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What I’d like for my 24th Birthday

Hello Tumblr, not entirely sure who still pays any attention to this ol’ washed up blog, but in about 1 minute I’m going to be 24 years old. I don’t want any fanfare, no fuss, no muss.

If ya’ll aren’t already aware, I am a proud Armenian currently living in Canada, and for the last day or so, I’ve been blogging about a movie that was released very recently. “The Promise” starring Christian Bale (Batman) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron.) It’s a movie out of Hollywood about the Armenian Genocide, the very, very first of its kind. 

The only thing I want for my birthday is for you, all of you, to get on imdb and give the movie a ten star rating (You can sign in with your facebook to do so.). This is to offset the ignorant thousands (Essentially Turkish 4chan) giving it a one-star before it had even been seen by that many people, in their effort to suppress the movie’s success and hide the Genocide from the rest of the world, something the Turkish Government has been trying to do since the atrocities of over 100 years ago, on April 24th, 1915. (Great Birthday for an Armenian, don’t you think?)

That’s all I ask, really. All I can really ask. Being in the industry, I can tell you this movie is an exceptionally well made piece of cinema, no expense was spared, and in my opinion, it’s Oscar Isaac at his best. But it is not a nice movie. It take places during a Genocide. And it’s not light handed about this fact. If you’d like to see it as well, then thank you for that. That would make me so happy. It would make my entire community happy. I thank you all in advance.

Alright, back to tumblr with you all. Shnorhagalem kez. Shatt Merci. Thank you.

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Roman Reigns One Shot - First Impressions

  • Based on this prompt: “You can touch me but I know you won’t.” @moxxetti

I looked around the arena wondering how I had gotten suckered into coming. It was filling up fast. Lila had called at the last minute, her cousin had bailed on her and she had no one to go with. She had begged. She knew a few of the wrestlers and had scored ringside seats but the only problem was that I knew nothing about wrestling or the WWE, nor did I care to. Yet here I was, sitting in probably the best seats in the house about to watch something I had zero interest in. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.

“Stop being so dramatic,” Lila elbowed me in the ribs. “You’re gonna love it.”

“Yeah,” my eyes narrowed, “we’ll see.” I picked up my beer and took a long sip, hoping there was enough alcohol in this place to get me through the next three hours.

“It’s a house show, they’re always so much better than the live tapings – no script, no PG rating to worry about. Just a bunch of people out there having fun and entertaining us.” Lila shouted over to me as a blast of music and pyro went off.

“What the fuck is a ‘house show’?” I shouted back.

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its not my favourite song but i think one more night by maroon 5 would be good ;D + baek + college AU

One more night

Small tears escaped down the curve of his face despite his effort to keep them in. Before him, you laid still among the messy sheets, hair sprawled out over the pillow and back exposed to his bare eyes. There was a small ringing sound cutting through the silence as Baekhyun fought the sobs to keep from waking you up. He had to leave, his brother’s car would be outside in about twenty minutes. Twenty, painfully short minutes. 

In his second year of college, he had stumbled upon you, a first year. You had admitted that you found him intriguing very quickly, his black lined eyes and matching dark hair, his careless and bad attitude had classically attracted you to him. Baekhyun himself had found you attractive and intriguing, and so, he had asked you out. Thinking it would only be a small fling, he was surprised when you had stayed by his stubborn, rude and careless side, showcasing your very loyalty and adoration to him everyday by saying “I love you” - all trough college. He had never said it back and he had no idea of why you never left him. 

His heart was racing as placed a single, gentle hand on you, softly running it down the beautiful curve of your back to where the blanket started. Teardrops fell onto the soft cloth of the blanket when he finally stood up. That was your last night together- this had been your last night together. Baekhyun was now just barely graduating, moving out, and giving you an opportunity to become free of him before things got worse. 

As he collected his jacket and bag, he threw a last, longing glance over to your naked body, lying in the beautiful aftermath of the pleasure Baekhyun had given you barely an hour prior. You were awake, he knew it. Only pretending to be asleep as he opened up the door with the loud honk of car outside. 

He sighed silently. “I love you.”

And then he was gone. 

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Niall Horan One Shot - First Impressions

I looked around the arena wondering how I had gotten suckered into coming. It was filling up fast. Lila had called at the last minute, her cousin had bailed on her and she had no one to go with. She had begged. She knew a few of the guys in the band and had scored front row seats but the only problem was that I knew nothing about this band, nor did I care to. Yet here I was, sitting in probably the best seats in the house about to watch something I had zero interest in. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily.

“Stop being so dramatic,” Lila elbowed me in the ribs. “You’re gonna love it.”

“Yeah,” my eyes narrowed, “we’ll see.” I picked up my beer and took a long sip, hoping there was enough alcohol in this place to get me through the next two(ish) hours.

“It’s a reunion concert, these guys have been on break for years. Now they’re just out here having fun and entertaining us.” Lila shouted over to me as the beginning notes of the first song blared through the speakers.

“What the fuck is a ‘reunion concert’?” I shouted back.

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Can I maybe have some cute jealous headcannons of Johnny (and maybe Diego if you want to) and his s/o? (Sorry if this isn't what you ment about requests. Ignore this if it doesn't count >~<;)

Oooo bless you anon, I love jealousy headcanons a l o t


  • Diego always insists that he never gets jealous, scoffing at the mere idea of him ever feeling threatened by the thought of someone else taking you from him. He knows he’s the best, so why would you ever want to downgrade for someone else? Though despite what he says, it’s very obvious that he still manages to get riled up whenever you divert your attention towards another man.
  • Even if you’d only been talking to the other person for a few minutes, you can tell whenever Diego finally notices, the force of his harsh gaze on your back nearly tangible. If you try and look at him, he’ll flip his head back around so it looks like he was never glaring at you in the first place, but from his posture alone you can tell how tense and irritated he is, one of his gloved hands still held at his side in a tight fist. 
  • If you choose to ignore Diego and just keep talking to the other man, Diego will become a lot less subtle with his discomfort, abandoning any conversation he might have been in the middle of in order to stroll over to you two.As he approaches, he tries to shift his expression into one of pure confidence and indifference towards the other person, bringing out an arm to wrap around your waist, pulling you in close to his side before he even fully addresses who you were chatting with.  
  • Usually due to Diego’s own reputation, the other person will know now to leave you be, but if that doesn’t seem to be the case, Diego isn’t afraid to move onto more extreme measures. You’ll never forget the look of pure horror on one man’s face seconds before he darted off when Diego had used Scary Monsters to make him appear a bit more threatening, his pupils elongating into reptilian slits as his mouth cracked open, revealing long, razor sharp teeth.
  • Of course even when the other man is gone, Diego won’t leave you alone again. He’ll be constantly at your side, arm still wrapped around you possessively and introducing you both as a couple to every other person you both meet. It takes him a while to fully calm himself down from the whole ordeal, his grip on you staying possessively tight until he manages to finally relax.
  • Though he might have gotten over it, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook for getting him as jealous as he did. That night you’ll have him all over you, leaving dark hickies and bite marks along every inch of your exposed skin to ensure no one ever thinks you belong to anyone else but him


  • Johnny tends to be a bit less openly angry with his jealousy and a bit more on the subtle side. When he catches you talking with another man, his feelings lean more towards being hurt than anything else.
  • He’ll want to approach you two and set the other man straight that you’re already taken, but no matter how irritated he feels, he just can’t bring himself to. Before the accident he knows he would’ve been over there in a heartbeat, glaring the other man down as he came to hold you close, but now with his wheelchair and his idea that he’s been cursed, his confidence is at an all time low. 
  • He’ll just sort of stay there watching you two, growing more and more bitter and hurt the longer you go without ending the conversation. Every time you smile or laugh at the other person’s comments or jokes, Johnny can feel his grip on his own wheelchair tightening ever so slightly. By time you two finally break away, his knuckles are white from the force of him holding so firmly onto it. 
  • Once you return back to Johnny, you’ll find him acting a lot more aloof towards you than normal. While you had been busy having fun talking to the other man, his own feelings had been left to simmer. He knows his curse wouldn’t let him keep you forever, so he can’t help but feel it’s only a matter of time before you won’t actually return to him after talking with someone else like that. To him, it only seems inevitable that you’d find someone you love more, but even with knowing that he still can’t help but get angry at you for, in his mind, dropping him for another man. 
  • While it might take a while for him to admit why he’s actually so mad at you, once he finally snaps and asks if “you don’t have some other man to go bother,” it becomes more clear that he’s been feeling jealous this whole time. It might take you a while to fully reassure him that you won’t be leaving him for anyone anytime soon, and that he’s the only man for you, but once you do his irritation easily evaporates. While he still has that little bit of insecurity at the back of his mind, the fact that you care so much for him helps set him at ease. 
  • Though once you two have been together for a while and he’s finally fully confident that he’s the only man you’ll ever love, he’ll be a lot more openly possessive towards you. Whenever he feels you haven’t been showing him enough attention, or perhaps you’ve been showing someone else a bit too much attention, he’ll just pull you down into his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around your torso and resting his chin on your shoulder. Every time he does it, he can’t keep the grin off his face once he sees how openly flustered you get at his sudden affection. 
Another Ride - Chapter 19: No More Hiding

We’re still right in the middle of switch up week. No idea what the next chapter will be though. Might need one more switch up week chapter before I jump into Disney week. We’ll see…

James ran into rehearsal a few minutes late. He had come to realize this morning that, as he would be rehearsing first thing in the morning and Sharna didn’t have to be in until the afternoon, neither one of them seemed in any rush to get out of bed and spend the day apart. When he told her that he should be getting up and getting ready to head for the studio, it only took one smile from her to convince him otherwise. Of course, five more minutes then turned into half an hour.

Jenna was already there and so were a couple producers with cameras, but they were still just starting to get set up. When he hurried over to Jenna, her eyes were wide.

“Sorry,” he said breathlessly, dropping his bag on the floor. “I know I’m -.”

“I’m going to kill you,” Jenna muttered, glancing once at the camera crew on the far side of the room. This seemed to be an awfully strong reaction considering he wasn’t even fifteen minutes late. But then he saw a smile spread across her face. “You moved in together?!” she hissed, keeping her voice very low. “How come you didn’t tell me?!”

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Yuri watching a sad movie, only for Otabek to find him and start laughing and Yuri demanding an embarrassed hug

Okay and by sad movie I think you mean Up and Yuri has never seen it before, but then he puts it on on a whim and starts tearing up in the first five minutes. Otabek walks in and sees Yuri crying, and he’s scared at first, but then he sees the movie on and grins, plopping down next to Yuri on the couch.

“Stop smiling, asshole,” Yuri sniffed, “Its fucking sad, okay?”

“Aw, Yura,” Otabek cooed, bringing him into kind of a half hug. They hug for the rest of the movie, enjoying each other’s company. Sensing Yuri is still upset, Beka leans down and kisses the top of his head every so often, reassuring him silently that he is loved.

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"I'm worried that you'll get sick again," Will said simply. "You're finally gaining your strength back, I don't want you to lose it again. And I'm just getting everything together for a quick check up," he said, walking up and setting a few things on the bed. "It'll only take a few minutes, don't worry. Just gonna check temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, stuff like that." Nico watched quietly as Will rolled his chair up and sat in front of him, starting to get to work.


[supposed to be posted first] Truthfully, Will was worried that he’d wake up one day and find Nico gone - or dead. But he didn’t like to even think of the latter. “I’m worried that you don’t care about yourself enough. You think everyone else is more important, and you don’t even think about yourself. It’s not selfish to want to live, Nico.” Will said the last part softer. “I don’t have a death wish, Solace.” “Maybe prove that by bringing a blanket along for the next walk.” “I just don’t get why you’re so worried. I’ve survived this long.” Will looks at him. “Do you ever want to do more than surviving? That’s what normal people do.” “Normal people aren’t demigods.” Will sighed. “Just try. Eat a little more. Don’t over exert yourself.” “I get it. I know it all.” To lighten the mood, Nico smiles, patting Will’s hand. “You never answered what you were doing.”


Nico felt restless after Will had blatantly called him out on his total disregard of self care. It wasn’t like Nico was trying to die, it was just that he had gone so long without really caring whether he did or not. He tried not to let it get to him, but he was annoyed by his own actions now. The thermometer that Will pushed into Nico’s ear made his head hurt, and the cuff around his bicep to measure his blood pressure hurt. Overall, Nico had definitely felt better before. He didn’t feel the greatest, but he didn’t think he necessarily felt sick. Will didn’t warn him about how cold the stethoscope would be before he slid it up under his shirt and pressed it to his chest. Nico definitely did not shriek and shy away from it. Will didn’t laugh either. When he was done, Will put everything away and Nico looked at him expectantly. “Well?”

so i saw gone with the wind for the first time in a huge theatre and like, it started at 2:30pm, had a ten minute intermission and only finished at 6:45

can we make movies like that again pls. no slavery and racism and sexism this time, though. just long ass movies that build their characters and have crazy production value and give you an entire afternoon off


“Here’s a real question: how have you survived this long when you’re so violently self-destructive?

Andrew cocked his head to one side in a question. Neil didn’t know if Andrew was playing stupid to rile him or if Andrew really was oblivious. Either way it was frustrating. He wondered why no one else had caught on, or if people noticed and just didn’t care enough to say it. Now that Neil saw it, though, he couldn’t look past it. Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.

where marinette flirts
  • so alya told her to start flirting with adrien if she liked him so much, and the magazines give her step-by-step guides with 15 ~Chill~ Ways to Flirt With Your Crush Without Totally Embarrassing Yourself, so there’s no way this can go horribly wrong, right?
  • okay but marinette has to be realistic, when has anything ever gone right for her?
  • 1. like their instagram and watch their snapchat: okay but marinette already does this, she follows all of adrien’s social media and collects his takes from photoshoots and knows his schedule, and honestly, there’s really nothing he does that she doesn’t know about it? the whole point of watching his snapchat and liking his instagram would be for him to notice her, but it’s not like she can tell him that she does this, because that would be creepy right? but for the most part she thinks she has this part down pat. 
  • 2. make eye contact: and this one is damn near impossible. every time she looks at adrien, and he looks back, her heart turns into a puddle and she wants to melt. but okay, the magazine said to make eye contact, so that’s maintain eye contact, right? don’t look away as soon as he catches her looking. okay, she tells herself. i can do this.
  • adrien and marinette spend the rest of the week in multiple staring contests. alya and nino are extremely confused, but the game catches on, and soon the whole class spends Madame Bustier’s lectures in staring contests with the rest of their classmates. there’s a running scoreboard, and chloe and alya are surprisingly good at the game, which isn’t that surprisingly at all considering how many glare-showdowns they’ve had throughout the year. 
  • adrien just wants to beat marinette once, and how is it fair she’s so good at this??? marinette just wants to know why it’s not working; she hasn’t gone through dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches for nothing. at this point, she’s read to pour Johnson’s No More Tears shampoo directly in her eyes to get them back to normal. 
  • 3. let your emojis do the talking: 🍆😛:eggplant: :yum:
  • alya sent it from marinette’s phone, and marinette is too busy dying to say anything about it. adrien still buys her eggplants for a month because he thinks they’re her favorite.
  • 4. wave and say “hi” when they walk by: marinette had to quit when her over-aggressive wave nailed nino in the nose and broke it. alya called him “raccoon eyes” for weeks. it didn’t matter though, adrien didn’t even wave back (though it might have been because his best friend was bleeding on the school steps). 
  • 5. invite your crush to hang out as a group: seems easy enough, right? she invites alya, nino, and adrien over for a study group at her house, but alya and nino cancel at the last minute to give her “some alone time with adrien”. only it doesn’t work out that way because she’s forced to actually learn physics when adrien notices she had some troubles with it and tutors her for the rest of the night. 
  • 6. say something simple, then keep the conversation going: marinette had trouble talking to adrien in the first place, so it was a miracle if she even got something simple out. adrien saves her the trouble anyway when he complicates her cat sweater, but it doesn’t go the way she imagined because it devolves into a heated argument over whether chat noir or ladybug was better, and oh my god, how could she be arguing with her crush over how much she sucked?
  • 7. remember what they tell you, and bring it up later: so adrien refuses to speak to her since she said ladybug sucked, and marinette is panicking internally 24/7. she makes him a hat to apologize because it’s summer and it’s blue, and when he asks her how she knew blue was his favorite color, she just smiles and tells him she read it in a magazine article. 
  • adrien looks touched either way while marinette wishes she could sink through the floor because she’d gone nearly a whole year without adrien knowing she read magazine articles about him. 
  • 8. give them a sincere compliment: 
  • adrien: “so what do we know about penguins already for this biology presentation?”
    marinette: “penguins are inefficient walkers…. they’re cute…. but not cuter than you.”
    adrien: “…thanks, marinette.”
  • adrien: “thanks, marinette. you’re so helpful.”
    marinette: “that’s me. i’m always helpful. i’ll always try to help you. you know, like… i’d totally hold a revolving door for you. i know that’s counterproductive, but you’re worth it.”
  • adrien: “god, they never get all the makeup off after a shoot.”
    marinette: “you know, i would really be okay with seeing you without makeup. that’s how much i like you.”
    adrien: “what?”
    marinette: “what?”
  • 9. casually touch their arm when you’re talking: marinette casually strokes adrien’s arm during their next study session.
    adrien: “… why are you touching my arm?”
    marinette: “i’m checking the seam work.”
    adrien: “….that’s my skin though.”
    marinette: “shh, don’t disrupt a designer at work.”
  • 10. offer them a fry: okay, but marinette doesn’t particularly like fries, so she figured she’d find another way to work this in. it happens one morning while she’s about to go to town on her croissant when she overhears adrien mentioning to nino that he’d forgot his breakfast, so she shoves the food in front of him and rushes away. alya can’t stop laughing at agreste’s startled expression when marinette shoved a croissant in his face without prompt. regardless, alya shares her own breakfast when marinette admits she didn’t have anything else to eat.
  • 11. give them something thoughtful: marinette buys adrien a ladybug-spotted scarf because she knows he likes the superhero. he protests when she gives it to him, but she just shrugs and said she owed him one anyway after dissing his favorite superhero before. 
  • the next day he gives her a matching chat noir one.
  • 12. tease them: she can barely keep a straight face when she teases adrien in front of nino and alya about always smelling like camembert. she even buys him three cheese wheels one day, but he only flushes darkly as he shoves them in his bag. she wants to apologize in case she hurt his feelings, but later that day, she notices that the cheese is gone. 
  • man, he must really like his cheese, she thinks in awe, and spends the rest of the day trying to figure out why adrien kept glaring at his bag during class. 
  • 13. steal their hat and put it on your head: adrien doesn’t wear hats, so she stole nino’s instead. adrien spent the rest of the day trying to set her up with his best friend. 
  • 14. ruffle their hair: marinette ruffles adrien’s hair when she walks into the classroom one morning. some strands end up tangled in her bracelet, and the two spend the remainder of class in the nurse’s office as she tries to cut them loose. 
  • 15. sit in their lap: marinette is a little hesitant to try this one, but alya ends up taking matters into her own hands and pushes marinette into adrien’s lap one day while the three of them and nino were visiting a cafe for lunch. marinette is flustered and apologizes profusely, and she finally finds the courage to look into his eyes. but instead of angry!agreste, she seems wide, shocked green eyes as adrien begins to laugh uncontrollably. marinette starts to giggle and shakes her head and it’s not until she looks at him again that she realizes… this whole situation seems really familiar…
  • “…chat noir?” she asks suddenly.
  • “what?” adrien asks. 
  • “what?” alya asks.
  • “what?” nino asks.
  • “oh my god,” marinette says and dies.

Needless to say, flirting was not her forte. But hey, she still got the man in the end, right? …. alright, it’s a work and progress, but still. 

S3 & S4 Parallels so far

Okay so I just wanted to keep a track record on how many damn parallels Julie is giving us this season with Isaks…because this isn’t her being lazy and doing what makes people happy….noooo this is her setting us up for something we will not be ready for. So for us to work out what that is going to be, it might be easier if we look at what exactly has been paralleled so far with Isak’s season. 

1. The Intro

Season 3 and season 4 are the only two seasons to start out by using the same powerful concept of introducing our mains current world with flashes of images of things that are happening everywhere that are connected and actually have an impact on the mains story very much. It shows how important everything that happened around us can be to our own personal small individual worlds. That just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, that is doesn’t effect you or have a connection to who you are and what you’re going through. And Both Isak and Sana’s seasons show us this in the first minutes of their story. 

2. Group Dynamics

In both seasons we have gotten a similar scene with Sana/Isak, eating lunch while their friends discuss sex which makes both mains feel alienated and uncomfortable within the group. We see how different they both feel within their group dynamics and this feeling of never being able to “fit in”. This parallel almost sets up that Isak and Sana are both in a similar mind set. The feeling of not being able to connect with the people close to them. 

3. The heartbreak party scene

This parallel was way too similar. The mains both see their love interest with someone else which both hurts and prompts them to question everything they have felt and seen so far. 

4. The Crush Stalking in Biology

I don’t think I need to say much on this one because oh my god this whole clip was a repeat of Isak’s biology clip. Even from the title we go from ‘Even’ to ‘Yousef’, the setting, Mikael, even Isak interrupts Sana just like Sana interrupted Isak. This was a very blatant parallel and I feel like this is Julie’s way of making sure that we know these parallels and repeats are in no way a ‘coincidence’ there’s a purpose and I am so keen to see what it is. 

5. “I’ll fix it” 

So when we go back to Isak’s season the drama all starts with Isak losing Mahdi’s weed. we get this conflict when Mahdi tells him it’s 1000 kroner and Isak tries to calm him by affirming to him that he well “fix it” and thus this is how he ends up getting blackmailed by Sana to go to the kosegruppa where he meets and Even and boom all the drama plays out. This then parallels Sana who says the exact same thing to the girls when they tell her they cannot afford the bus. So just like Isak’s season it seems like this is where all the drama is going to start. With Sana determined to do anything to ‘fix’ this. 

6. The cute kitchen bonding

I loooooved this new clip so much it was so fluffy and cute and it gave me the feels but guys… also made me feel incredibly suspicious…why? This is another blatant parallel of the iconic evak bonding domestic kitchen scene from episode 2 of season 3. Even the positioning of Isak/Sana and Even/Yousef is eerily similar. We also have the love interests preparing food for the main as they give them the hearteyes (same) and then they laugh and giggle over cute things and it’s all so perfect. 

Too perfect

Too similar

this is the 6th parallel and I feel like there are more but these ones are the most obvious to me. Clear easter eggs Julie is giving us to freak out over (which I am) she wants us to see this parallel. To notice the Evak reference just like we did with the R+J reference in s3. 

she wants us to see it, so when she pulls back the curtain and reveals the true reference we will once again be thrown off our feet. 

ahhh I am so nervous. 

Feel free to add on any other parallels you guys have seen <3 

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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yall exo-ls acting like you're top shit for selling out 1 stadium while there are other groups out there getting international recognition that exo could never get

okay first of all “1 stadium” is the Jamsil Olympic Stadium which holds 70k+ people and the last time it was sold out was 17 years ago. Not only is exo the first and only 3rd generation to have the privilege of performing there but they also managed to sell out all 70k+ seats in less than 15 minutes and people are still itching to buy seats for their 2nd date so i can only imagine how much faster they’ll sell out for day two so honestly every single word of encouragement or hyping up exo-ls have done are completely justified so idk maybe you should just stop sounding so pressed idk just a suggestion

and secondly, exo a kpop group centred in korea not getting north american recognition???? (you don’t need to sugarcoat it we all know who and what you’re talking about) oh no how tragic what ever shall they do. but if you truly wanted cold hard facts no offense but exo has and still is fucking it up in na and pretty much the rest of the world since before your faves even made it big so idk maybe take your ass out of my blog and focus on your own faves for once instead of so desperately trying to downplay exo’s never ending list of achievements