames

Pairing: Gavin Free x Reader

Word count: 1,800+

TW: Depression


Your POV

“ ‘Our universe grants every soul a twin—a reflection of themselves—the kindred spirit – And no matter where they are or how far away they are from each other—even if they are in different dimensions, they will always find one another. This is destiny; this is love.’ ”

“Now class, does anyone know what exactly Ms. Julie Dillion is talking about?” Mrs. Hill, your English teacher for the (somehow) 3rd consecutive year quipped. Her beady eyes scanned the uninterested 16 year olds around her, clearly zeroing in on whoever she deemed fit to completely blind sight, and humiliate.

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So I am super in awe of your ability to write so much, let alone so well. Do you have any tips for getting into a writing habit? / How do you keep yourself accountable for updating and the like?


In the past I’ve generally said it’s not a good idea to learn how to write as much as I write, because being this prolific is usually a sign that something else isn’t going so great in your life BUT ACTUALLY I do have some tips lol.

Feel free to ignore them. These will not apply to everyone, and you are not doing anything wrong if you’re not already doing them or just plain don’t like them. <3 Being a great writer has never been predicated on writing every day, and that’s the plain and simple truth.

But here’s how I do it:

* I have a monthly wordcount. It used to be daily, but this didn’t work because I have chronic illnesses that sometimes make it impossible for me to write several days in a row. My monthly wordcount is 25,000 words per month. Last year, and for the years previous, it was 50,000 words a month. Yes, I did a NaNoWriMo every month for three years. Do I recommend this to others? No.

* I don’t add up my words per day, I add them up per chapter. That’s satisfying for me. But it also makes me feel accountable re: my writing in that, I can’t make 25,000 words if I work on like….fifteen different chapters and don’t finish any. So I have to finish chapters. That’s the rule.

* Plot out my stories or my big stories for the year. I like to know where my output is going. I know I want to be putting a certain amount of words into four different projects. There’s room for movement. But I stay accountable because I know what I’m meant to be working on.

* Er, guilt. Never underestimate the power of guilt when you think ‘shit I haven’t posted a chapter in a while :/ :/ :/‘ this is apparently something that makes me write things. It’s not healthy, lol. I mean it’s not terrible? I care about the people who read my stories and I want them to enjoy what I’m doing, and that’s like…pretty normal if you’re creatively minded and want to share that kind of stuff with people. But guilt can be pretty crushing, I don’t recommend it.

* I’m meant to take five days off for every 25k I write. I play hooky with this all the time, especially if I feel guilty about not posting enough (I am currently resisting taking a break right now lol). But anyway, scheduling breaks is important. I have other things I love! I want to do those things too.

As for tips re: how to get into a writing habit. My advice for that is actually different to what I do now. Writing is like…flexing a mental muscle. I might be at a level where I’m powerhousing in the gym every day, I’m not going to tell everyone else to do the writing equivalent of two hundred sit ups if they can only manage three.

So here’s some advice on how to get into a writing habit:

* 100 words a day, over 100 days. Or 50 words a day, over 50 days. This is great. This is great for writers who have forgotten to write, this is great for newbie writers, it’s great for people who want to write and don’t know how.

Here’s the thing, you write 50 words a day for 50 days, you have a nice little hashtag/goalpost if you want them. It’s doable for most people. Also if you’re having a good day, chances are you’ll write a lot more than 50 words. You can alter this if you’re disabled or have different needs. Maybe it’s just 50 words a day on weekdays, or 100 words a day on weekends. Or 50 words a day when you have spoons.

That’s about flexing your writing muscles when they are little and need some stretching. You learn how to do the push ups before you do even one, let alone a hundred, and exercises like this are great, even if you totally abandon them later on, because you can trust in your output.

* Like to get in the deep end? NaNoWriMo. Supportive communities, accountability in general, and a sense that you’re not alone and everyone is struggling like you are, lol. Except for that one person who is done in three days. Ignore them.

* Consider writing some stuff that you can finish. A lot of people want to write a novel, but it will be fun to write some poetry, short stories, drabbles, novellas etc. that you can finish faster, and get a sense of accomplishment for. Writing can be very lonely, and it can lack validation, so it helps to build in a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Some writers do it through wordcount, but honestly, finishing things is pretty amazing. Even if you don’t like it, if you finished it, that’s awesome.

* Look up some writing blogs and websites. Get overwhelmed. Feel like you’re doing everything wrong. Then take a deep breath and sigh out every shitty thing you read and remember the two or three things you were really excited about trying. Try them. Ignore everything else.

* Consider prompt communities. They can be amazeballs. 

* If you’re someone who likes accountability, and are in fandoms big enough for this, consider signing up to Big Bangs and Exchanges. These can be very stressful for people so obviously YMMV (I don’t do these myself), but what they provide is a sense of community (this is important) and they provide deadlines. Doesn’t mean everyone always sticks to them, but it can be quite motivational. Especially if there are Tumblrs / DW sites etc. associated with the Exchange where you can see others struggling as well.

* Take breaks. And don’t just take breaks when you’re burnt out (I learned this the hard way). Take them when you’re inspired. This last bit is something I have always struggled with. I have always grown up believing that if you feel motivated and inspired to write, then goddamn it, you should write!!! But over the years I’ve come to realise that sometimes you should let that energy stir excitedly inside of you and not write. And that will be when you rejuvenate yourself, and come up with new ideas.

* Try writing when you don’t particularly feel like it, but have the time. Sit there and say to yourself: ‘I’m going to try to do this, just one or two sentences, and if inspiration visits me, then cool, and if it doesn’t, then cool.’ This strengthens the writing muscle of cultivating inspiration by doing the work. No one generally likes strengthening this muscle, because it requires the most self-discipline. It’s the one that will pay off the most in the future. At least you’ll get a couple of sentences out of it. But if you really want to write more, sometimes you have to sort of…do that part of the exercise that is less fun but means you’ll have more capacity to create inspiration in yourself in the future. <3

* Ignore any writing advice that pulls you down or makes you feel like ‘I can’t do that, it’s too exhausting/draining/no one can do that.’ Including anything here. As with going to the gym, anything that taxes you too much straight away is not good for you or healthy. Start in a way that works for you, and be prepared to stretch yourself, but again, in a way that works for you. If you find yourself going gung ho into writing exercises and then losing all motivation for months afterwards, chances are, you went too hard, too fast. You did the equivalent of ‘going to the gym every night for a week after never having gone before, and then finding the experience so offputting you hate the gym.’

And if you go too gung ho into things and stop for months, give yourself permission to just start again, instead of telling yourself you’re a bad or lazy writer. I promise you, that you are neither of those things. (I don’t mean you specifically OP, I mean anyone reading this). Learning how to write is like…it’s hard to do, and we each have a unique formula for ourselves that takes time to work out. It’s only natural that we will find ways that don’t work for us more often than we find ways that do. Give yourself permission to give up on things, abandon exercises and stories, because as soon as you clear away that space, you’ll have more energy to try things in the future. <3

Death - Daryl Dixon

Pairing: Reader x Daryl Dixon

Warning: none besides my bad writing, lol

Requested: Yes,


A/N: Hey guys, please just ignore my grammar mistakes…

I’m really tired from school and from homework, but I wanted to post this prompt cuz I had an Idea for that one.


“ Number 3 from the prompt list with Daryl Dixon and the Reader and him are dating and she comforts him after Beth dies. Thank you!”

Prompt list

Originally posted by noisysunday

“Maybe we’re meant to lose the ones we love, but I’ll fight for you till then.“ - pierce the veil “

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The scars you left on me ( Draco Malfoy/ Fred Weasley Imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is n a relationship with Draco but then she realizes that he is just using them and then they break up, but she is really hurt and starts self harm, but then she finds some one who really apreaciates her and they end up together ?

( I didn´t copy and paste the request because my laptop kinda didn´t wanted to do it so I wrote it myself how I remembered it. )

WARNINGS: self harm  


I always thought that Draco and I had pure and loving relationship, I always thought that he would love me with every nerve of his body…at least that´s what he was telling me and what I believed. It wasn´t a secret that I do enormous great at school and it sure wasn´t a secret that I had a huge crush on Draco Malfoy. That´s why I wasn´t even suspicous when he asked me out, I just was super happy. I thought that maybe because I´m a Slytherin and not ugly would be one of the reasons why Draco had thrown an eye on me. But what do people always say? Loves makes blind, and that´s what I was all the five months. We dated for five months and part of our daily routine was of course studying and homework. Draco wasn´t the best student and sometimes had a rough time with school, that´s why I almost did every of his homework and helped him understand the things he couldn´t. The day I found out that our entire relationship and love was a lie, was the day where all the strings that hold my body up broke. I was walking down the corridors in Hogwarts, with a huge smile on my face because I would meet Draco, my beloved boyfriend. As I was walking near a corner I heared some boys laugh. Out of all the laughs I could identify Draco´s one, his laugh was full with a rusty undertone. I stopped and my face got brighter, I wanted to run around the corner and hug him tightly until I heared my name. I didn´t move because I wanted to hear what Draco was about to say. “You an Y/N have been dating for quite a long time dude, you must really love her “ Said one of the boys and a huge smile was on my face, which soon broke: Dracos clear and dark voice echoed a little in the corridor “ Hahaha, wow I must be really good at acting if you guys believe that I´m in love this weird girl. Don´t worry guys, I will break up with her soon after finals. She is a really good help because she does everything I say plus, she really is good in bed though. “ I couldn´t believe what I just heared, was he telling them that he used me the entre time for sex and homwork ? My cheast felt so heavy and I had troubles breathing.  I went around the corner to face my so-called-boyfriend. I couldn´t stop the tears from running down my red cheeks. “ Do you really mean it? Have you been really using me all the time Draco?” My voice trembled and I looked him straight in the face. He looked at me with a shocked face and for a moment I thought he would my demonstrate the opposite, but I was fooled again. Suddenly his smirk, that he always has when he tortures others, appeared on his face. “Oh honey, I´m sorry to disappoint you, but everything you heared was the truth. You are just a boring girl who is as dumb as every other girl. You get fooled so easy just by saying I love you “ His words hit me right in the face and in my heart. I bite my lip and answered “ Well, thanks then for at least telling me the truth I guess “ and with that said I turned around and left. I couldn´t even insult him, I wanted to tell him what an ass he was and how he will fail all his classes and how much I wished he would just die, but none of these words left my mouth because I was too scared to say them. I loved this boy with my entire heart and now a part of my heart was ripped out without me seeing it come. I ran straight to the toilet, my vision was blurry because of the thousand tears runnin down my face. Some foun their way to my lips and I tasted the saltyness of the tears. As I reached the toilet no one was there, which was lucky for me. I choosed the last cabin and looked myself inside. I slid down the cold wall and started sobbing loudly.   I´m going to be okay I wispere, but my voice trembled and I knew that I was wrong, I´m not going to be okay. Days have passed and I felt like a trash can. I couldn´t sleep at night and under my eyes where dark bag. Draco ignored me and acted like he didn´t know. I can´t imagine that all of these five months, he didn´t feel anything. But eventhough he ignored me, I just felt nothing. I felt empty but not any sadness. It sucked, I wanted to feel something because feeling nothing was like being dead. It was 3 am and laid awake in my bed, the emptyness flood through my veines. I went into my bathroom, locked it up and looked inside the mirror. The dark eye circles and the light colour of my skin made me look like a ghost. I lost weight because I can not swallow or taste any food. The ony thing I ate the last days where toast bread. I bit my lip and slowly tasted the metallic taste of my blood. I swallowed, I can not do this, I just can´t, I wispered.But why can´t I? I opened the door of the drawer and pulled out a new razor blade. I unwrapped the plastic and hold the cold metal in my hand. I took a deep breath in, maybe I can feel something now. I laid the sharp side of the razor on my arm and pressed it on it, making a line. The pain suddenly started and blood was running down my arm. I had a relieving feeling and felt like my whole body has been brought back to life. A little smile appeared on my face. After making two other cuts I put the blade back into the drawer and went back into my bed. I soon fell asleep and it was the first time that I slept more than two hours. The next morning I woke up and felt refreshed and alive, a feeling I haven´t had for days. I even could ate more than usual. Weeks have passed and I did cute myself regulary because it just made me feel so unbelievable good. I didn´t feel that eyes were watching me and I didn´t thought that  a Fred Weasley was observing me. He never talked to me, but during potion class, I realized he was watching me, in particular my arms. After class I rushed out, but some one stopped me by grabbing my arm. “Hey, don´t touch me!” I said angrily and pushed the ginger haired boy away. “ Chill Y/N, show me your arms. “ Fred said looking dead serious. My heart starte pounding really fast. “What? No, why? “ I answered and crossed my arms infront of my chest, makung sure that he couldn´t see my scars. “Because I watched you and kinda came to the realization that you harm yourself” I bit my lip, was it tha obvious? “ Well, you are wrong, I don´t do selfharm and by the way, you are creepy. So if you don´t mind; I´m hungry and want to get some food before the next class starts. “ With that said I wanted to go, but he again grabbed my arm. This time h pulled up the sleeve of my hoodie. I was shocked and started to trembled,I wanted to say something, but I was speachless. “I knew it. Y/N why do you do this? “ he said lookind worried. They way he holds my arm, the feeling that his warm skin left on my cold arm was like a thousand candles touching my skin. “I want to feel something again. “ I wispered and a single tear rolled down my cheek. “But you don´t have to feel pain.” He wispered and pulled me into a hug. A strangers hug can move your heart. Ever since that day Fred didn´t leave my side, he waned to make sure that I am okay and that I don´t start cutting again. It was a hard way to heal, but at least I had someone next to me, who is willing to walk that way through all the pain with me.

Dominic Sherwood at the beginning of the interview talks about how much Jace is in love with Clary. After knowing each other for no more than 1 week, 2 weeks at most, Jace is so head-over-heels in love with Clary. Clary who he ignored after finding out she’s his sister. Clary who dropped him for Simon even after she found out she Jace wasn’t her brother. But since they had a few kisses and crap communication, Jace is in love with her.

But according to Dom, Malec who confides in each other, supports each other, comforts each other, and LOVES each other aren’t actually a thing. Malec who has been in a relationship for around 2 months (17 episodes and counting) aren’t really in love compared to how long Clace have been in a relationship, if you can call it that, for around 3 days (6 episodes and ended).

All because of what? Because Dom thinks Alec and Magnus don’t know each other? Is Dom ignoring everything Alec and Magnus went through on purpose or is he truly that blind? Besides, what does Jace know about Clary other than the fact that she has some lady bits he’d like to slip into.

I seriously can’t believe it. Here he is talking about Malec needs to discover each other, how about Jace discover something other than Clary’s breast for fuck’s sake! Because that’s what it seems like. He wants to talk about Malec being quick with their relationship disregarding how quick Jace and Clary tried to be with theirs.

Complete bullshit.

PSA to people who sell commissions 

If you’re having a bad mental health day/week you need to tell your clients about any set backs. Once you start accepting money for your hobby it becomes a job and you need to treat it like one.
Whats a person supposed to think when you go MIA for 2 months and ignore all their messages asking about progress for their commission? ESPECIALLY if they spent a large amount of money for your work.
What are they supposed to think when they see you active and drawing for yourself but ignoring their messages?
I know it’s nobodies business what you spend your money on but when a client (or multiple clients depending on how big your queue is) has been waiting 5 months for their art they’re going to question why you keep accepting commissions and buying yourself stuff but not working on any of the commissions. People are going to side eye you and not want to commission you ever again.

Having depression or any other mental illness is no excuse to not communicate with your customers.

I get it, I do. I have days where my fatigue is so bad I can hardly do anything. I have days where I do stuff for myself to de-stress.
I got sick for a week and took time off for myself and I messaged all my clients about it. It’s a simple “Hey there! I’m taking a few days for myself and I apologize for the set back!

And I’m writing this for personal reasons right now having to wait months upon months and having the artist dodge my every question meanwhile they take more and more commissions and doing personal art but not actually doing any of the work with the excuse “Well I have depression and responding to messages make me anxious
And they have a queue of over 20 people.
If you have issues when people sending you a professional message about the product they gave you money for so much that you flat out ignore them you probably shouldn’t be selling commissions. 
I know you need money but there is no excuse to this. You. Need. To. Communicate. You can’t take peoples money and run. You can’t leave them in the dark for 3 months. You can’t get pissy like that when they ask you why you’ve been ignoring them. 

Because it looks like they’re getting scammed. No one wants to get scammed. And after they’ve waited 6 months after you went MIA they’re not going to care about your “Sorry I have depression pls be patient with me uwu”
because they’ve BEEN patient and at that point it sounds like an excuse!

If you keep conducting your work like that chances are you won’t have any recurring customers. If you treat your clients like that they won’t want to buy from you anymore. 

Because seriously. Treat it like a business. Communicate. Don’t spend 6 months procrastinating. Don’t take on 30 people at once.

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Matthew getting lost in thought during the stream and day dreaming about how beautiful Steph looks that day. (I need some stephew fluff for the soul ~🌸

Normally Matthew would describe himself as a very apt multitasker. Of course, he usually preferred to give one thing 100% focus, but in a career like his oftentimes one was juggling about 10 different things. And so, he adapted. It was helpful for streams as well, being able to help engage with the chat while trying to beat a video game was a skill he never imagined he’d need, but necessity is the mother of invention after all. Multitasking became his forté, something he did as easily as breathing and blinking and overthinking.

Of course, that always went out the window when it came to Stephanie. Matt wasn’t sure how she did it, but his wife had some uncanny ability to completely grab his full attention and leave him fumbling. It wasn’t even like she was trying! God help him if she ever did actually try, she’d done that once in college to pull him away after 3 days straight of studying and it had taken a week to remember what month it was. Usually Matt was able to, well, not ignore his wife (Matthew didn’t think he was physically able to ever ignore her), but he could compartmentalise and have a minor crisis over how amazing Stephanie was after work.

Today, however, was a challenge; It was 10 years to the date of when he’d asked her out, and Stephanie had put on her engagement ring alongside her wedding band. She hadn’t even told him, he’d been doing fine until about 40 minutes into the stream when his eye caught her ring and then all concentration had just flown out the window. He’d been playing this stupid level of… some game (memory recall and attention span wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment) for about 20 minutes and he had made no progress. All Matthew could think about was how beautiful Steph had looked at their wedding, how it had felt to kiss her after their vows and hold her and know that she was not just his fiancée anymore, she was his wife.

“Matthew?” Steph’s voice broke through his thoughts, and Matt realized he’d actually died a minute ago and had just been staring at the screen blankly. “Right! Yes, sorry, off in my own world.” He blundered, turning bright red as he attempted to refocus on the game and not on his beautiful wife or the adorable little laugh she let out. His mind drifted towards the day they got engaged, she’d laughed just as endearingly then too when he showed her the video. A carefully catalogued museum of their 1500 days together.

He’d know from that first kiss that he wanted to marry Stephanie Cordato, he’d spent every minute of their relationship imagining their future home together, what their kids would look like (considering they were both brown haired and brown eyed that had been pretty easy), what engagement ring he’d get her. Matthew would never admit it, but he’d actually looked at rings for months before he proposed (admittedly, he’d been casually watching out for rings since their third or fourth date). He wanted it to be as perfect and beautiful and eye catching as Stephanie herself, something he’d see on her finger and think ‘that ring was made for her just like I am.’

The flash on that ring caught his eye again as Steph waved a hand in front of his face. “Matt? You alive? I mean, in real life because you died again?” She teased, and Matthew felt his blush return full force as he came back to their current time and place; on the couch, in his home, with two friends and his best friend/love of his life in the room beside him. “Sorry, I’m a little distracted today.” He admitted sheepishly. Steph cocked an eyebrow and put a hand on his forehead to feel for a fever. “You sure you’re okay?” Stephanie asked, and Matthew smiled softly at the carefully concealed concern in her voice. “I’m perfect, Steph.” He assured, discreetly taking her other hand for a moment and squeezing it, feeling the cool metal of her wedding band and engagement ring pressed against his skin. “I’m just perfect.”

sooo @pirate-patton tagged me in a thing awhile ago (i’m so sorry it took so long like yikes) to list 10 facts about me and yeeah

1. I am the oldest of three siblings

2. I’m a junior (? i think i have enough hours to be a junior or i might be under in which case sophomore) in college 

3. I finally called the counselors office to make an appointment with a therapist after putting it off for like over a month (i’m terrible)

4. I went to a pet shelter the other day and fell in love with an adorable black kitten named smudge, I really want to get her but can’t afford my apartment’s pet deposit (but i might loophole out of that by registering her as an emotional support animal? idk i really want to get her but i can’t decide)

5. I played softball for like 6 or 7 years, I’ve played in every position but outfield and second place are my favorites 

6. I’m supposed to wear glasses but I wear them extremely inconsistently because   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. I want more plants in my room because my current plant babies are lonely (i also name all my plants)

8. I have a squirtle pop-socket on my phone case

9. I went skydiving for my 18th birthday with my dad, it was super fun and i would definitely do it again

10. I’ve been listening to the Be More Chill soundtrack over and over for like a week now. (my favorite song is Michael in the Bathroom). 

thank you for tagging me!!! and i’m gonna tag @thegeekgirl42 @prinxietys @holdnarrytight @romananalogicality @trashy–hipster @logan-logic @colie7700 because i wanna know more about you guys :)


I don’t see enough of the meta when it comes to citrus so I decided to ask myself these questions after copying and pasting them from another blog cause why not >.> 

And I may be low key still trying to ignore my responsibilities

Main ship <3 Yuzu x Mei (i dont even think they have an actual ship name) 

I’m gonna cut it at a certain point cause I realized how much I was rambling 

• When or if I started shipping it:

Ah…surprisingly I didn’t start shipping these two until a few months ago. I’ve been following the manga since the day it came out and I’ve always liked them but I never actively “shipped” them or anything. Even though I went all “YeSSSSS” when they started dating in chapter 16, I was still just more of a casual fan.

There are a few reasons I can think of to why I was drawn into shipping them (finally…) was that I somewhat got back into yuri over the summer after watching a clip from Fate Kaleid…….*cough* anyway…and started going back on dynasty-scans to see what kinds of new yuris have been made huehuehue. Long story short I shortly got back into MadoHomu and Yuzu x Mei, and saw the latter ship as the “less angsty” version and went on from there 

The other reason I got super into them was that the latest few chapters, and remembering chapter 24, was that I really started to notice how Mei became less cold and closed-off from Yuzu. And seeing her blush and be all nervous around her was just….. <3 <3 <3~~~~~~

Oh and this one comic by smxmuffinpeddling made me laugh (and still makes me laugh) so it spiraled from there. They are a blessing to Citrus. 

• My thoughts:

I tend to gravitate towards ships that have that dark/light dynamic. I’m cliche and I have a weakness for ships that have the aloof dark haired girl who’s usually looked up to or very popular fall in love with the ditzy, but kind and optimistic light haired girl and vice versa (see: Chikane/Himeko, MadoHomu, Diakko {to an extent}) Not exactly opposites attract, but I found their interactions funny when they initially hated each other and whenever I read the manga in retrospect in my head I’m all, “honey you two have no idea” 

i like ships where i can see a little of myself in both characters 

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Idea: Can you do one where reader, Dean and Sam have been working together for a little while reader is staying with them at the bunker, she really cares about Dean but recently he has been ignoring her or nasty if he does talk to her she just let’s it go until finally he says something really hurtful mean (maybe calls her pathetic or a burden) she breaks down finally. Sam confronts Dean knowing Dean cares about her you end how you like

I entered the library of the bunker, seeing the two brothers with their noses shoved in books.

“Hey guys.” I yawned.

“Hey, y/n.” Sam said, with a smile.

Dean just grumbled. This is how he’s been the past 3 weeks. I’ve been with Sam and Dean for about 3 months. At first, it was great. Dean was nice, the hunts were… in a way fun, but scary. The only thing that didn’t change was Sam’s kindness towards me. Hunts were no longer fun because Dean would yell at me for every little mistake I made. Even a mistake like getting the wrong book. I cared about him a lot, you might even say I’ve got a crush on him. But he had just been ignoring me or yelling at me. I brushed it off, as I had been, and went to the kitchen to make myself some food. I took the eggs from the fridge and once I turned around, the carton of eggs slipped out of my hands, and onto the floor. Sam and Dean ran in.

“Y/n, you okay?” Sam asked.

“Yeah I just dropped the eggs. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay-” Sam began, but was interrupted.

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” Dean yelled. “Damn it, y/n, those were the last damn carton of eggs and now I have to go 15 miles into town to get some more!”

I flinched at his harsh words. “Dean, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’ll go get them myself-”

“Why, so you can screw that up, too?”

“Dean, they’re just eggs.” Sam said, placing a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean pushed him off. “Today they’re eggs, tomorrow it’s milk, next week, she’ll have us killing the wrong guy! You’re such a burden! Why did we ever let you come live with us?!”

My heart shattered at hearing Dean saying all of these awful things. I began to cry and I ran past them into my room. I locked my door and sat on my bed, still crying. I don’t understand. Why does Dean hate me so much? I’ve only tried to make him happy and show him that I like him. But now… now I’m not so sure. I felt my sadness turn into anger in a near second. I grabbed my brush from my dresser and threw it at my mirror. It shattered into a hundred pieces. It felt… satisfying. After that, I began to throw everything in my room. Breaking my stuff, the walls, glass… everything. After everything was in shambles, I began to cry again. I’m just a burden to Dean. And probably Sam, too. I began to pack my bags.

After y/n left, Sam glared at his older brother.

“Dean, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Bull shit. You’re yelling at y/n for nothing. You ignore her all the time, and when you aren’t ignoring her, you’re treating her like shit.”

“She needs to stop being so damn clumsy. It’s going to get her killed.”

"So you’re just going to yell at her and make her cry? Rather than help her and teach her? That’s a hell of a way to treat someone you like.”

“Someone I like? You think I like y/n?”

“Dean, you obviously do. You ignore her so she can’t get to know you, because you’re afraid of what she’ll see in you. You yell at her so she’ll hate you, so it’s easier for you to not like her. Dean it’s so obvious. Maybe not to her, or maybe not to you. But you like her and you make her feel terrible. And she likes you too, Dean. She just wants you to let her in.”

“She likes me?”

“A lot, Dean. You better go tell her you like her, too. Before you lose her forever.”

Sam was right, though, Dean did like her but pushed her away. After what Sam said, he wasn’t going to anymore. Dean went to y/n’s room, and was about to knock, when he noticed it was already open.

“Y/n? We need to talk.” But when Dean opened the door, he was shocked, to say the least. Her room was torn apart, everything broken. It looked like a werewolf had just been in here. On the bed was a note.

Dean and Sam, I’m sorry I’m such a fuck up and a burden. You don’t have to worry about me anymore. By the time you’ve read this, I’ll probably be across the state. I’m sorry I’ve done nothing but screw up and made you angry. I never wanted that… I hope this’ll make things easier for you both.

Dean threw the letter down and ran to the stairs, ran up and out the door. He searched outside desperately for y/n’s car. But it was long gone. And so was she

 (Author’s note: let me know if you want a part two ^-^)


i’ve been unemployed for about six months (I have a casual job but no guaranteed hours so i get like 2 shifts a month), applying for jobs every single day and getting rejection after rejection 

i went for an interview for a really good position that I wasn’t hopeful about getting at all on thursday, then got a surprise phone call on friday morning asking me to come in for a second interview today

and guess what



AND apparently the manager of the service said he knew he wanted me for the job after the very first interview so they didn’t invite anyone else but me back for the “second round of interviews” which was actually more of a formality so they could offer me the position

i’m so so excited you have no idea asjksnwienwxlpwqiqndkww

thypoqueen  asked:

Do you have any Joshaya headcanons when they're at NYU? :D I thiiiink you mentioned that they both went to NYU in one of your headcanon posts so...

  • Okay so they were only actually in college together for one year because Maya was a freshman and he was a senior you know
  • And she kinda ignored him for like three months but past that,
  • They hit up so many parties omfg
  • Like the real obnoxious party animals you feel
  • Study buddies
  • By that I mean Maya would barge into his apartment as 3 in the morning yelling about how she can’t focus on her damn work and he’d be half asleep and quizzing her on art history
  • At some point he couldn’t handle the sleep loss anymore so he just taught himself all he could about her classes, made notecards, and snuck them in her dorm when she wasn’t looking
  • She never mentioned them or thanked him but when she got a straight A report card for the second semester he got sent a picture of it with a bunch of kissy emojis lol
  • Sometimes he’d interrupt her during ~art time~ just to be an ass and she’d throw paint on him
  • Flirting is out of control but if anyone mentions it to them they’ll deny anything
  • OMFG one time Maya’s art class was looking for nude models and she really sarcastically told him he should try it, and he was like “Ahahahaha Fuck you” and took the job without telling her
  • She literally screamed when she walked into the classroom and saw him
  • Neither of them could keep a straight face the entire class they kept laughing
  • They thrive off junk food and playing bad-movie-roulette on Netflix
  • She’s really into graffiti art but she’s really bad at not getting caught, and Josh swears he looses more money on bailing her out then he does on his apartments rent lol
  • But he always turns up to save her with no actual complaint
  • At some point Maya decides to be one of those pretentious people who complain about and boycott Starbucks for no reason other than everyone drinks Starbucks, so Josh starts going out of his way to make a big deal about buying Starbucks lol
  • Like they’ll be walking down the street past one and he’ll mime having a struggle while groaning “THE PULL. IT’S TOO STRONG. SAVE YOURSELF” while throwing himself into the door as she rolls her eyes
  • Every time he shows up at her dorm room he’s got a Frappuccino with him
  • After a while he starts buying Starbucks coffee for her but putting it in cups from a different coffee chain/making it seem like he just made it at his house, but he won’t tell her to see if she notices the difference
  • She doesn’t
  • One time he was dying of the flu and she was trying to take care of him so she asks him what he wants to eat and he’s coughing and whispers “there’s only one thing I want before my mortal body perishes and I move onto the next realm of existence” and she’s like “Josh you don’t even have a fucking fever anymore calm down” and he’s like “Prisoners on Death Row get a final meal” which is met by a groan,
  • “Alright, fine, what do you want?”
  • This is important Maya-” pathetic cough- “So important”.-sniffle-“ I’m about to meet Jesus. I’ll tell him you said hi if you’d just be so kinda as to” -a few more pathetic coughs- “To do me the great service of fulfilling my dying wish and buying me one of those chocolate croissants from Starbucks…”
  • And she just SCREAMS and storms out the door and come back ten minutes later with the damn food
  • Finds him straight up pretending to be dead
  • He makes a show of gasping back to life when she throws the bag at him
  • Honestly what does she see in this loser omg
  • Okay and she goes to alllll his bands concerts in the city
  • Even if she has to sneak in
  • One time Josh broke his arm because they got drunk at a party and were walking home and he saw a street lamp and jumped on it, trying to spin around it while screaming “I’M SIIIIIINGING IN THE RAIN” but obviously he fell off
  • She will never let him live it down
  • Sometimes he’ll be in class and she will just climb in thru a fucking window and sit next to him for the whole class and the teacher never notices but Josh is sitting there like “MAYA THIS IS LIKE THE SIXTH FLOOR HOW”
  • She makes such a scene at his graduation omg
  • Like she was one of thooose people who sneak in noise makers and everything
  • She went hard lemme tell you
  • She also wore a sundress and sat strategically where she knew he could see her so he spent most of the ceremony being distracted by her in a sundress
  • He fucking tripped getting his diploma and immediately after walking off stage receives a text reading only ‘NEEEEEERRRRRD"
  • So yeah College Joshaya is fun yaayy

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So i broke up with my ex boyfriend 3 months now but the last couple of weeks he was attended many parties and he was always ending up drunk and sending me messages like 'i miss you' or 'i still want you bad' and thing like these. I ignored him most of the times but I wont lie i never stopped wanted him in every way. But one day i replied and he called.He invited me over his house , i went we talked we were drinking and he started kissing my neck the next thing i know is me cumming 4 times.

So here we are with another groupie post. It’s surprising that so many people were so shocked about our proof, especially since this stuff has been going around since TMH. Flash forward a year in a half later, and it’s possibly even worse than before. And people STILL don’t believe it. Our last one exploded into something bigger than we ever thought it could possibly be, and we’ve been getting asks for the past 3 weeks arguing against our accusations. “These are photoshopped,” “everything about this blog is fake,” “these still don’t make me believe that there are groupies,” and “who cares that they have groupies or have sex? They are teenage guys.” We have said time and time again that it’s not so much them having sex that bothers us. It’s the amount of sex they have, with the amount of girls, while having a 99% female fan base. These girls- for some reason or another- look up to 5sos and somehow believe this is how they should be treated. Hell, we’ve even gotten asks, asking us for advice on how to be groupies. What a lovely generation where people only aspire to get with semi-famous guys. Stop with the excuse, “they are teenage boys who have sex.” Teenage boys DO NOT have a large female fan base. They don’t have thousands of girls watching their every move. They don’t have thousands of girls aspiring to be the hookups. Now, our last groupies post could have been filled with 50+ pictures of 5sos and the girls that they get with. We didn’t have the time, the energy, or the need to post all of them because we figured that people would see the pictures and understand. They would grasp the concept and they would think differently. But 90% of the people on twitter and on tumblr have continuously erased the “possibility” of them having groupies. There is no possibility. It’s 100%. I truly do not know any more proof that we could show some of you to make you understand. 5sos will NEVER own up to this because 1) it’s embarrassing and 2) it would taint their “image” that their management has tried to conjure up. Has no one noticed when groupie debacles happen and circulate twitter, 5sos come up with the nicest things to tweet or the best selfies to post to direct the attention elsewhere? Their brainwashing mechanisms are uncanny. We are not saying 5sos are terrible people and we are not begging for the fans to stop liking them. Once again, we want the girls who worship them to see a different side. Some fans are obliviously so brainwashed that the pictures of one of the band mates with girls we have used as proof doesn’t phase them. We hope you can take a second look now at the situation and open yourself up to accepting this. They are not the “we love the fans more than anything in the world and we would do anything for them including never sleeping with groupies or giving them everything they could ever want” guys that some people paint them out to be. 

Some of these pictures have no stories with them because they truly speak for themselves. We are on the fence about giving out their twitter usernames because we want to prevent future hate tweets thrown their way. We hope some of these pictures will give you a new light on something most of you have been in the dark about for so long.

Here we start out with Calum and a girl we like to call “P”. I’m sure you guys can find her twitter somehow but we don’t really feel it necessary to share her name. I think she may be one of the most well known groupies out there as well, so it might not be too difficult to find out. She is American, so this was during the US leg of the TMH tour. He was more than willing to take this picture- while she holds a red solo cup which are famous for containing alcohol in them- so he definitely did not care if this got out to the fans. Now, we have found out that she is of age to drink in the US, but he clearly is not. 

This one is too dark to tell which groupie this is, or even where they were location wise (obviously they are in a hotel). He had bright pink hair, so I think the fans can think back to the time he had this hairstyle and come up with possibilities as to where this could have taken place. 

This girl posted this on twitter, saying “Throwing it back to one of the best nights ever. Bring me back summer.” If this was during summer of last year, that means this is from the US leg of the TMH tour (again). It all started during TMH. That's definitely a hotel room. Another casualty brought up after one of the shows.

Calum looks like he just had a long evening with this girl. I’m 95% sure there were fans waiting outside their hotel as well. He most likely just walked by them with his girl, totally ignoring them while going to their next destination.

This one is VERY interesting. We had to include one about Luke to make sure you all knew he wasn’t off the hook for this one. We later found out that this is the same girl that we used on our other groupie post, where Luke is laying on the couch while she is in his arms. We get asked about her A LOT. We don’t know if they keep in touch anymore, but she does show up later in this post. 

This girl hashtagged #ex, obviously meaning they had a relationship before and she was his girlfriend. So she’s just a hookup now? Hm. 

Here we have two actually using the title of a “groupie”, proving that there is such a thing with 5sos. I wonder if 5sos call them that to their faces? 

This was during the TMH tour in the US. He walked past fans, holding her hand and completely ignoring them. They went back up to their hotel room which you see in the next picture. 

This one also speaks for itself. 

I saved this screenshot for last for a reason. This girl- 4 months ago- was indirecting Luke after a fallout. Her top 3 tweets are things I’ve been trying to say all along. They do this stuff behind the scenes, then put their tails between their legs and act like they’ve never done any of it. “Don’t be a little shit and act like you’ve never touched a girl before.” Was this before or after the groupie debacle started blowing up on twitter and all four of them had to do damage control to diffuse the situation? They act like they’ve never done any of this and they would never do any of this. And this is an actual girl who has had something with one of them and she’s calling him out. For someone who has had actual contact with 5sos- and she still calls them out for the shit we do on this blog- just goes to show that she’s not blind to it either. “You look unbelievably dumb when you use your fame to cover up the shit you’ve actually done.” What does she mean by this? Tweeting their fans acting like innocent little boys, telling all of their fans what they want to hear. Fans find out about the groupies, they get angry at 5sos, 5sos sees this, they tweet/post nice tweets and cute pictures. It’s a cycle. It literally happens every time and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. For some reason, they think since they are “famous” that it’s their excuse for their actions. It's amazing that she calls him out on his shit, but since this was from 4 months ago, it’s gotten even worse. And no one has learned their lesson. This is the same girl from a few pictures up. Judging by those pictures, she probably thought they were a couple or that he actually had feelings for her. It looks like she found out about the other girls and all bets were off. 

These pictures have been around for AWHILE. If anything, we are just reposting them for more people to see. This is not new information, we just gave our opinions on them. Again, there could have been 50+ pictures we could have used for this post, but we don’t need that much proof. We want to end this post by informing you that once again we are not making these up and we are not trying to force their fans to stop liking them. Still support their music if it really means that much to you. Watch their interviews if it makes you laugh. But don’t sit behind your computer screen and let these guys force you to believe that they are everything you want in a boyfriend. Do not let yourself get lost in this. We don’t want people to get any more hurt than they already are because we do not see these behaviors stopping anytime soon. They are not going to stop having groupies because fans are mad; because frankly they just don’t care enough. If they really gave a shit, they would have stopped by now. They clearly know that fans are disgustingly angry after finding out.  We found this on twitter and think it fits the situation perfectly: “5sos are so caught up trying to be a rock band like nirvana, blink 182 etc w/ groupies & are forgetting their fanbase is all teenage girls.“ They’re too wrapped up in being the next iconic rock band to take responsibility for their actions and that young girls actually idolize them. So the next time something bad happens with a celebrity, don’t be the type of fan to say, "This is why I love 5sos.” Because chances are, they’re in their hotel rooms with these girls. In a week they’ll get caught once again, then tweet something along the lines of, “Working hard. Love you all, you’re all beautiful. :)” Read between the lines.

Oh, and… groupies mean nothing to them? Is that why they won’t stop getting with them, even after their fans have been upset about it for a year and a half? Or why 5sos continuously chooses them over the fans? 5sos fans tell them to stop, and 5sos keep going. That shows you who means more to them. 

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Maren was put into a mental hospital for her depression, all electronics and things she could harm herself with were removed from her life. She spent most of her days talking to one girl she had befriended but she rather stay mostly quiet. A few days ago, a newbie had came in, he never spoke to anyone and it's been over 3 months. Maren has tried talking to the boy but he doesn't ever reply, he just picks at his food and ignores everyone.

And now, just to both of their luck, they were partnered up to be roommates. 

Newt was put in first since he didn’t go to do many different activities throughout the day like many others. The hospital had an art room, a patio and closed in area to walk around outside, a few areas that were kind of like living rooms. But the only places Newt ever went was the cafeteria, (because he was forced to and was also forced to eat) the patio on occasion, and the library. But mostly the library. Every nurse and employee around here that worked with Newt now knew that was the place they would most likely find him. 

They were trying everything to get him to communicate. They had been trying every day for those 3 months he had been there, but nothing. They couldn’t even get him to write on paper. How are you supposed to help someone if they won’t tell you how they’re feeling or what’s going through their head? 

Nevertheless, Newt knew Maren from the few times she had tried to communicate with him. So he wasn’t exactly happy he was going to have to share the room with her, even if their beds were all the way across the room from each other. 


Neighbors: Part 3

  I didn’t proof read so pretend the mistakes aren’t there. Hope you like it! Also sorry it’s kinda short.

(Part 1) (Part 2)

     It’s been two years since you left on that plane, leaving all your troubles behind you. You kept in touch with Michael and Ashton for a few months, but as time went on the calls became less, the face times non existent, and eventually you didn’t talk at all. Luke and Calum tried to contact you, but you chose to ignore them. There was no way either of their feelings could disappear if they still talked to you everyday.

     As for yourself, you managed to overcome the immense amount of loneliness you felt from having to cut your friends out of your life. You even ran into an old friend from school at a party and began dating six months ago. Jason helped you forget the heartache and even put a smile on your face.

     Today was your usual Saturday date night. You always went out and when the night was over you stayed at yours and spent all of Sunday watching movies and cuddling. It was always nice, but something was missing,and not just from your date nights. You couldn’t figure it out so you just pushed any thought of it out of your mind.

     Tonight you both decided to catch a movie and go to a little diner around the corner afterwards. During the movie he held your hand and joked around by throwing popcorn your way, but you caught yourself thinking again. You were having fun but it felt weird. So once again you decided to ignore your feelings.

     Things didn’t get any better while at the diner. It was beginning to effect your mood and he could tell something was up, after all your favorite pizza remained untouched and you wouldn’t say anything.

     “Is everything okay babe? You haven’t touched your food.” His voice full of concern

     “I’m not really feeling good. Can you take me home?” It wasn’t a complete lie. “Yeah of course baby.” You gave him a small smile as a thanks.

      When you arrived home he walked up to he door with you, like he always did. “Let’s get you inside and I’ll make you some soup or something.” He suggested. “Um, actually, I think I’ll be fine on my own tonight.” You really wanted sometime to yourself to think about things.

     “Come on, you’re not feeling good and besides, I always stay over.” He pushed.

     “I know but not tonight.” It came out a bit harsher than you intended, but you knew he would keep on insisting. “Wow, no need to be a bitch about it.” He snapped back.

     “I wouldn’t have to be a bitch if you just listened.” You argued back.

     Whatever, I don’t need this right now.” He stormed off to his car, slamming his door, and speeding off. You rolled your eyes and went up to your room putting on an old shirt and lying down. And that’s where you stayed for the rest of the night, thinking about anything and everything.

     Waking up the next morning, you didn’t feel any better. You knew you’d have to talk to Jason, but decided it could wait until later. For now you were starving and figured cereal was more important.

     As you sat on the couch, stuffing your face with Cocoa Puffs there was a knock on the door. “If you’re not here to apologize then you can just leave.” You said while opening the door, bowl of cereal still in hand.

     “Sorry?” You dropped your bowl in shock. You were expecting Jason, not them.

     “Luke? Calum? What are you guys doing here?” You were still taken aback at the fact they were standing right in front of you.

     “We need to talk. Is it okay if we come in.” You nodded your head and led them to the living room. “So what do you want to talk about?” It was a stupid question on your part, you knew exactly what this was about, you just didn’t know what to say.

     “I wanted to apologize for being a spoiled child and selfish prick. That’s how you put it right? It was so stupid of me to put my feelings first, and by doing so I ended up hurting everyone. We all miss you and need you back.” Calum answered.

     “And are you guys over me? I don’t need anymore fights.” You wanted to be back in their lives, but you couldn’t if the same thing would happen again.

     “We’ve worked it out, no more fights. I even got a girlfriend again, and no offense but I’m not leaving her for you.” You giggled at Calum’s answer.

     “None taken, I’m happy for you. I actuall-”

     “I need to go, why don’t you and Luke finish this conversation.” He said interrupting you. “Okay?” He gave you a hug before whispering something to Luke and patting his back.

    “So that’s where that shirt went.” Luke smirked after Calum left. You looked down, not even realizing you were wearing the white shirt with a giant smiley face.(You know the one.)

    “Oh yeah, it’s been in my t-shirt drawer for forever.”

    “Well you can keep it, looks better on you.” He smiled. “Good, I wasn’t going to let you have it anyways.” You smirked. Luke faked a shocked expression, making you laugh. He loved that laugh and wanted to see you laugh more, so he did the only thing he could think of. It took you by surprise when he began to tickle your sides. It reminded you of old times and you were feeling happier than ever.

      You both ended up in the floor during your struggle to get away. Luke was on top of you, pinning you to the floor. “Okay, okay, you win.” You breathed out. When you calmed down, you both realized just how close you were and Luke quickly got off of you, sitting up next to you as you both leaned against the couch.

     “I haven’t laughed like that in a while, although I think you almost killed me.” You joked. It was true, Jason never made you laugh like that. Maybe that’s what was missing?

     “What are you thinking about.” Luke snapped you out of your thoughts. “Oh nothing..” You lied, hoping he wouldn’t push the subject.

     It grew silent between the two of you until Luke spoke up. “Can I try something?” You were confused but answered anyways. “Uh, sure.” Right as the words left your mouth, Luke had his lips pressed to yours. Even though you weren’t expecting that, you kissed back. Your lips tingled and butterflies filled your whole body. This is what was missing with Jason. Jason. You had forgotten about him. You pushed Luke away quickly, confusing him. He just assumed it was because of the whole Calum thing. But sadly you spoke up before he could explain that Calum had planned this out so he could tell you that he was still in love with you and always would be. And that it was okay with Cal and no fights would occur because of it.

     “Luke, we shouldn’t have done that.“

     “Why not?”

     “I have a boyfriend.”