and it was a mcqueen

Cars Headcanon: Nicknames

Doc usually refers to Lightning by a nickname. ‘Rookie’, 'kid’, 'kiddo’, 'hot rod’ are his usual picks. So when he uses Lightning’s actual name, the racer knows he’s in trouble.

Doc calling him 'Lightning’ is a warning sign, and if he’s paying attention he’ll usually stop whatever he’s doing that’s irritating Doc. If he’s being stubborn he’ll probably carry on, and 'Lightning’ gets upgraded to 'McQueen’. That means Doc’s had enough and Lightning’s not getting a third warning.

Getting called 'Lightning McQueen’ right off the bat means he is in capital T trouble and if he can he’ll take off and hide until Doc’s cooled down (it never works–Doc always finds him)

me and @kiwi-likes-cars were talking about a sugar rush cars au! here is the lineart of some basic mcqueen, jackie, and cruz (trainer and racer) Please feel free to color it!

McQueen is red hots, Jackson is mint gum (in-game sponsored by 5gum), trainer cruz is banana laffy taffy, dinoco cruz is blue raspberry/banana fusion taffy