and it was always a goal for me to gif it


Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That’s not up to you to say. Music is something that’s always changing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.

Doing more fake boards stuff. Or fake short animatic in this case. I’ve always enjoyed the animatics that have so many drawings in them, they basically look like keyframes. One of my art goals is to be able to draw fast enough where I can pump out enough drawings to consistently do that when I board myself (Assuming the deadline isn’t insanely short). It’s part of why I’m trying to animate more since it helps me towards that goal. 

One of my other to-do list goals is to eventually practice special FX so they don’t just look like random blobs but actually have a sense of power and weight to them.

Also Battle for Mewni was very good. 

alright i finally have time to write this post, ive been so busy lately with living off in dorms and with this program that i didnt even realize that I hit another milestone! ALL I GOT TO SAY IS THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCHHHH!!!

I started off as a small blog with hardy making post and you k now trying really hard to go out and talk to people more <——idkkkk what im saying here xD but what i mean i don’t know, I guess all i want to say thank you, thank you to the people that have stuck with me since I began this blog, you guys are trully amamzing and wonderful people to have around (ignore my typos) i still have a long way to reach my goal but I know i will reach it someday, maybe not today or maybe not tomorrow but someday I will

Whenever im feeling down, I go on here and I express myself and you guys make my day soo muchh bettter so becuase of that i am writing this post for you guys


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20 years, 30 years, until we die .. we will always be together, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end.

hi friends ♡ this is my first follow forever ! i reached a huge goal a while ago n im kinda in disbelief but also eternally grateful ?? for those who don’t already know me; i’m angie, ur local boringbebe - even if we’ve never spoken before i hope ur doing well n having a great day.. i cherish u dearly n i’ll always be supporting u ☆ tysm for just being here w me, even though this little bloggy of mine is sort of… a Mess.. i rlly do appreciate n love u so so much :,)

beloved mutuals under the cut !

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So, Tumblr thought it would be cool to eat my birthday post to my lovely friend and dark counterpart @optomisticgirl….which is actually super NOT cool. Anyway, I’m posting this a little late, but here it is! Happy day of birth, my Aries partner-in-crime! You are a lady, a scholar, and a wonderful human being.

A little classic literature and verbose Killian smut :) M-rated for certain.

“Well, that’s a long face if I’ve ever seen one,” Granny announced, leaning over the counter to snatch the empty hot chocolate mug. “What’s got you down, Sheriff?”

Lifting her frustrated eyes from the leatherbound book she’d borrowed from the library at Belle’s insistence, Emma attempted a casual smile before addressing the inquiry of the woman who owned the place. It was a rather half assed try, but what was the point in pretending all was well when it certainly was not? They’d been chasing their tails for days over how to put a stop to the Evil Queen’s most recent reign of terror, galavanting through a handful of untold stories until they landed on an author who was dreadfully familiar and the answer to all their problems - according to an odd inkling Henry had while thumbing through a newly discovered version of the storybook. If she’d known sending him with Killian to the author’s abandoned mansion in search of an alternate text would amount to her reading not one but four Shakespeare books - well, she definitely would have thought twice about needing more information.

The whole idea was starting to feel like ‘much ado about nothing’ - pun very much intended.

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With someone who has a painful past like Junjin, I’m so very happy that he has such real friends around him ♥ .. This guy really went through a lot.. family issues, panic disorder, suicidal thoughts .. & yet he’s always smiling & the most cheerful person in Shinhwa ..
“I’m always thankful towards my Shinhwa brothers for their endless love & support to me. They don’t let me have negative thoughts when things get tough for me.”  - Junjin
That’s what I love the most about Shinhwa, their true friendship. The genuine love they have for each other. When they say they’re 2gether 4ever, they truly mean it and we never exaggerate when we say that Shinhwa = friendship goals ♥
Forever protect & support this babybird & make him feel more loved.

(beware my tacky edition skills) 

i hit 250 followers the other day and honestly i am just overwhelmed by the love and attention this little blog of mine got, that’s why i decided to do a follow forever♡

special thanks

@sixshotsofgigglewater: honestly if it wasn’t for you not only i wouldn’t have gotten into harry potter as a fandom but i would not be here typing this right now. everyone should follow you to see how witty and hilarious you are, and so full of knowledge, you’re my personal pottermore! thank you for hyping me up in my best and my worst, and per cent anni♡  

@maud-eration: you’re one of the first people i got to talk in this site and i love to see your posts in my dash!!! i feel like we have very similar thoughts about several things and i could talk with you about credence for hours too

@potthr: i remember talking to you about tips for blogs and you suggested this username to me, and i cannot be more glad! i will always remember that♡

@nacrissablack: you were one of my first followers too and you’re always tagging me in personal posts and i am just so thankful for all the likes and interacting i get from you! so i hope we talk more

@pctter: your blog is GOALS and you’ve been so supportive to me that i cannot help to feel blessed and thankful, really! i do hope we can talk more as well

@burkesandborgin: you’re also one of the people i first talked to, you asked me about skincare and it made me so happy! making the tumblr awards was so fun too and i just feel so thankful to have you around

@ff-sunset-oasis: we started to talk so recently and to follow each other but i am just so happy to have found someone i can hype myself up about blaise and theo like djgdsg your fics are goals and i am just so glad i found your blog!

and to the amazing blogs i follow (mutuals are bold)

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(edit: tumblr is acting like an asshole and some of my mutuals don’t appear in bold so i am sorry about that and any potential names i might have missed T_T)

“Although we’re not related by blood, we thank God for letting us meet. This is the greatest fortune of our lives.” - Shinhwa

7000 days since Shinhwa’s debut. 2gether they are 4ever ♥
Thank you Shinhwa for coming to my life. You made me believe in true friendship, you gave me strength when I needed it, you made me laugh when I was down. Promise, 20 years, 30 years, I will always be by your side.

its about that tiiiiiiiiime ! i just reached my follower goal ! sorry for the gif but my gorls served looks 

previous urls were minzys, yerins, nayeons, jihos, and smth else i dont remember 

this wont be in alphabetical order cause im too lazy 

im always looking for new mutuals so if youre reading this and im not following you hmu !

👅 = we’re friends and ily 

👀 = why dont you talk to me buddo

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And my mom kept telling me to lose control, but I couldn’t until you got here. Because I know you’re watching over me. Instead of me always having to watch over everyone else. So tonight is not my last night of freedom,
it’s my first night of freedom.

AHS Imagine - Hotel Cortez Part 2.


Part 1

Your mother always assured you that one day you would fall in love, she would say that there was something that brought people together,

“It’s like a puzzle piece my darling, one piece fits with its match…that’s how our hearts work, and that’s what love is”

As a child, you would sneak from your mother’s sight and head towards the streets, sitting on an empty bench and watched couples as they passed you.

Having what mother said minted in your mind, you watched, observing if in fact they were their missing piece. At times you would sit there confused, alerted by pairs arguing, and even separating. You ran home, tears staining your cheeks as you darted into your mother’s embrace. You told her what you saw, and your mother simply lifted your chin with her finger, and gave you a warm smile,

“Darling, its all part of the puzzle game, when couples fight it only means their pieces simply do not fit, and now they can find their match. Don’t be sad, you will encounter people who aren’t for you, and its okay”

As you grew, you began to realize what your mother spoke about. Your first boyfriend, your second, your third, all ended abhorrently. The hope of love at all was slim, you began to think you were the piece that fit nowhere.

Your mother’s wisdom vanished after your father left, but you would always be the one to tell her he wasn’t her piece…and sympathetically, she would agree.


“Darling?”  The call was curious.

“Yes mommy?” You replied, placing down the doll you had just finished grooming. Your mother, ill to the face, propped herself up with her elbows, giving you the same smile she gave you yesterday.

“Could you let mommy rest for a bit darling?” Her voice was weak and attributed her outer appearance…she was weak. No, she was heartbroken.

“Sure…” You got up and tugged your brother along with you, ignoring his whines of irritation you managed to get him out of the hotel room.

“Stop whining! Let mom rest! C’mon lets play hide and go seek” you offered, and your brother, stubborn to the core, finally obliged.

You knew what your mother was doing, hooked on the drugs that stopped her from mourning your father’s absence, it was killing her. 

You and your brother ran down the empty hallways, deciding on which one to play in. Almost inaudibly you heard Ms. Evers complaining to herself, which meant Mr. March was close by.

“Hush up!” You said, yanking your brother back from turning into the corner the voices came from.

“What’s your problem!?” Your brother asked, ripping your grip from his shoulders. You leaned forward and covered his mouth.

“Mr. March” You whispered, placing your finger on your lips. Your brother backed up to the wall as much as he could once he heard Mr. March’s voice leave one of the rooms.

“Clean this up! You know those kids like to play in my halls, as delectable as it is to do this during the light of day we must be cautious.” Mr. March lowered his voice and sighed,

“Off you go” He dismissed Ms. Evers before indulging himself in one of his hums.

“Quick, he’s coming!” You whispered, slapping the glasses off your brother’s face, and threw them down the hall.

“Hey! Gimme-“

“Ah, why am I not surprised to see you two in my halls?” He spoke from behind you,

“Mr. March! I was just helping my brother find his glasses” You replied with a nervous giggle, nudging your brother.

“Yeah…they practically leaped off my nose,” He added, with venom clear in his response.

Mr. March walked past you both and picked up your brothers glasses,

“Well, you wouldn’t want to lose these would you?” He handed your brother his glasses and flashed him a grin.

“Thanks sir,” Your brother mumbled, examining for any damage before sliding them back on with his index finger.

Mr. March nodded and lead himself down the hall, not before he tipped his hat and gave you both a wink.

“Stay out of trouble you two…especially you Y/N, and a little tip,” He paused, leaning forward on his cane.

“There’s no point in lying to me, I hear everything…even if you’re whispering” He whispered, and pushed himself off his cane. You stayed speechless, watching Mr. March casually walk deeper into the hall.

“He’s so weird” Your brother commented, and ran down the now empty hall.

“He’s different.” You corrected to yourself, following your brother… thinking nothing more of it.


Your heart pulsed in your ears as you stepped into the hotel lobby. It was only a few days back when you reunited with James. Your visit to your mothers was longing and agonizing, with the thought of what James said constantly reappearing.

“Look who’s back?” Liz said from behind the receptions desk, she leaned against the wooden desk and smirked.

“Coming for round 2?”

You made your way to where Liz stood and gently placed your bags down.

“Same room?” You asked, flashing her a smile,

“Anything for you, dear” She winked as she handed you the key.

You were back in the familiar halls; turning corners with your strong strides.

“James?!” You shouted, quickening your pace,

“James Patrick March!” You called again, your calls were indisputable with animosity and filled with unease. Your time spent at your mothers was mainly research, of the Hotel and of James.

“I know who you really are,” You said, stopping in your tracks,

“Your name is James Patrick March. You were born October 30th, 1895. You’re a Scorpio, which explains a lot. You’re the greatest serial killer who’s ever lived…” You paused,

“…So this site says,” You added quietly.

“And why do you seem so indisposed by it? Do you not believe what that little screen has to say about me?”

You promptly turned and faced his chest, you had to lift your chin in order to meet his gaze.

“Hello my dear” He said, gently holding your hand,

“Have you considered my offer?”

You snatched your hand from his and slipped it into your pockets.

“My, didn’t we have a conversation about hands being in pockets?” He questioned, shaking his head in disapproval,

“Not very lady like if I may add”

“You’re a murder” Your statement left as a whisper,

“I consider the deed as art, I’m an artist really,” He corrected,

“No, you’re a killer, an executioner, a torturer!” By now you could only imagine what Liz was hearing from your small rant.

“And you thought you could hide that from me?”

James stayed silent.

“Why?” James grew impatient; he stood with his head hung low and his jaw audibly cracking.

“Why would you do that-“

“BECAUSE!” he lifted his head, interrupting irritably.

“I like what I do, I find it normal, the feeling is miraculous, electrifying.” He spoke with such love for what he did, it sickened you.

“But you know what I don’t find normal?” He stepped closer, looking more delirious with every step.


“How the feeling can be the best thing and rapidly turn to the worst. Love is what makes people rabid, delusional…its what breaks people apart and that’s what terrifies me” His solid voice began to soften,

“What I feel, it’s not normal.” He sighed,

You want to know what scares the infamous James March?” his voice quickly rose again, as he inched closer to you.

“Out of all the things darling, it could have been rats, spiders or even the dark… but what burns the pit in my stomach are the feelings I have towards you”

James stopped in front of you, placing his hand gently on your cheek. He leaned in; his hot breath hit your skin. James scanned your eyes,

“It terrifies me,” His shaken voice whispered.

“What have you done to me, young Y/N?”

You stayed silent.

“Do you believe in soul mates, Y/N?” He asked, keeping his hand on your cheek.  

“I believe that everyone is a puzzle piece, and their goal in life is to find their fitting piece” You responded,  

“That’s quite the conspiracy, darling.”

“But do you believe that two people are destined for each other?”

You thought back to all the things your mother had told you, that there was someone for everyone. She would always tell you to take every opportunity life handed to you, because you never know how it could end.


James tilted his head and admired your eyes, before gently locking his lips with yours…something you never thought he was capable of. The kiss showed no desperation or lust, it showed love and compassion, which made you melt in his hold.

“I love you”

The phrase was often used in a lower context, and nothing comparable to what the phrase was meant for.

People use it to express gratitude, or to express friendship. The way James said it was using its full definition— an intense feeling of deep affection—he meant it through every syllable that left his lips.

“You may not believe me now, but let me show you,” he said, resting his forehead on yours.

“Lets start with a drink?” The sentence came out more like a question, but nonetheless you obliged.

The silence as you both walked down the hall was nowhere near uncomfortable or awkward…it was pleasant. Just from the smallest serene moment, you knew his puzzle piece fit next to yours, without ease. And you were finally happy.



How was it? i wrote this while sick IM SORRY.

*Not my gif*

Dean/jensen meeting readers family? - This is crap. I’m so sorry.

You Don’t Know Me

“Fuck!” You yelled, throwing your phone down on the bed. Immediately, Dean and Sam both gave you confused looks and you sighed, then grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a chug from it, then slammed it back down on the table.

“Well don’t drag it out any longer, Y/N,” Dean laughed and stood up. “I know for a fact this time that I didn’t do anything. Sam, was it you?” Sam just glared at him and you rolled your eyes.

“My brother just texted me,” You sighed and put a hand to your forehead.

“Your brother has your phone number?” Dean tilted his head to the side.

“Yes, Dean. For emergencies only. He knows the drill.”

“Wait - your brother knows you hunt?” Sam stood up as well. “Does he know about us?”

“Yes and no,” You sighed again and started pacing. “But that’s besides the point. My parents found out I’m in town. They want me to come over for dinner.”

“So don’t go,” Dean laughed like it was nothing.

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I found this really great and detailed OC tag questionnaire, so I just worked on it from 1am to 4am so I’m sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes and what not.  I’m exhausted.  Some of the answers have been redacted because I feel like they give away too much of my storyline idea, but I was really excited to share this with you guys!

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