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No matter what trouble he’s in,
The number one most coolest hero always wins in the end.”

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No time to take it slow
By now I’m sure you know


The pool is for enjoying your body not feeling nervous about what people you dont know think of you GO TO THE POOL wear that swimsuit you love enjoy yourself with zero fucks given! lifes way to short not to enjoy whatever body you have ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES dont wait til your scar is less visible til u loose more weight til you can find somethink to cover strech marks or cellulite EVERYBODY has stuff like that no one cares about small flaws on amazing people and if you do your flaws are bigger than mine

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Débora I need to know more about that pirate AU who's in which crew?? I'm having alot of feelings about this 😊😊😂

Captains and first mates.

The story here is: Grantaire’s crew managed to steal the real map, Enjolras and co. are lost.

It’s pretty easy to figure out who is in each crew, you just have to split all of my ships! 

asdfhkahladfhkl… but rose hair tho

Coming soon from the artistic skill of Dokirosi and the authorial craft The Truth Hertz.

A Pearlnet collaboration of writing and art.

“Repute and Rapture"

The story begins August 11th, 2017.

Look for it on AO3 with links on tumblr.

Dokirosi and I are so excited to finally announce the project we have been working on together!  It will be set in the 1800′s England and will be a type of Jane Austen story, with our artistic flare ;)  The absolutely fantastic art was made by none other than Dokirosi @dokirosi !!!!  I had the privilege of seeing this throughout it’s stages of development and it was so cool!  

This will run for about 10 chapters, and various pieces of fabulous art, and is going to be one super fun ride!  I hope you are all as excited as I am!!   Welcome Repute and Rapture the Duchess Garnet/Servant Pearl AU.


You guys. I saw my childhood come alive on stage today.

This show is incredibly silly, but in the best possible way.  The actors were phenomenal and so, so accurate.


  • Annabeth is blonde and has curly hair. Enough said. (Kristin Stokes was fabulous, and v v badass)
  • The set was super minimalist and it worked so well?? They did a fantastic job incorporating the set into the action, so when cast/crew moved set pieces it didn’t look awkward, it just fit.
  • I really can’t explain how great the cast was.  There were like 7 or 8 cast members, and most of them played multiple characters and killed it. Every single cast member was memorable. 
  • There were lines DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK. And every single time they said one of them the audience gave a collective gasp
  • “You drool when you sleep” “Seaweed brain” “Wise Girl”
  • I admit I wasn’t impressed with “Good Kid” when I heard it online, but live it was great.  The music is so so so good, and it’s driving me crazy that there’s no soundtrack yet.
  • Personally speaking, I came close to crying the second I walked into the theater. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed acting and being in a theater, being part of a cast. I’m so ready to go back to that.
  • Also personally speaking, I’m vaguely in love with both Chris Mccarrell and Kristen Stokes. So I’ll let you know how that works out.
  • God I was gonna go on and on but I’m getting overwhelmed because I’m a weenie lmao. TL;DR I loved it, it made me slightly emotional, and it. was. GOOD.

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