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Scotland The Brave by Stefan
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PSA I just wanna ask for a favor

:U if you see Lucie on other websites that isnt on Tumblr and twitter can you report it for me or tell me? 

you will only find Lucie here

LOL i don’t use Deviantart so yea :U i already have people trying to take her designs or just use her in some rp…..that’s all im asking :( it’s really taking the fun out of this blog lol

Hesitant Touches: Loki x Reader (NSFW)

“Honestly, can you believe it’s been nearly ten years?” You marveled, sitting opposite Loki on his bed. It was so reminiscent of your childhood, speaking late into the evening, commiserating on tricks and pranks pulled, but mostly the two of you had merely been catching up. “If I hadn’t spent so much time missing you, I’d swear it was only yesterday.” You added with a soft smile, pleased that the two of you had remained close.

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