and it was awful

So,,, if u wanna make a non-human species that’s coded as a human group/culture/ethnicity that’s, probably fine but please for the love of god stop making greedy goblins and savage black/arab coded species and other insensitive shit i’m begging u,,,,

And while im at it, be careful of accidental coding! I was helping a friend flesh out his story the other night and he was talking about his sci-fi mutant race and there were some moments where I had to be like “buddy ur not intentionally using racialized coding in a negative way but it’s veering into that territory” and it was all cool bc he listened to me on that, but it goes to show that u should like,,, learn about coding n shit so u don’t accidentally hurt ppl w ur writing ok

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im crying and screaming about jungkooks eyes since i saw the first preview form today. there is no eye make up also the black hair compliments the 'doeness' so much, send help! they all looked so good today. puma always make them look so natural i love it

dude tell me about i nearly screamed when i saw the first pic he looks so good with black hair???? you’re right it somehow only emphasises his big wide eyes

his eye makeup is so subtle and beautiful…… look at him, all excited


justin uploaded his cover of jolene alone and its fucking amazing