and it was such a wasted opportunity


Shelter Henk Wildschut

From the artist:

Close to the port of Calais there is an area encompassing a few hundred square meters that is known as ‘The Jungle’. The people occupying this area have traveled many miles to get there, and their journey is still not at an end. Calais is the departure point for the final and most desirable crossing. There are thousands of people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria, all in search of a better life in Britain, the destination of their dreams.

While they await the opportunity to make the great crossing, they build temporary shelters: tent-like structures made of waste material from the immediate surroundings of the camp. In the best cases, the cultural characteristics of the country of origin can barely be distinguished in these.
The way in which the primary requirements of life are manifested in such shelters forms the leitmotif of this documentary photography project, for which I travelled extensively to Calais, the south of Spain, Dunkirk, Malta, Patras and Rome. For me, the image of the shelter – wherever it is in Europe – became the symbol of the misery these refugees experience.

Images and text via Henk Wildschut

My summary of the OPM fandom last night.

So! For the ones who weren’t in Tumblr when this happened, Papa @cinensis decided to take a nap and told us not to do something crazy; guess what, @sai-pop was literally the first one to begin a rebelion against Joshua’s command ‘cuz the opportunity couldn’t be wasted! Slowly everybody jumped in and the party begun.

The whole fandom (a lot of awesome people included in it) brought crabs, bananas, sodas, pizza, glitter, glow sticks, craziness and even Saitama and Genos showed up. By the time Joshua woke up things were pretty much like this:

Even @florbe-triz got in! 

(I couldn’t participate entirely due to Uni projects uuugh)

After this, everybody cleaned up but there was still that warm feeling of closeness; everybody was contributing with drawings and awesome ideas.

BUT it wasn’t enough yet, ‘cause #florensis kicked in. Trying to get Florbe to sleep, Joshua offered her ice-ceam, pizza and a nap together. Sweet child Doona jumped in as well and…


And this, my friends, is why I love this place and the people in it.

The end! (messy sketches ‘cause gotta run to work hah, kill me).

Hillary Clinton is simply the right candidate at the wrong time. Bill Clinton and centrism were right for the ’90s because Democrats were in a generational retreat and could only win the White House with Southern, moderate candidates, but in 2016 Democrats are in ascension for a generation of Millennial loyalty. Democrats would be wasting a huge electoral opportunity in nominating a timid Democrat who is most comfortable in the center-right.

“Nihilism is the recognition of the long waste of strength, the agony of the ‘in vain’, insecurity, the lack of any opportunity to recover and regain composure. It is being ashamed in front of oneself, as if one had deceived oneself all too long.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §12A (edited excerpt).

Lip service about “love the sinner, hate the sin” and all of that other hypocritical hogwash that tries to dress up condescending homophobia as a pious wish for people to get closer to God by rejecting a part of themselves will not fly with me.

You’re wasting a lot of time and energy, a lot of opportunities to do good, by focusing on condemning some people. It is not courageous to hate people. It is courageous to love them. Love is always the answer. That is what Jesus wanted us to remember. How easily we can forget.

—  Sarah

     “I’m from Italy, I’m doing a PhD in London, and I’m here on a scholarship. My father has cancer, and recently things have been declining quickly. Yesterday I spoke with my mom, and she was crying. The doctors told her that that was about it. He’s losing hope and letting himself go. I think it’s normal. After a while, you get tired.
     I decided to come here because it was a big opportunity, and I have to think about my future. But now I’m not sure what to do. I can’t tell you how many times today I’ve walked from Jamaica Pond to the Public Garden and back.
My mom and my dad don’t want me to go back. They say it’s pointless, and I’m going to waste the opportunity that I have. I also know how important it is for my dad to be strong until the end and not rely on other people.
     I try to remind myself that everyone gets old, and how it could have been worse. At least I’ve had the chance to live my relationship with my dad as fully as possible. Coming here has also made me really passionate about what I’m doing, seeing how driven other people are, and hearing interesting talks, and discussing ideas. I questioned whether I wanted to be in academia, but now I know. I am really enjoying my time here, but it’s strange that I feel guilty about it somehow.”


Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.
—  Og Mandino

Guys guys guys something amazing just happened. 

I actually wrote almost 1.5K of a fic in an hour. Unfortunately I then had to break off to leave the office, get home from work and, you know, eat and stuff. But now I have three hours till bedtime and I am hoping that the flow will still be there. 

You may have rumbelle fic tonight!!

Love Letter

My life has always been

      a little pile of broken pieces

Sitting on the side of the road with a sign - free to any home

Giving myself away in fragments,

for nothing at all

The little pieces of me are worthless

      just regretful shards of wasted opportunity

and space

At least in someone else’s hands they might do some good.

The less of me there is

The smaller they grow

Until they are falling through my fingertips


                   like sand

And then I have nothing

       And then I am nothing

You found the pieces of me, sitting on the sidewalk

       and you asked me

“May I take them home with me?”

I didn’t know what to say.

I was afraid.

I gave you a piece, and you asked for another

  and another

         and they did not slide through your fingertips

The more I gave you, the more I found.

         More pieces than ever I knew I had.

I gave until I realized you held all of me in your hands.

I was still afraid,

and you said I was brave.

I asked what you would do with me, and you took my hands

  cradled them together

and gave me back every piece of myself

They did not slide through my fingers,

Not with your hands there.

I only saw broken worthless pieces,

  but you showed me they could be beautiful

       and brave

And you told me

“I will help you put them back together.”

Then I knew that I loved you too.

I want the 3ds version of pokemon red/yellow/blue because its cheap and it would probably be fun to play but if I get the opportunity to buy it I’m worried ill get bored with it because I’ve become spoiled to the newer games and then it’ll feel like a waste of $10

To Kat Graham & Ian Somerhalder

I cannot tell you how in awe I am of your devotion to your characters, fans and each other, despite all of the BS you two have to go through to make certain people happy. It really sucks that all of that potential went to waste because a few people want to see their fantasies come true and wish to insert themselves into said fantasies (stick to fanfiction, kids). Once you finally end your contracts with TVD, I hope good karma follows you both and you find new opportunities that will make you both shine like the stars you are. Much love and good luck to the both of you.

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Faking It Cancellation

It’s just frustrating because they had such a good opportunity to move the Karmy storyline along after the end of 2B with the kiss in the pool, but instead they waste the new season on Karmy not talking and the Sabrina bullshit.

Faking It was such an important show because it helped so many people learn about LGBT+ issues, and had so many different types of people from the community, and was just generally such an educational show, but instead they’ve invalidated it all completely by cancelling it but letting other, worse, shows continue.

And Carter’s bullshit about “regretting not getting a chance to explore Karma further” - yes you did, you just wasted it on Liam fucking Booker.

It’s just another example of a show that will never have a queer couple happy ending and I’m sick and tired of it tbh.