and it was nice to do something like that in between

You know what I love most about Reinhardt being a fan of D.Va? It means he actually watches her. Like, in between being a wandering hero guy, he’s sitting in his van watching D.Va stream Starcraft. He’s probably the nicest guy in the chat and can’t donate a lot, but always includes a nice donation message when he does. He probably rents her movies on the internet and forces Brigitte to watch these cheesy low budget movies with him. He’s probably the kind of guy who sets up, like, viewing parties of her fights. I mean, that’s such a thing he would do, sit down and watch people fight, yelling and getting all pumped up like he’s watching sports or something. He probably own at least one piece of pink and blue bunny-themed merch. This 7 ½ foot tall 60 year old German war veteran likes to watch 19 year old Korean pro gamer and idol Hana “D.Va” song in his off time.

Like it’s such an amazing thing to me that he canonically is just a fan of her’s. Just ‘cause.

What If...?

I don’t usually like to come up with theories myself, but I was wondering about the scene in Episode 10 when all of the skaters were walking towards the ice rink and the intense “build-up” music was playing in the background. 

The writers really like doing that subtle foreshadowing thing, so what if the way they’re ordered here is correlated to their upcoming ranking? 

JJ gets sixth. Makes sense at this point, since he suffered a huge blow during his last skate, and I’m not sure that he can make up the points now. (Sorry JJ)

Chris gets 5th. Maybe that mysterious suited guy (the one who “comes too early” (yeah nice subtlety writers)) will have something to do with his performance? The man seems like an extremely random character to throw in last moment, and the implications almost make it seem like he’s Chris’s lover. Maybe something will happen between them that messes with Chris’s performance?

OR, MORE LIKELY, Chris may just end up losing the motivation he once had while he was competing with Victor. It’s said multiple times that they tend to thrive off of one another, and if Victor isn’t there, maybe his will to fight will diminish. 

Otabek gets 4th. We still haven’t seen his free skate, and we still don’t know much about him, but they certainly haven’t built him up as much as the other skaters (at least in my opinion). So honestly, I can’t really see him coming in on the podium. Frankly, if he does, I think a lot of people would be disappointed, since he seems to exist as a device (I’M SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU) for Yuri’s development. 

Phichit gets 3rd. Personally, I would just love to see him next to Yuuri - they’ve shown us how long these two have been together as friends, and now that we’ve seen more of Phichit’s backstory (PRECIOUS BBY), this seems more likely. Of course, this correlates with my HAMSTER META THEORY where phichit is gripping his “bronze” hamster: (I KNOW I’M FCKN PATHETIC OK)

Yurio comes in second. It would make sense considering he just broke Viktor’s world record. I’m almost 100% certain that this angry muffin isn’t going to get gold, because he’s simply too young and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and receive it in the future, as opposed to Yuuri or Chris, who are much older. And then, finally…

Yuuri takes the gold with a perfect performance of Yuri on Ice! It would make sense, since he’s flubbed his free skate every single time we’ve seen it (not usually to a huge extent, but enough). If it’s true that he and Victor’s story (whether it be as coach/student or otherwise) is coming to a close, and is no longer developing, I’m guessing this means that Yuri on Ice is going to be finally complete, and he’ll pull off his best performance yet. 

I didn’t really think much of this scene until they threw this at us again in the final OP in the same order, starting with JJ and ending with Yuuri.

So, really, I wonder if the writers are trying to point something out to us? Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing like everyone else haha. 

john mulaney and pancakes

ok SO john mulaney has a new live show on the netflicks (the comeback kid) and i was lucky enough to see him do this act live in milwaukee this summer!!! but the recorded show is missing something special

so summer in milwaukee is known for being like. comically humid. disgustingly, oppressively humid. ‘can’t tell the difference between being downtown and being literally submerged in lake michigan’ humid

and poor john mulaney was wearing a nice-looking but also very warm suit. so once about every 10-20 minutes he would pause whatever spiel he was on, wipe his forehead, flutter his jacket about, regret his fashion choices and ask what was wrong with us that we don’t properly air condition our venues

about halfway through the show, a woman in one of the front rows stood up and started to walk out so in classic mulaney fashion he razzed her that she couldn’t take the heat either and asked her to bring him a pepsi - she didn’t break stride (i would try to play it cool too if over a thousand people were suddenly watching me get razzed by mulaney)

as soon as she was out of the theatre, he turned his mic off and started yelling to those of us who were still in there

okay guys, we’re going to play a little prank on her! can everyone hear me? WE’RE GOING TO PLAY A PRANK! at some point later in the show i’m going to say ‘you know what they say in milwaukee!!’ and you’re all going to wave your arm around like this’ - he jauntily waved his arm with his first finger outstretched, like an 80 year old man doing the charleston - ‘and you will all shout ‘gimme some PANcakes!!!’’

we did a few rehearsals of this until he was satisfied, and he turned his mic back on and continued with his act

a few minutes later the woman walked back through the theatre but passed her row, walked all the way up to the stage, and set a can of pepsi at mulaney’s feet. he stopped, mouth agape for a moment and touched his chest. ‘is this really for me?’ he asked. ‘did i ask you for pepsi? i have no idea why i would do that, i hate pepsi.’ he thanked her sincerely several times, and when she turned his back to him to return to her seat, he made frantic ‘kill’ motions across his throat to signal to us that the prank was off

he continued to lament the heat for the rest of his act, eventually lost the jacket and drank the gifted pepsi, grimacing cartoonishly every time. at the very end of the night he thanked us for being a great audience, thanked the woman in particular for her kindness, and triumphantly said ‘BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY IN MILWAUKEE!!!’ and 1 very generous women was hopelessly confused when 1299 people shouted ‘GIMME SOME PANCAKES!!!!!’

Dating Tom would include...

ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛᴇᴅ- ᴅᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏᴍ ʀɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇ?😊

- - -

  • him raising his eyebrow at whenever you stare at him for too long
  • because come on, how can you not stare at his pretty face
  • “Really, stop staring at me, y/n.”
  • “Fine, sorry, I’ll stop.”
  • - 5 minutes later -
  • “But you’re still doing it.”
  • it would be hard to notice but he’d blush when you show affection to him
  • him resting his head on your lap
  • hiding when having tiny makeout sessions between classes
  • “Tom, try to be nice to them.”
  • “I can’t, I’m saving all that for you.”
  • him always keeping you around but giving you lots of freedom as well
  • listening to amazing music together (something like The 1975 or Arctic Monkeys <3)
  • him teasing you, oh lots of teasing
  • you’d love to mess with his tie because he’s a perfectionist
  • passionate kisses
  • meeting during midnight, during curfew
  • attending the Yule Ball as the best-dressed and most good-looking couple
  • debating with him about anything for fun
  • sarcasm overload

only the finest

Lena just wanted a nice night out with Kara.

“Would you like to go on a date?”

It slips out. Quiet and rushed, the words forming and letting loose before she can think anything other than please say yes. Kara freezes, noodles halfway to her mouth as she looks between them, and Lena almost takes them back.

(They’ve been doing this- meetings under the guise of interviews, the latest on L-Corp- for weeks.

Somewhere, between hands brushing just so as they pass food back and forth, it’s become featherlight kisses on the corner of her mouth when Kara leaves, promises to call when the other is free and texting whenever they can.

Somewhere, Kara has went from her only friend in National City to something. Something that makes her heart race with possibility and ache with the thought of its loss if she pushes.)

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is it weird if i say i don’t want keith and lance to become the best of friends?

like i want them to reach a more solid friendship based on trust and respect and for them to know each other better and understand their differences, but at the same time i kind of want them to keep their competitiveness? they constantly tease each other and honestly it’s so fun to watch.

like those kind of friendships where you bicker a lot with the person but if that person is hurt or in danger you wouldn’t even think twice about helping them, you would even die for them.

I honestly want that for klance and for them to have still a certain stuborness in admitting they like each other a lot??

pppft, me? having fun with him? all we do is argue

yeah but you enjoy it and he does too

and yeah it would be nice if they could develop some inside joke going on between them maybe when they’re paired up together for missions or something idk but i really like this kind of build-up for them. add shamelessly pining keith and deep conversations in which secrets are shared while we’re at it because i like to suffer

Translation Text message ‘Kollektivet’ (the flat)

Noora: We have to do something about the sleeping arrangements.

What’s wrong with our sleeping arrangements?
We’re having a great time together. Don’t ruin the mood.
Hello? I’m starting to worry here
Don’t you like living with us?
You’re breaking my heart

/leave Britney alone gif/

Noora: Relax Eskild. But would’ve been nice to get a heads up when you’re bringing a loud guy home

Edward?? Handsome. Ammarite?

Noora: Like, I do like the sofa, but the walls are thin

Noora: and I’m not gonna go between you and your love life, but until I’ve found a new place to stay, can’t you just go to their place instead of here?

I can sleep on the couch when I bring a guy home

Isak: On our shared sofa?

Noora: The walls are still just as thin.

Okay not bringing guys home.
I’m gonna clean my room today and change the sheets, then you and I will sleep together Noora <3 you and me*

Linn: Didn’t hear shit

Noora: seriously?

Linn: Sleeping pills.

Noora: Okay. You’re that kind.

* Eskild wrote ‘du och jag’ meaning ‘you and me’ in Swedish. (In Norwegian: du og jeg)

shaetane  asked:

Hi! I noticed that in jack's last subnautica video when he went to the lava zone you gradually(and subtly) zoomed in the screen (well it seems like it, the pressure meter was half hidden at some point) so I just wondered why'd you do that?^^ Pure curiosity :) Have a nice day!

Well, if you look at the “Early Access” text, the compass, and the item slots, you’ll see that they’re all still in place. The depth-meter thing was something even Jack saw, in the game. I assume there was a bug (IN SUBNAUTICA!? I KNOW RIGHT!) where the HUD element of the depth just gradually got a larger and larger Y-value. For some reason.

Text and stuff, on the screen in games, is usually a 2D layer that’s just kinda “stuck to the camera” while the rest of the world is rendered in 3D, so different rules apply. There was a crash in between cuts (the original recording was hours long) and after that, it kinda bugged out :P

Tongue Technology

A/N: My search history is probably alarming

Yoongi x female reader smut 

Warnings: Orgasm denial kinda, sex, unprotected sex, smutty stuff

Word count: 2202

Originally posted by areerie

The hem of the sheer white babydoll lingerie skimmed across your thighs, tickling the skin and raising goosebumps. The material was of good quality, feeling nice as your rubbed it between your thumb and index finger. It’s a shame it would be ripped off by none other than your boyfriend, Min Yoongi.

Or as he liked to call himself, Agust D.

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The differences don’t affect the relationship

Artist: Gray-AOMG

Word Count : +1K

You and Gray were on two different levels financially, and everyone could see the differences between you too, it never really bothered you because Gray was too humble and never showed any bragging or anything like that, but when Sunghwa would shower you with gifts and you couldn’t do the same it bothered you.

Sunghwa knew how you always put others needs first instead of yours, he knew you always wanted to buy couple things for yourself but every time you saved up something came up and you couldn’t, but you always brushed it off saying its okay and there’s always a next time.

Sunghwa knew how hard working you are and the hours you put in work and the double shifts you take but that was never enough for you to treat yourself to something nice, and the thing is not once did you complain about it, not once did you ever bring up if you were suffering financially, you always kept it in and worked even harder.

Because of all that Sunghwa always wanted to be the one to treat you and shower you with gifts, he wanted to be the one behind the big smile and how your eyes lit up when he got you something you wanted for the longest time. Sunghwa would sometimes hear you talking to your bestfriend about shoes you’ve seen and would wished you could have, or a designer bag you’ve dreamed of having but never could afford.

So he would try and find any little excuse to buy you those things, and at first you would not accept them because they were way to expensive and you didn’t want Sunghwa spending his money on you when he could treat himself to something nice.

Sunghwa remembered once when he first got you a really expensive gift

Sunghwa was sitting across from you waiting for you to open the gift that he bought for you for no reason

“Sunghwaa” you said when you saw what was inside the box, it was a gorgeous pair of pump shoes that were from a super expensive brand, you looked up at him smiling at you.

“I can’t accept this, its too expensive” you said and were about to hand it back but he wouldn’t let you

“Why not” he said confused

“Because its too expensive“ you said in an obvious tone

“So baby, I wanted to treat you” he said

“Baby spend your money on yourself and treat yourself” you told, and Sunghwa knew you how sincere you were being

“Babe, I’m not taking no for answer, now try them on so I could see how they fit” he said and saw your eyes light when you put them on,

”How do I look?” you asked him twirling around which made him chuckle at your cuteness

“Beautiful like always” he said

He started using your birthday as an excuse or your one and half year anniversary, his success on his album, or early Christmas gifts. 

Sunghwa was having his birthday party, his close friends had thrown it for him, you knew about it so you decided to make him a four layered cake that you knew he would love, you were looking for Sunghwa because you wanted to give him his birthday, you couldn’t find him at first but then you look at the VIP section and saw him talking with some people.

“Babe, can you come with me for a second” you pulled Sunghwa to the side and asked him

“Yeah, lets go outside for a little” he said and took your hand in his and pulled you through the crowd

When you guys were out and away from everyone, you got super nervous

“What’s wrong” Sunghwa asked

“Um, ugh how do I say this, I’m so embarrassed” you said in a nervous voice

“What’s wrong baby” he said in a soft voice

“I want to give you your gift, but it’s not what I really wanted to give you. It’s just I didn’t get paid this Month” you said mumbling and nervous, you knew Sunghwa didn’t care about these stuff but he always bought you amazing expensive gifts that you want to give him back just as good, but you didn’t have money that month and you didn’t want to get him a little gift.

You took the a long rectangle shaped box from.the pocket of your jacket and handed it to him, Sunghwa un-did the little bow and opened the box there was a silver bracelet sitting in it, and it had his name and date of birth carved on it, Sunghwa kept head lowered and his eyes looking at it and didn’t say anything and you were getting nervous thinking he hated it, you thought jewelry would be a safe bet since Sunghwa loved his bracelets and necklaces

“You hate it, don’t you, I knew I should have just borrowed money from a friend instead of waiting till next month” you were talking quickly and mumbly, Sunghwa looked at you and you had your head lowered, but he couldn’t keep the smile off his face because of the nervous look you had on your face it was too adorable for him, what you didn’t expect next was Sunghwa to kiss you and shush you

“Babe, look at me and breathe” he said after he pulled away from the kiss, and you did what he told you.

“The gift is amazing and I love it, and you didn’t even have to get me anything, just you being by my side on my birthday is all I want, and don’t forget the 4 layered cake you made that everyone is eating seconds of” he said smiling at you and you returned his smile

“I know you don’t care for these stuff but I wanted to get you something great because you always shower me with gifts”

“Babe, this gift is great and I’m always going to be wearing it” he said and you couldn’t but smile big

“Happy birthday baby” you told him and leaned forward to kiss him, and he kissed you back

“Thank you, now let’s go in and and have fun with everyone”he said and took your hand and lead you


Can you imagine what a fight between and Lucio would be like?

They storm off in opposite directions, they refuse to talk to one another. The whole overwatch group is baffled. Their two sun shine children aren’t happily laughing away.

This last for a solid three days and finally, finally dad 76 and mom mercy are the first to confront the two. Separately of course. An lucio and are both hell bent on staying mad at each other.

Lucio tell 76 he won’t make up with her and she can push off for all he cares. He storms off Hana is no better she yells something in Korean in her rant and storms off too.

Two more days past Roadhog catches looking longingly at itunes as Lucio new album is released. Something she was looking forward too before the fight. But is too stubborn to buy it and listen to it.

Junkrat catches Lucio browsing the internet, hovering over active stream. Deciding whether or not to click on it. Only too sink into his seat on the couch with a groan.

Two more days past, Roadhog has had enough. He becomes the mediator that he was born to be. An during tea time, and after getting junkrat to behave a little. Roadhog pushes the subject of the fight. Hanas says she hates him and his music isn’t all that great. An of course roadhog is like; “You don’t really mean that. You don’t keep around stuff from people you hate.”

Hana face puffs up and goes slightly red. As if she was gonna throw a tantrum. Roadhog doesn’t expect her to start crying. And not just light tears no, a full on super soaker of tears. Hana nose becomes runny she gets the hiccups as she tries to say. She doesn’t really hate him and how she missed hanging out with him.

So roadhog gives her a tissues and pats her on the back. He then confronts lucio who unlike hana breaks out in tear almost immediately like a dam breaking. An Roadhog bring these two crying idiots together. Resulting in a big gross hug where lucio and apologizing to each other.

“I didn’t mean it when i said you use hack while your playing video games!” Lucio sobs

“Your not a skrillex wannabe and your hairs not stupid!” Hana sobs.

When Bokuto falls quiet, Keiji listens.

It’s not to say he doesn’t listen any other time, when Bokuto is chattering on and on about volleyball practice, about getting a snack from the konbini after volleyball practice, about the new ghost story Komi told in the changeroom before volleyball practice. Bokuto has next to no filter between his brain and his mouth, but it’s nice, in a way, once you get used to it. Like having the radio on in the background when you do your homework. You just notice it more when it’s gone.

Bokuto is a loud person. Even his silences are loud. 

So Keiji sits with him, quiet in his own patient way, close enough for his friend to know that he’s there for him. Close enough to touch, an anchoring presence, if he needed it. 

When Bokuto is quiet, Keiji stays.

Alternative fashion problems: Black lipstick

•Forgetting it’s on your lips and then smudging it if you touch your mouth.

•It’s even harder to fix, especially in a place where you can’t get out makeup remover and clean it up.

•Even worse, not having makeup remover to help fix it up.

•It smudges easily and might make you look like you have a beard (unless you’re a guy, in which case good for you for breaking gender roles).

•It stains easier than other lipsticks

•Comments from family members (usually older ones).

•Comments from family friends (usually older ones)

•Comments from your doctor (yes, this happened)

•People who stare in horror (okay, this is actually kinda funny because it’s an easy way to spot the judgmental people. It’s even funnier if you’re doing something nice like volunteering because it says “hey, this weirdo is being less of a jerk than you.”

•People (usually boys between the ages of 12-20) who just scream “GOTH” or “EMO”

•Those creepy catcalls about where they’d like the lipstick to stain.

•Kids who say to their parents, “I want that lipstick!” And their parents who give you the, “You corrupted my child,” look. (Okay, half of this one is adorable.)

•Being afraid to use any sort of cup, spoon, or mug because you don’t want it to stain; especially at a restaurant or cafe.

•Those people who try to flirt with you (and fail) by giving shitty pet names based off your lipstick.

But hey, it’s all totally worth it, cause if you can pull it off, it looks f*ckinf awesome.

Have an alternative fashion problem? Submit them to me and maybe I’ll mention it (and give credit)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for writing cruel characters? I'm trying very hard to come up with reasoning for this character's cruelty, but I'm having trouble thinking up what kind of past leads to somebody becoming cruel enough to become a street legend feared by even the most well armed gangs. Any tips or advice? Sorry for bothering you, also your blog is very nice!

Aw, I’m glad you like my blog!

Writing cruel characters is actually something I have a lot of trouble with, especially anti-heroes. It’s hard to strike a balance between apathetic and maniacal. This is a tip that might not help everyone, but you should think about your character’s alignment. If you’ve never seen an alignment chart, here’s a link to a pic (or you can just google D&D alignment chart).

Obviously there’s plenty of room for variation, but if your character is chaotic evil, as opposed to lawful evil, that changes the kind of cruelty they might exact on victims/bystanders/underlings.

For example, a character who genuines relishes violence and derives pleasure from it might be more likely to be chaotic. But if they’re orderly about this vice, they might be more lawful.

Another tip is to think about what can motivate cruelty in real life. Have you ever been cruel to someone (probably in a small way). Maybe you shut someone down when you didn’t like their idea, or said something that you knew might be hurtful.

Sometimes people can be cruel out of a genuine sense of benevolence (the idea that they are “doing what’s best for someone”). Sometimes people are aware that they aren’t actually doing what’s best for the person in question, but they are willing to lie to themselves, or lie to others.

A character who lost their parents to crime might think that they can exact justice to clean up the streets, and therefore protect citizens. But the allure of power might lead them to act in a brutal and merciless way, forcing people to bend to their will. 

When thinking about what makes your character cruel, my last piece of advice is to think very closely about what they are most afraid of, especially what they are most afraid of losing. Their life? Legacy? Pride? Dignity? This may have a bearing on both their past, and their future actions.

Hope this helps!

ever-so-nice  asked:

I love Winter Song, and you can pry that fic out of my cold,dead hands. But I just saw your answer to the question of whether you thought Yuuri and Victor had had sex yet, and for some reason your answer made me wonder, do you think WS would have been very different if you'd started writing it after YOI ended? I wouldn't want the fic any differently, but I'm just curious about that. (If you've answered that before, or don't want to, just ignore this!)

Thank you! The only thing I wish I had done differently with Winter Song is start it a little earlier! Before they kissed in Episode 7.

I wish I had at least one chapter at the beginning where they’re still in that stage where they aren’t officially a couple but they’re aware that something is going on between them. I love that stage in a relationship

I still might do a “special chapter” at the end like that. I want to write them practicing pair skating, and it would take place before they kiss in Episode 7.

But as for the overall plot choices I made, I think I did an okay job of sensing where the actual anime was going without knowing the ending. The only thing that surprised the heck out of me was Yuuri winning silver, but since he didn’t retire, I’m at peace with that.

Takao always figured that getting sick when your mom was a nurse had its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, he was always taken care of quite nicely. On the other hand, she always made it seem like it was a personal affront to her honor when he caught a cold.

“Did you remember to wash your hands?”

“Yes, mom,” Takao says in between coughs.

“You take your vitamins, don’t you? Did you stand near someone with a cold?”

“No, but I was licking pigeons the other day, you don’t think that had something to do with it, do you?”

“No need to be sarcastic, Kazu-chan, I’m just wondering how this happened. I’ll make you some soup.”


His mom never hovered when Takao was sick, and now that he’s older she mostly leaves him to his own devices because she still has to work. Which is not really a problem, except that sometimes he feels lonely.

Ok, fine, usually he feels lonely. He hates it, but whenever he’s sick he feels especially needy. He tosses and turns in his bed feeling wretched and miserable and pathetic.

Being sick is the worst.


“This was very careless of you, Takao.”

Takao blinks at the apparition standing over his bed. “Shin-chan?”

He thinks, perhaps, that he’s dreaming. He’s not sure why else Midorima would be here, frowning at him in his disgruntled and gloriously Midorima fashion.

“I have brought your homework,” Midorima says. “Also, you should have taken better care of yourself. Do you wash your hands regularly?”

Well, it certainly sounds like Midorima. And also like his mother, and Jesus Christ, that is not a comparison Takao ever wants to make again.

“Shin-chaaaan,” Takao whines. “Your adorable and beloved boyfriend is sick. That means you have to be nice. And spoil me. And take care of me.”

He’s not sure what exactly he expects—Midorima is not the most demonstrative of boyfriends—but he is rather pleased when Midorima pushes up his glasses and says, “Very well.”


Midorima is very efficient with his care, and Takao dimly remembers that the other boy is studying to be a doctor. He monitors Takao’s temperature, makes sure he drinks a lot of water, and administers the next dosage of medicine in a timely fashion.

When he’s finished, he sits in Takao’s room, and begins studying.

“You can do that at your house,” Takao mumbles.

“I am fine where I am,” Midorima says curtly.


Midorima eats dinner in Takao’s room when Takao is too tired to get out of his bed to eat his soup.

It’s…nice having him around, but strangely off-putting. “Shin-chan, you don’t need to stay,” Takao says, when Midorima makes no indication he’s planning on leaving after finishing his meal.

“I know that,” Midorima says.


Takao wakes and sees Midorima’s silhouette at his bedside, draped in shadows. It’s clearly the middle of the night, and Midorima sits there, fully alert, staring off at the window.

“Shin—?” Takao can’t fully croak out the words, and he’s pretty sure he must still be dreaming, because there’s no reason for Midorima to still be here.

“Go back to sleep, Takao,” Midorima says, and his voice is a strange mixture of stern and gentle.


“I don’t need as much sleep as you,” Midorima explains, understanding Takao’s unfinished question. “I was designed to go up to a week without sleep, if need be.”

Takao still feels drowsy and heavy with sleep. Midorima reaches over and takes Takao’s hand in his and this surely can’t be real because Midorima almost never initiates contact. But his hand is warm against his, and tight too, like Midorima is scared to let go.

“Shin-chan,” Takao says, fully awake now, and almost a little frightened by Midorima’s gravity. In the darkness, reality feels just a little bit altered, and Midorima is acting so strange Takao thinks there must be something deeper going on. Maybe even something dangerous.

Midorima bends down to place his forehead against Takao’s. “Please get better soon, Takao,” Midorima says, his voice low and hoarse and desperate. “I don’t like seeing you like this. I hate that you’re so vulnerable. I hate that you break so easy, I hate—”

It’s just a cold, Takao wants to say. If he was healthier, he’d laugh it off (but, of course, if he was healthier he wouldn’t be in this situation). He would laugh and maybe slap Midorima on the back and tell him he’s being silly.

But everything seems so different, now in the dark.

“OK, Shin-chan,” Takao whispers. “I’ll get better.”

“Good,” Takao says, but he doesn’t pull away.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, anon-friends! Sick Takao seemed like a popular request so I ran with it =D

Hakobe Resort. Chapter 1

Warning! Rated M for foul language, sexual content (in every chapter), and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is my submission for NALU LOVE FEST 2016. It is also a sequel for ’Hakobe Ice’. (You don’t have to read ‘Hakobe Ice’ to understand this story, it just references it a few times.)

This is a lighthearted NALU story. Just a nice fluffy/smutty story between Natsu and Lucy.

I hope you all enjoy the story. :)

Summary: Natsu and Lucy’s two year wedding anniversary is coming up, and Natsu wants to do something to surprise his lovely wife. A weekend alone at the newly built Hakobe Resort should do the trick! 

Word count: 7,326

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Chapter One: Sweet/Rough

Natsu raced through town, dodging pedestrians and jumping over small obstacles that got in his way. His excitement kept him going, even when his stomach still twisted from just riding a train. He had to get to her, he had to see Lucy!

The fire dragon slayer smiled brightly when the ground under him changed from pavement to grass. He entered the forest and continued his run, not caring that his body was aching from the long mission he just finished.

Gray and him were gone for three weeks, trying to find and take down a new dark guild. It seemed like a simple mission when they accepted it. Only when they started did they realize what a challenge it would be. Still, they found the bad guys, beat them up, then let the royal army come in to arrest them.

The reward was worth it! Ten million jewels split in half meant Natsu had enough! He’d been trying to save for a while, but something always came up. The renovations to his house, the new furniture, but best of all, the wedding!

Even after almost two years of marriage to his beautiful wife Lucy, he was still paying for the wedding. At first they were just going to invite members of their guild, but soon they received requests from other guilds to join in on the fun. Before the two knew it, over half the guilds in Fiore wanted to attend the wedding between the fire dragon slayer and the celestial wizard. It was a fun day, despite the crippling debt it brought on.

After this mission, he had enough to pay off their debt, and pay for the surprise he’d been planning for over a year. He knew he wanted to treat Lucy to this, he just didn’t realize how long it’d take to get the money together.

Smoke could be seen over the treetops, making Natsu smile. Lucy was definitely home, and she was using the new fireplace they had installed. The blonde had been complaining that it was too cold whenever he left, so this was his way of making it up to her.

Lately Lucy had been taking less missions in order to focus on her novel. She was nearly done, so Natsu didn’t mind picking up the slack. He did miss having her on missions, but he understood that this was something she’d wanted to do for a long time.

Unfortunately without Lucy, that left Gray as his partner. Over the years the two had grown a little closer, and by that, he meant they could do a mission without it ending in a brawl between the two. Juvia used to join them from time to time until she became pregnant with the ice-make wizard’s baby, so now she was forced to take it easy.

Usually Happy joined them, but it seemed like more often than not, he chose to partner with Wendy and Carla, since the youngest dragon slayer wanted to go out on her own. Carla wouldn’t have that, and Happy was a sucker for the white-furred exceed.

That left Natsu alone with Gray, but he didn’t mind, as long as he provided for his little family -that would hopefully expand soon. It was still just him, Lucy and Happy. They agreed to wait until after Lucy finished her novel before they started trying to have kids. She was now even on birth control, making their 'alone time’ much more pleasurable.

The fire dragon slayer could still remember how much he wanted Lucy and his first time to be without a condom, but she wasn’t ready for kids, and honestly looking back now, he wasn’t either. Still, once her birth control became effective, he never looked back, because it felt much better with skin on skin contact.

The sign in front of their house was the first thing he saw. Natsu, Happy & Lucy was printed on the cat head shaped sign. Lucy argued that she should be next to Natsu, but Happy had a good point, he was there first. Natsu remembered how often they would come up to him with their reasons for being named second, so finally the fire dragon slayer gave up and just drew names out of a hat. They seemed fine with that outcome, since it was the only fair way to do it.

Natsu ran up the steps, then burst through the door. “I’m back!” He was immediately met with a shriek, realizing he surprised his wife while she was in the middle of writing.

“Oh no!” Lucy threw her head back, a frown surfacing on her face as she closed her eyes.

The pink haired man’s shoulders fell. “Aren’t you glad to see me? I was gone three weeks!”

“Huh?” The blonde opened her eyes, seeing her upside down husband with a pout. “No, not that. This!” She righted herself, then showed him a piece of paper. It was nearly filled, with only a few lines left blank. However, that wasn’t what she was showing him. She was upset because a large black line stained the paper from bottom to top.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he gave her a sheepish grin, “I was just excited to be home.”

Lucy’s brown eyes softened before placing the paper down. “It’s okay, I was almost done, but I can still see what I wrote. It shouldn’t take too long to rewrite it.”

“That’s good,” Natsu said, closing the door behind him then walking up to his wife. “Did'ja miss me?”

“Of course,” she smiled, standing up to meet him in a hug. His warm arms felt comfortable around her, melting away the bitter cold she’d been feeling since he left. Even with their new fireplace, nothing could replace Natsu’s heat. “I always miss you when you’re gone.”

Natsu mumbled against her golden hair, “I missed you too.”

“Well I would hope so,” Lucy giggled, until she felt something pressing against her hip. “I see you’re very happy to see me.”

“I am,” the dragon slayer admitted, not feeling the least bit of shame from being hard. His wife was the sexiest person he’d ever known, no matter if she was naked, in lingerie, or wearing a white shirt with pink shorts. She always made his heart skip a beat and his pants get a little tighter. “I couldn’t stop thinking about ya.”

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Green Lanterns #15 – a closer look at Jessica Cruz’s day, when she is dealing with anxiety and doing superheroics while she is at it. It also gives us some nice moments with her and Simon trying to be a supportive friend. While it feels a bit like a stand-in between Phantom Lantern and upcoming Scarecrow story, it’s both an important piece we needed to continue the theme of Jessica’s anxiety not being something she can easily get over. We all know how comics are and how easy it would be for any writer to want to have her somehow be “healed” so that he doesn’t need to border with it. But Sam Humphries ensures that after every story where he has Jessica accomplish some outstanding feats by overcoming her anxiety comes one where it’s enforced that this isn’t something you can “get over” after an arc, but an ongoing everyday battle. At the same time we have Simon who is a pretty realistic portrayal of someone who cares for a person in Jessica’s position, but often doesn’t know what to say or do to not hurt her and sometimes does it even despite trying. But then he tries to make up for it, which actually comes off really sweet.

Nice, and really needed issue that is another good piece in cementing very good friendship those two have.

Jonas is soooo cool

I love Jonas, I really do. He is the best friend anyone could ask for (plus he is a cutie)

When the guys met Even they were all smiles and friendly. And I too liked Magnus reaction, it was the cutest. But if you notice Jonas he is more on the defensive side. You can see he doesn’t trust Even that much and is still not sure about him. 
He knows Isak was suffering because of him, he knows about the drawings and he knows about Sonja. So his reaction is more like ‘Ok, nice to meet you, but don’t be too friendly with me; your good looks don’t fool me like it did everyone else. I still have to see if you’re good enough for me to trust Isak to you’

And I really loved that. That is true friendship. If something bad does happen between Isak and Even I know Jonas is the one that will help Isak and maybe even call Even out.

(30 Day Challenge) Day 2: Pet Names

Pairing: Steve Rogers

-Pet names with Steve vary on place and your moods.

-He usually sticks to old couple names (ex: doll and hun)

-Those are still usually said when you’re not around other people

-Your name or a shortened version is usually what he says

-Now, If he’s done something wrong (like paying more attention to the team than you)

-He whips out the sweet nice names (ex: honey and darling)

-He’ll walk up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist “Look, darling, you know you mean the world to me. Sometimes I get carried away with the team, and I feel so bad for it. I’m sorry if I made you feel anything less than extraordinary.”

-Tony will always tease Steve about any of the nicknames between you two

-Tony’s favorite thing to do is to call you doll whilst on a mission

-Thus meaning that Cap can’t physically hurt him because he has more pressing matters to attend to

-You refer to him, usually, as sweetie and hun (like he does to you)

-You call him Stevie when he gets in his tense moods, it usually manages to get him to snap out of it

-He can’t really picture himself calling you babe, he’s tried but it always comes out awkward from him

-You call him babe when things get hot and heavy

-He likes it better when you say it