and it was such a wasted opportunity

INFJ Confession #2072

I’m really picky about people. Often, when someone tries to get to know me, I distance myself from them based on a feeling that we probably wouldn’t hit it off anyway. It just feels like a waste of energy to try and then realize we don’t bond on a deeper level after all. Though most likely I’m missing great opportunities to get to know amazing people because of this.


So with the whole thing that happened with Blake and Yang the RWBY fandom seems to be at each other’s throats over the pro-bumblebee and anti-bumblebee factions. I’ve never really been a shipper, nor saw the point behind shipping Blake and Yang. But after Yang getting disarmed Miles and Kerry have set us up for a very easy way to make such a relationship both real and organic to the story. 

The thing is all these arguments of “she was doing it as a friend” wouldn’t exist if this happened between a man and a woman. I know it’s a cheap punch to throw but seriously we have seen events such as this set up relationships for ages. The only difference is that now it’s two women. But in a post-Korrasami landscape we should be acknowledging the very evident chance that there is now a set up for this ship becoming canon. 

I may be somewhat disappointed if Miles and Kerry decide not to go this route, I would feel it to be a wasted opportunity. But at the end of the day it’s their, and ultimately Monty’s, story to tell.

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can I ask for some advice?? i have the opportunity to move to toronto for school but it's for a program/career I'm not 100% sure I want to pursue and I'm not sure it's worth it to move there...i just can't decide what I want to do and I've already taken a gap year after hs... I don't want to waste more time I feel so lost

ahh i know a lot of people who feel the same way as you do, especially people who took time off after high school or university. i don’t think anyone is really sure about what they truly want to do, so you’re not alone! if i were you, i’d take the opportunity. nothing is set in stone, and if you don’t like it you can always go home and just enjoy the fact that you spent some time in a beautiful city (toronto is super cool!) and experienced something new. new experiences grow you and are never a bad thing, as cheesy as that sounds.

my dad was the same way and moved to toronto for a similar reason. it took him years and years of doing different things but through different opportunities he finally found a niche in journalism and camera work and it ended up taking him from toronto all the way to latin america! if he had stayed at home in vancouver he probably wouldn’t have grown so much as a person and found what he likes. so you never know what could happen to you and what adventures you’ll find yourself on or opportunities and friends you’ll gain just by doing something new. life is all about that! i know i sound like a guidance counselor but it’s really what i think.

Cant wait until it happens to you

Reading online newspapers articles of my childhood friend that got murdered yesterday. I was trying to find out what happened. After reading many articles I found the comment section that every news article puts out. Many were people outrage on such a crime. Some giving their unsolicited expert opinions of what happened and then some were just full of people making jokes about a murder. People that didn’t even know my friend or even the motive of such senseless act. It seems that everywhere there are people that feel the need to leave the most disrespectful comments on articles no matter what the article says. I personally don’t get it and trust me I joke a lot. But never about the death of anyone. What is up this generation? A generation with so much opportunity a generation with so many artist and entrepreneurs. Yet many are just wasting time trying to bash strangers because they think its cool or funny.

I cant wait for the day one of their family members dies tragically and they go to the comment section and read a bunch of jokes assholes wrote about their mom, dad, family member or friend. I just cant wait to see if they find it as funny as they did when they made a joke about a wonderful person they didn’t even know!

I’m both relieved and disappointed every time I get a ‘try again’ email from the Hamilton lottery.* Disappointed, because duh. Relieved because oh thank fuck, I don’t have to do anything. 

Of course, that’s part of why I make myself enter even on days I don’t want to have to move (but not on days, like yesterday, when I don’t think I *can* move) – it forces my hand a little bit, and given that I barely have any work nowadays (yet have a bit more energy, but also more pain in general) I need something to keep me aware of the universe beyond my aches.

Which is partly to say, I still haven’t gotten garlic and therefore haven’t been eating what I really want, but I might do that this evening. Maybe.

*I’m really bummed that they just say ‘try again’, rather than something about taking (another) shot. Wasted opportunity!

I have seen people say that one of the tragedies of “The World Was Wide Enough” is that Hamilton and Burr both break with their natures–Burr doesn’t wait and Hamilton throws away his shot.  This is perfectly, literally true, as well as excellent wordplay in the second instance, but I’ve been thinking that one of the really beautiful things about the musical is that it’s not completely true.

Hamilton throws away his (gun)shot, but that’s never–in his own mind or in the play itself–been what the metaphorical shot really is, at least not consistently.  “Not throwing away your shot” is about not wasting your opportunities; it’s about making the deliberate choice.  Hamilton throws away his more active military career when he signs on as Washington’s aide, but he views this–at least in the moment–as seizing his shot, because Washington has persuaded him that it’s harder and more honorable to try to live.  He and his men take the bullets out of their guns at Yorktown to better secure their victory.

And it’s not only Hamilton who wins by losing, or at least by forfeiting the showier and more conventional route to victory: it’s Washington, too.  LMM is explicit about this in the notes on “One Last Time”: that the song highlights Washington’s “most radical act/lasting legacy,” which is his decision to walk away from power and not seek it again.  He throws away the most obvious form of power, but he doesn’t throw away his chance for meaningful action: he just redefines what meaningful action looks like.  Even though Hamilton says it will make him look weak, Washington pushes through, because “they will see we’re strong.”  He turns down one shot for another: he teaches a country, and a succession of presidents, and Hamilton himself, to say goodbye.

And that’s what Hamilton learns from him, and from Eliza, who chooses–consciously and actively–to forgive.  He says, “If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?  What if this bullet is my legacy?”  And it is, and he knows that, and he chooses this chance, this idea of meaningful action: to aim at the sky.  To not kill, or even feign to kill, “[his] first friend, [his] enemy.”  And we don’t say he’s weak for that; we see he’s strong.

Because kindness, in Hamilton, is always deserving of our awe and respect.  Hamilton’s “non-stop” series of accomplishments is wonderful to behold, but the one thing we’re really asked if we can even imagine is Eliza offering him forgiveness.  When Hamilton chooses to aim for the sky, he doesn’t throw away his shot, he takes stock of everyone he’s loved, and everyone he’s lost, and everything he’s done, and seizes the opportunity–to be kind.  To make peace.

And for us, at least, that’s a substantial part of his legacy.  So part of what makes Hamilton so awesome, for me, is that it recognizes that sometimes deliberately refraining from action is the most powerful action you can take, and it defines its characters by those active refusals, those conscious choices to not go after more.  Hamilton throws away his shot, Eliza throws away her anger, Angelica throws away her chance, Washington throws away his reelection.  Principle is sometimes most meaningfully expressed by where we draw the line and what we refuse to do, which is why Hamilton cannot back Burr after hearing that there’s “nothing [he] wouldn’t do.”

Hamilton never really gives up.  As Burr says in “Wait for It,” all he does is “change the game.”

These things, too, are part of taking your shot: you take the opportunity to be better, smarter, kinder.  Hey, sometimes you “take the bullets out your gun” and that’s part of how you win the war.

i know i’ve made 23948234 posts about this and i should probably just letitgo.mp3 but i still cannot believe how widespread the idea that taylor swift is a walking talking suing machine is on this website (and now the entire internet in general) and how it essentially came from ONE joke meme which then spawned a few factually incorrect posts like….. it just shows how easily false information is spread on the World Wide Web and i feel like we’re really wasting the opportunity to spread way more fun rumours like

we could be makin ppl believe that john boyega is a talented rhythmic gymnast or that steve carell and rainn wilson were in a secret relationship for the entire time they were filming the office or that selena gomez is a cat whisperer who can have in depth conversations with all of the world’s feline creatures and instead we’ve just made everyone and their great aunt think that taylor swift gets some sort of borderline disturbing pleasure from taking people to court for quoting her lyrics on the internet

Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can’t buy more hours. Scientists can’t invent new minutes. And you can’t save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow.
Why I think Pacifica Northwest is The Most Underrated Gravity Falls and so under-appreciated

Yeah I know i can’t stop talking and praising Pacifica but Im sorry I think Alex Hirsch is just missed out the opportunity. He wasted such a underrated character who would of give so much potential and developments. Why you may ask?

1. Making Real Friends like Mabel, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda

She should of be part of The Last Mabelcorn to team up with them and develop a friendship with them

2. Learning to be a normal person

After she was raised by the Northwest who thinks about popularity, money, and power and developed a friendship with Dipper, he and Mabel could of teach her how to be like everybody else instead of just having money and style.

3. Development a relationship with Dipper

After Dipper lost his chance with Wendy and he has quality time with Pacifica, maybe they’ll get to know each other more and Dipper will move on and stop obsessing over Wendy

4. Team up with the Pines Family to stop Bill

Since there’s a hint that she’s a Llama aka Nature’s Strongest Warriors, she could help them in a first place and stop Bill from his evil plans.

Look Im just saying, do you know how much effort they would of put in if they go through route. Take Steven Universe for example

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They gave Peridot so much potential to learn about the human world, developed a relationship with Steven and the Crystal Gems and now she redeemed herself and became one of the Crystal Gems.

Final Conclusion:

Even though I still love GF and I can’t wait for the finale but in a same time I was  kinda disappointed. Because ever since Northwest Mansion Mystery, I was hoping we can see more of Pacifica to develop her more but now imo I think it was kinda waste  :(

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What kind of kinks do you think The teen wolf boys have? Also can you order them in dick size? Biggest to Smallest? ;)x

stiles: [10.5 in] i think stiles would be super into nipple play. a twist here, a bite there. the point is, stiles is obsessed with your titties and doesn’t waste any opportunity to play with them, fondle them, decorate them in chocolate and lap them up. on some nights, he likes to stick his cock between them and titty fuck you. when he comes, he comes directly on your face.

boyd: [9 in] he loves it when you scratch him with your nails. over his scalp, over his hard, defined back, digging into his shoulders when he’s fucking you missionary. but boyd has no problem with letting you take control, especially when you ride him reverse cowgirl with nails clawing at his thighs. it makes his balls throb, makes his cock ache to fill you completely. he heals afterwards and combs his own blunt nails through your hair while you come down from your high, cradled safely into his chest.

scott: [8.2 in] the true alpha has a thing for butts. he’s an ass man. he might give you a playful squeeze when you’re waiting in line for mexican food bc he thinks no one’s watching. he loves walking behind you because he gets to watch the little bounce in your step. scott never disappoints when he bends you over his lap and slaps your ass until it’s bright red and bruised because you’ve been a bad girl for teasing him in those little high-waisted shorts all day. 

isaac: [7.9 in] i firmly believe that isaac would have a licking kink. this can range from full on lapping at your neck and your pussy during sex to just nuzzling his face into your hair and subtly flicking his tongue over your ear in public. it’s another version of kissing for him and he’ll always deny that it’s connected to dog behavior when you tease him about it. but it’s really cute and comforting for both of you. for him, because he gets to mark you with his scent. you, because it reminds you that under all his bravado and werewolf, he’s still that same puppy beta.

derek: [7.2 in] the alpha can’t resist biting you. typical. you could be riding him on the couch, grinding into his lap, and he’ll just tug your hair and pull your flesh outstretched and exposed for him so he can sink his teeth into you. he won’t bite hard enough to injure you, but you always had a thing for bruises and marks anyway, so it sends you over the edge into your climax. derek will smirk when other boys see his teeth marks on you and ask you about it, see the resulting bruises after he kisses and sucks at the tender area. 

BONUS: isaac loves to call you princess. he likes to dote on you, show you how much he not only loves you, but adores you. and like that anon said, isaac likes his princess dirty. but i also just think isaac likes his princess handcuffed to her own bed and screaming when he sets the vibrator to the highest setting and places it on your clit until you’re squirting all over him. 

When spending on things other than books.
  • Me:*pays $50 for a dress*
  • Me:Damn, that could have gotten me two hardcover books.
  • Me:*pays $15 for a meal*
  • Me:$15, are you kidding me?! I could have gotten a paperback for that!!!
  • Me:*basically calculates each opportunity cost in terms of book prices*
  • Me:What a terrible waste of money, I should have bought a book instead. Now I have no money.
  • Me:Goes to a bookstore and spends $200 without batting an eye.
Though fairy tales end after ten pages, our lives do not. We are multi-volume sets. In our lives, even though one episode amounts to a crash and burn, there is always another episode awaiting us and then another. There are always more opportunities to get it right, to fashion our lives in the ways we deserve to have them. Don’t waste your time hating a failure. Failure is a greater teacher than success.
Friends are not always your friends. Loves are not always your loves. Family is not always your family. But you will always have friends. You will always have loves. And you will always have family. Do not waste your time counting loses, count your blessings instead.
—  MK Ireland #76 : old doors close, new ones open