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I love the way you draw KD and everyone else but I'm having emotional conflicts when I see your King Dice. This will sound weird but I had crush on Cab Calloway when I was younger/teenager (can you blame me) so wheneven I look at your King Dice I go back to that. Anyway, your art is really great and I'll leave you alone now.

AW thanks ;D

Ah man dude I LOVED Cab Calloway and still do I totally feel you and I’m so glad my Cab inspired Dice was appreciated :’D

For @flirtyfandomnerd prompt: “Can you write something where Geoff tells the rest of ah his plans to stop drinking. Preferably OT6 but it’s completely up to you”

A little inspired by @achievementmicoo headcanon post here

(Also, I’m really sorry it took so long and as a little disclaimer I haven’t had anyone proof read it soooo….)

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And thus the Deku Bowl Begins

Omgg I havent posted an @goodly-otaku inspired comic in forever! this was one of my early faves and I finally got a chance to finish it up! ah another late post rip. (im also cheating using this as an inktober rip) ;A;


i kinda had productive day today!! spent the day at a really comfy cafe, (i even met someone cute there ah!!!!!) i managed to revise some biology, economics and a tiny bit of chemistry!! really hope for more productive days like these!!! 🌻


“A playlist to heist to. A playlist to fight to. A playlist to fuck shit up to.”

I Like to Win, for the Fake AH Crew

i. “I Like to Win” – Shonlock ii. “Light That Fire” – Oh the Larceny iii. “Outlaws” – Disciple iv. “Warriors” – Imagine Dragons v. “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” – 2 Chainz vi. “The Resistance” – Skillet vii. “One For the Money” – Escape the Fate viii. “Another Way Out” – Hollywood Undead ix. “Fortune” – Krewella x. “We Go” – Matthew Parker xi. “Got That Fire” – Royal Tailor xii. “It Has Begun” – Starset xiii. “Like A Machine” – Thousand Foot Krutch xiv. “Infected” – 12 Stones xv. “Strike Back” – We As Human

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