and it was sooo close

It’s a hand, Andrew says, not a question, but not quite mockery, when Neil’s gaze lingers a little too long.
It’s your hand, Neil says, and doesn’t bother to explain. Instead he slips his fingers through Andrew’s and digs in like he can leave his fingerprints on Andrew’s pale skin.
Andrew doesn’t pull away, and they don’t go in until the storm breaks.

I guess you can also call this thing: Andreil, a summary.

  • JIMIN: *Calls JB*
  • J.BIEBER: Who ar-
  • JIMIN: If you attend the BBMAs you will break a family
  • J.BIEBER: I don't care
  • JIMIN: and I got an ARMY with BOMBS
  • J.BIEBER: ...*Declines the invite to the BBMAs*
  • JUNGKOOK: *Crying* I was sooo close to meeting sunbaeniiiiiim
  • JIMIN: It is ok. It is ok. You still have ME! I am ALL you need

If you’re writing fanfic about traveling the mojave here are a few pointers

- sand everywhere in everything always

- very very hot days during summer with (usually) warm nights and very very cold nights with nice crisp day temperatures during winter, spring and fall are hot days with freezing nights

- wind. dust storms. Looser the sand the worse. Theres a mod that adds those in, its accurate

- rare, but flash floods that can be pretty terrifying. A mod cant really add water currents but if youre stuck in a wash during one you will probably die

- i mean it about the sand, it will be in everything that isnt sealed air tight. Mojave food seasoning. Mojave dry shampoo. Mojave dirt bath.

- whatever the endurance of the character, theyre going to eat more walking the mojave. idk if its just me but i usually eat 3x more when im in the desert.

- clothes… loose clothes that cover full body are the best… shorts and a tank top, not so much, unless sunscreen survived…which hey it couldve

- random abandoned mines and abandoned shacks are a real thing. They arent sooo close and easy to find as in fnv, but that is a desert thing not a game thing. Also abandoned gas stations, random restaurants in the middle of nowhere, ect

-idk if every bug mutated to be huge, but there are a lot of those.

Jongkey almost kisses

I’ll begin with this one. Jonghyun seems to be the one who’s always initiating there “would be” kisses. In this moment he gets so close to Kibum, but the only thing stopping him is the fact that Kibum shook his head signaling a “no.”

Onto then ext and we have this one:

Once again we have Kibum stopping the “kiss” Jonghyun would’ve at least landed a peck somewhere on his face otherwise I’m pretty sure being with how touchy a person he is with Kibum (as well as the other members)

THIS THIS THIS they were always testing the boundaries throughout Lucifer era, this is one of those moments. Sexual tension was high, so we have Jonghyun leaning in and you can see that his eyes are focused on Kibum’s lips, but this entire moment and his actions are like a tease. He isn’t really going to kiss Kibum, I think he did this to see how Kibum would react. 

Jjong….that was so extra…like, in all honestly he could have waited, side-stepped instead of moving around Kibum like that lol. 

All of their whispering is questionable tbh

But last but definitely not least, the pocky kiss

Jonghyun was going in for the all kill; you can see it in his eyes, the smirk on his lips and the tilt of his head. If the cameras weren’t there, who know’s what would’ve happened. (I do)

fast forward to 1:00 and here we have Jonghyun whispering to Kibum in a way that could be seen as more than just a whisper. 

RWBY Art Challenge Day 5: CFVY Team Member.

Tfw your girlfriend keeps switching your super suit out for her “high fashion” weeaboo cosplay shit. (´-ω-`)

I came sooo close to giving up on today, as my sleep schedule is slowly imploding on me, BUT the idea of drawing a stupid, cute bunny suit pushed me forward! Just 25 more days! *chokes* Help me god.

Love is not Over. 💝


Pairing: Tom holland x reader

Summary: Reader has been dating tom for a while and makes a great friendship with Anthony and Sebastian, so naturally she joins the #RoastTomHollandSquad™ (based on this interview )

word count: 1542

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Being Tom Holland’s girlfriend wasn’t an easy task, but someone had to do it, right?. Being away from him sucked at the beginning, but ever since last year you had started coming to the recording sets along with him and Harrison, so everything worked great for you guys.

Tom loved having his girlfriend next to him everyday, not worrying about distance ruining their relationship, and the fans and press loved you! Even his castmates, whom Y/n had developed a great friendship with.

Following Tom around his crazy schedule had many negatives, such as being sleep deprived all the time, but it also had it’s perks. You got to tag alone as to many of the press events and conventions, such as today’s D23 expo.

You had come with Tom to the reveal of the Infinity War trailer and people had loved it! All the fans had gone absolutely nuts when they saw it, and wanted to know even more about the upcoming movie.

Right now all the cast was being interviewed in pairs about the movie and their characters. You stepped away, trying to give Tom some space and deciding to gander around.

That was until you heard Tom’s name being called, followed by a series of laughs. As you turned around you realised it was Anthony and Seb, chatting with some interviewer.

“Hey Y/n come here!” Anthony called out for you as he turned around to the girl interviewing them “She will tell you how awful he is, after all; she has to deal with him on a daily basis. Can you imagine that?”

You laughed as you approached them, realising what this was about. They were, once again, roasting your boyfriend’s ass with the press.

It all started a couple.months back, when Anthony called Tom a little asshole, and his beef towards him had only increased ever since, dragging Seb along the way. It was pretty hilarious if they asked you.

“Y/n Seriously, how you do it? How can you stand him all day?”

“Well, why do you think I’m not with him right now? A girl needs her breaks”

The two actors laughed with you, deciding to have some more fun at Tom’s expense.

“Was he annoying you? Have you given him his juice box yet?” Seb asked, looking genuinely concerned, but still using his teasing voice.  

“I’m not his nanny! If he wants a juice box he can get it on his own!” You said, trying to look serious and offended before continuing. “Besides that’s Harrison’s job”

This time Anthony, Seb and even the interviewer bursted out laughing at the mention of Tom’s “assistant”.

The interviewer decided to play along with your little teasing toward Tom, joining in the conversation.

“Y/n, you’ve been dating Tom for some time now; how you keep up with his little attitude problem and all the special requests he has?”

“Let me tell you it’s not an easy task, but honestly that why I keep Harrison around, he can keep track of his needs while I enjoy the benefits”

“So that’s it Y/n? You just going to let his best friend take care of his needs?”

“Well, not all his needs if you catch my drift, but any other stuff he can take care off.”

Anthony interrupted the conversation, trying to sound sarcastic about your last comment. He tried looking surprised as he raised both of his eyebrows and stared at the interviewers camera.

“I guess Spider-Boy is a real man now”

“He is, Anthony, but he still acts like a little boy”

“The weirdest thing is” Seb continued, as everyone’s attention focused back at him. “He has this weird personality swings! You can be with Tom the little boy sipping on his juice box, and next thing you know you’re with Thomas the old man who likes his tea without sugar!”

You laughed along saying. “He looks 15, acts like he is 8, but is secretly 64”

You were about to step out of the interview, but Anthony wasn’t done roasting Tom.

“Wait, he likes tea without Sugar?! as if this kid could be any more problematic!”

“Tell me about it” You said as you rolled your eyes, pretending to be annoyed. “ He is a big problem when cooking dinner. He has this weird diet going on and can only have certain stuff”

Seb laughed as he hugged you from besides while he said. “That’s kid is just a huge problem”

The interviewer had noticed how close you seemed to be with the cast, and decided to comment on it.

“I can feel like there is some strong friendship here! How did that happen?”

Anthony decided to answer on the question as he hugged you from the other side, making you look tiny between them both.

“Well, at first when she arrived to the sets we thought she was going to be a huge diva like her boyfriend, however when we finally talked to her she seemed like a pretty chill girl, right Seb?”

“Yeah, after we hanged out the three of us we decided to keep this kiddo around” He said as he ruffled your hair, with a friendly smile.

“Is that so Y/n?” said the interviewer, trying to get as much info as she could.

“Well, also our hatred for Tom brought us even closer.”

“Well, there you have it folks! An inside on what is working and living with Spiderman:Homecoming Star Tom Holland, by not other than Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Tom’s lovely girlfriend Y/n Y/ln.”

The interview finally ended, as the interviewer went back to her job and you were left with both boys. You kept on talking about random stuff until you noticed Tom approaching you.

“Oh no! The diva is back!”

Anthony laughed as Tom made a funny face at him, while grabbing your hand. You gave Tom a quick peck before you were interrupted again.

“Hey Thomas, you’ll never believe the great interview we just had! And Y/n joined us! But I guess you’ll just have to wait until later to see it”

Anthony had a devilish grin in his face as he stared at both of them. Seb was trying not to burst out laughing as he looked at Tom. The boy looked at the girl with a questioning and confused look, wondering what that was all about, however dropping it as they were called for pictures with the cast.

“Go Tom, I’ll wait for you over there alright?”

“You’re not getting away without telling me alright?”

Finally Tom turned around and went to join the whole cast for more pictures and interviews.

The rest of the day went by rapidly until it was the end of the day and you went back to the hotel with Tom.You got into your room, hoping to get a good night of sleep, however Tom was not letting things go by.

“Hey babe, what was that interview about?”

“Ummm? What interview?”

“The one Anthony just send me through twitter? The one he mentioned you joined”

You got a little preoccupied at the thought of Tom watching it. Sure, it had all been jokes, but you didn’t want him to get angry or fight about that stupid thing.

“We were just kidding Tom- You know Anthony, he started his beef and I- I might have joined them” You kept playing with your hair and glancing down, getting a little nervous at his reaction.

Tom noticed your behaviour as he seated down, holding you from behind. “I won’t get mad love, I know you were kidding.”

You let out a breath you didn’t knew you were holding before turning around and kissing him, before he pulled back and asked. “Well, can I see the interview?”

You sighed as you let out a nod and Tom pressed on the link. The title read “Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan and Y/n Y/ln trash talk new Marvel Star??. Honestly these sites did anything to get a couple of views.

The interview came up showing the beginning without you, until you finally joined and continued. You watched as Tom laughed at some of the comments, and made some faces at others. It was kind of cute actually.

He finally turned to face you as he raised his left eyebrow at you. Great, you could feel a comment coming your way

“Sooo, I’m a big problem uhh?”

He got close to your face, almost brushing his lips next to yours. His eyes had gotten dark and was staring at you with a hungry look as he moved his hands to your legs, gently stroking them. You decided to tease him a little bit as you looked innocently at him, grabbing him by his neck.

“You can be very problematic”

“I’ll show you how problematic I can really be”

Tom finally closed his eyes and kissed you hard, as he pressed you against the couch. He grabbed your legs and lifted you with him, taking you to the bed and dropping you in it, as he got above yo and removed his shirt, kissing you once again.

Yep. Being Tom Holland’s girlfriend wasn’t easy, but hey, someone had to do it.

Random appreciation of Ethan because he’s come so far and it makes me emotional. I watched an older video recently, back when his channel was still fairly small, and he talked about what the channel meant to him and what he wanted to do with it, and just to continue to make people happy. He also said that he was afraid because he didn’t want us to forget about him. Now, just seeing how much the channel and community have grown since then is so incredible. And now he lives in LA and does YouTube full time and is sooo close to 300k! And he still constantly reminds us of how much the community means to him, and how much he loves us, and it’s too sweet. I just love seeing people living their dreams, and I’m so fucking proud of him.
I don’t know, I’m kind of emotional today and this community means the fucking world to me, I love it to bits, and I couldn’t forget him if I tried.

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Hi, just a fun fact! I'm not American but I spent a year studying in the USA, where I met two boys who made me question larry sooo much, because they were so close, just like harry and lou used to be, but still just friends. So I was obviously thinking, "if they are this close, larry could've been just a friendship, like theirs". But this summer I met again one of them and it turns out they were actually secretly dating and having sex the whole time. So yeah, larry is real.

i? love this

Got7 Reaction: Trying To Talk To A Girl Who’s Really Shy

Requested by: Anonymous 

A/N: As someone who’s extremely shy and socially awkward this was sooo easy to write. Although it hits a little too close to home for me :”3 Anyways, I hope you like this!! Thanks so much for requesting!!

||Requests Are Open||

Mark: This boy is extremely awkward when it comes to talking to girls, and a quiet person, so within approaching you he’d already be shy himself. Seeing that you were also like this would make him feel strangely more comfortable and would find you adorable. He’d try to get you to talk to him, but not to the point where you’d feel uncomfortable

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jackson: It’s Jackson Wang we’re talking about. No matter how shy you were, in matter of minutes this boy would be able to make you feel comfortable and get you to talk to him. His approach would be very friendly and warm and from the first seconds of getting to meet him, you’d already be laughing with his lame jokes.

Originally posted by umma-jy

Jaebum: I feel like Jaebum wouldn’t understand you were just shy, he would think you weren’t interested and would leave you alone. See, he’s kind of oblivious when it comes to girls and their behavior. If he really liked you, he’d come up to you again and you’d have to tell him you were just shy or else he’d get extremely offended.

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jinyoung: I feel like Jinyoung would know you were shy by just looking at you. Before he approached you he’d have studied the way you standed, talked and acted around to people. When he finally came up to you he’d be very polite and would ask you questions to get you to talk to him. He wouldn’t want to force you to speak to him by any means, just make you feel comfortable around him.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Youngjae:This sunshine would approach you slowly and would shoot you his bright smile, trying to start a small talk with you. If you didn’t talk and just looked at him smilling shyly he would understand that you were shy and would tell you to not feel uncomfortable and that he won’t judge you.

Originally posted by jypnior

Bambam: International playboy BamBam doesn’t have the word “shy” in his dictionary. If he wanted to talk to you, nothing could stop him. He’d compliment you nonstop and have you blushing and giggling within the first seconds. He would get you to talk to him and make you feel comfortable around him sooo easily.

Originally posted by justrightforjb

Yugyeom: Our maknae is so shy around girls, it’s no secret. He had to build up so much courage to come up to you only to realise you were as or even more shy than him. He’d smile at you and let you know that you didn’t have to feel nervous and would even admit he was quite reserved himself.

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“Dancing With Our Hands Tied" 

[lyric analysis per my anon requests]
I, I loved you in secret
First sight, yeah, we love without reason
Oh, 25 years old
Oh, how were you to know and

  1. First off the beginning of the song is in the past tense because she is looking back on emotions she previously experienced in the relationship not ones she’s feeling at the time of writing this
  2. Taylor’s only relationship thats been a secret is joe in case anyone had any question who this song is about. 
  3. love without reason: when you fall in love you don’t know whyyyy you do, you just did. no reasons. you just did. And ‘first sight’ is throwing back to her sentiments expressed in Gorgeous - she felt something for him right away. Which she has unequivocally said was a song about joe.
  4. 25 years old, how were you to know - how did you know at 25 you were going to fall in love with me (joe was 25 and taylor 26 when they started dating)

My, my love had been frozen
Deep blue, but you painted me golden
Oh, and you held me close
Oh, how was I to know what

I could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets
Picture of your face in an invisible locket

  1. she’s looking back at a time when he was  holding her close with his hands in her back pockets. you know when a guy puts his hands in the back pockets of your jeans and you hug. she is saying she couldve stood like that with him forever. She had thought she couldnt love again, that it was dead/frozen (blue) but he brought it to life again, made it shiny and new (golden). Before the fears set in.
  2. face in an invisible locket. She’s not wearing an actual locket w/his face in it but she is holding him and the idea of him close to her heart as if she was. (Sooo again this isnt a calvin song since that locket was actually real)

You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it
I had a bad feeling

  1. he told her there was nothing that could stop them from falling in love, their feels were so strong
  2. She was nervous to get into a relationship and fall in love so fast - probably due to the last 2 rs she had.

And darling, you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis

People started talking, putting us through our paces
I knew there was no one in the world who could take it
I had a bad feeling

  1. she may have had a bad feeling at first but he changed her mind.  She thought she would never love again, that her bed was a desert (dried up, infertile, cracked). But he turned it into an oasis. An oasis is a place in the middle of a desert where there is water and fertile land. He showed her she could still love and be loved.
  2. But then ….”people started talking putting us through our paces” is a key line. Remember she’s already said she’s loving this man in secret. Remember the plane info being spread online at halloween. About why did taylor go to london. Remember the articles about ‘where is taylor’. Remember perez posting that she’s secretly in london later in early ‘17. imagine you are taylor, a highly visible and recognizable person and you are hiding from the world but not only that, a huge secret. a  relationship. Thats a big burden on both your shoulders. if people are talking about where taylor is, what is she doing, that can be nervewracking. is she going to get caught? will they get found out ? ‘putting us through the paces’ things got complicated for them.
  3. ‘knew no one in the world who could take it / i had a bad feeling’ think back to the many articles where she’s thought that no one could handle her fame or the media if they got caught. where she worried that it would get to be too much. that the media would inevitably crush what she had. She is saying that she started to worry that the same thing was going to happen again. That they were gonna get caught and the media will ruin it. AGain this cannot be tom nor calvin becasue the media was well aware of both those relationships, no secrets.

But we were dancing
Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied
Yeah, we were dancing
Like it was the first time, first time
Yeah, we were dancing
Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied
Yeah, we were dancing
And I had a bad feeling
But we were dancing

  1. She’s still looking back at when they were scared of getting caught. They were enjoying their time together, being close. Metaphorically dancing. Enjoying the feeling of being together was great and still felt fresh and new - like your first dance is. Still exhilarating. But they were sort of prisoners to their situation. Their hands were tied. They couldnt do everything they wanted, bc they were a big secret. Their hands were tied. they couldnt go out in public freely. She was worried they were gonna get caught hence the “bad feeling” but they persevered; they were dancing. They were still enjoying themselves despite feeling like prisoners of their own situation.  
  2. This is key because she wasnt in this situation with any of her previous boyfriends, worried about getting caught.

I, I loved you in spite of
Deep fears that the world would divide us
So, baby, can we dance
Oh, through an avalanche?
And say, say that we got it
I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted
Oh, ‘cause it’s gravity
Oh, keeping you with me

  1. “i loved you in spite of deep fears the world would divide us” – throughout all the fears she had felt, she loved him, despite being so worried about something tearing them apart. again going back to worrying that when/if they got found out that the media and everyone would try to tear their rs apart, ruin it, force them apart, literally. She is talking about the future here.   hence future tense “would”.
  2. Can we dance through an avalanche? can we stay happy and together through a massive shitstorm? ie. our secret rs getting found out? can we say that we got this, that we’ll be okay? Can we do this?
  3. i’m a mess but the mess you wanted - she was definitely a mess going into this rs; this goes back to what she talks about in Delicate - that he likes her for her. Mess and all. And a mess about getting found out. But she’s his beautiful mess. 
  4. cause its gravity / keeping you with me - callback to the magnetic field she refers to in Gorgeous.  which again was about joe. she might be a mess, but there is something bonding them together that they can’t control. You can’t control gravity. Gravity just exists. This force was keeping "you with me”

I’d kiss you as the lights went out
Swaying as the room burned down
I’d hold you as the water rushes in
If I could dance with you again
I’d kiss you as the lights went out
Swaying as the room burned down
I’d hold you as the water rushes in
If I could dance with you again

  1. Now Taylor is looking to the future again and switches tenses. 
  2. She’s saying…If their relationship gets ruined by the media, (this is future tense now, the “I’d” - which is impt to note) she’ll kiss him til the very end, as the lights go out (metaphor). She’ll sway with him dancing as everything burned around them and it was turned to ashes, she’s going to hold on to him. if the floods come in and people try to drown them, she would hold on to him. She doesnt want to give this relationship up if they have to face a storm, she’s gonna hold on to him through anything. if any of these disasters happened (electricity went out, avalanche, flood, fire) …she would want one more dance, one more minute, she would stay with him through any of that. 
  3. So now she has changed, she’s saying if these things happen….i’d hold you, i’d kiss you, i’d stay by your side if it means i can still dance with you again. if i can still be with you. She’s now gotten to a place in the story where she is saying she’ll be by his side, no matter what they face. She thinks they can make it through and she is saying she isnt going anywhere. 
  4. The dancing while maybe stemming from something literal, is mainly a metaphor for being together.

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What also confuses me is: 'I am good' - 'deg går bra' Why not 'jeg er bra'? Thanks again for reading!/ ^^

Hello!! c: Sorry for the…literally 4 months late reply omg //v\

It’s sososo easy to just translate phrases directly into your native language when you’re trying to learn a new language (I do it all the time, too!)– the thing is, that rarely works because languages almost never develop in the same direction (unless they’re really closely related, like say, Danish and Norwegian). 

SOOO the thing is, when you say “How are you?” in Norwegian, you’re not actually saying “How are you?”. 

“Hvordan går det?” literally means “How goes it?”– and that’s why, when you answer, you’d say: “Det går bra.” which literally means “It goes well.” 

If you were to translate “How are you?” directly into Norwegian, it would be “Hvordan er du?”, which sounds reeeeeally strange, beacuse in Norwegian this phrase would actually mean “How are you (as a person)?”, and you’re basically never gonna hear anyone say it– unless you have some really introspective friends.

It might be hard and confusing but when you’re learning a new language, I think it’s better to avoid comparing it to your native language, and instead approach it as an infant would approach their first language– like something completely new.

I hope that makes sense! c:

ethan as spiderman aesthetic!! v v proud of how the pics in the top middle and top right look together!! 

requests are open! please look at rules!

inspo: @markiplitessepticeyes go check out their teamiplier marvel au !! some cool shit !!

bonus: pics of ethan where he may or may not have a frog in his mouth