and it was shiny

What a tiny dragon!

I need Shini to just drag Leo’s ass. just fucking drag him hardcore. there is no way she doesn’t look at this cocky teenage boy and think anything other than “ugh.”

basically just imagine Shini and Karai having tea in their super secret lair for Morally Ambiguous Ladies, and Shini going

“That boy was my competition? Really?”

“It was a phase, Shini. A phase.”

“Couldn’t you have at least picked the intelligent one?”

and somewhere, Donnie shudders right down in his soul. he feels he dodged a bullet somehow.


Aster’s here! She only took 326 eggs, but I haven’t had much time to work on this hunt so..
It’s nice to get a fairly quick shiny while I’m on a break from a hunt that’s taking much longer (my Type: Null hunt, which I’m at nearly 5k resets for with the shiny charm).

Hospital Hiatus

shinigami here to leave an update

karai is stable but sedated and will not be ready to post for some time (´σωσ*)

she does not know yet what happened on the roof so please be patient ⁝(˚͈͈͈͈̥̆₍₎˚͈͈͈͈̥̆⁎)⁝