and it was shiny

Asche: “WOW.”

“A part of me wants to know that Magikarp, but the other part doesn’t want to meet such powerful creature… I have enough with the Cutiefly miss! She’s the most powerful being I know! Oh- and-”

Asche: “You know, Pichus have some problems using their own electricity, and being all the time controlling myself to not to electrocute people by accident is kind of a pain in the tail.”

“I think Pikachus don’t have this problem, so being one would make it a lot easier for me to… well, exist.”

“And, even if I can be the strongest Pichu, I still want to be as powerful as my full potential allows me to be! And, therefore, I need to evolve.”

Asche: “I don’t know if I can be the most powerful Raichu, but sure I’ll try!”


Asche: “I mean, I can just evolve naturally by myself, right? It’s not like I have some genetic problem or a curse that will never allow me to evolve or something…”

Asche: “…”


The Au that literally no one asked for: Mean Poke’s

The Unwilling Victims:







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The pink detective is here and on the case~!

WTW May 24th: Space Edition!

For this week’s WTW, I’ll be wonder trading some Pokemon that are out of this world! For the next 24+ hours, might receive one of these space themed Pokemon through Wonder Trade.

My IGN is Masako. If you receive one of these shinies during WTW, be sure to submit a photo of it to me. Doing so will net you a couple bonus shinies!

Good luck and happy wonder trading!

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Yo, I think Kex (the shiny crobat) somehow has fallen in love with Excalibur (@daily-team-skull-grunt)


I assume this was a shipping meme since its between all my ship meme asks ;v;

But here’s the spicy child Viper! Ignore Excalibur’s face, he just bitter still about the whole Nebby thing.


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Can you tell me more about your tmnt crystal gems au? Like gem placement, headcanons, just whatever you feel like sharing! I really loved the fusion posts and I've been thinking about the AU a lot I lowkey (highkey) want to draw some fan art whenever you get around to telling us about the designs a bit! You're super talented keep up the awesome work!!

Hello! It took a while to get back to this bc I hadn’t quite worked out the gems for everyone. I have now, though! Because you reminded me to, lmao. also if anyone wants to get technical about the meanings or whatever of the gems I picked please don’t, I’m a lowly fic writer and did minimal research and don’t care to get super deep about things, thanks.

Alright, so I wrote that one ficlet a while back about Donnie and April, and they were the only two I had for sure down with what gems they were. (I’ll recap them tho, in case folks missed it.)

Donnie = Purple Pearl. (because of reasons.) Gem placement is his forehead.

April = Yellow (or was it gold?) Tourmaline. Gem placement is her hip.

Raph = Pyrope. Gem placement is the back of his right hand.

Leo = Blue Iolite. Gem placement is between his shoulder blades.

Mikey = Jasper. (like, similar to canon Jasper, but smol like Amethyst ended up.) Gem placement is his chest, also like Amethyst.

Casey = (tentatively, may change if I feel like it) Onyx. Gem placement is his left palm.

Splinter = Fire agate. Gem placement is the same as Mikey’s.

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They essentially move from planet to planet once the whole crew is together and have interstellar travel once again, staying outside the range of the crumbling empire’s reach, but mostly hang out on one specific planet that’s got very little sentient life on it. Very relaxing for a collection of people who really need to calm down sometimes. except Casey who is raring to go any time all the time and needs to be stopped

And here’s some descriptions and stuff, because hell yes I’d love fanart pls and thank you:

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