and it was such an obvious reference

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Could you speak more about how you think midoriya hasn’t internalized what he said to todoroki?

Yes, it’s one of my favorite aspects of their relationship. I think a lot of people don’t talk about the reciprocity of the Sports Festival fight, and think about it in terms of just Midoriya extending a hand to Todoroki. The roots are deeper though.

So Midoriya explicitly says to Todoroki during the Sports Festival that “It’s your power, isn’t it?”, specifically referring to Todoroki’s fire side. The Sports Festival is a bit of a revelation for both of their characters. For obvious reason, Todoroki goes through a transformation of mind and heart, melting in the face of Midoriya’s desire to set him free and challenge him, Todoroki, and not a creation of Endeavor. This is reciprocated back to Midoriya too, however! Midoriya purposefully decides to, instead of ‘rising to the top’ by exploiting Todoroki’s reluctance to use his fire side, and declare to the world that “I’m here” a la All Might, to focus on Todoroki as an individual and draw out Todoroki’s problems during the fight. I think this is extremely significant, that Midoriya essentially ‘throws’ the expected path for him, the career building/All Might mimicry, and yet in some way, also truly becomes 'a hero’ recognized by Todoroki here.

So is the path that All Might had been setting for him not the best path to become a real hero? I think so! All Might’s teaching experience is shaky on a lot of components and combined with Midoriya’s unquestioned idol worship of All Might, it results in things like… Midoriya not understanding Full Cowl until he goes to Gran Torino.

One for All rests uneasily on Midoriya’s shoulders. There’s multiple components to it- it still physically damages Midoriya when he wants to use it at full power. Midoriya has to keep this secret of his legacy as well, but he’s always internally comparing himself to All Might and carrying that burden of succession. Everyone around him is still obsessed with All Might and the flawed idea of the single 'idol’ - Stain, Shiragaki, heck, even the general populace is really into this. 

All Might is also his idol, and because of his worship, it’s been canonically stated several times that Midoriya often fails to critically examine how All Might does things/tries to mimic All Might to the detriment of his own development. His entire journey, from starting off breaking his arms, to learning Full Cowl, to developing Shoot Style, has been an ongoing journey to move OUT of All Might’s shadow and come to some conception of his own definition of hero. Yet at the same time, because One for All is still ingrained in his mind as 'All Might’s’ quirk and not his, it’s VERY hard for him to properly internalize and 'let go’ of All Might in some ways. His whole declaration towards All Might, where he absolutely will fight to the very end to keep All Might alive, has a component of that. He can’t bear to let All Might go.

So even though Midoriya told Todoroki at the Sports Festival that Todoroki’s quirk was his, does Midoriya truly believe One for All is his own? Spoilers for this last arc, but he hasn’t! He’s constantly comparing himself to previous successor candidate Mirio and even offers to give Mirio his quirk because he 'doesn’t deserve it’. To Midoriya, One for All is still a gift that All Might has bestowed upon him that he is unworthy of, and he’s doing his best to become worthy of it. However, the heavy dose of imposter syndrome continues to hamper him.  

Was he a hypocrite for telling Todoroki him, “it’s your power” in the arena? Of course not! It’s more complicated than that. They’re both struggling with the same thing- the legacy of their quirks and how to move forward with such immense power. In some ways, what Midoriya was shouting was something he knows he has to come to terms himself. As he told Endeavor, he’s not All Might. And Todoroki is not Endeavor. 

Their journeys are also these continued foils. Todoroki couldn’t use his fire side until he went to see his mother and he’s still struggling with it. While on the other hand, Deku has moments in which he does such amazing things and pushes the boundaries of One for All, but then turns around and says he’s still unworthy.

Am I advocating Deku cast All Might aside? Of course not. We can look at Todoroki as a foil specifically on this point. Todoroki tries to disown himself from his father, Endeavor, only to reap the consequences when he runs into people like Inasa who can’t help be see 'Endeavor’s son’. Furthermore, it’s counterproductive- Todoroki is never going to not be Endeavor’s son, just like Deku is never going to not have a fundamental part of his identity be from All Might. But the key is to not be bounded by pre-existing definitions of identity and expectations- it’s only by surpassing and changing himself without pure imitation, taking in influences but owning them, can Deku grow properly.

  • keith: lance doesn't have... what's that thing where you can see the future?
  • hunk: ESP?
  • keith: yeah, it's like ESP, but it's only in reference to your own actions and also the outcome is, like, super obvious to everyone else.
  • hunk: common sense?
  • keith: yeah that

I’m almost done with my third Victuri zine: September Flowers. Here’s some illustrations featured in there!

NOTES: I referenced heavily for the St. Petersburg one (I’m more embarrassed about people finding the stock pic I used for reference, than coming outright and saying: MY BRAIN WAS DRY OUT OF CREATIVITY. I AM A PIECE OF SHIT. I AM SORRY), and then there’s the obvious reference to Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises.”
Just. Wanted to point those out.


have some vintage lesbian swing dancing

Devil in the Details

So after Michael Chu confirmed that the details on the tv in the background of the Pharah panel in Reflections were not only deliberate but also meant to hint about her location and her father’s nationality -

This tinyass image -

On a page with this much other stuff -

It made me curious about any other potential details I previously overlooked or wrote off as “just a funny coincidence” and rather surprisingly, I might have kinda found something??

I mean, there’s a shitton here but what I originally wrote off as being “just another background piece” is the map -

…These are not Watchpoints.

These are the Watchpoints that still exist at the time of Recall - you can find this map on Watchpoint: Gibraltar (I did not write these locations, but this is the clearest, head-on image I could find.)

The image from the Uprising comic 

Are active missions or points of interest.

Locations that I can determine are:

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Cairo, Egypt (based on the other screen discussing the “Cairo Incident”)
  • Numbani, Nigeria
  • (City unknown), Switzerland (?)
  • Paris, France
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Dorado, Mexico
  • Seattle, United States

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ok so with Hiveswap out ive been thinking about Homestuck a lot lot more. I refuse to let myself fall into the state of obsession I was once in but I had a thought and I couldn’t not share it. I was thinking about the role Zodiac signs play in Homestuck and that lead me to think about the Tarot. Where I had a realization, the 22 sburb players and the 22 major arcana have waaaaaaay too many similarities. Here’s my thought process:

John: “The Fool” not only is it the first Arcana but also John tends to know nothing as we mainly learn the rules of the universe through him. Also his character is mega centralized around comedy and practical humor, Sassacre’s text being the prime example.

Rose: “The Moon” this is due to her mysticism with dark yet benevolent forces such as the Horrorterrors as well as Grimdarkness

Dave: “The Hanged Man” the part of Dave’s classpect that makes him so powerful is his use of the Doomed Dave’s (prime example being Davesprite) existence. They can lead him in the right direction and assist him as well as harm him but they are always sentenced to death regardless.

Jade: “The World” her classpect manipulates the physical and spacial properties of the the universe, as well as her actions in minimizing the worlds of the inciphisphere and leading them to the new session.

Aradia: “Death” The role the concept of death plays in her character as well as her constant infatuation with the concept of funerals and corpses speaks enough.

Tavros: “The Chariot” so obviously Tavros uses a lance and a wheeled machine but beyond that, Tavros’ entire character development, as well as his role as a Page is based around moving forward and looking straight ahead.

Sollux: “The Lovers” a little less obvious but hear me out. Sollux’s whole character is centered around duality, and every major point of conflict for Sollux is based around failed romance, his matespritship with Aradia that lead to her death, as well as his budding moirallegience with Feferi that lead to her death, and his (½) death.

Karkat: “The Emperor” Karkat makes a very clear point in being the leader of the situation, his rancorous nature, as well as his strife specibus being sicklekind also speak to this.

Nepeta: “The Hermit” Nepeta often keeps herself isolated due to Equius’ wishes, she even lives in a cave.

Kanaya: “The Sun” this is due to her relationship with the green sun as a rainbow drinker as well as her being the only troll to ever enjoy sunlight.

Terezi: “Justice” I find this one is fairly obvious from her introduction scene with the scalemate trial as well as her confrontation with Vriska.

Vriska: “The Wheel of Fortune” her powers and her weapon both rely on her good fortune. Her strife specibus revolves around the idea of rolling a dice, or alternatively, spinning a wheel

Equius: “Strength” Not only is there the obvious implication in his muscles, but Equius always has infatuation with the strength of others, as to why he despises many lowbloods and refuses to lay a hand on highbloods.

Eridan: “The Magician” From the first moment we see Eridan he constantly refers to his hobby with magic, his strife specibus for a period of time is wandkind, and even though he states he doesn’t believe in magic, he also is known to state many other things about himself that are clearly denial. The part he plays as an angel slayer also brings black magic to mind.

Feferi: “The High Priestess” Originally I believed Feferi was the Empress but with more thought I find that role goes better toward another player. Feferi, although royal, never rules, instead she heals all, not just the royally blooded.

Jane: “The Empress” Her assosciation with the “batterwitch” and The Condensce, the real Empress of Alternia, is enough to speak to Jane being represented by the Empress Arcana.

Roxy: “Temperance” Her entire arc around recovering from alcoholism.

Dirk: “The Tower” His early character revolves around being hard to approach and distant from the rest of the group.

Jake: “The Hierophant” His intrigue with ancient ruins and treasure. His whole reputation as an adventurer really.

Calliope: “The Star” Kind and bright she supports the Alpha kids from afar and spreads positivity.

Caliborn: “Judgement” Lord English plays the role of a god-like figure, administering what ever it wants to do and believes it should.

Thoughts? It seems too damn convenient for it to just be a coincidence.

EDIT: oops, forgot, Gamzee is the Devil Arcana for obvious reasons


(Inspired by the first verse in Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine)

Ouch. This is a wip from January that I FINALLY decided to touch up a lot and since I reached a follower milestone today, here I am posting it! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


Goku’s the number ONE fan of Vegebul and Papa Veggie!

After the last chapters of the manga, Goku seems to be a “bad father”, but he’s so good that he’s able to recognize that now Vegeta is. And even though he gets angry because Vegeta doesn’t want to train to stay at Bra’s birth, the truth is that Goku always celebrates when he’s a family man.

Goku knows Vegeta more than Vegeta can imagine and he knows what his weak point is. 

And if we count that in some adaptations of Fukkatsu No F’, Goku literally threatens to Vegeta to hold his hand, warning that they may hurt Bulma, referring her as “Your dearly Bulma” this’s more obvious.

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change in art style? how exactly? less cartoony and more detailed or...?

[in reference to this post]

the way Horikoshi draws the kid’s faces lately has changed

it’s most obvious with Izuku, since his face is a lot more angular? than before, but it’s happened with all the other characters to varying degrees

it could be because his style is changing, or he’s intentionally changing it to play around with his art, or he just wants to show the kids slowly aging in real time

Reputation Shouldn’t Be Taken Literally. But It’s Also True.

Every song on Rep so far is a mix of truth and drama. 

1. Look What You Made Me Do

No wonder we were completely confused when this song came out. On one hand, we thought it was about Kim and Kanye, but also maybe Katy. But then, as many people have noted, it could also be about how the way the media treats her. 

Her truth:

Any of those theories could be true because the song is about all of it. The song is her “re-birth”. She pulls a phoenix rising from the ashes:

“Honey, I rose up from the dead I do it all the time”

This is her truth. She got smarter and got harder from all of the drama and publicity she’s received over the past few years. But then…

Her Reputation:

She plays the mean girl. 

“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red underlined”

Taylor Swift has better things to do than sit around and write down a list of people she wants to get revenge on. But also, if that did exist, I don’t think she’d really want to admit it. 

“The world moves on, another day, another drama-drama.
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma.” 

Again, people do genuinely believe she never moves on from drama and actually manufactures it so she can sell it in her music. 

“Look what you made me do”

She strategically makes the song about what other people did to her, not how she got herself into this mess. Essentially portraying her as girl who people say is always playing the victim.

2. …Ready For It?

Her truth:

This song is fascinating because it tells the story of meeting a guy for the first time and knowing that, going in, there are a lot of things that could cause problems. 

“Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted”

“Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry”

The song captures, in its rap-sung verses, the intensity of a relationship just beginning. The questions, the curiosity and also each person’s reputation. However, this is probably her most interesting truth: 

“Touch me and you’ll never be alone”

This is a fantastic lyric because it shows us the chaos of starting a high-profile relationship. Especially if you’re dating one of the world’s most renowned songwriters. 

Her Reputation:

We start out, right from the get-go with images of thieves and robbers. 

“Me, I was a robber first time that he saw me”

Now, this is exactly the line that sticks out to me because she’s directly addressing her reputation. She’s essentially saying that the man in question probably saw her as a man-eater (an insult she’s often associated with)

“Let the games begin.”

Taylor is seen as a girl who dates for fun. Always on to the next guy. Playing games with people’s hearts so she can write another song about it. 

2. Gorgeous

Her truth:

There’s a very clear story here. It should be fairly obvious at this point. From the Sunset and Vine reference to this pretty defining lyric: 

“And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us”

Or this iconic line that describes my flirting strategy: 

“That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk”

Not even to mention going home to her cats. 

Her Reputation:

I’ve heard people say this song can’t be satire, camp or a character because it’s “about Joe”. That’s ridiculous. Truth and satire can exist in the same song. We should know this well from Blank Space. 

And I mean, c’mon

“You’ve ruined my life by not being mine”. 

The media likes to think of her as a control freak, right? Manipulative and always looking for another man to date, she plays into this reputation perfectly. 

“I feel like I might sink and drown and die” 

Her phrasing should clear up any doubt here. Not to mention she’s probably drunk while she’s thinking this. This line is a comment on the public perception of how dramatic she is. It’s no secret that she sometimes seems to overdramatize the real-life events of her songs. 


There have honestly been great interpretations of this and I think they’re all pretty much true. But also, think about the songs in relation to the editing here. 

The album exists halfway between the real her and the media’s perception of her, just as every song has demonstrated so far. It’s a fascinating trick for anyone who wants to take these songs as fully the truth or fully satire because neither is right. 

So no, we can’t take these songs literally. 

But yes, we can take parts of them seriously. 

Why? Because there’s always a little truth to our reputation. 

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