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This isn’t mine (credit to Anastasia Frank @YouTube), but I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s one of my favourite Pan videos and it’s amazingly edited. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

I know Jamie and Claire are soulmates and what they have is rare. But how do they remain so hot for each other well into their old age? Couples can remain in love and satisfied sexually after years together?

Hi anon! Of course! Re: remaining in love for years–why wouldn’t this be possible? Just think about it. While the early phase of love will most likely fade with time (the infatuation, puppy love phase), what follows it can be deeper, more loving, more trusting, and more rich.

I’ve known my husband for twenty years now. We’re nowhere near J/C’s MOBY ages, as we met when we were pretty young. But I can honestly say that the first phase lasted a solid decade for us. We were that nauseating couple acting like love stick fools for a very long time. Now that we have a child, I do think what we have has shifted into another phase. We look less like sappy idiots around each other (most of the time), but what we have is deeper, not lesser. Sharing more life experiences makes us closer, not farther apart. This man isn’t just my lover, my sweetheart, and my best friend, he’s also my greatest supporter, my biggest cheerleader, my comrade in arms, the father of my child, my partner in every sense of the word. Sharing more things for a longer time, while both of us have been sure to be good to each other, means we love each other more. Not less. (On a side note, him being the Best. Dad. Ever. to our little boy means I love him in a way I couldn’t have predicted–being a parent means you want and need the very best for your child–that’s a whole other kind of consuming, enriching love–and going on that journey with a loving partner who is the only person in the world who loves my little boy as much as I do, well, it’s a really important part of our relationship.)

Bottom line is that we love each other more after twenty years. Not less.

And as for remaining sexually satisfied for years, well, just think about it. Assuming you’ve had a healthy, positive sex life with a loving partner, why would age automatically negate that? Chances are, you’ve lost all sense of embarrassment over the years, and what’s left is someone who gets you. They get your needs, your wants, your turn-ons and your turn-offs, and vice versa. They have years of experience with you specifically. Without getting too personal 😳–my husband is a Me expert in bed. I am a Him expert in bed. We trust each other more than any other people in the world, and only more over the years. And, as established above, we love each other more than we did when we first met.

Why wouldn’t you be attracted to someone like that? That’s a recipe for a happy sex life, no?