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I follow you on FB but can't reply to posts there because of your settings I think - but the Nick Valentine romance mod is fully voiced! They spliced together lines really well and he tells you he loves you, and gives you saucy lines when you wake up with him. It's everything I ever wanted.


(Also sorry you can’t comment, I was getting bombarded with trolls and had to lock it down to friends only)


 This giant colt is thriving and growing by the second. He is doing remarkably well and he is by far the biggest foal we have ever seen. His mother, our lovely Katrina has been very poorly and we keep treating her for her infection and its looking like she will recover well from her trauma. She is a very big, deep bodied mare, so this foal had loads of space for growing. 

 Now we need your help to name this huge colt, any suggestions? His prefix is ‘Herkules’. 

 🌟Also, he will be for sale! 🌟


Yesterday morning this Shire colt decided to try to enter this world with only his head first. We got him and his legs sorted out and here he is. His mother Warley Katrina (by Moorfield Edward) has been incredibly brave and we hope she will recover well. 

 This colt is the biggest foal we have ever seen, pictured at a few hours old.”

  • Matt in October: omg pumpkins are just the best I love them
  • Matt on Valentines Day: omg man candy is just the best I mean it literally beats everything else wow
  • Matt on the first day of spring: omg guys plants!!! they are?? just?? amazing??? yay photosynthesis!!! :D

happy (late) birthday zen 

Dear Genji mains...

As a Mercy main I believe many of you don’t spam healing. There are many (toxic/trolls) players that don’t specifically use genji to spam healing even if they don’t need it. I realized that most of you Genji mains have a reputation ruined because of memes :’) but I will heal you when I see your hp low or when you tell me to do so once. Also after healing just say “Thank you” (it’s not hard to be thankful) that’s all what healers ask for. ♡

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