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Quick Soundcheck Fan Acct!

Okay so this is for 3/23 in Newark!

Min Yoongi stared at me long and hard when he saw me in my Sope tracksuit and Sope banner and also JRE just passed by me outside and also stared and just went “Sope!” And at the end when they were about to leave he stage and also Taehyung was walking away from the stage but then ran back because he forgot his phone on the stage lmaoooo


Okay they did Dope, Save Me, and Baepsae and for the first two they didn’t really do the choreo but they did for Bapsae and oh my god. I don’t know. How are they real. How.

For the songs they didn’t do the choreo to, Hobi was totally feeling himself and hE CAN MOVE. And they were all bare faced and they’re beautiful I’m kinda floating on a cloud right now byeeeeeee.

(Also I totally spotted @taetaetown a row or two behind me but I was too shy to say anything hahaha)

Also they all look so hot drinking water byeeeeeeeeee.

The only sad thing is I lost my Sope banner so someone better pick it up and put it to good use (jkjkjk). (Plus I got so many free banners so it’s fine)

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Hi Joan. Let me say, I think you're really cool and it's nice to know that there's some non binary visibility out there. I just wanted to ask, is it okay if it's hard to explain why I choose to identify as non binary? I'm amab but identify as a demiguy. I identify partially as male, but I really feel some part not. I don't hate the idea of masculinity, but there's a part of me that wants to be able to better express myself and my gender identity. Thanks for hearing me out, and have a good day.

Yeah, that’s fine. It doesn’t make sense to demand an explanation when someone is gay– you just get it– you should be able to identify however you’re going to without having to explain yourself (I mean, people are also allowed to explain their identities if they want to, but nobody should HAVE to… unless you identify as a nazi or some shit, but there’s no real explanation that would excuse that– you’re just a shithead).

Sorry, I have trouble answering questions concisely.

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It just occurred to me that nerd!Uchiha, and especially nerd!Sasuke, seem to be very close to how I imagine Uzushio was like. Just, imagine this bright, perpetually cheerful village full of mad geniuses and scientists and seal masters and everyone is okay with the fact that the village explodes about fifty times every week. That is the place Naruto's family comes from. That is what nerd!Sasuke is teaming up with.

It makes so much sense, and also promises so much destruction. Could this be the reason the Senju tried so hard to get the Uzumaki to ally with them? They were just terrified of the possibilities if the Uchiha got their grubby paws on them instead. 

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sentence prompt: "No, not even in a million years" LadyNoir, please

“No, not even in a million years.” Chat swallowed hard mentally kicking himself for what he was doing. Here Ladybug, the girl of his dreams, was asking for him to kiss her and he was saying no. What the hell was wrong with him?! Ladybug pouted her bottom lip as she avoided his gaze looking utterly heartbroken. Seriously, what the hell was wrong with him!?

“I guess I shouldn’t have assumed you would be okay with it,” Ladybug sighed. Chat ran a nervous hand through his hair. What was he doing?

“No Ladybug. I just- you caught me off guard is all. If you really need help I can-it’s really not a big deal,” Chat offered, voice tight. Ladybug looked back up at him hesitantly.

“Are you sure?” Ladybug asked cautiously. “I don’t want to cross any boundaries with you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a one time thing right?” Chat asked, every cell in his body begging for her to say it wasn’t just for this one time.

“Just this once,” She assured him. “I don’t want this to mean anything.” And with those words Chat could feel his chest tighten. Not trusting himself to speak he simply nodded. Slowly Ladybug reached for him wrapping her arms around his neck. Chat swallowed down the lump forming in his throat. What had he done? He was damned if he did and he was damned if he didn’t. Ladybug nervously chewed on her lip as she stood on her tip toes eyes falling on his mouth. Chat took a shaky breath before leaning in and placing his lips on hers.

Ladybug’s kiss was everything he imagined it to be and more. It was soft and sweet, and surprisingly tentative. She smelled like vanilla, and flowers. And every time she moved her lips against his his pulse sped up. This is what he had wanted for so long so why did it suddenly feel so wrong? Her fingers slid up into his hair. A soft groan crawled up his throat muffled by her kiss. More confident now Ladybug pressed herself against him kissing him more fervently now. Her fingers softly played with his messy hair, almost lovings as they combed their way through.

That’s when Chat lost it. He couldn’t do this! He couldn’t stand here and kiss the girl he loved when he knew it meant absolutely nothing to her. Chat reeled back. He could feel his heart in his throat. He panted as he looked at her with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry. I-I can’t do this,” He choked out.

“Chat I-” Before she could get the words out Chat was already running away and he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to stop.

Woo! Done with finals, but not taking messages right now - just finishing these up.

It is Wrestlemania week, everyone is at the peak of having a nervous breakdown or having an episode due to the stress of it including you. You were finally awarded a shot at the the Raw  Women’s Championship and you were overworking yourself, making sure you were physically and mentally fit.”Hi beautiful.” A voice cut short your thoughts.”SETH!!!!” You cling to him, squeezing him hard.”Okay okay y/n, cut it out before you break me.” His hand expedite, circling your back. It had been 3 months since Seth had been out of action due to a knee injury and this was the first time you see him.”How’s your knee, are you feeling better?” You question him.”Well compared to the a few weeks ago, I’d say I feel fucking amazing.” He replied; oh how you missed his profanities.”But enough about me, lets focus on something more pleasant. Like for instance, your big debut at Wrestlemania. How are you feeling about that?” He parks his fine ass to the nearest chairs. He pats down on the chair next to his, directing you to sit down next to him.”Honestly, I’m petrified. I’m always used to performing in front of, what, 20,000 thousand people? But, this this is the big leagues, this is Wrestlemania, the biggest thrill ride of the year. There will be more than triple the amount of people I perform in front of. I honestly feel like I will make a fool of myself.” You confess, Seth seeing the terror in your eyes. He nuzzles your chin, letting out a single giggle.”Being afraid is part of this job y/n. Believe me, I felt exactly the same way you are feeling when I had my first Wrestlemania. I was sick all day long, up until I stepped on the guerrillas. But, you know what happened.” He paused, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.”The moment I set foot on that runway, all of my fears and my sickness went away. On the contrary, I was overwhelmed with thrill and adrenaline. Just hearing the crowd cheering you on, chanting your name *sigh* It’s the best feeling in the world.” You don’t know how you are containing yourself from kissing him.”You gotta trust yourself y/n because thousands in attendance and millions back home are counting on you. Rise above your fear. Trust me, because you do don’t you?”He asks you, his eyes penetrating yours.”Of course I do.” You respond.”Good, because I need you trust me on what I’m about to do.” He leans on you, his lips tracing against yours, teasing you.”Close your eyes, clear your mind off anything, and just let yourself go.” You do as he says, putting all our trust on him; giving him control. You feel his breath closing in on you, tickling your nose. You had been waiting for this moment for what seemed a lifetime and now it was about to happen.”I’m in love with you.” Your eyes involuntarily open. Your lips collide, pressing them gently. His lips fir perfectly, both of you in sync, like if your lips were made for each other. You wrap your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.  You feel his tongue run across your bottom lip and you open your mouth to let your tongues explore each others mouths. He ran his fingers through your hair and pulled you even closer, before pulling away from you completely so you could catch a breath.”I love you too.” You breathed, tracing your finger through your tingling mouth. He pulls you into a hug; his lips filling you entirely with kisses.”Are you feeling more confident?” He whispers against your temple. You smile, nodding your head; realizing that Seth had brought back your confidence.

Okay so, anyone who’s like “BLUH BLUH Belle is a bad Disney Princess because she wants more in life even though people are working are hard why can’t girls just shut up and be content bluh bluh” can MEET ME IN THE FUCKING PIT. (Using the 1991 movie for ref here, since I haven’t seen the live-action. Maybe live-action Belle is shittier.) 

Like, yeah, she’s a flawed human being who tends to be so lost in fantasy worlds that she doesn’t recognize what’s around her beyond a judgey surface glance. The whole POINT of the movie is both her AND the Beast are learning to see what’s beautiful beneath the surface. She doesn’t get handed a new world because she wanted it real bad–she had to learn, first, to be less judgmental of things that don’t fit her fantasy book ideal. ONLY THEN does she get what she wants.

But you know what she DIDN’T have to learn, because it WASN’T a flaw? She didn’t have to learn that just because someone else is suffering worse than you, you should accept your lot in life. She put up with ZERO of the Beast’s shit, even when she knew he was cursed. He had it bad, but he was being an asshole, so she refused it, because she knew he could be more, and better.

There’s a HUGE stigma, especially around girls, that wanting more than what you have is inherently selfish and bad. Girls shouldn’t have wants–don’t you see that that people around you are trying to feed their families?? Who are you to complain??? Do you think that person struggling to survive is a worse person than you, then???? Girls are CONSTANTLY expected to give up their dreams to raise children, to help others, to not make their boyfriend feel jealous, to cut themselves down, to be lesser, lesser, lesser. Dream of less, don’t reach so high, just surviving is okay. 

Belle is a great Disney Princess. Yes, she’s flawed. She’s idealistic, she’s judgmental, she’s weird, she’s impulsive and occasionally outright mean. But she knows what she wants, she works hard for it, she takes no bullshit. She doesn’t forget her roots–she risks her life to save Maurice–but she doesn’t blindly accept them, either. She GETS MORE IN LIFE. 


It’s always nice seeing the face of arohas, you’re all so cute and prettttttyyyyy
For baby arohas, welcome to this wonderful and sweet fandom, you can always come to me to ask anything if you want^^

The thing that really gets me is that I try so hard to explain my symptoms, but people don’t listen. If I feel myself getting angry or splitting I say to people, “I’m getting really upset now but I know it’s not rational, it’s a symptom so please bear with me”, but they still get pissed off and shout at me like I’m the bad guy! Or if I tell someone, “I’m feeling really anxious about doing this thing and it makes me not want to do it” I get called weak and lazy!

Like people don’t care that I can’t always control BPD. They don’t care how hard I’m trying, or how well I’m dealing with things. They just see all my symptoms as evil.

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I'm dying Kat, mini Shisui x Tenzo is just too perfect XD "you're way too cute" that part had me squealing

💕 💕 💕

ShiTen is one of those pairings where I forget how hard I ship it until I’m actually writing them, and then it’s like, okay wow. I have a need.

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Everything that's been happening makes me feel really guilty of shipping camren :| like i wanna respect her wishes so much but camren is just too hard to let go fam. i'm not crying, you are

It’s not bad to ship anyone, it’s a common reaction from most whenever they see something special between two people. Even in real life, we ship people we know, and it doesn’t have to be real.

What’s NOT OKAY is to bombard them with constant “Camren is real” or “laucy is over” like a bunch of kids. I’d be pissed too if I was Lauren. Even if I promised myself I’d ignore it, there will be days when I’ll just snap.

We can ship people because we appreciate the cuteness and the possibility of a good story, but let’s not forget our boundaries, and that they are real people with real emotions and thoughts. Just because they decide to be with people we don’t approve of doesn’t mean we are entitled to attack them on their social media.

Let’s just lowkey ship them lol.

Lord Give Me A Sign....

@markiplier You will find what’s missing, maybe not at this moment or in the obvious way you want but you will.

You’re a freakin wizard :) and even wizards get their hats blown off sometimes, you just gotta hunt it down.

It won’t be easy, I know you’re a strong man though Mark. It’s okay to get lost and it’s hard to admit it, you’re kickass!

A lot of us are lost as well and I’m sure with time and work, we hopefully will all find our ways.

You’re all loved, well by me at least :3; as I can only speak for myself.

I too am lost but it’s okay because we don’t have to be lost all alone. XO

I usually have long chats with God while I’m driving places. It’s the best alone space I have, just me and Them with little to no distractions. I’ve been having a rough week mentally/emotionally so I asked her why everything had to be so hard for me- why couldn’t my life be as simple as everyone else’s seemed to be. She answered,

“The challenges fortify your soul.”

I didn’t have anything to say back, so I just meditated on that concept for a bit. It makes sense, that challenges make you stronger. But I think She knew that I needed better language for this process that wasn’t so overused and dried out.

So, to my lovely followers, do whatever it takes to fortify your soul. To nurture it through tough times. In the end, you will be more resilient and full of grace than ever.

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I'm going through my name change and slowly coming out to my friends and I'm looking forward to being able to introduce myself as Juno rather than my assigned name, but I get really anxious about coming out to my parents, and to people in groups that I'm not close to and I slip up my own name and pronouns and it's just so damn HARD I want to cry ugh

hey it’s okay! lots of trans/nb slip up on our names/pronouns, not because those aren’t our names/pronouns but because we’ve been taught so intensely that we should call ourselves something else. slipping up doesn’t mean you’re not who you are! it’s pretty difficult at first, i won’t deny that - after i had announced my name to teachers and friends, people would start calling me that but it would take a while to process and i sometimes forgot to answer. for what it’s worth, i’m sure there will come a time in your life, probably very soon, where you completely embody your name and pronouns and you’re living the life you want to. also, i love your name! 

- mod emery

  • someone: why are you crying
  • me: oh no reason. just watched the last episode of an anime i practically grew up with. about a boy trying to make it in the world. i watched him fail. i watched him succeed. he was a brat when i first saw him. i watched him struggle to make a name for himself, he worked so hard. i watched him make friends along the way. he taught me to never give up and follow your dreams. actually they all taught me so many life lessons. everyone had their own obstacles to overcome. i watched every single one of them from the lowest points in their lives to the highest. even when things seemed impossible they made it through and that truly made a huge difference in my life. and now their journey has finally come to an end...this anime means more to me than you think and now its over. no big deal.
iftheresnolove replied to your post: Allow me to clarify, because context is hard: you…

This argument infuriates me. So, according to this anon, either every single queer person in the UK is already out of the closet or every single person in the UK is in the closet because they choose to do so. Does that sound like a POSSIBLE thing? No one has ever been closeted against their will in the UK. Ever. They all either came out or decided to be closeted. Okay. Cool. Let’s also ignore that the boys signed a contract with a US label and had several US sponsors where such law doesn’t exist

Well said.

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Can you please write me a sweetspo to get me back on track? I just moved to the United States and its been a big shock and I've been binging nonstop. Im having such a hard time getting back on track ;-;

Hey there honey. I heard you’ve been having a rough time lately but thats okay. Moving anywhere can be stressful, but you moved to a whole new country! This is your opportunity to show people you’ve never met how amazingly thin you can be. Your so close already, I know you can make it to 100 lbs. You can do absolutely anything you put your mind to sweetie. Stay strong ☀️☀️☀️
Night In The Woods - YouTube
Jacksepticeye's Let's Play series of Night in the Woods

Okay. So. Wow. There are no words I can use to explain how much this game touched me, but I’m gonna try. As someone who has been through… a lot of hard stuff, there is so much in this that resonated with me. not only the dissociation but also the family problems and lack of their understanding, having to leave college early due to your body’s disfunction, family financial troubles due to having left school early, no one really understanding the weird things you are going through, having left all of your friends, not really knowing your place when you come back home, the feeling of isolation, the lack of meaning and attachment, etc. The detachment descriptions in the game are often so accurate in showing the experiences. 

@therealjacksepticeye gives dissociation/ depersonalization/ derealization a platform for people to learn about it, and how he addresses it as the real illness that it is just meant so much to me. Usually when I try to explain it to doctors, friends, and family, they don’t understand (or even try to understand) what I am saying or how much it affects me, often even getting irritated or mad at me when I am heavily affected by these problems, but he did understand. He seemed to really realize how hard it is to operate normally in the world when experiencing these problems and didn’t joke about it or ignore it. 

I hope that all my friends watch his playthrough because so much of Mae’s inner dialogue, interactions, and struggles are things that I have experienced and am currently dealing with right now (just with the addition of multiple bodily systems also going haywire). Hell, (semi-spoilers), there have been times when I was literally carried by friends because I couldn’t walk and then they all looked after me and stayed with me, just like Mae’s friends did for her. 

All of this on top of the fact that my semi-secret nickname of choice (or at least the nickname I call myself in my head when I’m just being me and doing things I want or feel like doing) is Mae. I even started a youtube channel under the name Maewingit (cus I’m Mae and the way I go about my life is just by winging it [and I even often say “eh, I just may wing it”]) after being inspired by @therealjacksepticeye​.  Making the videos for it were put on hold due to health problems (being in the hospital and such really makes it difficult to make let’s plays) but still. [Note: this is not meant to be a self-plug. I’m just saying how special it was for it to feel like he was addressing ME personally since its my “name.”]

WOW that was something of a tangent. 

There’s so much more I want to say about this game and how @therealjacksepticeye​ made me feel understood. He really paused at some parts and said some things that I’ve always hoped people would say to me, and since he was saying them to “Mae,” it was like he was saying them to me. His playthrough made me laugh, cry, made my chest hurt from the reality of some of it, but ultimately I think helped me be more okay with myself and my struggles with constant dissociation. A little bit of the weight on my chest from dealing and trying to repress the reality of my dissociation (as ironic as that sounds) has been lifted. For that, I will always be grateful (and will probably rewatch the series a few times). 

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What is the Tom_2005 video? I saw it on someone's dash and I'm super confused

lmaooo okay it’s some male solo porn (faceless dude jerkin’ it) starring a white guy who has a similar build and voice(moan?) to jared

i’m not gonna link to it but if you’re really curious it’s not hard to find