and it was awesome!!!!


…………..and yeah this gives me goosebumps as well. This is pure awesomeness ! What an amazing building and video ! thanks -> video: Stefan Hansson/ youtube !!


Rome, the Pantheon Aerial Tour (4k footage) - This is simply beautiful ! Had to share this with you guys. video: Skyview Productions/ youtubechannel 


Yes, I did ask @tyranttortoise first before I embarked on this craziness - I really hope they like this early look. Currently I’m ranting at the lodge I’m trying to build in Brindleton Bay (very woodsy coastal style neighborhood, so all kinds of perfect for this).  Specifically THIS BIT OF ROOF THAT REFUSES TO NOT POKE INTO THE BUILDING. Because it’s going ‘Oh hey! there’s no floor here’.


Overall going a more California mountain/coastal kind of style on the lodge, since that’s what’s in the area.

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Congrats for your 20 years old :D !!!

GEEEEEZ !!!! THANK YOU ALL GUYS SO SO MUCH !!!!!!!!! You’re all… so sweet and your messages really made me smile, laugh, aww and tear up today QwQ

I had a great birthday thank to you all, really…. I still need to reblog all your gifts and the other fanarts you did before. I’m sincerely honoured, just give me some time, I’ll surely do this in the next days !

You can’t imagine how happy you all made me sending me these asks, seeing you tagging me among my notes and in private, a lot sent me something and really, thank you for doing so guys, you’re making me smile like a dork since yesterday, heh. I’ve never imagined that you would be so many wishing me my birthday…. it means a lot <3

Thank you all again, you’re amazing ( ´• v •` 人) ☆゚.*

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I find identical twins to be a really good piece of evidence for souls? It’s a strong reason why two people could be so different even when nature and nurture are exactly the same

That is a really good and fascinating argument! I’m gonna totally use that as one of my arguments now if that’s okay with you. Thanks!