and it was an awesome show

highlights of 4x09
  • raven “I’m awesome” reyes MY QUEEN 
  • marper is adorable tbh 
  • “You’re a hero, monty” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT 
  • I love Clarke and Roan’s friendship tbh 
  • Ilian is so good and pure I love him 
  • Becca’s so hot 
  • “Who needs food when you have love” when did Murphy get so soft 
  • Where has Gaia been this whole show like she should be everywhere 
  • WELLS 
  •  Omg Monty stayed behind for Harper!!!!! This makes me so sad but oh my god they love each other 
  • Murphy finally apologizing to Raven!! 
  • That soft lighting and their theme song playing KILLS ME

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The Oscars

Summary: The night of the night takes a rather unexpected turn. (Words : around 2350)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: F L U F F !!!!!

A/n: probably everything about this is not so overwhelmingly awesome but I just wanna rase awareness of the fact that the speech the reader gives is something I’m really sorry for ! 😅😅😅

Requested: by @sebatianstanisbae

The academy awards were always a really big deal.
Everyone dresses up nice, looks nice, feeld nice. It was by far one of the most popular and greatest event when it came to award shows.
So of course your answer was not long considered when your boyfriend asked you if you would go to the Oscars with him.

Both of you had a part in it this year anyway, Sebastian as nominated and you as a presenter.
So when the day came you were all excited and totally impatient, however you saw Sebastian being all nervous all day long but you didn’t think much of it, assuming he was just freaking out about the fact that he was nominated as best actor in a leading role.

You didn’t question him about it, you didn’t confront him about it you were just there for him.

So the morning was mostly spend cuddling and stealing kisses from one another.
Both of you didn’t leave the bed since you woke up, Sebastian only left once to get some breakfast for both of you but came back quickly.

There was a movie playing on TV but neither of you paid attention to it as you were preoccupied with each other.
You looked into Sebastian’s eyes deeply with a smile playing on your lips, and he glanced right back at you looking worried and overwhelmed.

Your hands were on each other without a pause, whether it was him caressing your cheek or pushing your hair out of your face, or you running your hand through his hair or drawing patterns on his arm, you would always be in touch. Still you weren’t able to get the frown off his face, no matter what you did.

You couldn’t see him like this anymore and so you decided to offer him to talk about it.
Your hand went up to cup his jaw and he leaned into your touch, closing his eyes.

“What is it ,seb?” You asked softly, your gaze never once leaving his furrowed brows, which only frowned deeper at your question.
“You’ve been nervous and worried all day long, are you okay?” You questioned and he leaned his head back to the other side so he was now in the position he was in before, opening his eyes and looking at you with deep adoration and love.

“I am just nervous I think” he frowned, looking at you deeply.

“Its gonna be fine” you told him, capturing his lips in a soft , tender kiss.

Sebastian wished he could stay like this forever, just being with you ,seeing you, feeling you, hearing you. He wished he could take this moment and live in it forever.
Because here, with you, he felt at ease even if there was something bothering him, he would always feel comfortable and safe around you and it was just the exact same the other way around. This sort of comfort was one that made it seem like you have been knowing each other for years but instead it was just the love you felt for each other that made everything so much better. And every single day both of you would be surprised that this wasn’t only a dream, because it felt so surreal even if it was reality.

He never wanted to let you go again but you pulled away from him eventually, getting lost in his eyes as always.
Seeing the ocean in them, the stars, the sky, everything.
He eyes were all you wanted to see, at once, they shone so bright every time yours met his.
It was the thing you loved about him the most, that you could look at him and get lost for days.

You managed to come out of your haze and stroked his cheek and jaw “we gotta get ready” you told him in absence, your eyes still looking into his and you gave him a last small peck on the lips before turning around and leaving the bed.

Sebastian stared after you, watching you leave the room and once he was sure you were far away enough, he got the box from his night stand.

He opened the little velvet box to reveal a beautiful silver ring with a diamond placed onto it.
It was the ring your mother told him to buy, it was one of his favorites too, yet he was very insecure when he stood in the shop, but your mother , who was with him to help and support him, just like his mother, telling him to buy it finally convinced him.

He was worried about it all day long, he wanted to propose to you today.

He started doubting when he woke up, scenarios came to his mind, images of how you said no , one worse than the other. He thought of stuff he did making you want to turn him down, he counted the cons of himself and that didn’t really made him feel good but he couldn’t stop himself.

But this moment right now, this moment he shared with you gave him New strength, new confidence.

He’d propose, no matter what ,that was sure all the time ,but you somehow made it clear to him that there wouldn’t be a no.

You took all his fear away and he was so amazed at how good you made him feel by just being there for him.
He smiled down at the ring in contention and thoughts about how good it would look like on your finger.
He loved that imagination, somehow, he just loved it.

He closed the box again, put it into his sweats and stood up from the bed going to get ready for one of the most important nights in his life.
He smiled at himself as he thought about it, this was going to be the best night of his life.

At least until he’d marry you.

Both of you stood in the living room, being all ready and cleaned, your stylists left about twenty minutes ago and you looked amazing.

Sebastian wore an all black tux and his short hair was nicely styled to the back.
You thought he looked incredibly handsome.

You had a long, black, mermaid kinda dress which hugged your curves perfectly but loosened up from your thighs on and flew down to the ground nicely.

You said you wanted to match Sebastian’s outfit, even if it was a little cheesy, but they gave you an all black dress anyway.

Your hair and make up however made up for the plainness of the dress. You looked great, without being arrogant.

Your eye make up was intense, it was very dramatic with the black catwing eyeliner and the voluminous mascara, your eye shadow however was in golden tones, making your eyes sparkle and shine even brighter.

You loved all of your make up, from the lips to the eye-shadow but your hair was incredibly awesome too.
It was in loose waves, falling over your shoulders in voluminous manner and some were loosely pinned up. The Jewelry was a nice TouchUp to the amazing rest.

Your first glance to the mirror was supported by a gasp, you didn’t recognize yourself as you slowly looked over the person in the reflection.
You looked amazing and if you’d have to you couldn’t find one single thing that you liked the most because everything about it was so amazing that it took your breath away, just as Sebastian’s.

Both of you made your way down and into the almost luxurious black car.
Sitting inside, Sebastian’s hand found yours immediately and you looked at him with a smile playing on your lips.
The drive was spend in silence, only the touch of each other bringing both of you comfort.

Once there, both of you exited the car and walked down to the red carpet,Sebastian’s hand on the small of your back, leading you and protecting you from whatever may be.
You took some photos, gave some interviews, shared hugs with friends and finally made your way into the building, searching your seats.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian asked concerned as both of you sat down. You looked at him with a smile and nodded “are you?” You asked, a frown taking over as you rested your hand on his arm.
He smiled back at you and nodded as well, he then leaned over to you, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

The night went out better than you thought it would, and it wasn’t even nearly over. You just loved everything about it, being joyful and cheery the whole time.

Suddenly a woman came over to you telling you it was your turn to present and you smiled at her before looking at Sebastian, laying a hand on his cheek and getting lost in his eyes for a moment before pulling him in for a short kiss.
“See you in a minute.” You told him with a smile and stood up, walking to the stage as the woman took a seat in your place.

You went backstage and another woman checked your make-up and a man, a staff member, gave you an envelope and you suddenly felt the nervousness hitting up as your stomach turned, this was a huge deal, you’d be presenting best actor in a leading role and that was not nothing, but you took a deep breath and decided to push that feeling to the back of your mind.

Someone waved you over, signaling it was time for you to get on stage, you closed your eyes for a second before opening them and walking out on stage with a tight smile.

You immediately searched for Sebastian, knowing it would be easier to talk when you looked at him.
You could talk to him about everything, his calming eyes were all you needed to feel better.
Once you found him on his seat looking at you with a smile, you started talking.

“We are here today to celebrate movies and films.
But what would movies be without their actors?
The actors are the ones who bring the movie to life, who make us feel with the characters, who make us fall in love with them through their movies, whether they are actresses or actors, they are the most important persons”

You began having to smile a little wider at the ridiculousness that your boyfriend was an actor as well and you fell in love with him through a movie

“They make us laugh, cry or even shout at the TV.
Without the great job of the actors, a movie wouldn’t be a movie.” You finished your speech, a little insecure since you didn’t even know if it was good or made no sense at all.
“I’ll present the best actors in a leading role, and the nominees are:” you stopped letting the computer voice introduce all the actors as your eyes stayed on Sebastian’s the whole time until he blushed and looked down with a smile after hearing his own name as a nominee, making you grin at the adorable sight.

As the voice muted you stepped a bit forward again talking in the microphone “and the winner is…”
You started as you opened the envelope, immediately breaking into a big smile as you saw the name

“Someone who deserves 20 Oscars but who am I to judge” you shrugged with a giggle before turning the envelope to the cameras “Sebastian Stan” you cheered looking to him seeing his head shooting up to the mention of his name, seeing you smiling at him and he didn’t know what was happening until it clicked and he shot up from his seat going on stage to you, pulling you in for a kiss which was probably to calm his nerves but you didn’t care as his hand found yours before he pulled away receiving his academy award looking at it in disbelief.

He turned to the microphone and started talking
“Wow…” he started with his eyes fixed on the Oscar in his hands but then turning to the audience wide eyed “I never thought this would happen, that’s crazy” he said receiving a few laughs and giggles “ but I really really wanna thank my family and friends for supporting me in every situation, I wanna thank my fans for everything and of course I wanna thank y/n y/l/n.” He said looking back at you and signalling you to stand next to him as he took your hand in his and looked into your eyes.

“you are here for me whenever I need you, you support me in every way possible and you help me in everything” he started and your eyes started to get watery already “you are the love of my life and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done, without you I wouldn’t be here.” He told you adoration sparkling in his eyes before he gave you a nervous smile and handed his award to the woman standing behind him and took your other hand in his now as well.

“y/n I love you so much and I want to love you for the rest of my life, I want us to grow old and I want us to be together forever.” He told you a spark in his eyes and you already had tears streaming down your face, you smiled at him a nervous laugh escaping your lips every now and then to hide your excitement.

But then he went down on one knee looking up into your eyes as your hand flew to your mouth in disbelief
“Y/n will you do me the honor, of marrying me ?” He finally asked and you zoned out now, happy tears streaming down your face as you chocked on a ‘yes’ but you knew he understood when he broke into a huge grin and got a ring out of his pocket to slide it onto your finger.

The whole room erupted in cheers, whistles and claps but none of you noticed as you were too lost in each other.

You pulled him up to you in a salty yet emotional kiss full of love. Your hands on his cheeks just as your tears which he felt wet on his own skin as his hands rested on your hips rubbing circles into the fabric of your dress with his thumb.

He deepened the kiss and you wished you could stay in this moment forever but you pulled away after a moment or two and looked at him with a tight smile that matched his and both of you had a glow in your eyes showing all the love for each other.

He pecked your lips one last time before taking his Oscar and turned to the microphone, his arm found its way around your shoulders and he held his award up in the air
“Best night of my life” he cheered into the microphone making the whole room clap and cheer again as he lead you backstage, his arm around your shoulders and yours around his waist and when you finally arrived he pulled away and turned capturing your lips in another loving tender kiss, knowing this was just the beginning of a wonderful and great life.


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Today, 26.04.2017, I went into Magnus Bane tag on Tumblr. I was hoping to find some meta or gifsets about Magnus and only Magnus. But of course what I found dissapointed me and I decided to count how many posts are about Magnus himself, not Malec or Alec. I’m not completely sure, but I counted that there are about 26/100 posts only about Magnus. Let it sink in. If you go into awesome Asian character tag on Tumblr, you will find only about twenty six out of one hundred posts about him. Or maybe even less, cause I counted posts about Harry Shum Jr. Of course rest is about Malec, Alec or show itself. I’ve got no words. I don’t want to see another gifset or read another meta about Alec, I freaking want Magnus! Why? Why do Shadowhunters fandom (which I must admit I’m in) screams about how good diverse cast we’ve got, if we treat one of the best, most complex chacters like it. Not everything must be about white boy aka the fandom baby. Also, can we stop pretending we care about him? We erase his right to be hurt, to have emotions, to be his own person.
Magnus doesn’t exist to be kickass High Warlock/Prince of Hell he is written as, but as stay at home wife who spends all days dreaming and waiting for husband to come home.

I’m convicted had he not be Fandom’s Darling boyfriend, most wouldn’t give a damn about him. (Although some literally don’t give a flying-pardon my langue-fuck about him and don’t even care to hide it.)

(Also, on melody of ‘They don’t really care about us’ by MJ: Magnus-Bane-Is-Not-Only-Bloody-Love-Interest-Of-White-Atrractive-Guy.)

I desperately need gifsets of POCs getting hurt, killed, ignored or in any way left out with words 'People of Color don’t exist to make your White Fave shine’.

anonymous asked:

About an older ask, why does Marinette win in the Marinette Vs Chloe? I was just wondering, sorry XDD thanks for your awesomeness of a blog ;DD

marinette wins by like the thinnest hair (and i mean really thin) i really do love both of them so so much. i’d place marinette slightly ahead of chloe for really personal reasons bc i see myself more in marinette. she’s this busy-body, perfectionist, outspoken, over-dramatic, extra girl and i can’t think of anyone i’d rather have as the heroine of this show

the only reason i talk up chloe way more on my blog is bc i already know that people love marinette. i think people still need time to warm up to chloe (understandably) so i kinda act like her cheerleader and make her my icon and think about her all the time bc i hope people can give her a chance and grow to love her too :)

the-library-kat replied to your post:

Y’all tickets for my Hamilton show at the library…

What is your Hamilton show at the library? That sounds awesome!

My coworker’s son happens to be the musical director of Hamilton on Broadway. He’s going to be in town, and has offered to give a behind the music look at the creation of the songs & score. He’s going to be accompanied by the associate director, who will also be in town working on fine tuning the Chicago cast. And we’re going to have two Chicago cast members there performing, as well (including the Hamilton alternate, Joseph Morales!)

This was a crazy show for us to coordinate – it took about three months, and went all the way up the ham creative ladder to LMM himself. We are very, very lucky to get to do this. We’re compensating the performers really well, as it’s their only day off, and we’re running it twice to accommodate as many of our patrons as we can. 

We’re also doing a few associated programs – Tribune theater critic Chris Jones is talking about the impact of Hamilton, NU theater professor Dominic Missimi will be discussing the shows that influenced LMM and Hamilton, and we had a theater historian speak last week about the 1776 (the original political musical.) 

I’m super super pumped about it, if you can’t tell. GAHHAHAHAHAH.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I know it may sound OOC at first glance, but do you think there could be a moment in which Severus calls or thinks his SO is cute or adorable? If that is the case, could you write a oneshot about it? Thank you so much! You are AWESOME and your blog is GOLDEN.

Oh, anon. Severus thinks his SO is cute/adorable ALL. DAMN. DAY. LONG.

He thinks about it when he wakes up curled next to SO.

He thinks about it when he serves SO breakfast and SO yawns wide enough to show off their molars.

He thinks about it when SO is hopping over puddles in shiny red rainboots on their afternoon walk.

He thinks about it when they’re having lunch at the Great Hall.

He thinks about it when SO takes points from students for running in the halls.

He thinks about it when he bends down a bit at SO’s request to receive kisses and hugs more easily.

He thinks about it when SO makes that cute noise he loves.

He thinks about it when SO feeds the owls.

He thinks about it when SO takes care of the thestrels.

And then, that night, curled up against SO when he’s almost certain that SO is asleep, he whispers, “Merlin, you’re adorable, my love.”

SO mumbles back, “As are you, Severus. As are you.”

Severus flushes scarlet and holds SO even more tightly, because this is the most adorable thing he’s ever experienced in his life.

I almost forgot how fun fandom was until last night and today. I’m really glad I curated my dash and found so many awesome people to follow and be followed by. I’m determined to keep up the same general sense of fun and camaraderie. 

Keep me to my word, my friends :-)


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Thought that was an epic episode but now I'm really ready for FS to have a scene together! With only 3 eps left, will it be next week or are they going to drag it out right until the last second? And do you think it'll be a win for Jemma or just more pain and her not getting through? Either way, hope they get a scene (and can't wait for Jemma to kick Papa Fitz's ass) ! Thanks for your awesome theories :)

Hi Anon!

We are all ready for Fitzsimmons to be reunited and I swear this is the writers kind of paying us back for all of the sass we had in A about them not being together…because this is SO MUCH worse.  

Like I said in my meta, I have not been to the point of tears frustrated with a show like this in a long time.  And its not that I’m not enjoying the story.  I just want so bad for them to be reunited, for someone to save Fitz, for someone to even be trying to get to him.  Every week we see how much he has suffered at AIDA and his fathers hand.  But no one is actively trying to get him out or get to him anymore.  

They have kept Fitzsimmons apart for a reason.  Mostly because yes, its building up to an epic scene (I’m almost picture a twist on the LMD scene from 15).  I think if Jemma wasn’t going to have an effect on him they would have had the face to face meeting already.  But because she is going to help get through to him, they have to save it for the very end.  Because from a story standpoint, like it or not Looking Glass had to get going, we had to escalate the stakes, so part of that was keeping Fitzsimmons apart.  

Another factor is we (most but not all) of us want Jemma to be the one to get through to Fitz.  The fandom would have flipped if it wasn’t Jemma that got through to him.  We have seen with the others that it takes a BIG emotional upheaval and the person they are closest too.  Coulson it was Daisy and an assist from Tahiti.  May Coulson with the kids/Mace’s death.  Mack…really hasn’t come around yet and is still just trying to protect his daughter.  Mace never came around either.  He died seeped in the fantasy.  Fitz has only come across Daisy and Radcliffe who didn’t do much.  Jemma’s “NO!” in 17 DID effect him but the programming was re enforced immediately by Papa Fitz and Ophelia.  

Its all been building to next week guys, they know we are desperate for this reunion and for them to come back together.  We also have to get Fitz back in some way in order for him to help stop it all, they have to stop The Doctor.  We know that Jemma is going into action with her going for Papa Fitz…and that means she must be going for Fitz.  There is no other reason for him to go after him alone.  

Ok so there was this older lady who sat in front of us at the house show I went to. She was maybe in her 50s or 60s. She spent the entire first match and half of the second match standing, so me and my oldest sister couldn’t see. It finally took the security guy by our section and someone screaming “down in front” to get this lady to sit down. I missed the awesome Braun/Sami match because of it. He put Sami through a table too. D: 

Later, The Club came out. My brother-in-law screamed something because he likes to heckle wrestlers. :p Anyway, the same lady had the nerve to then turn around and say “YOU KNOW, THAT WAS MY EAR YOU SCREAMED INTO. BUT IT’S OK.” My oldest sister almost lost her shit right then and there. So to be annoying, we could mark for everyone she booed for. I think she was upset that Roman wasn’t there because she had a Roman shirt on and she left right after Seth came out for the main. lmfao. 

But there was a lady with a kid who looked like he was 5/6 years old. He kept banging his feet on the floor of our section we were in. It was kinda like bleachers because we were in the Ice Area part of the building. It’s where the Rush play their games. Anyway, some dude started screaming at this kid’s mom about the kid banging his feet and he was really rude and he was swearing and shit. It was crazy. Finally, another person got in and went off on both of them. 

Then, there was a group of little kids and their mom who were in the section in front of us, which was the floor section. They brought signs and spent the whole night waving their signs around. Keep in mind, they keep the crowd dark for house shows. It’s not like a PPV or Raw/SD where there are lights on the crowd. So the people in the ring couldn’t see these signs. She had a Sami one, a Seth one, and the kids both had ones that said “Charlotte is 💩” and they drew a bunch of poo emojis on their signs. They almost got kicked out for obstructing the view. It was a mess. There were a couple little kids cosplaying as Nakamura and Bayley though. That was p cute. But yea, crazy shit went down. One of my friends said a couple fans that were sloshed got into it in the parking lot after the show and one almost got hit by a car too. Mess. 


This is me reading that whole thing: 

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Exo Reaction To Being Your First Kiss

I want to die. These are so cute. That’s why I’m doing these first. Because I die.

Also I feel like all of them haven’t really had the time to have relationships so I think they’d all be nervous.  



Minseok would be very nervous, but would not show it. He’d try to be confident throughout it. He wants it to be a perfect experience, and he is honored you chose him. 

“I hope it was one worthy remembering. I know I’ll remember it forever.” 

Originally posted by oohsehunnies

(ily minseok u dangerous thing u)

Luhan  (Ex Member)

He tries his hardest to man-up and make it awesome but he’ll just mess it up. 

“Oh my god, what was that?! I ruined it.”

“Luhan, it was good.”

“Oh. Of course it was.”

Originally posted by ziirco

Kris (Ex Member)

Totally confident in his skills. He’ll make sure you won’t regret a thing. 

“Wow. I was great, huh?”

“Shut up!”

“Oh, it was good, don’t even lie.”

Originally posted by galaxychen


Poor Junmyeon. So nervous and insecure, but will make it seem like he kisses all the time in case you’re shy too. 

“Well, I hope I did well?”

Originally posted by irpsychotic


Laid-back Yixing all the way. Of course, he’d want to make it really amazing for you. 

“I tried my best for you to enjoy it. Did you?”

Originally posted by r-velvets


One of the more confident members. Baekhyun would trust his ability to transfer his feelings into his actions. He’d hesitate when the time came. 

“Okay, I’ll kiss you now. Your first, right?”

“Yes. I want you to be it.”

“Well, wait no more! I will steal your innocence!” 

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Jongdae knows what do and when to do it. Even if it seems like he’s always teasing you, he really does care and want it to be 100% amazing. 

“Damn, I’m good. You likey?” 

Originally posted by sooranghaes


We all know he is a total puppy in everything, but he is also not insecure. 

“Listen… chagiya, I really want to kiss you but I know it’s your first so I want to be gentle-”

“Go ahead.”

So he shakily leans down to give you your first. 

“Oh my gosh, that was…. Just wow, thank you!” 

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Extremely honored boy. I don’t think Kyungsoo is very experienced with this sort of thing either, so he’d probably want you both to give it your all.

“I’ll do my best for you.”

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Tao (Ex Member)

Zitao would be very cocky and wouldn’t really worry too much about it as he knows he’s amazing. Although, I could see him getting stressed and making a big deal over nothing.

“You won’t regret it, baobei.”

Originally posted by pockysooo


Jongin is another that could go either way. But I do see him being more confident than anxious. 

“Just relax, I’ll take care of you.”

Originally posted by daenso


Yet another cocky little shit boy. He would think it was only obvious that you’d choose him for such a special moment.

“Of course. I’m Oh Sehun.”

Though at the same time, he’ll be very squishy and just ‘yehet.’

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Author’s Note:
Gifs don’t belong to me. Y’all better be grateful I risked my life for this. 

overtired & emotional ramblings

i wrote my last exam today!! i have one take home final to finish up tonight and then i am for real done. i can’t believe that two years of this program has flown by so fast. time is crazy. after the last exam, our program head put together a slide show from the year with photos from all our field trips and it was so awesome to get to see. then we went to the pub for a last campus beer. 

i’m so deeply thankful that i took the chance, ignored my parents, followed my gut, and moved out here to study. it’s been a fun, hard, stressful, life-changing, action-packed ride full of some of the best humans i’ve ever met. this program is one of the best decisions i have ever made. i don’t regret a single second. 

and now i’m an emotional mess. i’m getting sick and it’s finals so obviously i’m sleep deprived. i had to say goodbye to a bunch of great people today that i will very likely never see again. one of my roommates also moved out today. it’s just too much. i’m so excited for this new chapter in many ways but i’m so sad too. 

also, i still haven’t had a conversation with the boy as there’s never any good time to bring that shit up. but this friday when his exams are over, i’m doing it. there’s no time left to wait and i need to have a plan for my own sanity. i would love to say we will keep in contact and see what happens come october when i’m hopefully back in van, but i truly don’t think i can do that again. like everything about dating him is different and better than the electrician last year, but i can’t have another summer of waiting and wondering. it’s too hard. we either need to make some sort of commitment (i mean long distance sounds like a big and scary step, but people do it all the time) or i think i need to cut off contact. i’m sitting here crying as i write that cause i really don’t want to stop talking to him. i really like him and it’s so easy and natural in a way dating never has been with anyone else. this shit sucks. i wish i’d already brought it up and we had it figured out. oh well, friday is coming very soon. 

i really need to go finish my last take home final exam if i can actually make myself stop crying. fuck. 

*Important News* Blog Closing

I’ve made the decision that it’s time to close this blog. Not an easy decision to make but I feel I can’t commit as much time as I’d like and I need to move on in my life with other things.
I’ve met some awesome folks here some of whom have become friends both from the non binary world and LGBTQ Community.
In that time ive gone from a shy, confused, body conscience girl to a Positive, Queer young woman. I could not of done this without all you amazing folks showing me it is possible to love yourself however long or short that time is.
You’ve all contributed so much and helped so many folks. Your inspiration has helped promote Body Positivity and validate yourselves and others.
I Love you all and will remember all you amazing people.
Stay strong and Positive and remember everyone of you is valid and beautiful.

The blog will close Friday so if you’d like to contribute till then pls do so 💜💙💚💛❤️

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How do you think the Axis would raise child? Not them in a relationship with each other but just as a group.

(Prussia and Romano included) also i’m gonna do a few more points than usual. 

  • This child is going to have one hell of a life, they will probably be adopted/found by Italy and the rest of them are dragged in from that point.
  • This kids gonna be tough, with not one but TWO angry dads on their arse (Germany and Romano) for the rest of their life
  • Japan is the odd one out, he can actually take care of the kid. the others…Lets just saying parenting isn’t on their list of talents
  • The kiddo is going to have mastered the art of charm by one, The Italians will show them the art of seduction 
  • Saying that the child will get a call home for seducing their nursery teacher.
  • If someone dares to hurt their baby they have three armies and The Mafia heading their way 
  • They’ll go to school in Japan since he has one of the best curriculum in the world.
  • Dinner time is amazing no matter who cooks it (but when it’s Romano night IT’S PERFECTION)
  • Germany is the protective serious dad who has a hard time giving his baby away.
  • Italy is the “This is my child look at them LOOK. AT. THEM.” (shoves phone in persons face) dad.
  • Japan is the “Oh your child does martial arts? well mine’s a ninja, beat that Doris” Dad (sorry if your name is Doris)
  • Romano is the Dad that carries a shotgun with him whenever his child is asked out.
  • Together they make amazing parents.
My Top 5 Captain Canary Moments

I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite Captain Canary moments, sooo I decided to rank them, because why not?

5) The bar fight – It’s hard putting any of these moments at the bottom because I love them all so much. This is the scene in which I fell for Captain Canary. The challenge in her tone and expression with, “Wanna dance, Leonard?” The way he lingers over his words, telling her he’ll watch, and the intensity in his gaze as he follows through on that. The genuine, almost soft smile when she starts fighting and he looks at Mick like, “This woman is pretty awesome.” Seriously, I’ve watched the show just looking for genuine smiles out of him. He doesn’t have many. Leonard is intrigued and a bit enamored already, and Sara trusts him, enough to invite him to dance when she was clearly fine dancing alone, enough to let him hold her open drink, enough to stay out of the fight when she had it, enough to back her up when she needed it.

4) That’s not you anymore – Where do I even start with this one? I mean, okay. They’ve been bickering and bantering and using nicknames all episode, and he’s already been sort of working toward this, but when it comes down to the wire, “Sara, don’t do it.” His voice is rough, sincere, and he uses her name, her first name. I’m not saying it’s the first time he’s done it, but it’s definitely intentional here. He’s not talking to the assassin, the fighter, the White Canary. He’s talking to Sara, telling her something he believes, something he knows she needs to hear. “That’s not you anymore,” he says. She listens. This is the moment that made me finally create a Captain Canary blog and start writing.

3) The kiss – I’ve said some of this before, but it’s worth repeating. This kiss is something of a goodbye, something of apology. Each of them put as much as they can of themselves into it, given the circumstances. You can see it, in their eyes, their necks; this kiss is desperation followed and preceded by memorizing the moment they know will be their last together. Why isn’t it higher in my list? Well, it hurts, for one. It’s a goodbye, for another. The rest of these moments are beginnings, in their way, growing closer. This one’s the end, for now. Still, though, it’s a kiss, an emotional one at that, and I’m glad we got one.

2) Freezing – Tropes abound here, which is the first point in its favor. Sara and Leonard are trapped together and freezing to death. They’ve still got barriers between them, like they do with everyone, but they’re coming down. They talk about death, about beginnings, the people who matter to them. When it gets too cold to talk—sometime after Leonard gives Sara his jacket off-screen, I might add—Sara leans against him and pulls him close. It’s only comfort, emotional and physical, but Sara seeks it out, and Leonard allows it, and I’m a disaster okay?? They’re already getting to know each other, already growing close, but I think this moment goes a long way toward pulling down the walls they keep up between themselves and everyone else.

1) Me, and you, and me and you – I will NEVER be over this conversation, okay?? Never. Okay. So Leonard knows he’s messed up. He comes bringing cards and conversation, hoping maybe she needs either a distraction or to talk things through, because he could use one or both, but in this moment, questioning his life, even knowing he messed things up with her, Sara is the one he seeks out. He leads with an apology, Snart style. And then, okay, here’s part of why this conversation gets me so much; Leonard uses the flimsiest excuse to segue into talking about their potential future together. You know Leonard has to have regrets; hell, we saw him try to change his own past. But here, he ignores all those, instead using it as an excuse to turn the conversation. “It’s the things I didn’t do that keep me up at night.” His words that follow are innocent enough; it’s the tone and the expression that let Sara know he’s talking about a future together.

for me, and you, and me and you.

He’s considered their future, decided he wanted it, and intentionally sought out a chance to broach the idea with Sara. For someone with as many walls as Leonard Snart, someone who doesn’t do touchy-feely, to intentionally start a relationship talk? Hell. And on top of that, as upset and distracted as Sara is, she doesn’t say no. She says he’d better be one hell of a thief. She challenges him, says something she knows will encourage him to keep trying.

Both of them are interested in a future together, and after this conversation, they both know it. The timing sucked, and season two didn’t fix it, but you know what?

I still think about their future. Always will.


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(1.)Just imagine how cool it would be if Riverdale would have this skam thing where you can see what messages characters send to each other.

2.)How it would be see how Jug would send funny pictures with him and awkward/disappointed face of Archie to Betty and she would laugh at them sitting in the blue and gold office.

Oh man, that would be golden!! The thing that got me hooked on Skam, apart from the amazing plot and charactarisation, is exactly this; the realistic effect of the show. The feel that you can follow those kids around going on with their everyday life, like you do with your actual, real life friends. That’s the coolest idea for a tv-show! Imagine that in Riverdale, it would be the most awesome thing! For us to get notified when Juggie is sending cute messages to Betty, when Betty is gushing about Jug to Veronica, when Kevin is sending memes to their group chat or when Archie is snapping sneaky pictures of Jug around the house when he is preoccupied with something or zooming in some of his bad angles and then sending them to their group chat. And generally witnessing Bughead’s everyday talk, like planning to meet at Pop’s, sending links to each other regarding articles or funny buzzfeed surveys or hilarious cat videos, sending cute little emojis and cute texts like “you look good in that shirt today😍” or “where you at? missed you x” or “I’m two desks away, I can see you brooding you know. smile 😊😊”, texting while sitting opposite each other on their bedroom windows, sending late night texts with the sweetest words to help each other relax and sleep or Betty cheekily asking him to come over. ;) God, I really need this in my life now!!!

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