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What if at a massive party (after everyone is horribly wasted of course) someone suggested strip twister?

Heather Chandler: Super down. She’s so proud of her body and is not shy about it at all, but she still tries hard to win just because she wants to show everyone up.
Heather Duke: Actually insecure but she does it anyway and tries to look confident so she sort of overcompensates by being like “HAHA WHY WOULD I BE SHY I HAVE THE HOTTEST BODY HERE” and then Heather C glares at her and she’s like “EXCEPT YOU OF COURSE”
Heather McNamara: Honestly doesn’t care, she sucks at the game but she’s totally fine with stripping down so it’s w/ever.
Veronica: Honestly if she was sober she would never but we’ve all seen how wild she gets when she’s drunk…I feel like she would honestly have no problem with it and think it’s super fun and be absolutely mortified the next morning. But yeah she would participate happily.
JD: would refuse until Veronica convinces him and he gives in but doesn’t get farther than his shirt and coat bc he’s really good at it, it ends up with just him and Heather Chandler because literally everything is a fight to the death with them.
Kurt and Ram: Do I need to elaborate?? They would literally be so stoked and happy they’d be shitting their pants
Martha: does not participate lol


Your heart was racing when you woke. You could feel the sweat clinging to your skin, hated the feel of it. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Flashes of the nightmare kept coming back to you in shocking vividness. You could feel the closeness of the Grievers. The blubber seeming to engulf you even when they were so far away. Hopelessness clawed at your chest, Gladers being taken.

‘Hey,’ said Newt, but you didn’t look around at him. You couldn’t. It was seeing him go that had been the worst of it.

Tears began to prickle your eyes.

‘Sshh,’ he soothed, moving to sit beside you, pulling you into a tight hug before you could protest. ‘It’s OK.’

‘Newt, it was horrible,’ you murmured against his shoulder.

‘I know,’ he said softly, rubbing circles on your arm. ‘But it wasn’t real. I’m real, though. I’m here. You’re here. Everything’s gonna be all right.’

‘Good that,’ you muttered, chuckling slightly as he did. And then you relaxed slightly, knowing that whatever happened he was always going to be there for you. You were more grateful for that than you could put into words.

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ok, that’s a lie, I can and did watch most of Dino Thunder despite it having a horrible themesong. It was ok up until the point where Tommy was randomly encased in amber. In Space is a shitshow though. I can’t handle the ‘serious’ characters and their scenery chewing. As a kid, it was my jam, but not now man. Wild Force is arguably worse because its a shittier narrative with even more camp and I ate that up as a kid, I was RELIGIOUS about that season. I wanted to get into RPM because jesus christ its like if Mad Max and Terminator had a mighty morphing baby, UP UNTIL you get to the actual ranger parts, and then you realize the sentai this is all based around is utter crap and unwatchable nonsense. 

hi I have Opinions about Power Rangers


#Work Doodles Part 4. This makes it seem like I’m not doing my job but istg I am!1!! Shiro is just such a cute grumpy baby boy pouting! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Love will taste like malasadas…or malasadas will taste like love?

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A picture + short story in honor of the most precious couple of dorks ever, now canon.

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What's your take on the whole Mass Effect Andromeda animation debacle?

I’m back, I’m jet lagged, and people are being stupid on the internet. Whee.

Off the top of my head, here are a few thoughts on the matter:

#1. It is never ever EVER ok to harass somebody personally

This whole thing about a bunch of people harassing that former EA employee is horrible and should never have happened. It is never ok to go after somebody personally for what they may or may not have done in a professional capacity. There is no justification for it. Ever. If there’s a problem with the product, everybody shoulders the blame - that includes the publisher, dev team, marketing team, everybody. Even if there was one person who worked on one feature completely solo, that person still had a boss, who had a boss, who had a boss. There are so many people involved and so many moving parts that you really can’t blame any one person except the executive producer in charge of the entire project. The person in question is most assuredly not that executive producer.

#2. People comparing ME:A to the Witcher 3 are oversimplifying

There’s a meme floating around about how the Witcher 3 was created by a couple of Slavs as if it was done by a couple of dudes in a garage somewhere, compared to ME:A, which had a huge team from EA. That’s incredibly shortsighted and utterly ridiculous. The Witcher 3 cost over $80 million to develop, which is probably a bigger budget than ME:A had. CDPR had an internal team of 240 full-time professional devs and another 1200+ contractors working on it. The Witcher 3 is “indie” in the way that Star Citizen is “indie” - they didn’t work with a separate billion-dollar publisher because they had enough money to fund the project already. 

#3. From what I’ve seen, Mass Effect Andromeda has animation issues in general

From the cursory footage I’ve seen (I haven’t played the game yet since I’ve been out of the country), it looks like there’s a bunch of problems, most of which aren’t related to the facial animations at all. The characters have that weird slightly hunched-over broad-elbowed walk similar to how they walked in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and there’s something about how the elbows don’t quite sit right to me while the characters are idling. I also spotted a character in a T-pose in one clip which was a rather clear bug. The facial animation probably stands out most because players spend a lot of time in cinematic conversations, and that features the faces quite prominently. 

#4. Bioware is certainly aware of the issues

From what I’ve heard, there were team members who raised the warning flags internally as well, but the decision was ultimately above their pay grades. It’s really hard to say why they decided what they did without knowing the full context, and that isn’t likely to happen. The scope of the new Mass Effect game is different than before - this is the first game of the series on Frostbite, with a new lead studio helming development (Bioware Montreal), and with new team leadership (after the departure of Casey Hudson, Mass Effect’s former executive producer). There’s a lot of moving parts where things could have broken down during development, and we’ll likely never know. They’ll never share that information publicly… nor should they. Bioware the studio shoulders the blame for it, just like Bioware the studio owns any praise they get. 

Animation issues are often some of the hardest and most expensive problems to fix. Building animation rigs (skeletons) takes a lot of resources. Utilizing those rigs to build animations takes a lot of resources, even when you’re using motion capture data. Building animation systems to blend, layer and play those animations under the correct circumstances take a lot of time. Animation is one of the most expensive types of content to create - that’s why so many games reuse so much of their animation data. That said, Bioware also developed and released the extended ending to the last Mass Effect game for free in response to the fan backlash about the ending, so who knows? 

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