and it was still hard to choose only 10

iGOT7 Tag

Saw this on my feed and wanted to do it <3

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning Got7?  

Yugyeom <3333

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2. Who is your current bias? 

Wang bby (:

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3. What is your favorite Got’HARD CARRY’ episode? 

I can’t choose tbh

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4. What is your favorite Got7 song? 

Hard Carry or Follow Me

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5. Which member is your bias wrecker? 

Yugyeom or- all the other members

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6. Which member appears in your dreams the most? 


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7. What is your favorite Got7 MV? 

Is it lazy to say all of them? Probably Stop It if I had to choose

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8. What is your favorite Got7 choreography? 

Just Right because it’s so cute and just yes ;-;

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9. Which Got7 choreography do you dance to most often? 

Once again, Just Right ;u;

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10. How long have you been an IGOT7? 

Only a few months tbh. But I still love them a lot ;-;

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11. Which album track list is your favorite? 


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12. Which album art is your favorite? 

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband? 

Yugyeom ((((:

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Sweet Elite: An Otome Game made and Designed for you

Hi everyone! :)
I usually don’t post non-mcl related things on this blog but I’m very excited to share this project I’ve been working on with you!! 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a very busy lady. Several months ago, I started developing a game with the help of other lovely My Candy Love fans (<3). This game is designed to fix many problems and controversial issues we’ve seen in the community, including: 

  1. No Same-sex Dating: Girl players want to date girl characters and boy players want to date boy characters. Most games do not offer an LGTBQA branch of the storyline.
  2. Lack of Diversity: Players often have to settle with a playable character that has no skin color/race options. Furthermore, characters in-game (datable or not) are rarely PoC and many of you would like a more diverse cast.
  3. Lack of variety & cliché characters and stories: Many players would like more dialogue options as well as choices that truly make a difference in the end. 

Therefore, I have gathered a team of amazing people to make our own game. A game that listens to the wants of our players, and a game that would solve all of the problems listed above. 

And now that I’ve hit 1000+ followers and that we have enough material to show, I think it’s time to introduce you guys to Sweet Elite and the characters you can expect to meet while playing! 

If you want to find out how to join the team and put your artistic, writing, programming, editing, etc. skills into the project, keep reading or visit this page for full details!

You don’t even have to be part of the team to help. Spreading the word around, reblogging this post and wanting to know more about the game is enough. It means a lot to us. <3

Keep reading to find out more about the game :)

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My things from KPP @kittensplaypenshop came in today!
I ordered from the clearance ready to ship section.
Put it in on the 9th of Jan. It was sent out on the 13th and came to me 2 days later. I’m lucky to live in the same province for it to get to me so quickly.
Love the adorable stickers and the lolly in the hello kitty bag is a great touch. :3

I love everything ♡ I’ve already taken a nice cat nap with the pink one on.
It fits very well and I don’t ever want to take it off ♡
The purple one is also super nice. I took a photo of the inside to show that it is soft, something I was unsure about. Only thing is that the purple choker is still quite loose on the smallest button but that’s my own fault. (11.5 inch neck)
The locket feels well made and seems pretty sturdy (not a flimsy metal) and also comes with a key which I will probably give to my boyfriend.

So all in all 10/10 nothing to complain about. I can’t wait to finally decide and get something custom. They’ve added so many more options on the site, its so hard to choose.

Nekoma OVA Translation

This is the first thing I’ve ever translated, and I think I did a pretty good job!

I’m aware that there’s another one around but I felt like doing my own for practice and since I spent so much time on it I might as well post it… It’s probably not as accurate but it’s enough to give you an idea of what’s happening.

Much thanks to memordes (check out her new pairing generator!) for being the idiomatic English expert, my enlightened grammarian, the inserter of action cues, editor and being generally awesome… I would be lost without you and none of this would make sense ;_; You are the best.

Also thank you to Kimmy for reading through it in a different time zone because of my incessant screaming and to naff-nuff-nice for her net squish-hugs and encouragement!

Credit if using please!

Under the cuttttttt!

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LLSIF JP Notices


■ Online Tournament (wOW IM EXCITED but jp players are a+++ so cries and it’s on my son kuroko’s bday :’D) 

BUT ALSO: You *should* be able to enter the online one, but there’s this second tournament which is only available for people living in Japan.

  • They will be held in the app itself.
  • Held from: January 31, 2016 (Sun) 4 pm - February 15, 2016 (Mon) 3 pm, JP time zone.
  • You can play the task (課題, aka goals) songs up to 10 times.
  • ※期間中に一度もオンライン予選に参加されなかった場合、二次予選へ応募をすることができませんのでご注意ください。
  • If you exit the app in the middle of a game, it’s game over for you pardon my english AND it will still be counted as 1 game (you can only play a total of 10!!) so please be very careful
  • DIFFICULTY CHOICES: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, AND EXPERT, choose anything you want :)
  • UNIT: (a bit confuseddd)「SUNNY DAY SONG」, cannot be changed. Your existing units cannot be used. So…I think only those who have all the promo cards can play… im not crying
  • Apparently they said sth about no change of music, like it’s the normal SUNNY DAY SONG you play…?
  • Please check your settings for the pop-ups and effects before playing, as there will be no specified settings for you. (so i think basically if you want it to be turned off then turn it off, if you don’t want then just leave it..? depends on you tbh)
  • Participation benefits: Limited edition titles (you know those bibi, full combo, etc. kinds), you will be able to win at least once in the tournament (?)
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: February 15, 2016 (Monday), 4 pm to February 21, 2016 (Sun) 3 pm. (i think apply for like entering the second tournament) Apparently, you can sign up in the game! NOTE: ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE LIVING IN JAPAN.
  • They will decide it based on your max (idk total or highest score) score in the game.
  • AND BASICALLY, THE REST IS ABOUT THE VENUES AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW JAPANESE, YOU PROBS DON’T LIVE IN JAPAN, SO YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE, WHICH MEANS THAT IT’S A WASTE OF MY TIME just kidding im just lazy lmao but fun fact: they have to play HEART to HEART! (EX only) with the idolized (or promo..?) marine cards! and you must have your pop-ups set to large and effects on! And etc etc :))

Love Live! Thanksgiving 2016

  • lmao this is also limited to people in japan cries