and it was so god damn hard to make i almost quit d:

“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (III)

A/N: Part III of CEO Harry! I sincerely hope this was worth the wait and that you guys enjoy it. Thank you for your lovely comments and support. As always, this includes smut, daddy kink and a shitload of angst. I hope you like it. ♥

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III.

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The sense of overachievement deeply ingrained in Y/N’s mindset is an innate weapon that can be both a blessing and a curse: when success is the rule rather than the exception, each failure, no matter how minor, feels like the end of the world.

Oliver Zhang represented all four horsemen during Y/N’s friday night apocalypse. She was certain she hadn’t experienced humiliation to its greatest extent until he stood her up at a VIP rooftop bar that overlooked the whole city and highlighted the blossoming nightlife she was letting go to waste -along with three hours of her precious time and a new outfit.

Unable to convert stress into drive whenever the gap between her expectations and the reality of her circumstances starts to diverge, she reverted back to a well-practised posture: that of spoiled brat utterly resolute in her decision to fuck shit up and get away with it.

The taste of defeat and the remnants of shame hovering on the tip of her tongue assumed control of her body and, naturally, what ensued was nothing short of wrongdoings she would gladly exclude from her future autobiography.  A videotape in fast forward, memories that her mind would disguise as dreams -and therefore wouldn’t regret- until the following morning.

What her brain did register was that at some point, her low cut silk burgundy dress came off. 

And somewhere along the way, she ended up in Harry Styles’ bed.

Her resolve might parallel that of an all-powerful creature but she’s only limited to her human strength, and no human in recorded history has been proved strong enough to fight off the inevitable.

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Impala Confessions

Pairing: Sam x Reader 
Characters: Sam, Reader, Dean 
Warnings: fluff, light swearing 
Word count: 881
Summary: The reader falls asleep while driving in the Impala with the Winchesters, and confessions are made.
Tag List: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove @evyiione @mogaruke @aliensdeservebetter @spnfanficpond​ @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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anonymous asked:

Hi! This is just an idea if your interested, can you do a Phan smut where dan and Phil are best friends and had grown up together and one night ( they're both 17 or 18 or something ) phil calls dan and starts out really awkwardly initiating phone sex like " what are you wearing " and they're both kind of giggling in the beginning but then it kind of gets more serious and phil kind of just describes how he would fuck dan until they cum..? This would be rly great 👌👌

1123 words of regret


Phil smiled when his phone rang, rolling his eyes and reaching over to his bedside table to grab it. He knew who it was before he even looked.

Dan, his best friend of seven years, was calling him. He did this every night, since Phil left their home town to go to a private school about an hour drive away. Dan insisted on staying, fancy boarding school wasn’t for him, he didn’t want the stress, but it didn’t stop him from missing his best friend.

“Hi,” Phil muttered into the phone, slightly breathlessly, flopping back on his bed. He could hear Dan smile.

“Hey Phil,” he answered, and Phil could tell he was relaxing. That happened for him too; just hearing Dan’s voice helped him release the stress of the day.

“How was your day?” The other boy asked through the phone, his voice soft.

“Oh, it was alright,” Phil muttered, sighing and running his fingers through his already messy hair. “I have a lot of homework, believe me.”

“I can imagine,” Dan chuckled.

“Still going to those parties?”

“Yeah… I’ve got nothing better to do since you’re gone.”

Phil sighed.

“Christ, Dan, you can’t keep throwing your time away like this. You have potential for so much more.”

“You’ve said.”

“Because I believe it.” Phil stretched his arm above his head, spreading out on the bed to get more comfortable. “Sorry, just… I’m worried about you.”

“I know.” Dan took a deep breath, and went quiet. It was moments like these when Phil wished he was there, laying next to him, listening to him breathe. Maybe he was just being clingy.

“So…” Dan started in a lighter tone, breathing out a laugh. “What are you wearing, Lester?” He asked in mock seduction.

Phil rolled his eyes, slapping his hand over his forehead.

“We’re doing this, are we?”

“Why not?” Dan laughed. “You scared?”

Phil snorted. “Of what, your fashion judging abilities?”

“Just answer the question, dingus.”

“Hmm,” Phil hummed, looking down at himself. “Just blue boxers, at the moment. And a red button up.”

Dan tsked. “Not matching? I thought you were better than this, Phil.“ 

"Who are you, the fashion police?” He grumbled, and laughed. “Leave me alone, Dan, I can dress myself how I’d like.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.”

“What are you wearing, then?” Phil asked in an attempt at a seductive tone.

Dan chuckled breathily. “Nothing.”

“Yeah? Pic or it didn’t happen.”

Dan giggled. “You want a picture?”

“Kinda,” Phil muttered under his breath. He had seen Dan naked before, it wasn’t a big deal, and it comforted him that they were close enough to talk like this without it being uncomfortable.

“Oh, is Phil admitting his true feelings after all these years?” Dan asked teasingly, and Phil could hear him shift on the bed.

“Shut up, Howell. Don’t push it.”

“Or… what?” Dan hummed. “You’ll… punish me?”

The tone in Dan’s voice had changed, and it shocked through Phil’s stomach like lightning.

“Quit it.”

“Why? Am I turning you on?” Phil could almost hear Dan’s dumb smirk. “I bet you’re so hard right now, just from my voice.”



“I bet you wanna fuck me right now, hm?” He asked slowly, and Phil didn’t hear the tell tale signs that he was joking in his tone anymore. He sounded serious. “I bet you’d love to pin me to your bed and make me beg right about now…” shit. Something in Phil snapped.

“Daniel.” Phil growled. “God, I forgot what a brat you are. If I was there and you were talking like this I’d already have you against the wall, screaming.”

There was silence from the other side of the moment, just breathing.

“…Well, shit,” Dan muttered, his breath hitching. “Damn, Phil.” He paused. “…If y-you were here, what would you d-do..? For real.”

Now Phil was smirking, and he found himself reaching down to adjust his boxers, as suddenly they were a bit uncomfortable.

“I think I just answered that,” Phil breathed. “I’d have you on your back in seconds, begging for me. Begging for my cock.” Phil hummed, rubbing gently at his bulge through the cloth. “You’d do that, wouldn’t you, Daniel?”

“Hell yes,” Dan breathed back. “Fuck, I’d moan so loud for you.”

That went straight to Phil’s dick, and he tugged at the waistband of his boxers, pulling them over his hard on and sliding them down his hips. He shuddered, brushing his fingertips over his length. He heard a whimper through the phone.

“Are you touching yourself?” Phil muttered, wrapping a hand around his cock. “Touching yourself to the sound of my voice like a slut?”

He was too far now, letting out a groan as his thumb swiped over his slit.

“Y-Yes…” Dan muttered. “Fuck, Phil, keep talking…”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, being filled up by my cock… I bet you’d love to ride me, grinding down on me like such a good boy…”

Dan whined loudly, and Phil’s eyes widened. He sounded like an angel, why hadn’t they done this before? It felt wrong, jerking himself off to his best friends moans, but he honestly didn’t care.

“I bet you’re so pretty like that, baby, you sound like a bloody angel. God, I wanna fuck you so hard.” Phil was just babbling now, letting soft groans and whimpers slip from his lips, his breathing ragged.

“Jesus, P-Phil…” Dan gasped, his voice breaking and Jesus fuck he sounded so beautiful.

“I’m c-close…” Phil breathed, throwing his head back and biting down on his bottom lip to keep from letting out an embarrassing noise.

“Me too, fuck.”

Phil tried to imagine how Dan looked at this moment, his hair messy and his hips jerking up to meet his hand, his eyes glassy and fucked out. Jesus.

“God, moan for me Dan, fuckfuckfuck you’d look so gorgeous with my cum all over your pretty face…”

“Ah-!” Dan moaned loudly, turning into a whine and getting high pitched and broken at the end, and it sent Phil over the edge. He jerked one more time, groaning and coming all over his shirt.

They were quiet for a solid minute, but Phil could hear Dan’s ragged breathing, and holy shit, he probably looked so beautiful.

“That’s not weird, is it?” Dan asked finally, the laughter back to his voice. “Getting off to your friends voice?”

“Nah,” Phil answered, chuckling and running his fingers through his hair.


“I should probably… clean this up…” Dan muttered, and Phil could almost see him blushing. He grinned.

“Yeah, me too…” he paused. “Dan?”


“I miss you.” He breathed. Breathy laughter echoed from the phone.

“I miss you too.”

“Call you tomorrow?”


Silly Bat’ - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just a short silly fic BECAUSE WHY NOT RIGHT ?! I like to imagine that when Bruce doesn’t have the stress of taking care of Wayne Inc or of his nightly activities on his back, he’s just a very funny and kinda weird man…So I wrote something about it, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here :


There were times, when it was just you and Bruce, where you genuinely wondered if your husband wasn’t completely crazy. 

Not in a bad way. Not in a “Joker” or “Harley Quinn” way. Nooooo. In a “that man is completely silly, and I’m really starting to question his sanity…is he on drugs ? Drunk ? I don’t know, but it’s funny” way. Yes. Exactly in that way. 

Often, when it was just the two of you, behind closed door, he would…loosen up. And not just a bit. He would loosen up completely and go on full “goofball mode”. 

You couldn’t count the number of times he started a pillow fight, a war with water guns (though since Alfred yelled at you two as if you were children making a mess, you switched from water guns to nerf guns), a tickle fight or a stupid and ridiculous fashion show etc etc. 

You still remembered how your abs hurt after the fit of laughter you had when he came out of the bathroom wearing an awful bright green tuxedo vest a random fashion house send him, without an undershirt, flexing all of the muscle of his chest and all, some sweatpants on of which he tucked the lower part in cowboy boots Clark gave him, and a lampshade as a hat…Where was he even finding those ideas ?

Yes. When it was just you and him, he was a different person. That no one else but you, not even his children, not even Alfred, or any of his close friends would ever see. A Bruce completely carefree, and also slightly insane…but hilarious. 

Every time you ended up having the Manor to yourself (which was very rarely, with five children and a butler who almost never took days off), it would even be better, your playground being bigger. 

One of your favorite “Silly Bat” time was when you played hide and seek (yes, grown ass adults could totally play hide and seek) and you went to hide in a tree in the garden…And got found by Clark. 

The embarrassment on Bruce’s face when he was trying to explain what you two were doing was priceless…In the end, he said that you were playing a “sexual version of hide and seek”, because it was easier to explain than to tell his friend that he was actually playing the actual game, like a damn child, with his beautiful wife…

Clark was impressed. After all, he found you in a tree, so he wondered how you two were going to make lo…Your laughter stopped his trail of thoughts. Your superfriend misinterpreted your laugh, thinking you were mocking him because he was blushing, and that was good (for Bruce). It settled the end of the story. 

Soon enough, Superman was laughing too, and it took everything in Bruce to not even crack a smile, to keep his stoic stance, and slightly bored facial expression, so that he wouldn’t get discovered. Ooh you loved that man. 

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Lurk (Joshler) Part One

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Pairings: fuckboy!josh x shy tyler/ Warnings: knife play, blood kink, bdsm, dark themes/ a/n; this is kinda a pilot chapter if you catch my drift. i’m not sure if i’ll continue it, depends on if you like it or not. if it carries on, it’s going to be intense. i don’t see many hardcore joshler fics, i don’t really get hot off the fluffy stuff as much. i figured some of you are the same. anyway… hope you like it sluts xo

“He’s closeted. It’s fucking obvious Ty. Captain of the football team, the jockiest jock you will ever meet, head so far up his own ass he can probably see out of his mouth. Y’know, he’s probably crushing on you too.”

Tyler scoffed, turning to face his best friend with a look of amused annoyance. “Please, you could run a brothel with the amount of girls he’s slept with.” He turned back towards the boy over the other side of the cafeteria. Red hair, pierced nose, white tunnels and a body that sent even Tyler Joseph’s vaguely innocent mind down the gutter.

“He’s trying to convince himself and the world that he wouldn’t rather stick it in you.” The black haired boy beside him spoke bluntly.

“You’re disgusting Brendon.” Tyler grimaced.

“I’m right.”

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Restraining (Jungkook)

Wolf Au
5098 Words

Summary: A week before the full moon, Jungkook becomes an untamed beast. He hides in fear that he’ll hurt her but this time he caves in…

“You know I can drive myself right?” Jungkook snapped as he slammed the car door. “Like I trust you to do anything at this time,” Namjoon muttered and started the engine, “Also could you like not destroy my car please?” Jungkook ignored him and leaned back against the passenger chair, sighing loudly as if to showcase his displeasure. The full moon was arriving in a week making Jungkook’s senses more heightened, his ache for power more desirable and his lust for her uncontrollable. And that was just this week leading up to the full moon.

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Sleep in my sweater P8

Part One Here
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Pairing: Sam x reader
Characters: Sam, Dean, the reader
Warnings: light swearing, angst, fluff, hurt!sam, hurt!reader, mention of drugs
Word count: around 1,000
Summary: The reader has some decisions to make about Sam, and Dean helps her decide exactly what to do. 
Tag list: @amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak  @bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010 @mamaredd123 @milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat @spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl @winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44 @fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage @evyiione @winchestersmut@purgatoan @mogaruke @therewillbeblood @megansescape @taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid  @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester @notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire @itseverythingilike@jesspfly@love-kittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137

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Ready To Go [Get Me Out Of My Head] pt. 1

pastel!dan, punk!phil, transboy!dan

part 1

1459 words

It was a Sunday.

I was on my bed, on my phone, bored as hell, when I heard the knock.

I took my time getting there cause honestly who the fuck cares about some dumb postman or something when your boyfriend is in hell.

The second the door was opened there was a black blur and arms were wrapping around me tightly, a face buried in my chest. A sob shook his whole body.

“Woah! Dan, Jesus, what’s wrong?”

He just squeezed tighter and I sighed, tugging him into my house and slamming the door behind me.

I’m one smooth movement I picked him up bridal style, carrying him to my room and plopping him down on my bed. He looked up, sniffing and rubbing at his red eyes with the sleeve of his black sweatshirt.

“What’s going on?” I asked, leaning against my wall and crossing my arms, frowning. I could already feel anger brewing in my stomach, this had to be his parents.

Dan let his face fall into his sleeve covered hands, a sob wracking through his tiny body before speaking.

“I fucking hate them,” he muttered. “I fucking hate them! I took years convincing myself I was valid, and one day with them just crushes it!”

I moved to kneel in front of him, grabbing his hands. “What happened?”

“Oh, I just can’t take it anymore! It’s so fucking stupid that I have to do this, dress up for them, just so they’ll be a little less harsh.” He huffed, frustratedly tugging at his black sleeves. “I’m never wearing black again after this,” he mumbled.

“Did you meet with the school board?”

He sighed. “Yes, they threatened to sue the school. And they claimed I had ‘mental issues’ that drove me to do what I did. Being trans isn’t a fucking mental issue.” He let out another choked sob.

God, I was mad. What the hell was wrong with them? Why couldn’t they treat Dan like the beautiful, kind, sensitive boy he was?

He tugged at his hair, biting his lip. He glanced up at me, his eyes shiny and large. I swallowed, feeling my self restraint weakening.

“They… they k-keep making little comments… about m-my appearance, my b-body… pointing out how girly I am…”

That was it. Something inside me snapped.

I grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him to me and kissing him deeply, possessively. He automatically reciprocated, wrapping his arms around my neck.

I pushed him back on the bed, climbing on top of him, pushing myself between his legs. He wrapped them around my waist, shifting underneath me and whimpering quietly into the kiss. That’s what broke me out of my haze, coming to my senses.

“D-Dan, I don’t… I didn’t mean to-”

“Phil?” He ran his thumb over my jaw, glancing down at my lips before looking back up and meeting my eyes. Damn, I melted.

“Y-yes?” I muttered back.

“Shut up and fuck me.”

I almost moaned just from his words, kissing him again, harder. He started to grind up against me, driving me insane.

“Dan,” I said in a low voice, frowning and breaking apart from him.


“Sit up.”

He did as I said, moving out from underneath me and onto his knees, tilting his head at me. I bit the inside of my cheek, looking him over.

“You’re beautiful,” I muttered, leaning over to kiss him gently for just a second. “Dan, I want you to do something for me, before I fuck you.”

“Y-yeah?” He practically whispered.

“I want you to tell me every last place they judged, every last place on you that they called less than gorgeous. Okay?”

He hesitated, I could see it in his eyes, and bit his lip before nodding.


He sighed, sticking his tongue out between his lips for a moment.

“M-my jaw and cheeks, t-they said they were too softly defined to belong t-to a boy.”

Anger burst in my mind, but I just leaned forward, peppering both his cheeks with kisses before moving down his jaw. He whined quietly, balling his fists up into my shirt and tilting his head back.

“Where else?” I asked quietly, my lips brushing his skin as I spoke.

“M-my chest,” he stuttered, his voice breaking slightly. “T-they keep saying I s-still have tits, just slight ‘tiny little bumps’ an it drives me crazy because I know that’s not true, that can’t be true, and-”

“Shh,” I whispered to him, pushing him down onto the pillows, and running my fingertips along the hem of his black sweater. “Can I take this off?” I asked gently, placing a soft kiss to his jaw. He nodded.

“P-phil, please d-don’t…” he paused. “Please don’t l-look at them.”

I sighed pressing my lips together. I felt like crying. What had they turned my beautiful confident baby into?

“Dan,” I muttered calmly, kissing down his neck to the center of his chest. I felt him shiver. “They’re beautiful. They’re part of you, I don’t care.”

He whimpered softly, grabbing at my shirt and closing his eyes. I pressed careful, soft kisses all along his scars. He gasped gently when I licked all the way up his chest to his throat and bit lightly.

“P-Phil…” he whined. I groaned under my breath, his voice like this drove me insane.

“Where else, baby?”

He bit his lip, opening his eyes and searching my face.

“My thighs, and h-hips. Too l-large,” was all he could get out. I grunted quietly, anger getting the best of me as I tugged at the zipper of his black jeans.

“Can I…?” I paused to ask. He swallowed, and nodded.

I pushed his black jeans down his hips, pulling them all the way off before looking back at him. He was wearing a pair of lacy light pink panties, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. He smirked at me.

“I had to wear something pink,” he said in a low voice, and I clenched my jaw.

“God,” I muttered roughly, leaning over to kiss the wet spot in his panties, not able to help myself. He moaned. “I’m so lucky, baby boy.”

I held his hips down, kissing slowly across his stomach and over his hip bones, sucking and biting randomly to leave hickeys. I moved to his thighs, dragging my lips over the top of them before pushing his legs apart, pulling them over my shoulders before skimming my lips over his inner thigh. He gasped.

“F-Fuck,” his voice caught. “P-Please.”

I smirked, watching his face as I bit gently on the pale sensitive skin, making him jolt.

“Jesus, Phil.”

“Waited so long, Dan,” I muttered breathlessly, kissing up his stomach to his throat. “Waited so long to have you like this, angel.”

He whined loudly, clutching at my shirt.

“Off,” he muttered, clearly not quite himself. I grinned, tugging my shirt off over my head.

He whimpered, biting his lip hard.

“Yeah, baby?” I asked softly, sucking on his neck. “Did you want something?”

“D-Daddy,” he muttered in a low, breathless tone, and I gasped despite myself. “Daddy, fuck, please.”

“God, baby.” I groaned. “O-Okay.”

I moved away from him despite his desperate noises, shuffling through my bedside drawer and pulling out a condom and lube.

He smirked at me, shaking his head.

“So do you do this a lot?” He asked sarcastically, watching as I tugged my jeans off and gasping slightly at my hard on through my boxers. I rolled my eyes.

“Not in a while, actually,” I muttered, letting him pull my boxers down. “And not with pretty pastel boys. And I got the condoms a while ago, when we started… talking.”

“You horny bastard,” he responded, and I laughed, raising my eyebrows.

“Do you really think you’re in the position to say that to me, baby boy?” I asked lowly, running my fingers over his jaw before roughly tugging his hair. He gasped.

“N-No, sorry daddy.”

I pressed myself against him, lining our chests up and biting on his ear gently. He moaned.

“Gonna make you forget about them, alright angel? I’m gonna make you forget about your stupid family.”

He nodded, searching my eyes.

“Yes, daddy.” He brushed his fingers over my hips. “Please.”

~to be continued~

Super (Sappy) Hero

prompt was Disney au and The Incredibles is possibly my absolute favourite Disney/pixar movie <i>ever</i> and I looove superheroes so here,have a malec superhero au.
Also,my finger slipped so this became a few thousand words longer than intended sorry,,,,
@magnusbane-aleclightwood doing great job gud1 yay


He’s sitting in his office,looking out the window when he hears it.

Police car sirens and helicopters outside.

He hates to stop his work and he does have a meeting in an hour,but he’s quickly getting sick of the Underminer and if all this commotion is his doing, he’s having none of it.

Also,he absolutely refuses to let someone as base as the Warlock take away his villain.

So in a matter of minutes, he’s lied to his secretary that he’s going out for some air,changed in his car and is breaking a thousand traffic rules on his way to the scene.

(Whatever, it’s for the greater good.)

It’s at a mall and not for the first time,Alec finds himself questioning the Underminer.

What was he thinking?The mall on a Tuesday afternoon?Does he even want to kill people?

(Although,the Underminer is a mole, and Alec doesn’t really know mole behaviour,so he’s come to terms with the fact that his job stops at saving people and judo flipping bad guys,not questioning their motives.)

He reaches just at the right time.

In an attack,any time before the Warlock shows up is the right time.

Alec makes quick work of the Underminer (a mole who apparently likes H&M and left a hole in its floor when he left) and he’s just dusting his hands when he hears a soft Shit behind him.

He knows who it is before he even turns and really,he can’t be blamed if he feels a little cocky.

“Well,hello there,Warlock.Nice of you to show up,” he says goadingly as he turns around to face said super.

The Warlock seems stumped for a moment before he resumes his usual nonchalant stance.

“You probably think you’ve beaten me,”he says with an almost indulgent smile on his face.

Alec replies,”If you mean I reached before you and left the mole with a bleeding snout and possibly a broken forelimb with zero civilian casualties, then yes,yes I do think I have beaten you.”

The Warlock gives a little laugh and says,”Ah,my little Shadowhunter-“

“Don’t call me your little Shadowhunter. I am neither little nor yours.”

The Warlock plows on as if Alec never interrupted him.

“You’re sorely mistaken if you think I won’t bounce back.What makes you think I’ll let you reach before me next time?”

Alec rolls his eyes under his mask.

“That’s what you said the last time.I think you’re losing touch.”

The Warlock starts walking backwards with an irritating degree of carelessness.

“We’ll see,Shadowhunter.We’ll see.”

With that,he’s out the entrance and the next second, he’s on his bike, going god knows where.

Alec does a quick survey of the mall to make sure the Underminer hasn’t returned for more dresses from the SS 17 collection and on giving the all clear to the cops, he’s out too,on his way back to the office for his meeting.

(He buys a coffee on the way as well, because Superhero Rule #1 is Nobody can know.)

(Because if word gets out that he,Alec Lightwood, entrepreneur, CEO of Lightwood & Co.,investor, multi-millionaire before 30 is the Shadowhunter,everything is going to go to shit.)


Alec reaches home late,and he enters his building cursing the traffic.

(Also cursing the Warlock because he got bored and it makes him happy.)

He reaches his floor and he’s keying open the door,when the apartment next to his opens.

And out steps Magnus Bane.

Alec knows all about Magnus Bane.

He’s quite possibly the hottest man he’s ever seen,for one.He’s also a tattoo artist and he’s yet to find an inch of him that isn’t covered with them.He also bikes to work in a leather jacket .He has an extremely pleasing baritone voice when he sings shitty pop songs in the shower. Sometimes he does yoga in his balcony.He’s super funny. He has two cats named Church and Captain Meow whom he incessantly posts photos of on Instagram. His arms were carved by the gods.

Also,Alec’s been crushing on him for the past two months straight.

The above facts are probably the reason why,when Alec sees him coming out, he ends up dropping his keys with a “He-Oh shit.”

Magnus laughs and Alec thinks that maybe that’s the music played in heaven.

And when Magnus bends to pick up the keys with a “Here,let me get that for you.” Alec absolutely does not check out his ass.

(He’s wearing tight black jeans and oh my god.)

It’s all he can do to accept the keys from Magnus,say,”Th-Thanks,” mumble some rubbish about being tired and practically zoom into his apartment,slamming the door on his hot neighbour’s face.

It’s with a doleful feeling of Why am I the way I am? and thoughts of Magnus Bane’s forearm flexing under an inking of stars that Alec goes to bed that night.


The next few days go normally.No attacks by the Underminer,no more noteworthy interactions with Magnus Bane(who has now taken to singing Teenage Dream era Katy Perry in the shower,Alec is happy to report) and nothing apart from routine at the company.

In fact,the next time any of that sort happens is a whole week later.

He’s getting ready to leave at 8 in the morning for a meeting with Lydia Branwell, CEO of Branwell Industries, to discuss a merger(he anticipates it to be smooth sailing because they went to school together and got along fairly well)when there’s a news report on his phone.

The Underminer strikes again.

In a matter of seconds,Alec’s worn his tie,grabbed his breakfast and is on his way to the location.

(And also noticed Magnus Bane on his bike outside the apartment.It makes him look forward to this fight. He’s so whipped and he hasn’t even had a conversation that’s lasted more than 5 minutes with him.)

He reaches minutes later and the sight he’s greeted with is disheartening.

I mean,yeah, everyone’s safe and the Underminer’s trademark hole in the ground signifying his exit is there so nobody’s in danger,except there’s also the Warlock walking jauntily towards him,having the impudence to whistle.

He’s dimly aware that he’s whistling the tune of California Gurls and he’s about to say something snarky about the fact but the Warlock beats him to it.

“Ah,my little Shadowhunter.Pity you missed this one.I let him give me his whole plan before I knocked him out. It was fun.”

Alec’s feeling super bitter right now and grabs at strings to one-up his nemesis-but-also-fellow-super.

“What kind of name is Warlock?” he says almost petulantly.

(It’s far from his best but he’s pissed.)

And the Warlock has the damn nerve to reply, ”The kind that you’re going to be crying out tonight.”

And then he winks.

Alec’s left dumbstruck as the Warlock (damn him) walks past him saying,”I don’t have time to give you the details,but it’ll probably be all over the news,so you can catch the mole’s evil plan to destroy the city and all that jazz.”



Apparently,the mole has a legitimate evil plan to destroy the city and all that jazz.

Alec does,indeed,catch it on the news that evening as he’s eating his dinner and frankly,he doesn’t know if he should take it seriously or not.

The Underminer is…a mole. All his attacks so far seem pretty low-key. He seems like one of those small-time villains trying too hard to be a super-villain and ends up coming across as goofy.

This plan,though?Detailed and comprehensive and seemingly exceedingly well thought out.

Super-villain material.

He’s contemplating the possibility of the Underminer working for someone else, when the news reporter says something that prompts his attention.

‘The Warlock was seen goading the Underminer in the scene of the attack, prompting him to reveal his plans.This leads us to question the effectiveness of older,more well-established supers who prefer to use the less-talk-more-fight method to deal with villains.If it was one of them who were present instead, would we have been able to take precautions?Are modern,maybe a little eccentric super-villains like the Warlock who seemingly actively go against tried and tested methods more suited for dealing with today’s villains? All these questions and more will be debated tonight at 9 on our Warlock special,right here.Don’t mis-’

Alec doesn’t let her go on.The television’s turned off,the lights are turned off and he turns in for the night.

Ugh seems to be a regularly occurring sentiment.


The next meeting between the Warlock and the Shadowhunter takes place yet another week later.

Alec’s in a meeting at the moment and he’s listening to someone from R&D prattle about how they need updated machinery when his eye catches his phone blinking with a notification.

He calls for a break so he can check his phone(greater good,remember?) and when he does,he sees that it’s an attack.

He makes some excuses and within moments, he’s changing while driving(hazardous,do not try).

He’s just put on his mask as he’s nearing the restaurant where the attack’s happened and as he’s pulling into a nearby alley,he thinks he sees a flash of someone very familiar looking driving past him but why would Magnus Bane be driving in the direction of the attack?

His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of screaming and the next second, he’s pulling patrons out of the building while the Warlock’s fighting some new guy who’s speaking in a language none of them seem to know.

Said new guy also has claws.

Alec can’t wait to join the fray.

He’s shuffling the last screaming diner out(“Oh thank you, Shadowhunter!”) and he turns around expecting Mr.Claws (because that’s what he heard him roar when asked his name) and the Warlock, ready to unleash some good old battle moves but all he sees when he turns is some asshole wearing spandex and a purple mask.

Alec will not stand for this.

“I was right here,” he whines.

“Ran a little late,did you? Don’t worry.He wasn’t much of an opponent.You didn’t miss a lot.”

Alec’s clearly losing touch when he replies with,”Your mask is a stupid colour.”

The Warlock chuckles.

“Oh, don’t be bitter Shadowhunter, you might get the next one.”

With that last comment and whistling a cheery tune, he’s out the door.


When the notification comes,Alec’s in the shower.

He hears the shrill sound of his phone and gets out of the bathroom in record time.

At first,he can’t comprehend what he’s reading.

The Underminer’s attacked that new Mexican restaurant in the city.

But that’s where Izzy said she’d be today, lunching with her friends.

So that can’t be right,can it?

Alec goes through the motions in a rush,pulling on his suit,wearing a t-shirt and pants on top,stuffing the mask in his pocket.

He slams his door shut and sprints down the stairs.

He’s almost at the bottom,when he turns the corner and is stopped short by someone else in front of him.

Magnus Bane.

Alec’s in too much of a tizzy to fall to pieces right now and impatiently dogs his steps, trying to find a way to overtake him on the narrow stairwell.

Magnus Bane’s walking fast too but not nearly fast enough because Izzy’s there in that restaurant,okay and Alec needs to get there right now so he pushes past Magnus with an “Excuse me,sorry.I’m in a bit of a rush right now.”

Except,things don’t always go according to plan so as Alec’s pushing past,his t-shirt gets caught on a nail and there’s the sound of ripping cloth.

Alec twists around to make sure the back of his t-shirt is intact but all he sees is the blue fabric of his super suit.

It’s bright and silvery and the hole in the shirt is so huge,you can even see part of the logo on his suit.

So can Magnus Bane,who is currently doing so,opening and closing his mouth like a fish,looking dumbstruck.

Alec realises the gravity of the situation but Izzy,please let her be okay and so,all he can do is say,”Please don’t tell anybody.” and leaving behind a sputtering Magnus Bane,he rushes out of the building, making sure to duck into the nearest alley and remove his ruined t-shirt and jeans completely.

He reaches in moments and the relief he feels on seeing Izzy near the paramedics with a bunch of other people,looking shaken but unhurt,is enormous.

He can still hear noises from within the restaurant so he rushes inside to see the Underminer turning over tables and making a hell of a din.

He’s in the middle of kicking the mole on the face and hopefully making his snout bleed again (consistency is key) when he’s momentarily distracted by the arrival of the Warlock.

Even he isn’t sure what happens next but somehow,the Shadowhunter and the Warlock end up fighting this guy(mole) together and wow what is happening, he’s so confused.

It isn’t long before they’re both standing next to the unconscious body of the Underminer as the police make their way in.

Alec really doesn’t feel like dealing with the Warlock’s shit this time and he’s about to just walk out without their customary snark but as he exits the restaurant,he feels a hand grip his forearm,stopping him from going any further.

“What do you want,Warlock?”

The Warlock seems to be having some internal battle but when he seemingly makes up his mind,he walks ahead of Alec, dragging him behind.

“Follow me,” he says.

It’s short and crisp and Alec doesn’t know what to make of it because it’s so different from the Warlock’s usual choice of phrase.

He’s dragged into an alley nearby and he sees a familiar bike parked in the corner.

The Warlock lets go of his arm and as Alec’s wondering just what Magnus Bane’s bike is doing here,a voice cuts in saying,”Do you recognise the vehicle?”

Alec doesn’t know where this is going but he realises that this isn’t the time to joke because the Warlock seems pretty serious.

Which is new.

So he replies,albeit grudgingly,with “It belongs to my neighbour.Why? Were you planning on getting one like it but needed my opinion?”

The Warlock takes a deep breath in and breathes out,like he’s mustering the courage to do something.

He says,”Actually,I already did.”

Alec’s really confused right now especially because the Warlock seems to be looking at him like that last sentence meant something.


The Warlock huffs.

“You’re rather slow for someone who’s supposed to be smart,huh?”

And the next thing he knows,in one swift motion,the Warlock’s pulled off his mask revealing his identity.

His identity being…Magnus Bane.

Alec needs to sit down.

He does.

His head’s spinning and things are going too fast and his crush is the Warlock and it’s all so hard to believe but as Alec’s trying to wrap his head around it,bits and pieces of his memory come back to him.

How he saw Magnus on his bike that day on his way to the park.How Magnus was driving towards the restaurant that day they fought Mr.Claws.How Magnus was leaving the apartment the same time he was this morning and was in a rush too.

When he thinks about it that way, it all seems so obvious.

And oh my god the Katy Perry music.

He should have known.

He says this out loud and the Warlock/hot neighbour says,”Well now you do.”

Alec is still coming to terms with the fact that his crush is his sworn enemy when Magnus places a bundle in his hands.

It’s his t-shirt and jeans.

Alec looks up at Magnus and swallowing the lump in his throat, asks,”Why did you tell me?”

Magnus shrugs.

“It was only fair.”

Alec accepts that and asks,”What now?We just act like we don’t know eachother’s secret when we meet in the corridor?”

Magnus sits down next to him and to Alec’s surprise,removes Alec’s mask too.

“I have a different proposition, actually.”

Alec sees Magnus playing with his mask in his lap and wow his fingers.

“What?”he finally asks.

“Did you remember that day you shifted into the apartment?I took an instant liking to you.”

“I dropped a box on your foot,” Alec deadpans.

Magnus chuckles saying,”And when you apologised,it was the most adorable thing in the world.”

Alec doesn’t know if he should feel gratified or offended and he stores the statement in his memory for future analysis and says,”So you think we should be friends?Bros? Hang out and all that jazz and occasionally fight bad guys together?”

Magnus turns towards Alec and shuffles closer.

Alec can feel his knee brushing against Magnus’s shin and oh my god he’s touching Magnus Bane.

Magnus moves his face closer and closer and Alec can’t move,can’t breathe.

Magnus is so close Alec can see the little flecks of colour in his otherwise hazel eyes and now their lips are inches apart.

This is a dream and Alec doesn’t want it to end.

The stillness is interrupted by Magnus saying,”If this is what friends do,” and the next thing he knows, Magnus’s lips are soft against his and Alec knows this can’t possibly be real but as he reciprocates,he knows that it is as well,if that makes sense.

It’s all new and wonderful and everything Alec thought it would be and when they pull apart after what seems like eternity and they just sit there,looking at eachother.

Alec quite likes the feeling of Magnus Bane nearly pressing into his side and just looking at him and it’s too soon to talk or even comprehend but nonetheless,he asks softly,”What are we?”

Magnus gives a small laugh.

He starts dislodging himself to Alec’s disappointment and as he’s pulling on clothes on top of his suit from his bike,he says,”Why don’t we see over dinner tonight?My place.I’ll cook.”

And Alec just sits there stumped because so much has happened so fast but the bottom line is, his crush who happens to be his neighbour who also happens to be a super whom he’s always detested just asked him on a date after kissing him and what is even happening?

His head’s in a whirl and he just looks at Magnus,no longer wearing his suit, revving his bike and driving out with one last wink thrown in his direction.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

longkissgoodnightbatmanandtwofac  asked:

I have a prompt for you: Dean is in college and plans to move into a house with his "roommate" Cas. But his family wants to check out the place first. All seems to going well until Dean tells them he wants to rent out 4 of 5 bedrooms and his little brother Adam asks "Where do you sleep?" It's okay if you don't want to do it but just let me know either way.

Sooooo….i was out all day, but I just finished it - at 1539 words…there’s some angst but happy ending :D Hope you like it!


College was great.

Dean never thought College was for him, but here he was. Not only was he doing well in his classes, but he had made some of the best friends in his life ever. Honestly, he had no idea what he would have done if he’d never met Benny or Charlie….

Or Castiel. Dean smiled just thinking about them.

Of course, College was great, but the dorms were hell. So now that they were in their third year and were now ‘qualified’ to live in off campus housing (seriously, how was that a thing? How did they justify forcing everyone into dorm housing when some of the students lived in town, or were 40 year old’s with kids of their own? The answer was, they didn’t. So why did everyone else fall into that criteria? What the hell was up with that?) Dean was jumping at the chance to move in with Cas.

Cas, of course, had it all planned out. The house was big enough that it had multiple rooms of decent size, and several general areas that could be used by a small handful of people for study sessions and movie or game nights. And since it would be their place, they could set the rules.

And they could rent out the extra rooms for cash to help afford the place and it would wind up being cheaper than dorm housing for everyone else in the long run.


Armed with a plan, Dean went home for the summer and started packing. Because damned if he was gonna be faced with all that extra room and privacy and not take advantage of it.

Dad and Kate seemed to agree with the plan too – because anything that saved money in the long run was a good idea. But it turned out they didn’t want to sign off on it completely till they had a chance to check it out themselves.  

With a roll of his eyes, Dean made arrangements and the five of them headed up early with his stuff spread out in two cars. Castiel was already there and waiting when they arrived and Dean leaped out of the car, running up the sidewalk and pulling the other man into a long hug.

“Missed ya, Cas,” Dean smiled as he let go.

“I couldn’t tell,” Castiel grinned back, before letting out a soft, “so did I.” That nobody else heard. Unpacking was put on hold as Castiel told Dean to go right ahead and give a tour while he made sure lunch was ready.

Dean’s Dad and his stepmother. as well as his two brothers, eagerly crowded around Dean. Sam and Adam with an eye toward excitement while John and Kate looked at the house with the more critical eye of an experienced home owner.

“So we’re standing in the living room, that’s the kitchen, there’s a bathroom over there and access to the basement here,” Dean started leading them through each room as he named them, or pointing at the doors leading to other areas. “The downstairs bedroom here at the back,” Dean pushed at the already open door, Castiel’s bags and boxes already in evidence before leading back down the hall to the stairway to the second floor. “And we have four more bedrooms up here.”

“This place is…rather spacious,” Kate noted as she peered into each one. “Why do you need so many rooms?”

“Oh, well, Cas and I plan to rent all the upstairs rooms to our friends. They’re just as sick of the dorm life as we are.”

Kate raised an eyebrow and exchanged a look with John, but Dean missed it as Sam spoke up, “Are there any other rooms?”

“No, why do you ask?”

Adam blinked and turned away from peering into one of the echoingly empty rooms to look at Dean with confusion. “But where are you gonna sleep?”

“I already showed you,” Dean noted with a defensive tone to his voice. Shit, he’d slipped up. He knew this had been going too well.

“Son, the only other bedroom you showed us was already occupied.” John said slowly.

“Yeah,” Dean nodded, watching his father warily.

“Is that where you’re sleeping, sweetheart?” Kate asked with wide eyes, “In that….that room that your friend…” she trailed off. Dean stared at his family with a sinking stomach and swallowed hard. He’d never actually come out to them as bi. He wanted to. God, he’d wanted to for a while now, but he was never quite certain how they’d take it.

“Y-yeah,” Dean took a deep breath. Might as well just rip it all off like a band-aid. “Me and Cas are a thing. I mean, we’re together. Been dating since last year. And he’s sweet and he’s awesome and he’s smart and he makes me a better person and if you have a problem with that – “

Dean’s voice rose in pitch with almost every word, the words tumbling out of his mouth with no filter, out of control, as if now that he’d opened the floodgates, everything was determined to be out there.

“Son, stop – “

Dean’s breathing grew ragged and his eyes grew blurry, “- and if you have a problem…then…then…”

“Dean?” Cas’s welcome voice came from behind Dean and a hand gripped his shoulder. “Dean, are you all right?” With a shudder, Dean turned and allowed himself to be wrapped in Cas’s arms, trying to get himself under control, to stop the flood of tears that had started.

Cas held him tight and glared over Dean’s shoulder at the wide eyed and stunned faces of his family, “What did you say to him?”

“I…nothing!” John protested, taken aback by the vehemence in Cas’s tone. Cas tucked Dean’s head into his neck and threaded his fingers into Dean’s spikey hair soothingly, while the other wrapped more firmly around Dean’s lower back. Cas sighed.

“I came up here to tell you that lunch was ready. You all must be hungry after a long drive so, why don’t you go down and eat and I’ll talk to Dean, see if we can get this sorted out.”

“But – “ John started to protest again, confusion and concern evident on his face. Kate touched his arm and murmured to him and he deflated, nodding. She waved Sam and Adam down the stairs and followed after with a last, considering look at Cas and Dean.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Cas kissed the side of Dean’s head and leaned their heads together, fingers still threading through the spikes. “Dean, what happened? What’s wrong? Can you tell me, love?”

“I…I…” Dean shuddered against Cas and clutched at him, “I’m sorry, I’m just…I’m overreacting. I…may have accidentally came out and then I…word vomited, you know how I get and then, well, they didn’t say anything and I panicked and…” Castiel felt the dampness on his shirt as Deans’ tears continued to flow, “Fuck, what if…what if they can’t accept that I’m bi? Cas, what am I gonna do? They’re my family. I love ‘em, man. But I love you too,” he whispered.

“Sshhh, Dean,” Cas soothed, “I think you just took them by surprise, okay sweetheart? When you calm down, and you’re ready, we can go check on them, together. I promise. Whatever happens, I’ll be there. Remember that, okay? I love you too, Dean.”

“We love you too, Dean, and if Cas is important to you, then he’s important to us too,” Kate’s voice took them both by surprise. It took all of Cas’s self-control not to jump at the sudden presence of Dean’s parents, John chiming in after Kate,

“I’m sorry, Dean. I didn’t mean to make you feel like you couldn’t talk to us, son. Cas is right – you just took us by surprise. If I were honest with myself, I can’t say I haven’t been expecting something like this for a few years now. It honestly doesn’t matter to me, to us. Just as long as you’re happy and safe.”

Dean sniffled and raised his head to peer over Cas’s shoulder, to find his whole family (Adam and Sam were trying to poke out from behind their parents and were nodding vigorously) crowded in at the top of the stairs where they’d obviously hidden to listen in. Normally, he’d be upset at such blatant eavesdropping and invasion of privacy, but now he’d take it.

He lurched a little and Cas let go, trailing a hand over Dean’s back in support as his boyfriend took a hesitating step towards his family. Kate didn’t hesitate for an instant and wrapped him up in a hug nearly as snug as Cas’s had been.

Soon, Dean was enveloped in the arms of all his family, a welcome, though a bit awkward, group hug. He laughed wetly, wiping at his eyes, as he realized they didn’t care. They accepted this part of him as well.

The icing on his cake, of course, was when Kate gestured at Cas and included him too, none of his family hesitating to draw him right into the thick of things beside Dean, and a weight that Dean hadn’t even fully realized he’d been carrying finally eased away.

Batman's Daughter: Harder than I Thought

“Get up E, get up!” Dick stood above you, his hands behind his back. The pair of you had been training for the past hour. It was 2 in the morning and every inch of your body begged you to stay down.

“I- I can’t Dick. I twisted my ankle falling, I need to ice it” I sat up, slowly. Dick’s face, which usually had an amused look turned to annoyance.

“I’m sorry, I thought I was training you to be the next Robin. You need to learn to fight through pain E. Now get up” He crouched before me balancing on the balls of his feet.

“I said no” I kick with one of my legs trying to sweep his legs out from under him. It didn’t work.

“At least you tried” Dick now stood about four feet away from me, having done a back flip to avoid landing on my legs. He walked slowly towards me reaching out his hand. “Come on, we have school, and you don’t seem like you can take much more of this” I grabbed his hand, wobbling up.

“Walk on it normally E, you have endurance training tomorrow. Best to get a head start now” An easy smile returned to Dick’s face as we headed for the stairs. Why on earth did we not have an elevator.

“What do you mean by that D?” I limped next to Dick pain searing up my leg. Tomorrow was going to be rough with this ankle. Dick stopped, facing me with a cheek to cheek grin.

“Tomorrow, for training, you are going to wear heels. All. Day. Long” Dick started to walk backwards as I began to stalk him.

“Dick, that’s nearly impossible” I reached out, but he jumped backwards. Damn his acrobatic skills.

“Well, you should of thought of that before you quit training earlier. Here’s the deal, tomorrow you can’t complain to anyone, no one can notice you limp, and you can’t leave school early for any reason. If you can do this all, we won’t train for the next two days, but if you do, we’ll train tomorrow and go longer than we did today” Dick turned, sprinting up the stairs.

“Dick, we have that Galla tomorrow. You sure you want to do this tomorrow?” I yelled, beginning my slow ascent up the stairs.

“Positive E. See you in the morning!”


Ow, ow, ow ow! God I hate Dick right now. And I’m still at home.

“Morning miss, you look nice today. Any special reason?” Alfred smiled as I slid into the stool at the counter in the kitchen. He placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of me, along with a glass of my favorite juice.

“No reason Alfred, just wanted to look nice” I smiled, mentally grimacing. Alfred would be my biggest challenge. If I could get past him, then I’d make through the day.

“You sure you’re alright mis-” Just then Dick came, sliding down the banister. Landing on his feet before dusting off his shirt.

“Morning Alfred, sup E” Dick smiled between the two of us. Alfred lost track of what he was thinking turning to grab Dick’s breakfast before scolding him for his unruly behavior.

“Fine, fine, I won’t do it again” Dick sat down, eating his own breakfast. He smiled at me before leaning in and whispering. “I saved you on that one, you’re on your own for the rest of the day”

“Got it, this is torture you know that” I glared at Dick as he sat back up in his chair, scarfing down his food.

“Time to go you two, you both are getting pulled out early so you shouldn’t be late, now get in he car” Alfred took our empty dishes, placing them next to the sink. We all climbed into the car and headed for school. This was going to be one long day.


Almost there Elizabeth. Just one more class before you head home, then the Galla. Ow, ow, ow. I swear this stupid ankle is swelling worse than before. I hate Dick, I hate Dick and his stupid challenge.

“How ya doing sis?” Dick smiled, jumping in right next to me in the hallway. He was wearing sunglasses inside, typical.

“Just perfect, why do you ask” I gave Dick a big cheesy grin, mentally cursing him. He lowered his glasses, smirking.

“Almost there, didn’t think you’d actually be able to do” Dick slid his glasses back up, putting his hands in his pockets.

“You have so little faith in your little sis” I pretended to be overly shocked as he ran ahead, obviously seeing some of his friends. Oh well, just have to finish this one class.


Home again, home again. I finally sit down on my bed, pulling of the heels.

“Dick!” I yelled, throwing my heels across the room. I was done, I couldn’t go through a whole night like this.

“What is it Elizabeth?” Dick showed up at more door, still in his outfit from school, at least his shirt was unbuttoned a bit.

“I can’t do this, it’s too hard” I pulled my ankle up, rubbing it. It was no longer red, but now a dark purple.

“I guess it’s too hard for me to train you then…” Dick turned around leaving.


“Then show me you can fight through the pain. Your biggest challenge will be to keep your two lives separate. Show me you can, and I’ll never question you again” Dick leaned against the frame, his smile gone, now more serious.

“I understand, see you in a bit” I looked down, slightly defeated.

“It’ll get easier, I promise E” Dick gave me a weak smile, heading off to get ready himself. I began the long task of getting ready for the Galla. Alfred had picked up my dress today, it was specially made for tonight for two reasons. The first, my dad was hosting the Galla tonight, being one of his charities. The second, as his was the first Galla after my birthday, it’d be the first one that I could stay all night at. Dad’s rule, once I was ten I could stay all night if I wanted to. The gown was simple enough, a black ball gown with a yellow sash around the waist. Family joke. Dick had a matching suit of black and yellow. Dad on the other hand had to wear just black and white, more professional that way. Alfred came in just as I was putting my heels back on.

“How shall I do your hair tonight miss?” Alfred pulled up a chair behind my stool that sat in front of a large makeup station.

“Braided with curls?” I suggested. Alfred loved to braid my hair, but I loved my hair curled. This was a nice compromise and it looked great on me.

“Yes, and your father had me get these, I’ll be able to slip them in your hair then” Alfred smiled showing me five small flowers that had yellow petals and black centers. I turned around sibling at Alfred before hugging him.

“Now miss, we best get you ready. Big night of dancing you have ahead of you, yes?” I turned back around. My smile faltering only a little before returning in full strength.

“Thanks Alfred” it took another hour to finish my hair and makeup before Dick came knocking at my bedroom door.

“Ready E?” He leaned against my door, his tie still untied as he messed with his cuffs.

“He needs help Alfred” I stood up, straightening my dress and touching my hair. It was nice seeing Dick like this, he was always handsome.

“You both look lovely, now shall we head to the limo?” Alfred left the room, heading to pull the limo out front.

“Let me see your shoes” Dick finished buttoning his jacket, his lips forming a small smirk.

“You don’t trust me?” I smiled, lifting the hem of my skirt revealing my higher high heels.

“Sure you want that pair” Dick extended his arm, allowing me to take it as we headed down the stairs.

“Yes, no pain no gain right?”

“Right” Dick opened the door, helping me into the car, then clambering in himself. “You are going to have a long night E. Good luck”

“Any advice?”

“Don’t think about it” Dick shrugged, turning towards the window.

“So helpful”

Desire. (Seokmin Smut)

to the lovely anon who requested this. :) here is the dk smut that you have requested, i really hope it satisfied you. if it didn’t then i’m so so sorry. we will all work on improving our writing skills so bear with us! i don’t know how you want seokmin so we made it like this instead. why not fuck the principal? i mean, it still counts as fucking your teacher hehe (IT WAS ALL ADMIN KENVY’S IDEA I JUST HALPED.) :D you guys have been making us so happy and we hope you look forward to our future works. thank you all, we love you all so much.

-admin kate x

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Chapter Ten

“Dreamland, take me there ‘cause I want your sex. If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away. Touch, make love, taste you”

A/N: here is the long awaited sex scene that all of you have been asking for!!! and there’s more to come after this hehe

I saw my reflection in the mirrors that line the wall leading to Niall’s apartment. The ride over to his flat was tense and quiet, only Niall’s fingers strumming my inner thighs as my nerves started to get the best of me. Am I sure of this?

Niall turns the keys, opening the door to his clean flat smelling of man and bleach.

“Can tell my cleanin’ lady’s been here, want a drink?” Niall closes the door and heads to the fridge.

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YongGuk Scenario: Depending Of U.

Word Count : 1095 :D

Genre : Smutty, very smut, smut.  Okay is Smut.

Note : Is my first “smut” so I’m sorry if this is not good and the final is not that awesome too… Srry :/ Have fun! :D

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“Thousands and thousands of people died immediately, and other thousands died in the following years in the city of Hiroshima.”

I sighed, listening Himchan try to imitate the high note Daehyun, which made everyone in the room laugh extremely high.

“Listen to me, your assholes, I am not obliged to deal with you screaming and a horse imitating Dae, okay?” I yelled, making everyone recompose terrified. Being the girlfriend of Bang Yongguk is not thar bad because I know I can scare them. “Okay … So, as I was telling, after two days, another bomb was dropped on the city of Naga-”

“Snack time!”

I almost roll on the floor in frustration, listening to the bunch of idiots which I taught about the Second World War schem out aloud: “Finally, hyung” or “I could not stand it!” or even if Himchan: “I was verbally attacked by your girlfriend.” They ran freely in the direction of my boyfriend and his trays of juices and sandwiches.

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Picture Perfect Sex Life

Genre: Rough Smut (daddy kinks, edging, rough sex, etc)

Word Count: 2.9 k

Summary: Phil is out with a friend and Dan wakes up hard and unable to get rid of it. He sends Phil some sexy pictures, hoping to god Phil will come home and give him the angry, hot sex he needs to solve his issue and luckily, he succeeds. So cue rough anal sex, edging, daddy kink and just general sin.

A/N: So once again I wanted to get outside of my comfort zone when it comes to my writing so here’s a smut fic I wrote as practice for getting into kinkier smut. It’s probably not too great, and sorry about the ending being so shit my aunt came over while I was finishing it and I had to slam my laptop shut and just finish it in a rush. But please feedback is always nice, I hope you like it. It was really far outside my comfort zone of what I usually write. Also, ignore that shitty ass title k thanks bye.


I woke up at noon, and a lot of things seemed to go wrong. Sure at first it seemed normal until I placed my arm on the other side of the bed, expecting to find Phil and roll over on top of him like I do every morning when I’m too groggy to move around, but he wasn’t there. As it turns out, he told me the night before that he was going out with an old friend from university, so I sat up and understood I was on my own for another hour or so. I check my texts, nothing wrong, twitter notifications, texts from my mum asking if I’m eating enough bran because that’s what mothers do I guess. But then, I stand up, look down as I stretch my neck and various other limbs from a long night of uncomfortable sleeping positions and I see it, I had woken up hard. How I didn’t notice it sooner is a mystery to me but I figured it should go down soon, so I got up, pulled on some trackies because I am not putting on jeans until this thing is gone. I walk through my flat, its pressed against my stomach and barely covered by my boxers. I remember Phil saying he’d be out until about three and I was debating on whether or not I should try and solve my issue myself, ignore it and try to get it to die down, or just wait for Phil to get home. I decided my best option would just be to try and ignore it like I originally planned. So I sat in my sofa crease, got my double chin ready and looked in my lap as I opened my laptop and went to the wonderful world of tumblr.

​So as I go through my dash of my secret blog that no one knows I have, the one I use to read fanfiction and stalk my favorite Phan art blogs, I notice there is a lot of porn on my dash, Usually I never pay attention to it, scrolling past it as quickly as I possibly can to avoid embarrassing myself or cringing at the shitty dialogue and fake moaning coming from the porn star’s mouths. But today it seemed practically impossible to ignore the porn. How can I ignore a guy getting a blow job when I am a guy who wants a blow job? I’ll tell you how; you don’t. Because I have a raging hard on from gods knows what and I can’t figure out for the life of me why I still have it. I keep scrolling down my dash, you know just hoping something gross and weird will pop up like whisks or weird minion yaoi but no, I was not that lucky as all I could see was smutty phan art and poorly choreographed pornography. So, I had to reach down and adjust myself because Jesus Christ was I hard. I closed my laptop, deciding that I needed to do something about this stupid freaking hard on. My hair was slightly greasy, so I decided hey let’s take a shower maybe that will help! I was wrong.

​I wound up just as hard as I was when I got in when I got out. My erection red at the tip and flat against my lower abdomen and me not having a damn clue what to do about the situation. I pondered around with my options as I walked through the hallways and down to me and Phil’s room where I typically spent all my time anyways. I checked my phone, Phil had texted me about how fun it was being out with his friend and I couldn’t help but grin at the glorious idea in my head. What better way to get rid of this erection then pissing off my boyfriend so he comes home and fucks me senseless. I decided step one would be to dress to impress, and by that I mean wear whatever would get Phil hard and mad in public the quickest. I roam through our drawers, a towel still draped around my waist as I found them. I had this pair of panties, they were pink and had small hearts on them in a slightly darker shade of pink then the actual panties themselves. I shimmed them up my thighs and around my body, my cock peeking out the top and me smirking to myself. I rummaged around the closet next and found one of Phil’s hoodies, knowing how much he liked seeing me in his clothes. I honestly looked freaking hot, and my hard on was starting to hurt.

​I stood in front of the mirror, turning around and bending down, placing one hand around my ankles and the other hand holding up the phone. These panties didn’t quite cover my whole bottom but they weren’t a thong either, they just let half my ass hang out which was my favorite thing about these ones in particular. I snapped the photo, making sure my ass looked as good as I could get it too. My thighs looked super good as well, usually I hated them but in this picture they were pale and smooth and hairless because I enjoy having non-hairy legs and I was quite proud of how wide my ass looked, how thick I looked. I was quite pleased with the first photo. I sent it to Phil, grinning as I saw that he had read my text.

“Dan I swear to god.” He replied and I laughed, throwing my head back in amusement at his reaction. I laid on the bed, lifting up the hoodie a little to expose my stomach and my leaking and red tip from not having been touched all day. It hurt so badly, but the wait would be so fucking worth it. I snapped a picture, letting him see my lower half with my knees bent up slightly to enhance my bulge. I sent it, he read it.

“Daniel. Fucking. James. I am with a friend who is right next to me on the tube.” He texted me and I giggled to myself, looking down at my length and humming quietly.

“Awe. But daddy, I want you.” I sent back and I could almost hear the exasperated sigh I knew he’d be letting out right about now.

“Dan I swear to god my friend just looked at my phone and wants to know if my girlfriend is sending me nudes Dan!” He said and I snickered to myself.

“Tell him it’s your boyfriend. The one who’s been hard for nearly an hour and half and is missing his daddy.” I replied and reached into the drawer, grabbing the lube. I figured if Phil was going to angrily fuck me like I wanted, I better stretch to avoid unnecessary pain. I slid my panties enough to where I could slide my hand between my legs. I lubed up three of my own fingers and circled my rim, slowly pushing the first digit in and moaning loudly at the contact. I used my free hand to shakily tale a short video of the slick fingers moving in and out, my moans soft until I hit my spot, me letting out a loud whine of ‘Phiiiiiiil”. I hit send and set my phone beside me as I added a second digit, slowly starting to scissor myself open.

“Dan my volume was all the way up Dan everyone on the bus is looking at me strange and my friend looks mortified I am so angry at you!” Phil replied. But I knew he wasn’t genuinely angry, that man didn’t have a mean bone in his body. But I was damn certain that I would get some awesome sex out of this later. I added a third finger in, curling them into my spot and pressing right against the bundle of nerves that caused infinite bliss, sending another wobbily video to Phil, my moans louder than before as I thrusted the three digits into my prostate.

“I’m coming home. I got off the tube early. I am so angry at you Dan.” He texted next, me laughing breathily before being cut off by my own moans of pleasure, rocking back and forth into my fingers. I pulled the three fingers out, pulling up my panties again and grabbing Phil’s totoro and placing it over my crotch area. I sat waiting for about 15 minutes, giggling and grinning and occasionally stroking my length to make sure I was still as hard as I could be for when Phil got back. Finally I heard the front door open and Phil coming up the stairs, he was practically running. I saw our bedroom door fling open and there stood a very clearly mad at me, and clearly hard through his jeans Phil. I grinned excitedly, bouncing up, looking slightly like a child in doing so but damn was I excited. Phil practically launched on to me, pulling me by my thighs and letting me wrap my legs around his waist. He looked at me and growled, pulling off his shirt and then moving his hand under my hoodie, pinching my nipple gently and making me squeal before he spoke in a low, angry and fucking sexy voice.

“Everyone on that fucking train ride heard moans from my boyfriend’s sinful, slut mouth.” He growled into my ear, biting the lobe softly and tracing open mouth kissed down my neck, biting down on the one place he knew drove me insane.

“I’m sorry daddy.” I said. “I didn’t mean to do that.” My words were starting to quicken and come out shaky.

“Shut up.” He said and gently slapped my thigh. “You aren’t sorry. I know you aren’t. You just wanted to get fucked right? Wanted that perfect ass of yours to get slapped, your thighs marked all up and your hole wrecked right?” he said and I nodded quickly, moaning loudly at his words. I knew I was in for a treat.

“Y-yes daddy. Wanted you t-to wreck me with you cock.” I said with slight stuttering throughout the sentence, my words sounding vaguely moan like.

“Jason, one of my friends who I’ve barely had a chance to reconnect with, saw my boyfriend pretty little cock. How do you think I felt? No one is supposed to see this cock except for me. Understand? Mine.” Phil said as he bit down on another spot on Dan’s neck, sucking and biting a mark.

“I’m r-really sorry d-daddy. Your cock only. N-no one else should see.” I said, words starting to cloud over and me barely being able to form a coherent sentence. He pushing up my hoodie, making me sit up and take it off and toss it to the ground by the bed. He moved lower, kissing down my chest and stomach, biting the hem of the panties and tugging them down with his teeth and yanking them off with his hands, the fabric slipping off my thighs and being tossed aside to the floor. He kissed my tip, slowly starting to pump my length making me moan loudly because this is the most friction my cock has gotten all day and it’s so good already I can’t wait for what’s next.

“What should I do princess?” He asked me and looked up at me, his eyes seeming to lose their normal blue purity and cloud to a grey lust filled hue.

“What do you want to do to me daddy?” I breathed out, looking down at him and sitting up slightly on my elbows so that my double chin wouldn’t repulse him. As soon as the words left my mouth, his eyes met with mine and he smirked.

“I’m going to edge you!” He declared and my eyes went wide with both fear and excitement and I wasn’t sure which one over ruled the other.

“Daddy no no! I wasn’t that bad!” I tried to change his mind, secretly hoping that he wouldn’t even with my begging.

“Yes you were.” He said. “You showed that pretty cock to my friend.” He poked my tip, stroking his index finger down the entirety of my length. “And you made a whole train of people listen to your whore moans.” He hit my thigh gently. “You’ve been so bad.”

“I deserve to be punished daddy.” I relented and he kissed my stomach softly.

“Good boy.” He praised lightly. He leaned down further, wrapping his lips softly around my tip. He slowly swirled his tongue around the tip of my length, sinking down about half way before going back up. He sucked softly at first, swiping across my slit and licking up the precum as he bobbed his head faster, sucking me off to what was obviously his best abilities. He kept going faster, hollowing his cheeks and trying to get me to the edge faster. My hands went to his hair, gripping at what I could get between my fingers, moaning loudly and telling him I was close. As soon as he heard that I was going to cum, he pulled off and moved his hand from me. I whined loudly, bucking my hips into the air trying to find the friction that I needed to tip me over the edge but not getting it, whining as I knew I shouldn’t touch myself.

​He seemed pleased with what he had done to me, watching me whine and wriggle underneath him with need and smirking as if he was victorious which yes he was. After nearing the edge and being forced to not cum, I seemed to soften significantly. One I was only about half hard, my breathing more even, he started stroking my length again. He swiped his thumb over my slit, his wrist flicking as he stroked my cock, his hand expertly moving over me, knowing exactly what drove me insane, my hips bucking up off instinct and thrusting my length into his hand along with his strokes. He leaned over, kissing me roughly as he pumped my length, using the precum as lube to quicken his pace. I moaned loudly, gasping into his mouth as I felt the familiar knot in my stomach telling me I was close. I moaned into his mouth to warn him, his hand moving from my length again and his lips detaching from mine. ​

I whined with need, him finally standing up and stripping off all of his clothing, making me feel less exposed now that I wasn’t the only naked one in the room. He moved back between my legs, stroking himself and coating himself heavily with lube to avoid hurting me. He knows I’ve stretched, he lined up with my whole and teases me by pressing to tip in an pulling out, making me whimper and writhe with need. His lips met mine once more for a sloppy, open mouth kiss as he slowly pushes into me, still careful to not hurt me because being mad at me doesn’t mean he can hurt me. He finally bottoms out, staying in place a second and moaning at the friction while he lets me adjust to the stretch of his cock. I nodded slowly, and he pulled out and pushed back in, slowly building up a pace and quickening it, and before long he’s pounding into me.

I moan loudly, and apparently he doesn’t like that because he’s quick to wrap a hand around my throat, his finger pressing into the side, careful to just cut off blood stream and not actually my oxygen because that could harm you. He fingers squeeze tightly around my throat, my moans strained and high pitched as he pounded into me, his thrusts hard and directly into my spot every damn time, my moans getting louder, needier and high pitched. He slams into my spot, over and over again and his hand squeezes tighter around my throat as he starts to talk, knowing how dirty talk affected me.

“Fucking slut. Wanted this all day haven’t you? Desperate for daddy to come home, for him to slit you open with his cock right?” he grunted out in a low and aggressive, lust filled voice and I let out a whine.

“D-daddy!” I gasped out, feeling his hand wrap round my length and jerk me quickly and sloppily along with his thrusts and his cock slamming into my prostate rapidly. He slapped my inner thigh hard, his hand no longer on my cock as he did so until he returned to jerking me off.

“Just couldn’t wait for me to get home. You just had to send me those filthy pictures, send me your whore, sinful slutty moans and get me hard in a public place didn’t you, slut?” He asked and I choked out my answer through loud moans.
“Fuck yes! Daddy!” I choked out, my eyes watering from the pleasure. “Wanted you! I needed you all day!” I almost screamed, my stomach forming knots of heat and bliss, excitedly waiting permission to release. “Daddy! Please let me cum. I promise I won’t be bad again Please daddy please let me cum!” I shouted as he smirked, his fingers releasing my throat, him leaning down and kissing me roughly and heatedly, his thrusts getting sloppy and me moaning, screaming and groaning loudly as I released, cum spurting all over my stomach and Phil. I kept pushing my hips up, watching as Phil stroked me through my orgasm until he released inside me, thrusting into the now overly sensitive bundle of nerves, me mewling loudly as he finished his orgasm, slowly stopping his movements and pulling out, kissing me tiredly before falling onto me.

War and Peace

Alexander x Female Reader


Word Count: 2362

Warning: Cussing

Request: Could you do a alex x reader where alex finds out they’re super ticklish and he begins a tickle fight??

A/N: Surprise! Two in one weekend! This was just really fun to write. Sorry @ the requester if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you requested. You said “tickle fight” and I turned it into a tickle war. Also, I feel like this one is kind of choppy and doesn’t transition between scenes very well, so my apologies. But besides that, enjoy my first Alex fic!

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Home, Again.

In response to a prompt received earlier: Hi! I really hope you’re still taking requests! I’ve read your All Work & All Play series (I’m dying for the next part to come out!) In the mean time could you please write a Barba x reader where Rafael has a wife, (Y/N), who disappeared two years ago. Barba has tried numerous times to find her with the help of SVU, but the trails always come up cold. When the team busts Johnny D, they find (Y/N) among the girls there and finally Barab and (Y/N) get the reunion they’ve been waiting for.

PS- warning: mention of sexual assault, kidnapping, sad stuff.

“To have, and to hold-”

Rafael smiled as the end of the pastor’s speech approached. Of course, the ceremony was lovely; spring air that wafted the floral scents from the gardens up through the trees and ruffled the eyelash lace on your dress, the family and dear friends gathered before you to witness the union of two like souls, how his heart beat so roughly against the inside of his ribs that he was convinced you may be able to see his boutonniere move in tune. He hoped it didn’t distract you. All he could ever hope was that nothing could distract you- from this moment, from these promises he was more than willing to make. The ceremony was lovely, but he wanted to hold you more than he wanted to talk any longer

You were fine, though. Nothing could convince you to pull your gaze from his green eyes. Not his trembling hands as he held onto yours, not the corners of his lips wriggling as he struggled to maintain his stoic composure, not the whistling of the birds or the soft hum of the harp. You had waited years to make this sincere; legal and honest. All you had ever wanted ever since you met your Darling Rafi was to become his wife- funny how you had never wanted something so desperately before.

“Until death do you part?”

He gripped your hands so tightly, you thought you couldn’t feel your fingers; “I do.”

You wished you could cup his face in your palms and disappear away to your honeymoon, this was taking far too long; “I do.”

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