and it was the best decision ever

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I used to be so depressed, never officially diagnosed but I never had any love for life and I used to think that if someone asked me if I wanted to live or die, I would choose to die...I just dealt with it internally and then made the decision to travel! 3 years later Im vegan, have done so much travelling and have such a zest for life, that I can't believe I ever didnt want to live.You just have to move away from ur situation and change things for yourself ✌🏻 Popping a pill each day isnt good

Hey anon I’m super dooper happy for you and that’s so awesome you’re feeling better, but if some people need medication to help align a chemical imbalance in their brain then please don’t shame them for that 💛💛

There are many ways to address and overcome mental illness, everyone’s journey is different. This kind of rhetoric perpetuates the stigma that already prevents so many people from seeking professional help when they need it.

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um i just can't help wondering why is matt so emotionally stunted after so many years with foggy ? i just don't get it. i know trust is a big issue for matt but. i dunno, seems like he's making decisions for foggy. and honestly it just makes me feel sorry for foggy bc it's like, he deserves better and foggy used to think/thinks matt was/is the best person ever so im just confused tbh... they... why are they (matt a little bit more than foggy) complicating things... help

Unfortunately, love isn’t enough to heal trauma. And of course for most of that time Foggy had no idea how deep the trauma went and couldn’t address it - but he’s not a licensed mental health professional either. All he can do is love Matt and just sitting there loving him and hoping that’ll fix things isn’t healthy for either of them.

And of course the way Matt’s issues work, having someone he loves who he’s pretty sure loves him is terrifying, because everyone who falls into that category has willingly gotten themselves shot in the head (Jack), fucked off to God knows where because Matt dared to show affection (Stick), or fucked off to God knows where because Matt wouldn’t commit murder and then got stabbed for him (Elektra).

Matt will always be a person living with past (and probably present) trauma and struggling with mental illness. (Please note I say this as someone with my own mental illness.) And Foggy does deserve better than the way Matt is currently treating him. My hope is that Matt can learn better ways to cope with his problems that don’t involve hurting the people close to him, and Foggy can better understand why Matt does the things he does, and the two of them (and Karen, and Claire, etc., because Foggy’s not the only one Matt’s behavior has affected) can move forward.

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it's so close to the 1st of april i can't wait for heartstopper to breathe life into me once more (raising the amount of updates to three a month was the best executive decision ever made it's so nice to l i v e 3 times a month)

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOSH IT WAS THE BEST DECISION it just gives me something to look forward to every 10 days and god it’s great

ALSO this next update features Nick’s dog!!!!!!


I know your getting tons of these things but I just want to say that THANK YOU for what you do everyday! I’ve been subscribed for almost 2 years and its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Hope you enjoy this 😀😀😀😀😀 congrats on 15 million 😀😀


What We Do in the Shadows
“If you’re going to eat a victim on my nice clean couch put down some newspaper on the floor and some towels. It’s not hard to do.”  “We’re vampires! We don’t put down towels.”   “..some vampires do.”  “Well, not serious ones.

I would bet cash money that at some point, as a joke, either ransom, holster, or shitty acquire a card board cut out of jack for the haus. None of them will at to doing it, all anyone knows is that one day it appeared in the kitchen and nearly gave a sleep deprived bitty a heart attack. It’s simultaneously the best decision they ever made but also the most hated.

It normally stays in the living room or kitchen (sometimes being moved to the basement when someone gets really sick of it) but it has been placed in everyone’s room at least once in the dead of night. Somehow, despite being regarded as hella creepy by some and hilarious by others, it becomes a fixture™ of the haus

They’ve put numerous jerseys on the cut out, namely whoever won the game winning goal (or chowder’s if he gets a shut out or just had a particularly good game), and lardo has a bad habit of putting flower crowns on it when her and shitty get high. They decorate it for each of the holidays, with hearts, shamrocks, and during Hanukkah they stuck candles to him for each night.

Chowder has been known to talk to it as part of his pregame ritual when he is feeling particularly nervous, and the others would be put off by this if he didn’t already do that with some of the posters in his room. The next year (Bitty’s senior year) nursey and dex tell the incoming frogs/tadpoles that the cut out has been blessed with magical powers and that chowder is paying tribute for a good game (a surprising number of them actually believe them too).

When bitty graduates they try to make him take it with them but jack adamantly refuses.

Ever since Tyler has moved to LA, I feel like Mark has just completely exploded with motivation and ambition.

The things they’ve been doing lately and the videos they’ve been making, in my opinion, have been some of the best yet and I’ve never been more excited to see what they get up to next.

“She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. She is one of most kind, sweet people I’ve ever met and she deserves the world.”

“Then why did you leave her man?”

He’s silent for a moment as he looks out the window. “Because I can’t give her those things, I’m a mess. She deserves better than me.”

“You don’t get to make that decision for her.”