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Title: Thaw

Pairing: Abby/Marcus

Rating: explicit

Words: 4000

Summary:  Stuck for the night in a cave with Marcus suffering from hypothermia, Abby must do whatever she can to warm him up.

Woohoo managed to get this last kinkmeme fill in just under the wire! It’s not even that long but it gave me endless trouble. 

I baked myself a cake

I may have to spend my birthday helping at that damn estate sale making sure people don’t steal or break shit :(….but but dammit, I’m gonna have some fucking cake while I do it…

NAME: Andrew
ZODIAC: Gemini
FAVORITE COLOR: Light blue and light pink
FAVORITE SEASON: Autumn and Spring
FAVORITE PLACE: Parks are lovely 
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: I really like Easter!!
NieR;Automata, it’s an absolute masterpiece
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: Gintama and Sangatsu no Lion
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Scathach is such an impressive person. She’s completely developed as a person with perfect understanding of herself and other people, and how to bring out the best of other people, and that is absolutely amazing.

WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah that would be very very very strange.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: You know those fights that carry real emotional weight, I can’t get enough of them. But it’s so difficult and writing one of these threads is one of the main reasons I am still RPing.

ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?: For Scathach, I am super selective >> I find it hard to thread with someone I don’t know and it doesn’t feel right when Scathach gives out generic responses for the sake of a response. 

Somewhat related to the question above, my main goal in RPing is to figure out how to write scenes and stories to stir emotions, so I don’t want to spend time on simple interactions unless I feel like it can amount to something! (sorry!) 

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MUSE?: Without a doubt, Scathach is my favourite muse. She’s amazing, super fun to play and her character suits my goals very well. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve projected myself onto her a lot but she’s a lot like me I think??

Either way, I think we’re a good mod and muse match hah! A battle-crazed woman with a boy who loves the fight. 

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: Almost two years ago one of my tumblr friends joined MHGW as Issei, and I thought it would be fun! I joined as Natalia Kaminski, a difficult muse to play T_T Unfortunately she is now dead.

(randomtrivia Scathach blog was born December 2015 when I rolled her on FGO lolololol thanks @bewitchingserpent U REMEMBER THAT INTENSE CONVERSATION??????) 


I’m going to stay here until someone can play Scathach for more than a week. 

As long as Scathach lives, I will be here and I will fight people.

Seriously though, if the fight makes your blood boil, that is the first thing you should do when you make a Scathach blog please fight someone and feel it. She’s a whirling crimson moon and she spins a demon’s pirouette. 

Out with the mundane conversations and instead, exchange words as you exchange blows. 

u can see why i love her so

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Sometimes I favor Mikey but sometimes Bunsen proves that to be a filthy lie. So, here is a Bunsen moment I enjoyed in every episode up to “Astro-Nots”!

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Cor!! Seeing how you were right about the Garden kids getting bios in the last volume (congrats for that!), what bios do you predict we'll get this volume?

*furiously shoves the 4000 other times I was wrong into my pockets* ahh yes…

I get the feeling an updated bio for Furuta could be on the cards now that he’s changed his name- an official one for the CCG Director. Bonus points if its written by one of his fanclub members 

Rize is long overdue for one too- now that she’s .. technically come back it would be nice to get her bio too!

So earlier this year I moved from my home town to a new place about 3 hours away. This boy was the first one to reach out to me about me moving here, initially we were talking as friends as that was all either of us wanted as I just been through a messy breakup but I started developing feelings for him and was completely blind to the fact that he too liked me. It wasn’t until on night when I sent the wrong snapchat to him which was all about how I liked him, I freaked out thinking that it would ruin everything but was surprised when he came back with “Don’t worry I like you”. So we kept talking and things progressed but we never officially went out with each other and then one night as I was going to bed he sent me this message and it shocked me but I knew I felt the same way about him but I never told him and complete ruined everything because I never told him that I loved him back. 

So now we still talk to each other but pretend that this never happened. Moral of the story - if you love some one tell them other wise you will regret it for the rest of your life. 

madfantasy-0 replied to your photo “hey guys look at this official long Luigi i found”

Oh yummy, a base for my feature Luigi’s human-sized drawings!�� But why was it created?

Im not sure! But whoever drew Luigi for that tennis game (it was for the gbc tennis) made him strangely tall. This one of Waluigi and him is off model too. This makes me think it was probs a Camelot employee (maybe Waluigi’s creator?) who drew him like this:

Day 118 -Tennessine

In the seventh Period and the eighteenth Group, Tennessine was named for the American state it was found in.

Tennessine was originally named ununseptium, Latin for one one seven, until its new name was approved in 2016.

Tennessine was discovered very recently in 2010.

The most stable isotope of Tennessine has a half life of only 80 milliseconds.

Something new! Just kidding. Tennessine has only been made in small amounts and is used only in laboratory experimentation.

New Life

Summary: Ian goes to Mexico with Mickey, and this is a glimpse of their first few hours there.

Word Count: 1650

Notes: This one had been in my inbox for a while, sorry it took so long for me to write!

Ian couldn’t believe he was having second thoughts. Why have seconds thoughts about living the life he’s literally always dreamed of with his soulmate? It was stupid to ever think twice about something like this. Mickey was his endgame, and crazy thoughts should not get in the way of that.

The escaped convict looked more desperate than anyone has ever seen him, and it was disgruntling enough to snap Ian out of his mind. “We’re one step from the finish line, Ian,” Mickey pleaded.

The redhead nodded. He knew what he needed to do. Swiftly, he stepped forward and grabbed Mickey’s face, pulling him in for an extraordinarily deep and passionate kiss. When they separated, Mickey kept his eyes shut— like he was officially letting go. Ian surprised him though. He kissed him one extra time and said, “Come on,” he said. “Let’s ride.” He started to head towards the car.

Mickey stood frozen in his place with the most shocked expression. In all honesty, he thought that was it; he thought Ian was ending it for good. Up until Ian walked back to get his attention, he couldn’t get his mind around why Ian took those second thoughts back. The redhead stood in front of him with a cocked eyebrow. “You’re not leaving me?” Mickey’s voice cracked.

Ian shook his head and cupped Mickey’s beautiful face in his hands. “No, I’m sorry. I just got wigged out for a second. I promise I’m not leaving you ever again.” His eyes were showing so much sincerity that it was hard for Mickey not to believe him.

The convict took a gulp and pursed his lips out in worry. “Why?” His voice was shaky.

A slight upward curl of Ian’s lips started a grin. “Because I love you,” he said for the first time. Mickey’s said it to him before, twice actually, and in reality they’ve both always loved each other— it just took some time for them to outwardly admit it with words.

Mickey’s eyes widened and his breath hitched at what the love of his life had finally said. He had been waiting for years to hear those three meaningful words. Tears started to prickle in his eyes, but instead of letting them fall, he shut them and pulled Ian in for another kiss. “I love you too,” he said as they leaned their foreheads together. Before moving away, Mickey breathed in and asked, “You serious about this?”

Ian nodded. “I’m serious,” he grabbed Mickey’s hand. “Let’s get going.”

Both boys shared a smile and head to the car. Before actually leaving, Mickey had to make sure he was properly disguised. He was wearing a dress, heels, makeup, jewelry, and the final touch was a wig. There was no doubt that he looked like a women, so he and Ian weren’t too worried about getting across the border.

Once Ian actually started to drive towards the gate, the nerves set in. As they approached the border where all the security was, each of them pulled out their passports— the only difference was that Ian’s was real while Mickey’s was not. The policemen studied each passport in the same type of manner. Just as Mickey started to feel his heart thumping in his ears, the green light shined and they were given their passports back. “You’re good to go. Have a nice trip,” the tall officer waved them off.

“Thank you, sir,” Ian said and drove through to Mexico. Just as he closed up the windows, Mickey started laughing. “We fucking made it through!” Ian shouted.

“Holy shit. We fucking did it,” Mickey let out a relieved sigh. It felt like a thousand pounds was just lifted from his shoulders. He looked at the beautiful redheaded boy and smiled. We’re safe. It’s okay.

Ian let out a joyful laugh and leaned over to kiss Mickey. “This is it, Mick. This is our new life,” he spoke with awe, which was fully understandable because Mickey was feeling the same.

“Fuck,” the escapee said with an exasperated breath. It truly was unbelievable.

After a bit of discussion, they decided that Mickey should keep his disguise on until they get further inland or towards a beach in the southern region. Obviously, Mickey protested because he thought the dress was uncomfortable, but like always, he did was Ian said.

On their drive, Mickey researched and found that they should set out for a beach in Puerto Escondido. About three hours in, as they got closer and closer, Mickey voiced that they need to stop somewhere to eat. Luckily they found somewhere to exchange their American money for Mexican money, and then they found a restaurant.

The men figured that they were far enough into Mexico that Mickey could put his regular clothes back on. “Thank God! Holy shit, that thing was itchy as fuck.” He laid back in the seat in relaxation, but that blissful time quickly ended as Ian pulled into, what looked like, a taco bar.

Ian walked in first and Mickey followed. They were both praying that at least some of the workers in there spoke English, and to their luck, they did. When the entered, they were shocked how most of the people there were speaking in English— some sounded a bit more choppy than others, but they were still speaking English.

When the hostess neared the two men, she smiled. “¡Hola! Table for two?” She asked and pulled out two menus. When Ian nodded, she started walking and motioned for them to follow. “Is near bar, okay?”

“Sí,” Mickey said with a nod. Ian couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

The couple took their seats, and started looking through the menu. Like expected, it was a whole bunch of different variations of tacos. Once they ordered, they were hit with this realization that this is their new life. It was surreal to think about. “Fuckin’ tacos! And burritos and shit,” Mickey snorted.

“What?” Ian snorted.

“This is what we’re eatin’ from here on out, man,” Mickey grinned and took a swig of his beer. Then, he was basking in the Mexican culture around him. Maybe it would’ve been different if Ian wasn’t with him, but right now he was loving it.

Ian smiled at the dark haired man sitting in front of him. “You do know they have more than just tacos and burritos in Mexico, Mick,” he joked.

“Obviously I know that, dumbass,” Mickey spat. When he saw the silly grin that was plastered on the redhead’s face, his own grew wider. His heart felt fuller than it ever has before. Suddenly he realized he needed a drink. “I’m gonna run to the bar real quick. Want anything?”

Ian nodded. “Just a beer—” He caught Mickey’s disapproving stare, but when Ian gave it back, Mickey’s diminished. “I want a beer,” he repeated. “But I’m gonna run to the bathroom while you’re up there. I gotta piss.” He stood up and started towards the restroom.

Mickey made his way to the bar. As he told the bartender his order, a short and skinny man with a mustache came and stood next to him— a little too close. The escapee gave the small man a very threatening look, and took a step away. Mickey was using all of his might not to punch the guy in the eye because he knew he had to be on his best behavior after that latest stunt.

The other guy seemed to not give to shits though. He smirked in an unattractive way and turned his body to face Mickey. “You are feisty,” he said with a thick accent. “Me gusto, me gusto. I like ‘em feisty.”

Mickey raised his eyebrow and chucked the finger. “Uh, fuck off,” he spat and turned his gaze away from the man who was clearly coming onto him.

“I see you with tall red man. You can do better, you can do me. You want to get out of here, American boy?” The creep asked and stepped forward. “We could go back to my place and have some—”

Suddenly Ian was there and directly in front of Mickey. He was creating a barrier between them, and it was definitely for the best because Mickey was on the verge of killing the guy. Ian crossed his arms and stepped forward. “You should probably get out of here,” he suggested in a rude tone. There was fire in his eyes.

“Mi amigo, that boy is beautiful. I want him,” the man said like he got a choice in the matter.

Mickey was ready to fight if he needed to, but at the same time, he was ready to hold Ian back. Ian let out a very dry and sarcastic chuckle and stepped forward once again; he was completely invading the other man’s personal space. “I would fuck off if I was you.” When the man pursed his lips as if he was about to speak, Ian pushed him back. It was clear the guy must’ve never been in a fight because the second Ian laid a hand on him he scrambled out. “Pussy!” Ian called out.

Mickey chuckled. “Possessive motherfucker, aren’t ya?” He joked.

Ian turned to face the love of his life. He grabbed Mickey’s face and kissed him. “Mine,” he whispered. When the separated, Ian was about to head back to their table, but the Mickey could not let that happen.

With a swift movement, the shorted grabbed Ian by his belt loop and swung him around to kiss him again, but with more passion. At the moment, Mickey could give a shit if people were staring at him. “Love you,” he said.

“Love you too, Mick,” Ian smiled.

Mickey could get used to this. He could get used to living his life and flaunting Ian around. They were free here, and nothing could separate them now.

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hey jonghyuns gay right? i wanna see if i shoud start stanning shinee properly if hes gay that would seal it (as in i would become a stan ofc)

jslfkdhg nobodys officially out in kpop but key and jjong are One Of Us

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What is this tsunami of caryl trolling from one of the official TWD accounts, it's only weeks into hiatus? They even retweeted Norman's photo..Coinciding with gimple disowning his own bottle episodes? All these pointless relationship and "crazy moment" polls as well? Like my main emotions on s7 were disappointment, frustration and boredom anyway I love the idea of AMC yelling at tptb from the rooftops after the ratings embarrassment of s7 "MORE CARYL! NO MORE STUPID PACING! NO BOTTLES!"

I hope this means they realized we need Caryl I’m tired of scraps (ง •̀_•́)ง

If it’s just tweets and articles I don’t care, we need actual scenes (ง •̀_•́)ง

I’m not sure if that account tweeting something means anything cause I think they’re Skybound and not AMC technically it’s about the comics.

It’s official, I am so deep in this fandom I don’t think I will ever be able to get out

GOT7’s Jackson Sincerely Thanks Fans After Self-Composition Sees Fantastic Results On Chinese Charts

GOT7’s Jackson has achieved a well-deserved result with his newest self-composed track, the official theme song for third season of the Chinese show he emcees, “Go Fridge”!

“Go Fridge” is a Chinese version of the popular Korean variety show, JTBC’s “Please Take Care of my Refridgerator.” Jackson has been a co-MC on the show since 2015, and has steadily won the hearts of viewers with his charms.

On April 26, the idol posted a grateful message on his Instagram along with a screenshot of his song sitting at the very top of one of QQ Music’s music charts.

As he always does, he wrote messages in Korean, English, as well as Chinese, expressing his happiness about his “first number one” with a self-composition and thanking fans for their endless support.

Congratulations to Jackson on this notable achievement!


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I never 'officially' came out because I was going to pride with my gay friend, and my dad turned around and was like "don't you have to be one of THEM to go" which I know sounds horrible but I know he didn't mean it in that way but anywho, I just looked at him and he turned around and said "not that there is any problem if you were". Fastforward like 10 mins my mum came up to me and was like "so are you a lesbian cause i need to mentally prepare your dad" and i was like "oh i'm bi ..." [1/2]

My mum never actually believed me when I told her I was bi and told me it would pass and that I was ‘just trying to be different’ so I was like “I have told you I am bi for a while” I completely forgot about that conversation but my dad kept giving me cuddles throughout the day and telling me he loved me and stuff, and my mum on the night-time turned around and was like “oh yeah I told him btw” I was in shock and he had apparently asked her if i was and she answered .. he reacted so much better!

it’s Not Cool that she told him without ur knowing or permission i think?? but im glad he reacted so well!!! & for u & others like there’s so much biphobia & shit like that & it SUCKS & i just want y'all to know i Love u & ur good & valid & it’s cool to feel different ways abt different genders & to be attracted in different ways & it’s cool to be bi if u have only dated ppl of one gender !!!!! y'all should know this already but if u don’t i just want y'all to know im ur pal & here for u & congrats on being bi!!!!!

Spring ~

I swear I’m never drawing umbrellas again. (Says the girl whose favorite romantic tropes include rain rip)