and it was all...just a dream

like tbh I’d be surprised if bts have ANY interest in north america or expanding into north america after this. this whole trip was MONUMENTAL for not only bts, but kpop as an industry and hopefully potentially could be recognized as a serious competitor in the entertainment industry and not just be constantly disregarded and mocked and made to feel like their big dreams of selling out western stadiums or attending or performing at award shows is unrealistic and that you can’t succeed. finally getting the disgusting ignorant comments like ‘lol that chinese music? how can you even listen to that, it all sounds the same. what do they even sing about? lol they will never win let alone be nominated for X award. they’re only popular in asia’ to stop 

this was a time for western media to wake up and take its nose out of its ass and for once realize how big the world actually is and how much there is. but instead bts is literally treated like fun new weird foreign things we can play with and exploit for as much financial profit as possible. all these interviews treat bts as one, and not 7 individual people, with individual interests, individual goals, individual ambitions, individual personalities, individual thoughts. 

none of these interviews really bother to mention their accomplishments, their industry breaking records, upcoming projects, the love myself campaign, what inspires their music, how socially conscious their music is, what inspires this music, that their music touches upon such stigmatized issues, how amazing their interaction is with their fans and how deep their personal one on one relationship is with their fans, their work ethic, how much time goes into these insane high production music videos, maybe to recall a memory of when they were struggling and what pushed them to continue, what drives them, LITERALLY ANYTHING. but no. western media decides to not only not even do basic research, but they decide to ask lol what’s your favourite place to eat in the us? what is your favourite thing about the us? you love the us right? why don’t you know english? are you going to write music in english now? you def should now. LOL WE DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YOU’RE SAYING BUT PEOPLE SEEM TO LOVE IT LOL WTV~~~ who is your us celebrity crush? shouldn’t you make english music now? you’re blessed by being in the us lol you’re dumb if you don’t plan to do music in english now, what’s your fave english song right now?!!!!!!!…..literally not one interview has gone by here without hearing these and you can tell that bangtan is fucking over it. it is the same disrespectful, demeaning, uninteresting, repetitive bullshit. with every interview that goes by, you can see namjoon literally breaking and his patience wearing thin

I can honestly say, just by the looks on their faces, they have ! 0 ! interest in continuing to promote or even ‘debut’ in north america. I can almost guarantee that unless they are coming here for tours or they are accepting an award, anything beyond business reasons, they have 0 interest in pursuing anything in north america. and by the way they have been treated during their time here, I don’t blame them for a second…it’s shameful

Me & Cinderella

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Summary: The reader always knew Dean Winchester was the one. But when her college quarterback boyfriend gets considered for the pros, they let each other drift apart so he could go after his dream. Seven years later, Dean realizes just what happened all those years ago…

Pairing: Football Player!Dean x reader

Word Count: 8,500ish

Warnings: language, angst, self-depreciation

A/N: Thank you to @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday for giving me the inspiration for this story! Written in split POV between Dean and the reader…

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I dream about you every night now. I relive our best and worst times and the ending is always happy. I wake up missing you. I create an ocean of tears just thinking about your smile, And how much I miss making it appear. You deserve all of the happiness in the world, but it’s creating a hole inside me because I’m not the reason for the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Excerpt from a book I will never write #993 // S.D

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I wanna believe that Oscar Isaac would be uncle ben bc it'd make the death scene infinitely more heartbreaking like "dammit..... fucking dammit... we lost the prettiest man in the room"

if oscar isaac played uncle ben i like to think we would get a scene of aunt may dating a new guy and peter would be like “he isn’t as handsome as uncle ben tho”

and may would just roll her eyes and be all “peter that isn’t fair, your uncle ben looked like michelangelo’s wet dream come to life, you can’t keep comparing his tight ass to mere mortals. may he rest in peace”

i’m so happy

i️ just found out i’m in the 99th percentile for my november SAT scores. looking back on all the time i️ spent studying and the long hours when i️ didn’t want to work but still did, i’m so glad i️ did it. if you are procrastinating right now, get back to do whatever you have to do to reach your goal. dreams don’t work unless you do.

Gustav was such a wonderful person, and he deserved so much more than this. Thank you for all the support you guys are showing for one another, we are all devastated by this. I wasn’t able to do much yesterday because I was desperately hoping that this had all been a dream, I could not believe that he had died. We need to keep his memory alive and make sure people everywhere know who he really was, as a wonderful human being that was so much more than just a rapper/ singer. I’m so greatful to be one of the people that supported him and that got to see him grow through his music. I wish i got the chance to meet him in person. It breaks my heart that he is really gone. I wish that he had known himself how truely beautiful he was as a person. Make sure that you are supporting your friends and those around you, and that they know how important they are. If any of you need anything or need to talk to someone, i’m always here. Let’s keep his spirit alive and play his songs on repeat until the end.

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heyyo was just wondering if my ask didnt go through- i was talkin abt the dream i had n you were in it n stuff ?

i get like, ~150 asks a week, and about 5 of those are “i had a dream with you in it” type things, so i dont rly post em all cuz its kinda hard to believe theyre all true, u kno? :^◊

We are all doomed to repeat the mistakes of our parents

Pricefield fans will kill me. So maybe don’t read.

Just a small note after a long discussion tonight.

Joyce and William were meant for each other. After all those years of marriage they were still crazy in love.
Then William died. His death was stupid, unnecessary and meaningless. 
It was devastating for Joyce, mentally and physically. She picked David, who cared about her, even if he was’t perfect though and their relationship not that fierce.
Joyce will always remember William. He will be always her love of her life.

Chloe and Rachel were meant for each other. They had only two years of relationship, probably built on dreams, arguments and shitload of passion, but it was two amazing years. 
Then Rachel died. Her death was stupid, unnecessary and meaningless. 
It was devastating for Chloe, mentally, physically and beyond. She tended to self destruction, torn between suicide and desperate search for her beloved. 
Max came back to her life out of nowhere, just like David randomly appeared at “Two Whales” ordering a breakfast. Max cared about Chloe, she wasn’t perfect though and their relationship not that fierce.
Chloe will always remember Rachel. She will be always her love of her life.

Yeah, now you can all kill me for comparing Max to David. 

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Was there anything specific that inspired your ML Comic? Same question regarding your original one as well 😊

I just really wanted to make a reveal comic that wasn’t all fluff or seemed like it happened too easily. I wanted to present some conversations about issues that I really think these characters could face given the situation. So I was kind of inspired by my own past relationship issues. I also wanted to see how many cliffhangers I could create HAHAHAHA!!

As for Dream Runners, this literally started because I drew some random character one day that I ended up giving a backstory and built the entire world and story around. Plus anime. Lots of anime.

Jealous! - Haechan

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Request:  Hello! Can I request when you’re dating Haechan and you like to tease him a lot so you’re being affectionate with Jisung and telling Haechan that Jisung is the og boyfriend and he gets jealous

A/n: I almost didn’t write this one, but I’m glad that I did lol :)


  • Haechan is so cute
  • I love his cute little smile so much
  • ughhh just such a cute and smiley boy 💓
  • (I love how I said all that ^^ yet look at him in the gif lol, he’s still really cute though)

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So I live in an Islamic country that singing for women is forbidden so we never can have Cds, magazines etc. When reputation came out, I was really sad because I knew that everybody will go and buy the magazines and the album at the first day and there will be a lot of swifties who will post photos from them but I am a huge fan that all of these just turned to an impossible dream for. My brother just went to Chicago for studying PHD and I didn’t know how to tell him to buy them for me. I knew that he is going to say that they are expensive and also knew that he won’t pay money for Taylor. In his opinion I should love her normally and focus on studying but tbh I can never control the amount of love so 4 days ago we had an argument about Taylor and I just knew that there is no way to tell him to buy them for me. 2 days passed and I woke up in the morning, saw that he sent the pictures of the magazines and the albums from target store. I couldn’t believe . He said that he didn’t buy them but he will . I was like .. what?! And this miracle just happened. This is the picture of them on his desk. I own them right now but I will get them after 1 or 2 month :( it’s Ok cuz THIS IS MY FIRST TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM (stuff)! Thanks for making my life beautiful Taylor and hope you see this! ❤️😘 @taylorswift @taylornation


yo i’m back. I saw The Killers two times in Manchester. 

AS I WAS EXPECTING I AM NOT OKAY. it was my first time since Riga 2013 (not counting 6 Bflows solo gigs during TDE tour) so believe me I was buzzing for seeing these Vegas lads again and my best friend in crime Martina <3 that I finally met after years of friendship on here.

On the first night we got second row, on the 2nd we got frickin barrier (stage was so close just look). They played Be Still what ruined me completely. They played Natalie - LIKE WHAT? Also I finally managed to hear SATN, I saw Brandzz wearing his pick jacket. Also Bflow smiled to me few times and I melted, my heart stopped and I felt like all my worries and problems don’t matter anymore. new version of bling was so groovy and the calling is just a dream (not mentioning brandon in sunglasses feat his dance that he think is sexy but is super awkward which made me laugh my ass off).

new stage is out of this world, everything is bombastic, huge. lights are sooo impressive (kudos to steven). the pink confetti, the pyro, brandon’s gold suit - really TOO MUCH OF ALL OF IT. I overdose the killers.

I love this band with all my heart and nothing will change it. they’re my parrarel universe I can run into whenever I feel like I can’t handle the reality around me.

all of these photos are mine so pls don’t steal them haha

I had a dream where this person had a whole bunch of frogs that were his friends and Akechi came in and killed all the froggies. Then, Akechi died and everybody started saying that he wouldn’t have killed the froggies if he had a better childhood and that he just needed love. I turned to them and said, “You know who else had tough times? Akira, ryuji, ann, yusuke, makoto, haru, futaba, and morgana. How many froggies did they kill? None! Akechi didn’t even apologize for killing the froggies nor showed remorse. Being mentally ill or having a bad childhood does not excuse bad behavior.” Then the people I yelled at said I was heartless and cruel. It wasn’t a good dream.

I suppose what the dream comes down to is that people try to excuse his behavior when such behavior should never be excused. Yes, I am aware that he is a fictional character but how the human psyche works is if you can justify his behavior you can also justify a real life person’s behavior who shares similarities with that fictional character.

Akechi killed futaba’s mom and haru’s dad. He shows no remorse at all. Akechi is not a good person. And even if Akechi had had a good childhood when yaldoboath gave him his powers he most likely would have still used them for evil. Akechi demonstrates the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. I am not saying that everyone with that disorder is bad cause they’re not. I’m simply saying that if Akechi wants to do something terrible he will justify it by any means necessary.

I was emotionally abused by someone with narcissistic personality disorder and to this day people tell me that she’s a wonderful person and that I deserved the way she treated me. She told me that I should kill myself because I have more value as fertilizer than as a person. And other variations. Others told me she only said that because she was having a tough time and that I should forgive her even though she never apologized or showed remorse. They then proceeded to tell me that if I hadn’t been such a screw up she would not be having problems.

The point is, if Akechi doesn’t want and strive to be a better person then no amount of love and forgiveness will change him. And no, him dying was not redemption, read the dialogue, he only did that because he felt cheated by shido, it had nothing to do with saving the others.

You, of course, have every right to disagree with my opinion. Though, do not disagree with the fact that killing is not okay. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary as with self defense but that doesn’t make it okay or good. Lose of life is a terrible thing and that should not be made light of simply because you like a character. You can like a character even though they did bad things but you need to acknowledge that the things they did were bad.

And for those who say shido made Akechi kill, Akechi had killed people before he started working for shido, that’s why shido decided to associate with him. Also, shido did not figure out Akechi was his child until after Akechi had begun working for him. Akechi sought shido out, not the other way around. Shido was just better at playing the game than Akechi was.

Okay, I think I’m done ranting. Just, that dream was a culmination about how I feel about Akechi. I call Akechi a murderer and I get called heartless.

Why have we become so desensitized to death that we start saying other people are awful because they speak against murder?

OKAY so um wow… I’ve finally had a nap after watching all 13 episodes, and… I am STILL at a loss for words with the way I’m feeling! At a loss, BUT SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!! It was everything I ever dreamed of x1000. Its probably gonna take me a couple of days to actually let all of this sink in to analyse and realize WHAT we’ve just seen, so….

In the mean time, REQUESTS, send them to me! Kastle scenes, micro scenes, anything! And I’ll see what I can do ;).

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Poem Title:  History?

My hope is draining.
It’s been days now.
No one seems to remember me much,
even my old job.
It’s just me and my brother,
My sun in my life.
Heh. Sun… I haven’t seen that in a while.
I used to be important,
One of the royalties.
Helping with the kingdoms experiments;
discovering, experimenting, mining, scavenging.
I wish they all remember this.
But at the same time I don’t
It made me lose someone important
Well, I think… i don’t know.
Everyone seems to have forgotten them anyways,
He probably was imaginary.
I probably was all alone.
My old job probably didn’t even happen.
Oh well, I usually see this in a dream anyways.
Must be a dream.
A dream…

 I feel like your a safe person to go and let out this kind of creative stuff to. and welp, taking in that hunch, here’s a poem. My friend asked for a sad one, and with my head canon of snas, i just had to write one about ‘im.

It’s not exactly SSLL or the paps artwork I promised you, but I’m getting there, i just need the inspiration and aspiration for it :) .

Thank you so much tho for writing and giving out more inspirations to other people.

the tortoise’s two cents:  Lemme just say that 1) I’m a sucker for poetry (I have an absurd amount of notebooks filled with poems), and 2) this is so nice, and I adore those Sans headcanons.  It just has so much of him in it– the fact that it’s like a dream (just gonna RESET anyway), and Papyrus really is the sun in Sans’s life.  

I love it, and thank you for being so sweet.  I’m so glad that you feel like I’m a safe person to send creative stuff to, and that I can provide some inspiration!  <3  

Last night, I dreamt about exorcisms.

So I was a psychic in this dream, and I was helping this exorcist lady. As in, the lady was an exorcist, and I knew it was kind of our gig. Our subject was this other woman. But it wasn’t, like, she was actively possessed yet. It was more like she’d been targeted, and she hadn’t yet fully succumbed. So at the start of the dream, I was kind of just thinking about our next assignment.since this one didn’t seem all that dire. We were actually having, like, a tea party out in the middle of the woods, everything seemed chill, and the exorcist lady was just like, “Yeah, she seems not too bad off yet, maybe she’s okay.”

Only just then, the subject stands up, her eyes blank, and she starts walking towards this little stream next to us. The “bridge” over it was all rotted away, but as a psychic I was seeing what the subject was seeing, and explaining to the exorcist lady–as we followed behind the subject–that she wasn’t floating, she was stepping where the bridge used to be (it was all glow-y). I got ahead of the subject a little so I could walk backwards and watch her. And her expression was still blank, but her eyes were just aglow–it was like someone was actually shining a light reflecting back out at me. Then the subject got down into the water itself and started swimming upriver. And, like, it was a placid river, but exorcist-lady and I were down there in the water looking at each other like, um, should we stop her, or…?

But then I looked back behind us, as I realized the subject was trying to get away from something. Slowly, as you would in a nightmare, I suppose–because I guess she was in a nightmare.

What was following behind her was already in the water with us, revealed to my psychic-sight. And it was like a crocodile, but also like a corpse. Its body was mostly submerged, with this distorted face just skimming above the water, its eyes poking up and its gnarled face just beneath. And it bled–a streamed out behind it, mingling with the red it wore–but I knew that it wasn’t bleeding… its own… blood? And it was floating past us, sedately following the subject, in no hurry, and I was telling the exorcist lady, “FUCK NO, WE DON’T STOP HER, RUN BITCH!” when I woke up.