and it was working kinda well

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I have a question.. When you draw someone bottom you make them have a different face from when they top. Why? I'm not really sure you understand how sex works, your facial expressions don't change that drastically whether you top or bottom

You’re really just making it more exaggerated to ‘rack in those views’ and that appeal. It’s kinda lame

well, if you say so


Well, of course latest chapter are known for something else, but there was one more detail that made me happy. ARMIN’S TORSO. Thus this comic was born. 

Okay, so I decided to make this shower scene after all (it almost started here). I was working fast, so it’s still kinda sketchy, but whatevs. (gee, I still adore this old art and how I drew Armin there П_П)  I’ll go hide somewhere…

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We're not super sure how well it'll work out, but me and a friend were planning a Sam and Tim cosplay for next year's pax and we were thinking of using your design c: I came to ask if that would be alright ^~^ (Btw I LOVE YER ARTS)

oh! of course!! been getting messages about this kinda stuff about cosplaying the logo fam for comic con and pax, etc. sure!! but can u tag me or send me pictures of it pls? i would love to see u guys cosplay as them!! ^^

i had a rough monday morning work was 98% garbage and my doctors appt started off terribly buT i reeled that shit back in !!!!! i’m calmer now. i’m getting my meds changed bc they weren’t working and making me miserable and ill so thank god. also i went from “its only fucking monday r u kidding me i am gonna die fuck this” to “its only monday dude u can totally make the rest of this week go rly well? mondays r shit anyway whatever” which for me is ….. i don’t have positive thoughts anymore so that was kinda wild


((Haven’t started the queue just yet, I couldn’t resist posting this cutie before I go again!

A fusion between Lionel and @operationtixandtricks ‘s Tix! Idk what they’d be called (Lix? Tionel??), but ain’t they cute :3c

I think they’d be well mannered, soft spoken and hard working, but need lots of reassurance, as they worry and panic a lot.. Please be gentle with them ;w;

Also I drew the angry one for funsies, I don’t think they’d get angry much, unless Lionel saw something that makes him furious and he kinda ‘took over’ y’know

Anyways, enjoy! (And send more fusions if you wanna! I need more things to put in the queue)))

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel

I bought it on eBay because I was curious. I’m tired of doing my  brows every morning, so I thought “hey, this might be a solution”.

Well I got it in the mail today and I tried it out for funsies.

These were my thoughts on it:


  • Smells nice
  • Smooth consistency
  • Works well
  • Stays on for a while (if you don’t wash it with soap)
  • Cute packaging


  • It gets EVERYWHERE
  • Some of the dried gel doesn’t come off
  • Hard to fix if you mess up
  • You look like a total dork while you’re waiting for the gel to work
  • The applicator is kinda thick, so it’s hard to get precise points or thin lines
  • It takes so long. SO. LONG. (You gotta leave it on for at least 2 hours!!!!)

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The books are totally different. No Lexa, Wells and Bell are half Bro's and both are white, Octavia is a drug addict, no Finn or Raven, and Clarke is pretty fucking lame. Bell in the books is kinda like a broodier Finn, who is good with a bow. Clarke and Wells dated and they're more of the co leaders. That's why citing the books doesn't work. The first one wasn't even completed when the show started to be devolved

all of that sounds awful except the wellarke bits

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Bit of an odd question here, but hey, aren't they all? Are there ways to kinda calm assure yourself you put your all into a spell? Like, say you performed a spell, but doubt comes creeping up and kinds convinces you that you didn't put enough energy into it or you could've put more. Are there any ways to make that doubt stfu?


Well, first of all you need to convince yourself that you’re a badass awesome magic worker whose spells all work. Seriously. “Fake it ‘till you make it,” or, as I once heard it said, “Be it ‘till you see it.” All you can do is repeat to yourself exactly what you said to me: you put your all into a spell, you gave it all you had, and hell, it was probably a lot - there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you. Really feel and believe inside yourself that it’s going to work, 100% fullstop. And I know that can be hard to really believe at first, but just any time you catch yourself doubting, go, “nope, that’s not how it is, the doubt demon is not gonna influence my awesome workings,” and just narrate to yourself how well you did. Literally tell that doubt to STFU and stop sabotaging your hard work and well deserved “profits.” There is this post - [Dealing with Self-Doubt in Witchcraft] - that should prove to be helpful as well. 

Confidence comes with time, and the evidence of your spells coming through, so it does take time and practice for that confidence to come along.

I was so doubtful as a beginner, seriously - I was so scared to try anything that might not work or backfire, and there was still this part of my brain that was yelling “BULLSHIT!” the whole time, but I started out with something small in my eyes (sigils), and they started working, and I haven’t really looked back or doubted since; even when stuff goes wrong, I’m just like “well shit, that happened,” then figure out why it happened and not do it again, I don’t see it as a failure, but a learning opportunity, and more experience, and anecdotes to tell you guys xD

But as you do more magic and have more successes, you’ll have more to keep your confidence soaring and the doubt away. And sometimes things don’t work exactly as planned, but that doesn’t mean you failed - just try to narrow down what could’ve gone wrong, learn from it, and try not to repeat that again. That’s why keeping down notes and journals of your spellworkings and such can be really useful - you can go through step by step, really analyze a spell and all you did to cast it, and it can help pinpoint what might have mixed up your spell; from there you can try again, reworking that piece, modifying it, or trying a whole new spell for the same intent.

I hope this helps you, and best of luck anon! Remember, you’re an awesome magic worker with great power inside you, you have no reason to doubt / fear, and you’re gonna rock any spell you decide to spin into the world! :3


I’ve been terrible at keeping yinz updated on this quilt! The quilt top is finished! Luckily sewing the appliqués went well (pic #2), without any hiccups, and the squares lined up nicely. This is my first quilt working with chenille, and I used my walking foot for most of the squares, which I probably won’t do again and just use my ¼" quilting foot. Next up, I’ll assemble the quilt sandwich and then make the binding! I promise to be better with updates, I’ve just kinda been on a tear the last few days 😜

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i'm also a transwoman with ADHD, struggling through year six of four at university. it's been rough going. but things are starting to look up for me, and I hope they start to look up for you as well! i'm rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love from new york!!!! (\/)!_!(\/) (that's a crab)

it sure is a lovely crab emote, heres mine!   (V)┌¶_¶┐(V)

Uni was for me, actually kinda easy in some respects.. it was a time where I didn’t have to worry about anything other than what I was trying to accomplish on my course. I would spend some nights until 4 am working on 3D models or level design tasks, meaning I had plenty of time to refine everything so I made very very good grades for it all. It wasn’t entirely fun mind, but certainly I have known enough transitioners doing uni courses to know that it makes the whole process that  much more difficult. I am delighted to hear that your are doing a little better, so keep at it and use any focus you can to work on your passions.
Best of luck with your grades too :)

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Latilda awakes in a room bound and gagged alongside some adversary of hers that she wouldn't be caught dead working with. No magic works in the room, and the two of you must work together to escape. How and with what and why and all that is up to you.

What I love about this question is that it assumes there is one. One rule of Latilda I’ve learned while writing her is that she’ll work with a lot of people if she has to. Doesn’t mean she likes it. Just ask @misspleo or @the-notorious-never-do-well.

that said,for this scenario, I would pick either @demetrius-devereaux or @warlundblackfyre, since she has a vehement history with each and a desire to see each serve time for their crimes. The likely scenario depends on the situation, but escape styles would be similar. If there are guards, they would set a trap and take them out this way. Lat might lock pick, while Warlund would kinda brute-fight his way out (or Deme would rogue his way through a fight.) If there were no guards, then destabilizing the door or window would be the way to go. Lat might attempt a signal or message, hoping she can get a hold of @risrielthron or @tayelablackfyre or one of Warlund/Blank’s contacts indirectly. (Blank also has certain communication methods that are also unaffected by magic.)

but again, there are so many variables in my mind, I can’t give you a outright plan, only that the pairing would not be one you should trifle with.

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hello there!! i apologise for disturbing you :') i'm an original photographer and i just needed some advice. would people be more inclined to follow if i reblogged other people's works as well, or would it be better to remain as a blog purely for my own photography? i just think that since i dont post every day, the exposure my blog has should be quite minimal as well. thank you for taking the time to answer! :-) have a good weekend!

Hello there! You’re not disturbing me at all, don't worry ^___^.
Well, it kinda depends on what you want your blog to be.
Do you want it  to be like a portfolio of your photography or a general photography blog?
If its the first then I would suggest  you to post your photography only and you can add you older photos to your queue, so your blog will stay active even if you don't post every day.
Now if you want a general photography blog then you can reblog other people’s work I guess.
Personally, I would do the first one, just post my own photography and add my old ones to my queue , this way my followers wouldn't be confused about my photos.
If you want you can come off anon and I can reblog some photos from you ^__^

I’m really serious about beach volleyball Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

They’re in college and someone notices just how well they work together as a pair. So they casually suggest they try out beach volleyball instead of just indoor.  They’re both skeptical and Oikawa is kinda set in his ways but eventually they give it a go.  And they’re amazing.  They can beat teams that have been formally training together for years even after just adapting to a different set of rules.

Somehow, they end up with their own coach and a busy training schedule.  Soon enough they’re entering international competitions, and doing well.  Before either of them even realize what’s happened they’ve managed to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

At this point they’re still virtually unknowns, and while Oikawa has his own dedicated base of fans, and they do get extra attention as members of the home country, nobody really expects a lot out of them.  They do some public interest stories- childhood friends turned lifelong teammates is too good of a media narrative to pass up- but they are definitely overshadowed by a lot of the other athletes.  

In the end, they’re eliminated in quarterfinals.  It’s way better than most people expected, and fans are genuinely impressed, but Oikawa isn’t satisfied.  He stands there staring at the court, fists clenched in frustration as their opponents celebrate their victory.  Iwaizumi clamps him on the back, and reaches over to unfurl his fingers, clasping their hands together.

Their eyes meet; matching looks of steely determination.

They’ll be back.

What follows are four years of intense training and competition.  They enter countless international tournaments, and make quite a name for themselves.  Other teams are impressed by just how well they work together, how well they know each other and trust one another, how they seem to almost read one another’s minds.

Slowly, they gain popularity as they win more and more tournaments and gain international attention.  Oikawa eats it up, a natural celebrity.  Iwaizumi struggles more than a little, and can never quite seem to act normally during interviews or meetups.  Yet Iwaizumi’s awkward smiles and humble attitude quickly endears him to the public.  Soon his popularity starts to rival even Oikawa’s. They appear in countless commercials together and other promotional events and don’t really have to worry about money with all their sponsors, which is great, as exhausting as Iwaizumi finds it all.

Makki and Mattsun are their biggest fans- and biggest annoyances.  They bother them constantly about the uniform- “If girls have to wear bikinis for range of motion why are you guys in speedos?”- to the point they make a petition to change the uniform every year titled ‘MANKINIS FOR EQUALITY’.  One day Oikawa actually does arrive to a match in a speedo, grinning wildly.  Iwaizumi throws a water bottle at his head.  The pictures are all over the internet for weeks.

Occasionally Oikawa’s knee problems will flare up, but Iwaizumi is sure they both keep themselves healthy. and injuries aren’t too much of a problem.  As the Olympics approach, they’re both in the best shape of their lives.

By the time 2024 rolls around they aren’t the unknowns they used to be.  The media swarms around them; with endless stories about their relationship and success.  

It’s a lot of pressure.  It almost gets to them, but then Oikawa takes Iwaizumi’s hand- squeezes it tightly- and grins that stupidly confident grin of his.

They know they can handle it.

They’re swamped with interviews; stories detailing their childhood dream turned Olympic reality are shown worldwide, in dozens of languages; noting their amazingly strong bond and connection.

They put up a strong fight, dominating team after team.

Yet, they still lose to the top-ranked Americans in the semi-finals, after 3 hard fought matches.  Iwaizumi hangs his head in frustration while Oikawa grits his teeth.  To come so close-

It’s the worst feeling in the world; one neither of them are any stranger to.

Still, that doesn’t stop them from crushing the Australians in the bronze medal match.

Afterwards, Oikawa tackles Iwaizumi into the sand, tears in his eyes as he presses their foreheads together.  Here they are, Olympic medalists, when it seems not so long ago they were just kids hitting volleyballs at each other’s heads in their backyard.  Iwaizumi matches his smile with a watery one of his own, even as he struggles to free himself.

The media doesn’t notice Iwaizumi approaching their coach to grab a small box from his bag.  Nor do they hear whatever it is he says to Oikawa, face pressed close to his.

They do however see the shiny golden band he slides onto Oikawa’s finger, and the way Oikawa nods his head rapidly, tears in his eyes as he mouths the words ‘yes yes yes’ before throwing his arms around Iwaizumi’s neck, nearly knocking them both to the ground again.

The resulting clip dominates the Olympic highlight reel for the rest of the games, even overshadowing the American’s eventual victory the following night.  Fans all over the world send them messages of congratulations, and very few people who were watching the match can honestly say they managed to keep dry eyes the whole time.

Oikawa wouldn’t trade that moment for 1 million gold medals.  

Still, it wouldn’t be so bad to have one.

2028.  Team Oikawa-Iwaizumi/Oikawa-Iwaizumi win Japan’s first Olympic gold in beach volleyball.

Awww, that episode was adorable! I was hoping we’d get to see Sardonyx and Smoky Quartz together ‘cause they both have really showy personalities that would work well together (Sardonyx kinda steamrolled Smoky, which was what the episode was going for, but I bet in battle and stuff they’d work really well together and just completely kill their enemies with a non-stop onslaught of puns)

Garnet completely losing it with excitement when they formed Smoky was waaay too cute. I love how enthusiastic Garnet gets about Fusion, it just totally runs away with her and its adorable, honestly.

I loved all the meta humor in this, the whole late night talk show gag with Sardonyx but also the stuff like “Footage courtesy of Cartoon Network” on the Opal and Alexandrite clips and the “She’s not actually in the episode so do we still have to pay her?” gag with using the Sugilite voice clips (”Everyone loves a callback”)

and I loved seeing so much of Sardonyx. Next to Garnet, she’s my favorite Fusion, so I always love seeing her

Interesting stuff about the temple rooms too, Sardonyx’s room only exists when she exists. Which means all the other Fusions probably have rooms too, and also that Garnet has one but Ruby and Sapphire would likely have their own when unfused

The ending was really cute too, Garnet and Pearl enthusiastically asking Steven and Amethyst about their Fusion, Pearl hugging Amethyst and saying what a great influence she is on Steven. So sweet

Super cute episode, great way to end the Summer of Steven!



The semi-haitus is over! part 55 is here! I guess I kinda left off on a cliff hanger, I wonder how long it’s been. A lot has happened but what’s important is that I’m ok now. 

If anyone noticed the drastic change in the pictures well I decided to take these pictures in the sunlight instead of my room. I think this works nicely

So since it’s been such a long there will be multiple updates tonight. I think the next update will be around 10:30pm EST. So wait till then, and if you come by later then it’s probably already here lol

Part 55

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can you give any advice on drawing short hair? I always have so much trouble with the hair line and making it not look like the person i'm drawing has a caved in head - it doesn't have to be super complex but you draw short hair so well and i'd like to know if you got any advice

I’ll do my best!

First of all, remember that the head is ROUND: unless you’re going for something stylized (which can work great!) heads are always some form of kinda-like-an-egg.
Secondly, the eyes are in the MIDDLE OF THE FACE (not towards the top, as people often think!). 

Start by deciding where you want the hair to part. I usually go for slightly-to-the-side, but it depends on the character.

The way I do it, short hair is essentially just a bunch of tufts. Try not to make them all look the same, or have a very defined pattern, it tends to look unnatural.
The dip or part between tufts never touches the line of the head! All hair has volume, and shouldn’t be right on the scalp (and DEFINITELY never dip into it!!)

Next, decide where you want the hairline/forehead line. Is it receding, a widow’s peak, straight like a ruler?
 If the hair has a lot of volume (like the hair above here), then you can probably see those bangs fluffing up there right above the forehead. I like to mark my hairline with choppy lines and then work from that.

Even very short hair shouldn’t be completely on the line of the head. Remember that ALL hair has volume!

Yeah, even very straight, limp, or soft hair has enough volume to lift away from the head a little bit! 

Long hair tends to be a lot heavier, so it probably won’t fluff up as much. Instead, it fluffs down. That’s not a rule, though, hair can be any which way when you’re drawing!

Here’s hair that’s literally square-shaped. It still works because there’s room for the character’s head under there.

Here, the hair is rounded and has volume, but it dips into where the head should be, so it just looks kind of small and ill-fitting. 

And the best advice I can give literally anyone regarding art: Study stuff! Look in the mirror, look at people around you, ask yourself why the face is like this and why hair looks like that and how it works.

That’s all I got for now, really. I hope it helps!

I’VE BEEN RECIVING REALLY NICE MESSAGES ABOUT THE “They Com From Above” video, and I REALLY want to say thanks, for all the kind words <3 really everyone, you are the best.

Sadly is dead and well that makes me a lil sad but I had a bunch of fun making it and it really makes me happy how everyone like it!!  hmmm it’s a lot of emotions! anger, happiness, sadness, blah blah.

seriously, thank you!!! is kinda late for it, but you know, I’ve been working with some stuff… and I’ve been thinking a bunch in things I am going to do later, like make an animation with my real potential…maybe just for me or for practice… some day….. anyway,  I just wanted to pull out this, thank you again <3