and it was never mentioned again


Summary: Music videos are never completely without Lin taking his girlfriend along.
Warnings: so much romantic crap has been put into this, I apologize

Did I really write a fic about the making of that music video? Why yes, yes I did. This is really short and stuffed with fluff, so you have been warned.

“Bet ten bucks you’re gonna screw up your part.”

“If you say that again, I’m gonna kick you out.”

You laughed, head tipping back, while Lin just glared at you. The two of you were currently at the studio with Jordan and a camera crew, getting ready to shoot another section of the music video. You’d never gotten to see a music video being filmed before, so you probably looked like a dork: gawking at all the equipment and lighting, running your fingers over the piano keys like you’d never seen a piano before.

You thought you’d caught Jordan watching you peer into a camera lens earlier and chuckle to himself. Not that you minded. He was an awfully nice person and you were glad Lin had brought you along (“for moral support,” he claimed). And you could get your revenge on him later. Maybe he couldn’t sing as well if you made faces at him from behind the cameraman….

Your thoughts were interrupted when Lin playfully snatched your ball cap from your head. “Hey!” you protested, jumping up from where you were seated on the piano bench.

“You’re trying to get me to mess up,” he returned. You made to swipe at the hat and he held it up above your head. “You don’t deserve this hat.”

“Lin!” You tried to sound mad at him, you really did, but he was giving you that glowing smile, the one that lit up his whole face. You grabbed at the cap again and he dodged you easily. Your momentum almost sent you stumbling into a microphone stand and you heard Lin snicker. That little— Spinning around, you caught him giving you a deceptively innocent look, as he placed your hat on his own head. You had to admit, he looked cute, with that soft sweater and his dark hair sticking out from under your hat—and dammit, you were getting distracted.

“Gimme that back!” You rushed at him and he swore, hands flying up to hold the hat down on his head. The two of you fought for it like ten-year-olds, you hopping up and down to reach for it and Lin darting this way and that to keep away from you. All the while, both of you were giggling stupidly. A few members of the crew looked on in amusement and someone muttered, “when’s the wedding?”

“Lin, you can’t wear that during the video!”

“Watch me!”

“Ugh!” You jumped again, finally got ahold of the cap’s brim, and promptly crashed into him on your way there. You yelped as your head bumped into his chest and heard him gasp your name when you stepped on his foot. Staggering back, he let go of the hat to steady you, hands settling on your arms. The two of you took a moment to catch your breath, the hat caught between you. With every shaky breath you took, you inhaled the clean, slightly-sweet smell of his cologne. Stifling a shiver, you shyly glanced up at him through your lashes. His hair was charmingly mussed from you whipping the hat off of him and you bit your lip over a smile.

The smile widened when he cast his eyes down toward the floor, bashful. “Don’t look at me like that,” he said softly. Then half of a giddy laugh escaped him when you stretched up to kiss his cheek. “(Y/N)!”

“What?” you asked innocently, placing another light kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“Quit it, this is a music video, you know.”


“And there are cameras—(Y/N)!” He laughed again as you hooked an arm around his shoulders and danced your fingers over the ticklish spot on his neck. His hands went to your waist as though to push you away, but he didn’t. You let your lips wander toward his neck, grazing hotly along his jawline. His tiny gasp and the tightening of his fingers at your hips had you grinning triumphantly. Tilting your chin up toward him, you used your hold around his neck to pull him close.

“Sorry, am I distracting you, Mr. Miranda?” you murmured into his ear.

“I’m going to kill you,” he vowed, even as he turned his head to nuzzle your hair affectionately.

“Nah, you love me too much.”


“And I live with you, so if you kill me, no more of my fabulous cooking.”


Then you both jumped when one of the crew called from across the room. “Hey, uh, loverbirds! We should probably start shooting at some point today!”

Lin shot you a flat look, as though to say “look what you did.” But you only stuck your hat back on your head and gave him a push toward the studio. “What’re you waiting for? Get out there,” you teased.

“Yes, Your Highness,” he flashed back, tossing the words to you over his shoulder as he walked away.

You got your revenge later, when you winked at him from behind a cameraman halfway through the first shoot and he completely forgot his lines.

SnitchSeeker: Newt’s big brother, Theseus, is mentioned briefly in the film. Can you talk a bit more about their relationship and if we might hear from him again soon?

Eddie Redmayne:
He was never in this film but you heard from him. There was a letter at the beginning of the film as Newt was arriving in New York you heard, read, from his brother, and you got a sense he was an Auror, his brother, and that he was over in Europe and that he was …

Dan Fogler: Alpha.

And here I thought all those AU fics where Theseus and Graves are alphas and Newt’s an omega weren’t canon but apparently they are.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Did Connor ever even read Evan's letter?

Why would he? He had no interest in what this boy had to say. He may have just stuffed it in his pocket.

But if he did, was he at all comforted by it? The fact someone else felt that loneliness. Was he outraged at what this kid had said about his sister? Or even that fact he mentioned Zoe, the perfect daughter. Did he realize that he had made a mistake in freaking out at Evan? Because upon actually reading what Evan wrote, and realizing no one would write this letter without actually feeling that way, he realized that Evan really hadn’t meant for him to find it. But Connor had already messed up and Evan probably already told the whole school what a freak he was, and he could never face Evan again…He could never face anyone again.

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Is Kaneki really an ally for ghouls??? Cause the ghoul to human kill ratio is not equal when it comes Kaneki. He's killed so many ghouls compared to investigators whom I think he never killed. He always disarms them.

That comes down to semantics in the end, but it’s true that Kaneki has still never willingly killed a human (or someone he believes to be human). 

It’s tricky, and I think the reason for that is the dregs of coming into this life believing that ghouls were subhuman, as encouraged by society in general. In the depths of his mind, ghouls are violent and it’s still “okay” to hurt/kill them. 

Not to mention (apart from Hide), he’s still never killed a human before. It’s a trend he’s subconsciously not willing to break. It’s almost as if that fact alone represents his last ties to humanity, and he’s purposefully avoiding doing so. 

However, time and time again Haise was shown having an aversion to killing ghouls.

That’s a good sign, especially because we don’t know whether he’s started eating humans, or if he’s cannibalizing anymore. We have no idea what he’s been eating for the last FOUR YEARS. That’s a huge piece of information, and it’s kind of hard to tell what his train of thought concerning the issue is without it.

That all said, Kaneki accepts himself as a ghoul and loves his ghoul friends. They’re his family, and he’s in the process of dedicating his life to giving them a better future. He still has a lot of learning and growing to do, but in that sense, he is their ally. He’s trying to be.

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Could we hear some of your personal headcannons? I'm curious to hear some of them.

thank you! here i’ll spit a few:

francis kinda has a Thing about loving people he only meets once or twice—there’s something kind of wonderful about knowing that, for this brief moment, and never again, your path aligns with somebody so perfectly and so beautifully that you’re aligned with them—
and then he loves letting go and treasuring the memory, never to contact the person again. the kinda bittersweet “this will never be between us again” is surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable once he’s used to it.
that being said, he’s got difficulty keeping up long term relationships, even platonic ones.

ludwig genuinely doesn’t know who his brother is—which is mostly gilbert’s fault. gilbert hides big parts of himself and doesn’t want them to be found, and so, after they move back in together, it’s incredibly painful for the both of them. Ludwig learns about how warped his perception of Gilbert was, and Gilbert, without the armor of the persona he’s presented to Ludwig, and without a fallback that isn’t dependent on Ludwig, is painfully, painfully vulnerable. he feels like a frog on a dissecting table sometimes.

matthias has anger issues—and he’s aware of them, which, although it definitely helps him control it, kinda pisses him off even more sometimes because Knowing that you’re pissed for no good reason doesn’t stop you from being fucking pissed for no good reason. The rest of the nordic five is pretty good at helping him out when they’re not also losing their shit, but it kinda freaks iceland out still, and Berwald is second worst at handling it. Matthias is getting better though

Gilbert and Francis are genuinely trying to repair their mess of a…………hm. i dont even know that id call it. Ludwig has to mediate between them sometimes. it makes him rub his forehead which pisses gilbert off, and gilbert being pissed off pisses francis off and then they have to call it quits again.
it’s kind of weird to hate somebody whos been around for centuries, and with so few nationpeople around they kinda feel. like they should. but they fucking suck at making amends, and this is bottom line why i draw them together so much. the bond or lack thereof im talking about isn’t romantic or sexual at all obvs, i just have a fixation on their weird fucked up mess of feelings

alfred is actually really pretty stressed out all the time, about, pretty much anything. even for a nationperson he should sleep more. this doesn’t make him any less of an asshole he’s just a stressed asshole.

gilbert is the kind of person who, if i met on the street, i’d want to fucking punch in the face, like no lie i adore him as a character but if i met somebody like gilbert irl i’d wanna fuckin deck him. i cant express this enough. i think my friends are tired of hearing it.

berwald is a constant volcano of emotion but he doesn’t know how to express it so everyone thinks he’s got like 2 feelings at most


alright thank u for asking LMAO!!!!!!! this has been garlic’s absurd headcanon corner

Hi there, I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not to send you this through this blog or @camrazstuff, but I wanted to send you this all the same as a thank you. I really like your posts XD ((I am a big fan of all things cute)) so much that I was inspired to try and draw this, it’s my ooc character Mishi being star struck meeting the boy wonder. I haven’t drawn anything in such a long while and I never really colored my pics when I did but I really hope you like it and thank you again for always being so sweet ((I am not used to people commenting back to me or even mentioning me in their posts -^_^-))


(( AAAAAA OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS!!!!! SO WONDERFUL OH WOW !!!!!! GOD BLESS U YOU KIND SWEET SOUL I LOVE THIS SM,,, your art is so cute thank you so much for taking the time to draw this it means so much!!! I will treasure this forever tbh thank u so much,,, omg,,, ))

buscandoelparaiso replied to your post “do you think we’ll get to see louisandharry again some day? it’s been…”

Sorry but this idea is definitely not ‘seeing it realistically’ cause a PR on Louis’ image doesnt depend on when the band is reformed (considering it might never be in the first place), babygate is not a band stunt it never was so its ending is not tied to 1D, its tied to Louis and having him not mentioning the baby doenst 'realistically’ mean they are going to keep it there forever as if Louis doesnt mind having this sword on top of his head while he carries on with his life.

I am actually surprised you might think something like this considering the respect you have for Louis and his intelligence. (and dont even make me start about coming out with babygate still on, as this is even a possibility…come on people use your brain)

oh no, i know the bg situation has nothing to do with the band, which is why i disagreed with that earlier anon, since they’re two separate cases, nor do i think they’ll keep it going forever. but there’s been no progress for a long time—maybe a few glimmers, but nothing concrete—which makes me think they’ll keep dragging it on. i understand louis doesn’t want anything to do with this, and i wasn’t trying to imply he does at all. everything i say is under the knowledge that he has little to no control.

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do you think we'll get to see louisandharry again some day? it's been 84 years. that anon you had about them letting BG just be until 1D comes back (although who knows when that will be?) and you agreeing that they'll just drag it on and never mention it is such a sad prospect & unfortunately so plausible. And how that might mean the close remaining firmly in place. But mostly I just hate to think of Louis having this hanging over his head ad infinitum :/ you really think that will happen??

i despise the thought of it too but looking at it realistically and how louis hasn’t mentioned or been seen with the baby in months it’s likely that’s the approach they’ll take but i guess it’s better than him, well, having to be seen with the baby

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Real talk though
Did any good come from movies in SRW games? Cause I can’t think of anything good expect for CCA and that’s unfair both unit wise and music wise.

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

You can’t just treat me like shit and expect nothing to change between us.
—  My head
another Victor-already-had-the-ring™️ theory:

ok its 2 am and I’m rewatching yoi for the 3rd time today and I’ve been thinking..

remember our heartwarming airport scene??

Originally posted by happycat900

as already discussed, Yuri and Victor have been together every day up until this point for close to 8 months, and it was absolutely devastating to be apart (especially under the circumstances). Their beautiful reunion only confirms how much they love and need each other and can’t stand to be apart. So seeing Victor (with the outfit he left Russia in ep 9) in the episode 11 preview looking so upset was not a big shock.

Buttt watching episode 9 again, had me wondering… maybe victor isn’t just down about being apart from Yuri, but is doing that hardcore thinking he mentioned in the airport scene.

While in Japan, without his precious katsudon for what could not have been more than 3 days, Victor realized he never wanted to be without Yuri again, for as long as he lived. That he wanted to stay by Yuri’s side forever, and so decided he was going to marry that man. He bought the ring while in Japan, and that’s why the ideas of marriage and being together forever are already on Vctor’s mind when reunited with his lovely Yuri.

(tl;dr) after some soul-searching while alone in Japan, Victor decides he can’t be without Yuri ever again and that’s when he buys Yuri’s ring. HE’S HAD THE DAMN THING FOR WEEKS NOW, WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT PROPOSE. BUT YURI BEAT HIM TO THE PUNCH LMAO

Requires Fantasy Novel Things (feel free to add more)

- Title contains the words “Wolf/Rose/Sword/Dark/Crown/Throne”
- Unexplained white haired girl
- Evil Queen that is definitely a red head
- The one black haired guy that dresses in all black but his eyes are blue and beautiful
- Special Eyes™
- Someone turns into an animal and exactly one (1) person might question it
- The Blacksmith
- The mysterious hooded woman in the woods (bonus points if she has a fancy stick)
- Barn sex
- The fastest horse in the land that gets shot by an arrow on page 215
- The one soft spoken healer that gives life changing advice and then is never mentioned again
- A truly excessive amount of dead parents
- Everyone is British except for one inexplicable Irish guy

okay but can we talk about the 4 biggest movies this week?

Kong: Skull Island

  • useful female characters who aren’t sexualized
  • no romance subplots
  • diverse cast
  • no racist, sexist, transphobic, or homophobic jokes

Beauty and the Beast

  • a diverse period piece (this almost never happens omg)
  • gay characters and men wearing makeup in a family movie
  • pro-gender equality message
  • did I mention there are GAY CHARACTERS IN A FAMILY MOVIE??


  • Spanish-speaking POC female lead
  • also she’s a badass
  • also she’s a kid
  • no offensive jokes yet again

Get Out

  • mostly Black cast
  • directly addresses racial issues in a unique way
  • diverse crew (including mixed-race director)

Two unproblematic action movies, a culturally-relevant, political horror movie, and a family movie that isn’t just a bunch of straight white people everywhere.  Am I dreaming?  We still have a long way to go but this is a great start.

sweet words
  • Victor: Yuuuuuri?
  • Yuuri: *sighs* yes, Vitya?
  • Victor: did I mention today how happy I am to have you...
  • Yuuri: mhm
  • Victor: and did I tell you...
  • Yuuri: yes, you told me how beautiful I look today, that I'm your life and love, that my body creates music, that I'm "golden" boyfriend, how my eyes sparkle today and how you'd fly to Japan anytime again to meet me, that I'm the best fiance on Earth and that even Makkachin doesn't love me as much as you do
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: and what about
  • Yuuri: yes, I know that you love me more than any katsudon and you're still doing dish washing today, sorry
  • Victor: *heartbroken*
  • Victor: *dramatic posing* how one has to suffer for love

did the holmes parents just never mention their child again? weren’t they concerned when sherlock started talking about a dog they never had? 

radio mc: so jungkook, what’s your ideal type?

jungkook: iu-sunbaenim. she’s an amazing singer…

manager: *nods approvingly from the side*

jungkook: …i also like tanned skin and abdominal muscles :)



So I’ve been having this theory, and it’s a bit complicated but hear me out….

Main point: it’s not anti that’s returning again, cos as proven by “Jack”

So if anti’s always been around, of course it’s not him appearing in that glitch in Detention. Cos in actuality…

It’s Jack himself.

Every time Anti appeared in a glitch he was either smiling, freaking out, covered in blood, or all three. But it doesn’t look that way this time. It’s different.

(i tried to get a better screenshot, but you can see it clear in the gifs) This isn’t a menacing looking face. Rather, it looks like Jack’s confused by something, maybe wondering if the camera can actually see him? cos when you look at when he’s adjusting his camera in a past prop hunt episode (couldnt get a better screenshot sorry :P)

He has the SAME LOOK as he was fixing the camera so it could see him.

And when “Jack” is responding to anything about anti, it’s all normal, even (dare I say) a bit too excited about all of it??

Oh but what about the pointing and the whole “Forgotten but just too afraid to remember biz?” Why would Jack point and why emphasize that?

well my friend, it’s definitely not cos we forgot about anti. pete’s sake, we were still including him in oxenfree fanart. NO, INSTEAD WE FORGOT ABOUT SAVING JACK!

WE FORGOT THAT THERE WAS NEVER A RESOLUTION TO “SAY GOODBYE”! We freaked out, tried to figure out how to save him for a bit, then poof jack’s all hunky dory saying he’s ok WHEN IN ACTUALLY IT WAS ANTI THE WHOLE TIME.

Jack saying how much fun he had with the community freaking us out, who’s to say Anti didn’t have fun either?? i mean he practically thrives off of it right? So all this time, we thought Jack was ok, when in reality we’ve just moved on from him, FORGOT ABOUT SAVING HIM, and carried on watching Anti like normal :). That is until the real Jack started to finally rebel a little by giving us a major clue…

It’s our fault that all this anti stuff happened, we were too afraid to think that we were never able to protect Jack from him. Quite possibly the real Jack knows this sad fact all too well and possibly blames us for it, and anti will never let us forget that we failed….

So don’t be surprised if in a video you hear somewhere in the distance:

H̢҉͚͕͈͙̙̦̼̤̮̳̗ͅE̵̶̴͉͔̣̮̤̮̻̘̕ͅL̨̩͎̜̙̕P̀͜͠͡҉̻̺̼̩͇̠͖̰͙̣̼͈͎̪̘̠̲͎ ̧̦̩̙̰̝̩̠̹̼͚̞͇̰̹͍͇̞̯̯̀͝M̷̵̝͍̫̬̼͔̣͎͓͟͞E̸̡̬̺̣̘̫̜̰̱̯̞̬͚͔͖̜͡ͅͅͅ.̴͔̲̮̗͇̫̲̝̮̩̗̣ͅ.̴̷̡̝̦̤̟͖͍̹̭̣̭̺̼̥͍͎̭͙.҉̴̡̠͎̲̼͈͕̯̫͍͙͚͔̘̜̩̀͝.̵̴̡̥̜̼͔̻͕̞̗̯̞̻̥͚͚̦͖͍