and it was done very well

Okay, so–I just had a thought. Keith’s been running mission for the Blade for a while now, right? And we know Kolivan’s sort of giving him a bit of leeway and looking out for him. He’s a new recruit, he wasn’t raised galra, he hasn’t been fighting long, he’s young, he’s a paladin, he’s quick to sacrifice himself for his comrades, there’s a lot of reasons to keep an eye out for him. 

And Kolivan was there for Keith’s trial. He saw firsthand that Shiro was the one Keith desperately wanted to see, the image conjured up to tempt and torment and manipulate him. He’s seen with his own eyes how Shiro is Keith’s weak point, the one person who he can’t bare to be abandoned by. Who he’ll do nearly anything for just to keep at his side

And you know, even before the second phase of the test, I think Kolivan knew it would be Shiro. After Keith escapes the arena, Shiro calls out to him. And then there’s this extreme closeup on Kolivan right after, like he already knows what’ll happen next. Like in a way he’s testing Shiro as well and can already tell by his reaction what the outcome would be. And even when explaining the suit’s ability to Shiro, it’s like Kolivan’s carefully gauging his response. 

So anyway, seeing as Kolivan knows Shiro is Keith’s weak spot. And that Operation Kuron has made it clear there’s something very wrong here that the galra have done to “Shiro”–I know people say Keith’s going to pick up on it first. But what if he can’t? What if he’s too blinded by how much he cares for Shiro to see that Kuron isn’t quite himself–that he’s in trouble, brainwashed or worse, and the whole team could be at risk? What if Keith just can’t believe it because this is Shiro. But Kolivan’s seen how close they are for himself, knows how disastrous it would be if the black paladin had been compromised and unknowingly tried to hurt Keith. And he’d start to see the signs and realize that’s not the original Shiro?


A drunk!Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: Hey, it’s me! Just writing two things in one week. (It’s probably going to snow). This is just something that popped into my head, because I love drunk!Dean/Jensen. I hope you guys like it. Your response fuels my writing. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,302

- language.
- implied smut (kind of)

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It was early for you, considering you normally didn’t wake up until at least noon. Looking at your phone, you realized it was only 7 am. Sam wasn’t even awake yet; his bedroom door next to yours still closed. With no windows in the Bunker, it was hard for you to wake up with the dawn anymore, your body used to the sun being your alarm clock. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen, you could hear faint giggling. It was a deep, goofy giggle, and you knew exactly who it was coming from.

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Hi, do you know if I'm allowed to post AKF or You Are Not Alone stuff on RedBubble if I very clearly write in the description that I'm not associated with the original campaign?


i’m putting this in loud big bold all caps letters not necessarily for you, but for others as well. if you see these designs anywhere else other than their original campaign site, you need to report them.

the difference between AKF and YANA merch is that these things were done for charity. no one kept the proceeds. these were made for important causes, not personal gain. putting these designs up not only puts you at risk, but completely destroys the original idea of the campaigns.

anon, you’re a clever person, and i’m sure you can come up with new designs. please respect what these original campaigns’ messages stood for. don’t pull a hot topic and think, “people like these words on spn things. we should sell it!”

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Yeah i feel Raven cares about Yang more than she would probably ever admit out loud. Take how after saving her from Neo, Raven seems to linger for a moment and doesn't take her eyes off Yang till she's at her portal, instead of just immediately leaving. She just seems so set in her 'only the strongest survive' mentality. Doesn't make her a good person by any stretch mind you, but she feels something.

Well and the issue with Raven is, even if she does care about Yang she’s clearly done a lot of very bad things - including just flat out murdering people. Yang has a really good heart, so even beyond the abandonment, it’ll be hard to get past all that. No matter what Raven’s motives may be. 

Raven is a very intriguing character. 

I still cannot stop thinking of MacGyver ep 204. Like, all their characterizations were exactly like in my fics, it was pretty mind-blowing to watch it unfold on the screen:

Murdoc knows everything about Mac. Literally. He even knew in which café Mac was sitting while he was in Paris and what he was doing there. CREEPY! But so awesome.

Mac IS scared of Murdoc. Yes, Murdoc’s pissing him off like nobody else - Mac never, EVER gets angry unless Murdoc’s involved - but he’s also terrified of him! This scene, the flashback in the lab, the scene in the car at the very end, they all prove it.

Jack feels personally responsible for Mac and his well-being and everything bad that ever happens to Mac ‘cause he thinks he should’ve been there, he sould’ve done more, he should’ve known. Mac’s safety is Jack’s responsibility!

God, there’s so much stuff to work with here. So much angst potential that my fingers literally itch to write more fics for this show. Good grief, I have it so BAD!

A VERY DESCRIPTIVE & DETAILED PROFILE OF YOUR MUSE. Repost with the information of your muse, including headcanons, etc. If you fail to achieve some of the facts, add some other of your own! When you’re done, tag 15 other people to do the same!

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NAME: Subetei of the Noykin
AGE: 29
SPECIES: Au Ra (Xaela)
INTERESTS: Hunting, Brewing, Leatherworking, Fighting Everything That Moves
PROFESSION: Mecenary, Hunter
BODY TYPE: Heavily muscular and tall, well defined but with suitable fat to support musculature. Lean face and overall sharp features.
EYES: Azure blue with the left eye heavily damaged by a spear wound
HAIR: Steel gray with tips dyed or inked a wheat yellow, styled to be pushed back into spikes with four braids off his temple area.
SKIN: Rough, heavily scarred and a dark blueberry color, with blue-black scaling and horns.
HEIGHT: 7 foot 1 inches
WEIGHT: 261lbs
COMPANIONS: Neyuki, Valdhur, The Dragon’s Crown Tavern and Associates
ANTAGONISTS: The Elementals, Some Ishgardians, Giant Toads
COLORS: Brown, Blue, Black
SMELLS: Dust, Salt, Metal, Herbs, Old Leather
FRUITS: Blueberry, Breadfruit, Wild Strawberries
DRINKS: His Mead, Neyuki’s Tea, Cold Water, Literally Anything From Limsa
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? Yes / No / Occasionally
SMOKES? Yes / No / Occasionally
DRUGS? Yes / No / Occasionally
FIGHTS? Literally Always  / Yes / No / Occasionally

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And anyone else, I was trying to tag some folks I don’t normally tag SO IF WE DON’T TALK MUCH AND YOU GOT TAGGED THAT’S WHY

You know, I find it funny how people keep accusing SM/WW of having Wonder Woman sidelined in order for Superman to play hero, meanwhile The Merciless is literally going to have Wonder Woman get fridged so Batman can turn evil because of love and barely anyone’s raising a peep. People are strange, man.

Of course. It’s called hypocrisy. Most smww haters suffer from that. No one reading smww series can ever say WW was sidelined under Charles Soule. Diana was very very well written.  Peter J Tomasi on the other hand came to damage the entire dynamic for Rebirth …so that was done deliberately  by him and DC. No smww fan excuses his mismanagement of the pairing esp once DC decided to wipe out smww the book became a random action book than one whose core was a relationship. We are not blind.

The haters all don’t see anything when Batman beats up on WW easily eg under the pen of Scott Snyder who is doing Metal too..Diana is easily beaten up and Batman does not sustain any broken bones etc…Remember the anti-lasso bs? It’s the equivalent  shark repellent but Bat fans are all about the Bat than Diana. Or when WW sent off in JL/U to fight random paradermons while Batgod dodges Omega beams. Why would you ever send Batman into battle Darkseid and send Diana away from main battle? But that was JL/U. All Diana was good for was giving Bats the eye.  Or recall when she was capable of murdering all those she loves for some imaginary batman tongue to regain her self by Rucka in Blackest Night? Diana would kill her mom, sister and Cassie but wake up for a man who didn’t give her the time of day and never dated her because he was in love with Catwoman. Yeah they never see those things. 

Up next prob, she drools for Bat out of nowhere while he is engaged to the woman he loves and she’s supposedly with Steve … that would paint her rather pathetic. But hey she’s been nothing but a basket case, crying and pouting and has no home, no memory or much wit and brains and everything about her a convoluted mess in Rebirth.  But it’s all about Batman these days so…shrug. I am not buying Rebirth so…I suggest just ignore it.

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just wanted to say amazing job (again!) on the update! i love the last panel on the second part of the update when kiri and bkg intertwined their fingers and put their foreheads together absolutely killed me :0 your comics are very well done and i cant wait for the next update!

it took me MANY TRIES to get that right, and i’m glad i redid them all to get to that pic cause it came across exactly as i intended :3 thank you!!!

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Hi, is there anything else you like from Punisher Warzone besides Ray Stevenson?

Hmm. Frank’s… I mean Ray’s gunfight scenes are very well choreographed. The last warehouse scene is much better than you would expect from this movie.

They showed Frank’s use of extra brutality nicely.  I like how they showed his rage mode in the warehouse scene with that crazy bastard.

I like the scene where he talks with the priest in the church.

Other than that they captured Frank’s personality almost perfectly. His connection with the little girl and Micro was well done I think.

“Jesus saves” in the end. That was pretty cool except Soup’s horrible acting.

They really fucked everything else up! I have to say they wasted Ray Stevenson so bad. He is killing it on every scene he is in. For me, he is straight up from Max.

( hayley kiyoko / 25 / she/her ) is that ( rafi oshiro ) ordering a ( iced caramel latte ) at mocha? i heard they’re an ( animator ) who’s known as the ( bohemian ) around here. however, they say ( rafi ) is very ( adroit ), but ( wilful ). well, better get their drink before it gets cold! ( lauren / 20 / she, her / gmt )

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Oh-hoh! They really are dealing with this! Asuka’s Unit 02 is being put on ice because they’re getting Unit 03. They really are sticking to the Vatican Treaty thing!

Asuka raised a very good point: Why bench her Eva, which is in prime condition, over Unit 00, which is still damaged? Well, the answer is cold: Europe still technically holds control over Unit 02 and their say in its fate rules. This is what they desire be done with their Evangelion, and its pilot is just going to have to deal with it.

Asuka is not good at dealing with things.

And it reaaaaally didn’t help that Ritsuko insinuated that she, too, can be replaced if she doesn’t cooperate.

Wolf 359 fic: I’ll be next to you when it all falls through

This is set in @thought’s You Crash Standing ‘verse with Minkowski/Koudelka/Lovelace. 2900 words.

It sounded like a good idea, in principle. A mini-break, just the two of them, because god knows they haven’t really done any of that “reconnecting as a couple” stuff yet, and it’s been months now. Sure, the relationship advice blogs Dom’s been checking out on the internet don’t have much to say about your presumed-dead wife bringing home a whole houseful of traumatised misfits with her, and then bringing one of them into your marital bed, but that’s the sort of minor detail you just have to take into account.

Renée has to buy everything new. Actually, Dom does most of it for her, because she half-heartedly looks at a few Amazon pages and then never gets round to going back. He goes as plain as possible, but gets options. Black swimsuit, black bikini, khaki shorts, sunglasses, neutral teeshirts, flip-flops. He’s pretty sure Isabel packs for her but he doesn’t ask, because he’d like to maintain the illusion that his wife isn’t being entirely cajoled into spending time with him one-on-one.

She’s trying her best, he can see that at the airport as she forces away her military posture and buys herself a novel at a kiosk to read on the flight. She checks and rechecks her phone, and grimaces as she sees him looking.

“Here,” she says, brusquely, and shoves it at him.

“You’re allowed to be on your phone,” Dom says. “It’s normal.”

“No — take it.” She forces it on him. “Please. Don’t give it back to me.”

Dom takes it, somewhat reluctantly. “Can you clarify?” he asks. “Are you giving it to me purely because not being on your phone fits into your mental picture of what a holiday should be like, or because you actually want to? And when should I give it back?”

She gives him a quick, tight smile. She’s always appreciated having proper parameters.

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I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.