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Get Into My Car

Title: Get Into My Car

Summary:  Dean and the reader are enjoying a night out, until someone ruins the evening

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Plus-sized Reader

Word Count: 1889

Warnings:  Body shaming, derogatory terms directed toward a plus-sized reader, drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, smut, nsfw

Author’s Notes:  Written for two challenges: @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge. My drink was Glenfiddich Scotch and my prompt was “What is everyone staring at?!” and @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge. My song was Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean. Thank you to @feelmyroarrrr for the amazing idea. This wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie, @mamapeterson and her support, encouragement and words. Love you, T.

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Louis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the Street.Louis might have a problem.
Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.
Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.
Yeah, he’s screwed.Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other.
Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.
Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up :)the one where Louis’ pretty sure he’s already loved and lost his soulmate, and then he meets Harry.the one where Louis’s a dad in desperate need for a new nanny. Harry’s perfect for the job.the one where punk Louis likes to think he’s not clumsy, but he suspects he’ll have to accept it when he falls face first into a relationship with a head full of curls and his tiny human.harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.Louis never intended to fall in love with Harry: not five years into their time together in the band, not when they’re living on opposite continents, and especially not when he’s the new dad to a tiny human with way too much personality for anyone under nine pounds. Yet somehow Harry manages to worm his way into Louis’ life with every bit of weird affinity for Swedish homegoods and expensive baby clothes that you’d expect.Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.Harry’s near fatal accident exposed the cracks in his and Louis’ eleven year marriage. A serious error in judgement by Louis shattered it completely.Louis and Harry have been divorced for almost a year and apart for nearly three. On the paperwork, it says the grounds for their divorce were living apart for more than two years, but there’s more, that’s only what they’ll admit out loud.
Louis didn’t want to agree and sign the paperwork. He wanted to fight but he couldn’t confront the real reason for their divorce and a Harry who seemed so apathetic. Yet now that one of their children is sick, they’ll have to put their insecurities where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.At the age of twenty, Harry deals with things expected to occur at his age: student loans, instant meals, electricity bills, and the constant, incessant presence of never ending coursework.
That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.“So let me get this straight. You took Mr. Squiggles from the classroom habitat, took him with you on your fieldtrip to the zoo, and released him in the aviary?”
Harry Styles is a single father, just trying to keep his life organized after losing his husband four years earlier. Between his daughter, Liam’s hellion twins, and Sophia throwing him into any romantic tangle she can think of, life gets a little crazy. Of course, everything changes the moment Lo and the twins get interested in their school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Because the new director, Louis Tomlinson, is just about the most attractive man that Harry has ever seen.
Featuring adorable Dad Harry, hotshot actor Louis, three sassy kids, a badass Sophia Smith, and a Liam who just wants all their kids to be well behaved.Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.Harry is just trying to figure it all out and Louis is just the person to help him do that.Louis has a 3 year old son and works at a daycare while getting his education degree.
Harry’s a fresh face Popstar with the world in his hands.
They meet over applesauce and hide n’ go seek.

shamelessgaylord  asked:

The prompt 131. Sterek. I just started following you because of your amazing writing. It's super duper good. And you just need to now that I'm really awed by it.

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. And I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your prompt, but hopefully you enjoy this bit of College AU misunderstandings and fluff that it inspired :)

Sterek #131 from this prompt list

Derek has let the boys in room 309 get away with a lot over the past semester, but this might finally test the limits of his patience.

The thing is, he’s not the most unreasonable Resident Advisor on campus. He knows he was a bit of a hardass last year, before he figured out how to balance the job with his overly ambitious course load. And he knows that the students who live on his floor are equally afraid of him as they are likely the ones behind the rumors that he’s a eunuch.

But he has a staunch ‘live and let live’ policy that most of them are too grateful for to complain about. As long as he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout of their hijinks, and gets left alone in relative peace, he doesn’t care what they do. And he would, honestly, really rather not know the gory details of it all anyway.

It’s a philosophy not unlike the one Derek applies to his personal life, such as it is. Over the years, he’s found that his day-to-day existence runs a whole lot smoother if people just leave him the hell alone and let him return the favor by burying himself in his books and leaving them the hell alone right back.

The boys in room 309 are so far the only ones who have decided to actively push at the limitations of this system. 

Violation after violation–from the time McCall harbored five different stray animals in there for an entire month, to the time Stilinski started charging random passersby for life advice with a cardboard “the doctor is in” sign on their door, and actually turned a not-insignificant profit because everyone thought he was collecting for charity–and Derek has let it all slide.

Not this time.

“Shut up,” he says the moment he reaches where Stiles is fidgeting in the hallway outside his locked dorm room.

Stiles scoffs. “Rude.

“It’s one thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. I’m allowed.” He pulls his master key out of his pocket and makes to open the door, but Stiles leans forward with a small smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

“Come on, you know you love our little late night chats.”

God help Derek, he actually does. Secretly, very deep down, he kind of does. Or, well, he would, if they didn’t take place a handful of hours before his alarm is set to go off.

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hearts made of coffee

summary: While working in a coffee shop, Dan continues to be visited by an interesting stranger who refuses to tell Dan his real name, only pseudonyms related to his interests.

genre: a fluffy coffee shop au featuring artist!dan (and plantboy!phil if you squint)

warnings: none

word count: 2.3k

a/n: Thanks so much to @paeracosms for being a lovely beta and helping to reassure me so I could post at a reasonable hour! I think this fic is really cute and calming so hopefully all of you would agree! If you read it, feel free to drop me an ask telling me what you thought, feedback is always helpful!

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The Office

Based off this AU: “i’m really really worried you’re gonna fire me can i make up for the massive mistake i made???” au

Dean Winchester in a hot suit is the reader’s boss and things get very heated

Warnings: swearing and SMUT

Words: 1885

Dean x reader

A/N: I actually wanted to write a part 4 to “Hidden” but I will do that tonight. For now, enjoy this smutty mess

My fingers ran over the keyboard in ordered, fast motions, typing several different numbers into the Excel chart. My brows were furrowed in concentration, eyes fixed on the bright computer screen. 

“Y/N, you in for a lunch break?” my fellow worker and good friend Serena shouted through the office. I lifted my head from the display to look at her, shaking my head in response. “I can’t, I need to get this finished today,” I pointed at the laptop in front of me, shooting her an apologizing glance, “the boss said he needs it this evening. It’s urgent.”

Serena walked over to my desk, propping herself up on it and looking at me with annoyed denial on her pretty face. She wouldn’t accept my ‘no’. “Boss can be a real dick, right?” she said, it was more a statement than a question. “Come on, it’ll only take half an hour. Then you can get back work,” she tried to convince me and she knew that it would work. Something about her always made me give in. “I’ve been working on this for 7 hours straight,” I said, closing the laptop with a sigh, “I could use a break.”

She grinned winningly about her victory and put on her black leather jacket. “Let’s go then.”

We went to a small diner two blocks away, shared burgers and salad. I was sipping on a sweet chocolate milkshake, when Serena dropped the question that was bothering her since the beginning of the meal. “So, did you sleep with Mr. Winchester last weekend?” Her voice was neutral and in complete contrast to the intimate content of her phrase.

I almost choked on my drink, coughing in surprise. “Excuse me, what?” I exclaimed, still coughing.

“You know,” she replied, shrugging, “the spring party last saturday, good vibes… you had some alcohol in your blood and Mr. Winchester was literally eye – fucking you all evening. So I thought you two maybe…had some fun.”

I looked at her a little embarrassed, but also flattered at the same time. Mr. Winchester? Eye – fucking me? Someone as hot as him wouldn’t be interested in me, would he? Furthermore, I was his employee. Mr. Winchester was my boss.

He had inherited the company last year and he seemed to be a nice guy. A little strict, but fair. Also, he was stunningly beautiful. Hot as fire. And of course, every unmated woman in the office had attempted to flirt with him – but he never responded. That’s why I’d never tried. Even though I did fantasize about him sometimes. But I was sure he wouldn’t want me. And he was probably a heartbreaker anyways.

“We didn’t, Serena,” I said, emptying my milkshake.

“Y/N, he was staring at you the whole time. I think he wouldn’t mind…” I didn’t let her finish her sentence. “Stop it!” I interrupted her, then waving at the waitress to bring us the bill. To me, that conversation was over. Serena giggled.

When we got back to the office, I instantly knew something was wrong. I put my jacket off and threw it on my chair, then I let my gaze wander around the desk. Something was wrong

My laptop was no longer closed, the screen was on, but my Excel chart was no longer visible. I sat down and started searching for my Excel file. I combed through every single folder, but I couldn’t find it. Oh my fucking god. I started panicking a little, desperately typing the file name into the search bar for the fifth time. No, no, no, no! That couldn’t be! I had worked seven hours on this freaking Excel chart. I needed to get this done today. The boss had said that it was urgent. If the file was gone, there was no way I could finish this today. My face started heating up, my palms got sweaty. I tended to exaggerate sometimes, but this really was a catastrophe. I could already see Mr. Winchester’s brows furrow, his eyes filled with disappointment, telling me that I had to pack my things and go. I could see him making several calls to fix the mess that I’d made. His beautiful features mutated by the stress that I’d caused. No!

I stood up, legs trembling, and walked over to Sam’s desk. He was known for his skills concerning technology and I prayed to Jesus that he could help me. “Sam?” I tapped shyly on his broad shoulders. He turned around to face me, a cordial smile on his lips. “What can I do for you?” he asked. 

“Someone must have done something to my computer. There is an important file missing. It’s an Excel chart,” I answered, trying to seem more relaxed than I actually was, hiding the desperate fear of getting fired behind a poorly faked smile. “I just can’t find it anymore. And I really, really need it, so I was thinking you might be able to help me find it?”

He chuckled quietly, got up from his seat. “Of course.”

He followed me to my bureau and started searching for my holy file. I was totally freaking out, biting my lip, anxiously and fretfully tapping my fingers on the table. Please, please, please, find it.

But he didn’t. “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he apologized, “It got deleted somehow and I can’t restore it.”

“Well, I’ll see you at my funeral,” I said jokingly, but on the inside I was not laughing at all, “The boss is going to kill me.”

Fifteen minutes later, I stood in front of Mr. Winchester’s office. He was sitting on his chair, drinking from a big cup of coffee, when I knocked and walked in. He greeted me with a smile, unaware of the mistake that I’d made. My heart was pounding fast, I was scared of his reaction – but I had to tell him. I had no choice.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Y/L/N?” His dark, low voice was like sex to my ears. Man, he was so attractive. His eyes were so distracting. Those flashing green eyes. And those broad shoulders, covered in an expensive black suit. A grey tie graced his neck and I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what it would be like to kiss it, suck it, leave love – bites…

“Ms. Y/L/N?” he repeated my name and it ripped me out of my inappropriate fantasies. I had to focus.

“I need to tell you something,” I began, nervously fumbling around with the hem of my white blouse. I didn’t know how to say it, I couldn’t find the right words. Oh god, this was so difficult. 

I lifted my head to look at him and that’s when I saw it – there was something in his eyes. In those gorgeous eyes that scanned me, that wandered over my body, resting on my chest, admiring my features. There was just something that I couldn’t really define – desire, passion, lust, something in between. I thought about what Serena had told me at lunch. And then I decided that maybe, there was a way to keep him from firing me. He was just a man after all. And maybe if I used my charms a little…

Discreetly, I opened two buttons of my blouse, exposing more of my breasts, showing more cleavage. Then I stepped closer, slowly. I would make him fuck me. And he wouldn’t be able to fire me after that, would he?

“I made a mistake,” I whispered. My voice was sensual, almost a moan and I saw his eyes widen. “But I think I know how to make up for it”

He shifted in his seat, licking his lips and I could already taste my victory. He was putty in my hands. I couldn’t really believe what I was doing. I never seduced a man before. But it felt good. I felt powerful. And Jesus, I wanted him, too. “I could make you forget about my faux pas. And I promise you will like it”

He didn’t want to know what mistake I’d made. His glance was focused on my lips, my curves, the way I moved.

I walked over to him and sat on his lap, one leg on each side of his hips, our mouths close. He didn’t stop me. Quite the contrary. He put his hands on my waist and pushed me even closer, my womanhood pressing against his growing castle. 

“Fuck,” he exhaled, tightening his grip, “this is so wrong. You’re my employee. But I’ve wanted you since the day I started working here and now you’re in my office, sitting on my… and god, you’re so damn sexy”

His voice made me shiver. I started gently moving on his lap, earning a groan and then we both couldn’t handle it no more. Our lips crashed together in an intense, lustful kiss. His tongue danced tango with mine, I melted into his mouth. 

“Mr. Winchester,” I sighed, as his fingers strolled to my bust, caressing it. “Call me, Dean,” he groaned, then he lifted me up, sitting me down on his desk, taking off my tights and skirt. His hands travelled from my stomach to my legs, his lips tracing kisses on my thigh. “You’re officially my employee of the month,” he announced, then he started licking my wet clit. “Dean!” I was moaning like crazy, not caring if anybody could hear us. Nobody had ever made me feel this good. “God you’re so hot,” he said, “so wet for me”

I was getting closer and closer to the edge when he suddenly stopped. “Do you want more, baby girl?” he asked under his breath, his voice was filled with lust and filthy desire. He had taken control over the situation and I honestly didn’t mind. “Yes, boss,” I answered, looking him straight in the eye, driving him insane. He muttered several curse words, before he took off his clothes in a rush. “Tell me, you want me,” he demanded. “I want you,” I gasped.
“Do you want me to fuck you right here on my desk?”

“Yes, please”

“Say my name”
“Please, Dean”

“Who is your boss?”

“You…you are”

And with that he slammed into me, filling my walls. “Dean!” I cried out, as he fucked me on his table, satisfying his desire. “Oh, fuck, Y/N”

He pushed harder and faster with each thrust and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer. “I’m going to…fuck I’m…” he moaned. “Me too, Dean, oh god!”

He went even faster and made us both lose it, sending us over the edge. I pushed my fingernails into his sweaty back, being shaken by my orgasm.

He was still heavily breathing when we put our clothes back on. “That was…very…” he kissed me softly. I smiled. “Yes, it was.”

“So, that mistake, you were trying to make up for…what was it about?”

I hushed, not daring to answer. “Don’t be scared, just tell me. I’m not going to fire you. Not after all this.

“The Excel chart that you asked me to finish for today…I sort of…lost it. The file is gone,” I admitted. I closed the last buttons of my blouse, looked at the ground. “Well that’s not very handy,” he responded, “but it’s okay. Just get it done for tomorrow evening, okay? And maybe, if you want, you can come to my office afterwards and we can celebrate.”

Harry Styles | One Shot | Red Lips and Poker Chips

I duck my head down and step out of the black car, immediately being greeted by the highest people of the casino. The highest boss and probably one of the most greedy and money obsessed men I’ve ever met, comes walking towards me and gives me a steady hand, welcoming me back. I squeeze his hand a little harder back, showing him that I’m a little more important and richer than he is. The man recoils slightly, almost bursting out of his expensive suit because of his heavy posture. I turn back and thank my driver, walking into the big and expensive house of gambling.

Two beautiful ladies in gorgeous dresses step by my side to accompany me and lead me towards my reserved room. After a long day of work and closing an important deal for my company, I was looking forward to a quiet, brain wrecking game of poker behind closed doors together with some other powerful rivals of mine in this city. I like coming here, meeting new people for business deals and to celebrate business deals that I handled that same day.

I step into the room and everyone turns their heads towards me, all accompanied by a woman. I dismiss the ladies that led me inside and ask for my poker chips which they quickly take care of. I take a seat, my favourite drink already in stood on the table in front of me. I turn around and spot one of the workers here whom I’ve been friends with for a while. He gives me a professional nod and I smirk back at him as a thank you for already putting my drink on the table.

“Always in time at the last second, Styles.” One of the men says from his place opposite to me. I shrug and look down arranging the chips that the girls put down.

“You know me. Busy day at work. Finally finished off a deal that occupied me for over a year. I think we can celebrate.” I say casually and the booming of their laughter fills the room.

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Things from a very broke person… (uk based)
  • The cats will eat the cheap cat food, but you are going to feel guilty as hell. Lidl do a ‘stick’ treat that’s cheap as hell and my cats will go INSANE for them. Seriously. I might lose a finger one day.
  • Cheap bubble bath foams just as good as the expensive stuff, it’ll feel like a treat. (I use Asdas, the ‘man smell’ ones, was 2 for £2 or something, lasts for ages)
  • Those giant bags of cheap rice are a fucking lifesaver. (about £5/£7 depending on the type)
  • Those ‘easy cheap meals’ online are only easy and cheap if you have a fully stocked cupboard.
  • Don’t worry too much about those posts that tell you to shop around. It’s only cheaper if you can walk, remember petrol and bus fares add up when you are trying to save 4p on washing up liquid. It’s not always worth it.
  • Lidl and Aldi are the BEST place for fresh veg – seriously.
  • Also, Lidl has some fantastic meat – I buy the chicken breasts and freeze them singly.
  • Jars of sauce + lentils + a single chicken breast chopped up small/pulled = at least five lunches if you have rice or pasta! They are high in fat but its filling and tastes good. You can add mushrooms/peppers/frozen veg and bulk it up.
  • Lentils will bulk anything up. Same with rice. Add them to jars of curry sauce, soups, even stews.
  • Freeze leftovers.
  • Buy frozen veg and add handfuls of it to whatever you are making. Seriously, peas go with pretty much everything.
  • Egg fried rice! Easy as hell and super filling – throw in some frozen peas, any leftover scraps of chicken/pork/meat/fish… easy, fast and cheap as hell.
  • Even plastic cheese tastes okay melted on top of stuff. (I mean like the slices, you know?)
  • A slow cooker is worth it if you get a cheap one. I use mine for bulk cooking.
  • No haircut is ‘maintenance free’.
  • Don’t get too stressed about clothes – it sucks when you get a timehop and you are still wearing the same shirt (mine was 7 years ago) if it still fits, wear it. Fuck people.
  • Asda own brand detergent is just as good as branded stuff and the tropical stuff smells really nice. Same with fabric softener.
  • Sainsbury’s isn’t as expensive as you might think – the washing up liquid is also just as good as Fairy. (I like the blue one, it smells clean)
  • Don’t even bother skimping on the one thing you love. For me its diet coke… the store brands are NOT AS GOOD. Most places will have 30 packs on offer at some point. Save up and buy it in bulk.
  • The little bottles of diet lemonade in Asda are bogof for a tray – it’s GREAT if you wanna add in diluted juice or for sticking in the car / just for having a quick drink.
  • Lidl have a brand of crisps called ‘Snacktastic’ in multipacks of 30. I get the ‘meaty’ ones, and they are better than Walkers. I shit you not. Half the price too.
  • Charity shops smell weird, and sometimes the grans inside will give you funny looks. Fuck em. Buy a 50p book and get used to it. You can sometimes find some fucking treasures (I picked up a brand new bedding set for £3, still in the packet!) beside the overpriced old Primark stuff. (Seriously. It was cheaper new.)
  • Asda home wear section. It’s seriously unexplainable how much better you will feel and how proud you will be of your bathroom if you buy all matching towels. Asda have great colours – honestly, a sheet, a hand towel, a rug and two facecloths. Lay them out, fold them nice. You feel like an adult and the quality is good enough that they do last. Get a new shower curtain too. Trust me. It’s a mini makeover and the cost will be under £30.
  • Primark. A lot of people think its shit quality and they aren’t wrong, but my 7 year time hop was a checked shirt from Primark and it’s still wearable to work.
  • Matalan vests are great quality and will go under cheaper quality shirts so your bra / binder won’t show. I have about 20 and I love them – they also look great with skinny jeans and boots. No one can tell they were like… £2.
  • Ebay. You know that already.
  • Buy the best quality bras you can. They last longer; you get the support you need. Don’t stint on bras (or binders!)
  • Buy cheap socks and pants. Men’s stocks are normally cheaper in packs, and they go higher up your legs than the girls stuff.
  • Shop online for glasses. I used Goggles 4 U for my sunglasses for driving. £15. Just as good as my Red or Dead ones from 8 years ago that cost me £120. You can get a free eye test at Specsavers and just ask for a copy of your prescription. Remember to ask about your pupil distance!
  • Savers make-up has a cheap brand that looks like Too Faced. It’s in almost identical packaging, and it’s won a lot of awards in blind testing. Good for sponges too!
  • Most perfumes have those tiny sample bottles. Ask the salesgirl for one to see how it wears.
  • Pound shop pills are just as good as Boots. Same with vitamins. The plasters tend to be shit though. Use Asda or Boots.
  • Cheap razors are the same for men and women. Normally cheaper for the men though. To stop stubble burn on the legs, buy a super (super) cheap conditioner for hair and use that like the shaving foam. Sounds weird, clogs the razor by the end, but genuinely works very well. Also, smooth legs!
  • Keep a book of stamps in your purse/wallet. It’s super handy!
  • Bulk buy your kitchen roll, toilet roll and sanitary products.
  • Flowers are expensive, buy a Peace Lily. They are super easy to keep alive and look pretty awesome. (keep out of the reach of cats!)
  • Cheap frames. If you see a photo frame for under £1, buy it. You can cover a wall with mismatched frames and it’ll look awesome, and hide some serious flaws. You don’t even need art, frame some nice wrapping paper or comic pages, even newspaper articles, photos or drawings from the kids (or even cards you received)
  • A fresh coat of paint will work wonders, and B&Q always have offers on. Asda sells paint now too. Just take your time. If pintrest tells you it’s a ‘quick afternoon project’ it’ll take a week for you to complete.
  • Larger charity shops or local facebay sites can REALLY help you furnish your home. Don’t worry if it doesn’t match, it’s a stopgap till you can buy what you like. You might also find some really good quality stuff that can be painted and kept for a loooong time.
  • A chest freezer will save your life.
  • Be fucking polite to sales people. You might be broke but they gotta deal with some shit day in and day out. It’s not their fault if that coupon has expired or the price tag is wrong.
  • Carpool if you can.
  • If you like a product, write them a letter. Might be nothing. Might get you a coupon.
  • No matter how well you budget, you will fuck up at some point. You’ll spent £100 on something you can’t afford, don’t NEED and just WANT. Try not to do it a lot, but honestly, sometimes you’ll just fuck up. It’s okay. You aren’t a robot.
  • Plan on doing something once a month. You are going to need something to look forward too else why the fuck are you working? Go to the cinema with friends, buy a ticket on one of those tourist buses, check your local venues and spend £15 on a show you’d never normally see, go to the beach with a small picnic. Do one thing a month, maybe right after payday. Invite your friends; make it a ‘thing’. It’s hard to go on nights out when you’ve nothing to wear and can’t afford to keep up with the rounds of drinks, so make a day event where you can still be super social, hang out with friends and do something fun. Just make sure you budget for it!
  • Tell your friends that money is tight. They might not be aware that you are struggling and may try to have more outings that are less expensive.
  • Most people like curry – make a chicken curry, rice and naan and invite friends around. Byob. You get to host a night in – card games or board games or even charades are hilarious after a few beers and a good meal. Pudding can be anything from jelly and icecream to a cheap chocolate cake in the microwave for a few seconds and some cream. It’s low cost and high returns – you look like your being generous while not actually spending a lot (esp good if you are trying to hide the fact you’re eating rice 7 nights a week).

(add on your own hits and tips!)


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Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst - whatever it is Including smut of course

Word Count: 1965


I was writing just because I wanted to write. It was a way for me to stay close with the idol I liked. I mean a girl could dream, couldn’t she? When I started my blog and shared it it didn’t get much attention at first. Somehow day by day it grew bigger.

It got to the points I had thousands of messages for it. People were counting days for the new chapters and expectations were really high.

At first I had no idea how could I handle that much like and comment but I just decided to keep doing what I was until then. People were real sad when it came to an end. I got tons of messages praising the whole thing.

After two days of the end I also got a mail which was written “WE HAVE GOT AN OFFER” for the notice. Thinking it was about advertisement I rolled my eyes but oppened it anyways. I took a sip from my latte and just spilled it when I realized what it actually was.

One of the biggest movie company wanted to turn my fiction into a movie. A fucking movie ! I was not reading wrong ! Having no idea how should I respond I just wrote that I wanted to talk details and they arranged a meeting.

The Meeting Day

My car growls as I stop in front of the huge, all glass building. This place is totally first class and doesn’t suit me at all, I think as I hand the keys to the vale. The automatic, glass door slowly opens and I take a step in. The tapping sound of my heels echoes through the huge hall as I make my way to the sweet girl who kindly bows at me.

“Hello. How can I help you?”

I smile back at her.

“Hello…Ummm… I am here to talk to Mr Choi”

She asks my name before taking the phone in her hands. She talks briefly then smiles at me before hanging up.

“This way please”

We take the elevator to the 8th floor and she leads me to the huge door at the end of the long hall. She kindly knock and announces I am there. I walk in with a sweet smile and bow. The man sitting on the huge, leather chair seems he is in middle of forties.

“Take a seat.”

I do and he locks fingers as he begins talking, fixing his eyes to me.

“You already know we are interested in your fiction to make it a movie, don’t you?”

I nod then he goes on.

“We have professionals here to turn it into script. All we want is you to trust us.”

I bit my lip.

“I will… For sure… But how about the actors and actresses?”

He kindly smiles.

“Don’t worry… We will choose them with utmost care”

I think about it one second and ask.

“Will I be joining you in production?”

He raises an eyebrow.

“You want to be included in shares?”

I gently shake my head.

“Not like that… I mean I would like to be around during the shooting and cooperate with the director and script-writer”

He looks away and thinks a little bit, seems serious.

“That can be arranged. “

I smile as I bite my bottom lip.

“And one more thing… I want the head role to be the same”

The man in front of me furrows his eyebrows.

“You mean you want it to be the same person?”  Then he checks some papers in front of me as he murmurs “Who was it? Wait… Jeon JungKook?”

When I nod he shakes his head.

“You just need to convince the sponsor and director for him”

I suggest arranging a meeting tomorrow.

“… so I can meet them and we can go over the details together, isn’t it good?”

He accepts and I felt all light and peaceful just as I am walking out the huge building. I grab my phone to call my best friend. As soon as he answers Hoseok gets loud.

“Yah ! You little… You have been ignoring me for the last couple of days”

I giggle.

“Sorry Hobi… I was kinda busy. Something big happened”

He laughs.

“Ohh you finally got a boyfriend?”

He sarcastically asks. I squint even if I know he can’t see me.

“Hey don’t be a fucking savage. You know the fic I was writing, right?”

He goes a-huh and I go on.

“It’s about to become a movie”

He does not answer for a few seconds and what comes next is instant screaming.

“Whaaaaaaat… You serious? Wow man that’s amazing. We have to meet. Are you free for dinner?”

I try to remember if there is anything I should do.

“Umm… I guess so”

We meet at some shibby chic place and order something to eat. He fixes his hair by pushing it back as he sits in front of me and smiles.

“You better start talking”

I just tell him about the meeting as he refills our soju shots.

“Wait… They let you to keep Jeon as the head role?!”

I shake my head as he chews his bite like its the most delicious thing on earth.

“I don’t know yet. They told me that I should convince the sponsor and director for it. We have another meeting tomorrow.”

Hoseok asks who they are as he feeds me a bite of his meat and takes a pinch from mine.

“Who are they?”

When I say their name he seems impressed.

“Woah baby.Min YoonGi is an amazing director but I heard he is pretty strict about his work. It might not be easy to convince him.”

Losing my last shade of confidence and hope I frown.

“Really?” and lightly hit his left arm “Thanks, now I feel defeated already”

He brightly smiles at me as he makes those huge sweet eyes.

“Baby, I said it might be hard. I didn’t say you can’t do it. I am sure you will find a way to convince them”

I smile and we go on eating then he walks me to my home.

“Just get inside and I will leave then”

I just can’t help but hug him as I whisper a thank you. Which how I truely feel inside. I always am thankful to Hoseok for listening to me, for having faith in me when I even don’t have it in myself, for making me laugh and for caring about me through all the years we have been best  friends.

Feeling relieved I get inside. The night just does not pass as I am so damn excited. Sleep visits me pretty late so its hard for me to wake up by the morning. I wash my face and try to relieve some of the stress by cold water. I choose my clothes carefuly and do my make-up. Cheking myself on the mirror I believe I will make a good first-impression.

When I arrive the luxury huge building again I check my phone for time. There is still 15 minutes but I walk in anyways. The sweet girl welcomes me kindly then calls Mr Choi directly. When I make my way inside the meeting room. I see a few people already sitting around long dark wood table. Noone needs to introduce them because as I heard their names from Mr Choi I madem y research.

I bow gently as I introduce myself. Mr Choi smiles as he sees me.

“Here is the sweet owner of that famous story”

The man in casual clothes with bright green hair slightly moves his head as he says “Hey” then fixes his glasses.

That is Min YoonGi aka the legendary director who never misses success with his masterpieces.

There is another man with silver hair who keeps rolling the pen between his fingers.

“Hi” he says in a cool way.

He is NamJoon, the man most of the industry wants to write their scenarios.

The other man in a obviously expensive tux smiles at me kindly.

“Welcome dear”

Even if he simply sits I can tell he is tall. This is Kim SeokJin, a chebol that runs his fathers inherited business.

I smile back an take a seat as Mr Choi explains why I suggested the meeting. They listen and as soon as YoonGi hears the name Jeon JungKook he raises his eyebrows at me.

“I don’t want to be like this to such a sweet girl but… You want me to work with a guy that has no acting experience for shit?”

I bit down my lip and take a deep breath. You can’t back down now.

“I know that he has no experience at all but he is talented. Don’t you think he can pull it off?”

YoonGi looks away.

“Look I just can’t take the risk, ok?”

I try to find another way to convince him and decide to go with Seok Jin.

“Jin-ssi since you are the one supporting this you want the worth of your money, don’t you?”

He nods.

“Of course”

I smile.

“Don’t you think even his presence will make most of the girls watch it?”

He seems serious as if he weights some options in his head.

“Not sure about that honey. I am doing this because the director is YoonGi. I trust this guy and if he says so I believe he has a reason for it”

Having no other choice left I grab my phone, open one part of unedited the story. YoonGi seems indifferent as he takes the phone to check whatever it is. When he reads the first few paragraphs his eyes widen in surprise.

“Wait… You actually wrote this thing for him?”

NamJoon nods from his seat.

“Yeah, the names you saw was edited by me while I was working on the script of first chapter.”

YoonGi takes a deep breath as he gives my phone back. He closes his eyes as he takes his glasses off.

“I hope that I won’t regret this but fine… Still I can’t take much risk so I have one condition”

Everyone looks at him carefully as the room falls silent.

“You gotta hire Kim TaeHyung as the coach so he will help”

Mr Choi directly turns at Jin.

“Since you are the one in charge would you mind if we ask for a little more support?”

Jin shrugs.

“Thats fine by me but can you write the script through Jeon?”

He asks to NamJoon. NamJoon takes a deep breath and thinks deeply for a few seconds, seems lost.

“I guess I can but I will need her help”

I nod, telling him that I will be glad to help. Proud that I convinced them I leave the building in happiness after the meeting. A few days pass by pretty much the same. I hint NamJoon about JungKook, he writes then sends it to YoonGi and he approves.

In the meantime JungKook is offered the role and he accepts. Which means I am officially going to meet him at the script reading tomorrow.

When I carefully get ready and check my natural red lipstick and outfit for the hundredth time I walk in. Thinking that he might already be at the meeting room my hearth is pounding so crazy that it feelis like my chest will expolde at any moment. Thinking that I should calm down I make my way to the girls bathroom quickly but my shaky hands betray me as my phone falls down. Cursing myself mentally I just stay still instead of picking it up. While I am facing the cracked screen of my phone still laying on the ground someone picks it up.

When look up to face who picked it…


You groaned again as you walked around your apartment. You had your ass kicked nine ways to Sunday last night and you’re sure that your future grandchildren are feeling the pain you’re in right now. Barry, who having the time of his life laghing at you right now, sat on the couch watching you lug around the dead weight if your own limbs.

“Laugh all you want Bartholomew Allen, I’d love to kick your ass myself to see you like this, but you have those healing powers and you’d be fine in two seconds.”

“You chose the UFC, I didn’t.” Barry told me, with a smug smile on his face.

“I bet you couldn’t even train like me. All you do is run on a treadmill, I gotta practice fighting, I gotta run, I gotta study my opponenets, I gotta keep learning new combos and legal moves, and I gotta stay in my weight class so I can still fight.” You grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and imped your way to where Barry sat on your couch.

“I do a lot of training!” Barry argued. You stopped drinking from the bottle of water to choke out a laugh.

“Yeah, right.”

“-And I bet I could do your training too!” You looked at him and all of his overconfidence, and started laughing again.

“You keep thinking that, Barry.”

“I will bet that I can do your training.” Barry said, sitting up from his relaxed position on the couch.

“Number One: You could do mine because you’re the Flash and therefore, Number Two: It wouldn’t be fair to have you do my workout when you can run faster than anyone can believe.”

“What if Cait and Cisco made me a UFC workout that is equivalent to yours?” Barry asked, looking at you, being completely serious.

“You’re not joking around.” You stated.

“No way, I know I can do something as easy as this.”

“Okay, bet’s on.”

You sat in one of the chairs at STAR Labs, talking to Cisco and Caitlin, describing every aspect of your workout so they can make Barry one. You were describing your runs, your workouts with your three specialized trainers, your regular workouts that you do everyday, your diet, and finally, what you do to lose pounds quick when you need to maintain your weight class. All of it makes you a good fighter and all of it you need to do.

“You really do all of this?” Cait asked, writing everything down.

“Yep. Every week of every year since I was about eighteen years old.”

“I can’t even go up the stairs without being out of breath. How are you not dead?” Cisco asked, apalled, popping another sucker into his mouth.

“Maybe its because I don’t have a lot of these,” You said, flicking the stick of the sucker.

Cisco gave you a bitch face, “That’s just rude.”

You walked into the police station early on a Monday morning, a great pep in your step after watching Barry suffer for two weeks. He obviously put on a brave face around you, trying to make it seem like he wasn’t hurt by anything, but you could tell by the way he walked and his facial expressions he was in a lot of pain. Not to metnion Joe, Iris, Caitlin, and Cisco have told you behind Barry’s back about how uch he’s been complaining. Usually, you didn’t like seeing your friends hurting, but with Barry belittling and not validating your pain, you were happy to see him walk funny.

You bound up the steps to Barry’s lab after giving Joe his cup of coffee (two creams, five sugars). The pain from working out today became a dull ache that was normal, so you were able to happiy skip into Barry’s open lab.

“Good morning, hon!” You exclaimed, seeing Barry at his desk, writing up paperwork. Barry looked up, and winced, then covered it up with a smile. “You’re one fourth of the way through. I thought you deserved a good coffee to keep you motivated to win the bet.”

“Thank you, it hasn’t been too hard. I think I can take it for another six weeks.”

“Have fun.”

You were chiling out in STAR Labs talking between Cisco and Caitin. Barry had said he was going to meet you for a late lunch or an early dinner; you didn’t know. As you were happily chatting away, Barry ran in, making the paper jostle under the paper weights. He stood in the midle of the open space. “I can’t take it anymore!”

Barry let himself fall to the ground and you, Caitlin, and Cisco shot up. You pumped your fists into the air while Cait and Cisco went to go see if he was okay. 

“Yes, bitch!” You shouted, jumping up and down in your spot. “It’s been a month, not two, I won the bet!” Barry groaned in response and all you did was cackle.

“What did you even win?” Cisco asked, knelt down net to Barry.

You put on a voice, dancing a little. “An all expense paid trip to Disneyland! Ha! I won! Barry you have to take me to Disneyland!”

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Shopping Centre Blowout

I still have another Bluebell account to finish writing along with a few pictures from it too but thought it best to write up yesterdays over the top mission first while the memory is still clear.

A full on shopping centre incident has crossed my mind many times before and I have actually done it once before a good few years back but it was an unplanned fairly solid poop that happened when I was on my way back from a party the previous night. I’d easily emptied it into the toilet without much staining. Having been inspired by a recent post by enemmauk in which she’d pooped herself in a shopping centre, I decided I needed to do it again too. It turned out to be one of the biggest rushes whilst simultaneously humiliating experiences of my life.

I’ve had a few missions lately as my personal circumstances have been favourable to it. I don’t usually get to go on this many missions but having finally got around to starting a blog to keep a diary of it, there’s been a slightly increased motivation for it this year. Public events are still very scary and it took me a while to leave the house, questioning whether or not I should. The poop was well planned. Three days between but it felt unpredictable. The need was always there but each convulsion was changing in character, like there might be some more solid poop blocking a load of mush. This happens to me quite often when I hold it for a long time. My clothing choice was a preferred simple combo that I’ve used many times before; my favourite light blue stretch jeans by south and underneath, white briefs, cut tights and then on top green sloggi maxi briefs. I also wore a black stretchy tight long sleeved top and ruthlessly decided on no cardigan. The rush of having forgotten it on my second bluebell walk was something that made it more exciting. I’d later really regret that decision.

I persuaded myself to leave by thinking I can pull out at any time and don’t have to necessarily go through with it. I’d just see how it went. I parked close by in a paying space that’s free on Sundays and not in the multi-story that still charges. I felt really nervous. I know myself. If I put myself in a situation and I have the place to myself for cleaning afterwards, I more often than not go through with it. I entered the centre through the multi story car park and went up the stairs to the level that connects to the shopping centre by an enclosed overpass that crosses the main road. The centre was very busy and down below on the first floor were open planned coffee snack bars and a burger king. The ladies were directly to my right so were at least positioned close to the exit back to the car park. I headed into Topshop first and started looking at clothes. I’d envisaged a plan to maybe have a convulsion in a fitting room and as the need grew I just chose any jacket and headed to the back to try it. I went in and drew the curtain. The noise of people talking, laughing and the general public ambience is something missing from the way I mentally envisage such a scenario. It was exciting but as the wave took hold I really had to cross my legs tightly as it brought on some unexpectedly potent farts that needed to stop. All of a sudden, it felt far more urgent than at home and the whole wave lasted a good few minutes. Longer lasting waves usually mean messier poops which was ominous. Eventually resisting and regaining control I got out of there pretty quickly and headed over to Debenhams at the far opposite end of the centre. 

I’d told myself before, if you’re going to do this, do it in Debenhams while browsing the underwear section. It would maximise my chances of possibly being near a girl and would also mean forcing the rush of a long walk in public. On the way another wave hit and there were people everywhere. All I could do was stand by the first floor barrier that overlooks the shop alley beneath and cross my legs in not too much of an obvious way. There were groups of teenagers standing nearby and it was worrying. It was another heavy wave and I knew I was getting close to losing it. Unable to fully cross my legs and resist with all my power, some poop started coming out. It was quite solid and I didn’t want to let it continue and briefly, really crossed my legs tight to try and regain control which just about worked. Not much came out but I could smell it. I headed on to Debs and had to go up one level on an escalator. That’s been another possible fantasy for me, getting on an escalator in clean pants and then getting off it in full pants. But I continued to the underwear section in the large four level store and again, people were everywhere. 

To my nervous surprise the underwear section was extremely busy. It’s a large area with some full height displays and also a maze of head height displays with many women and girls looking. My heart was pounding now as I let the need dominate and start to prompt another wave. I was looking at some nice expensive frilly edged underwear when I let out a few uncontrollable farts and started to walk away from the area of those minor crimes. I felt my bum and I could feel a small lump from before but nothing anyone would have noticed. The smell was already quite bad though and possibly noticeable by anyone close by. As I was walking around the underwear section, within a minute of letting the deciding wave take hold I suddenly felt strangely serene. I can’t explain it, my mind is usually raging. It would be short lived however and as the wave started to hit, my pace slowed. I’d decided on an aisle where amongst others, two girls were browsing, one thin and shapely, the other slightly larger but very pretty. They looked in their 20’s. The thin girl was in shorts and she looked nice when she looked at me briefly. As the pressure became too much for walking I came to a forced stop near to them on the other side of the aisle and started looking at whatever I’d happened to stop by. Sizes 18 - 24 big pants! Nothing I could do about that. And then it started to happen. I grimaced and leant over, one hand on one of the product hangers and the other on my stomach. From here on out it was a genuine accident, apart from the slight purposeful delay in going to the toilet of course. My eyes sort of went blurry as I pushed and it started coming out quietly and semi solid. The solidity didn’t last long and then farts joined the party as the whole mess turned mushy. I have a slight amnesia about those moments. My mind was in such an overloaded state I’m not sure how long it lasted. I’ll say about ten seconds in and now visibly bulging, the poop took a feared turn for the worse and really got a lot messier and noisier. I could feel it spreading out quickly and crackling between my legs. The gassiness of the way it was flowing made it totally audible. I heard a brief silence behind me and then a little laugh and I’m sure I heard one of them whisper to the other, did she just.. followed by another silence and other little intrigued laughs to follow. The first of many witnesses. By now I was trying to brake as I needed to get out of there. The smell was revolting. I tried to make it look like a genuine accident and held my bum, crossing my legs in an attempt to get back in control which took another 10 seconds. I walked away from them as soon as I could even though it was a longer detour to leave the store that way. I still needed to go and had probably done something the size of a large mushy grapefruit so far. When I’d touched my bum I could feel a worrying wetness already. I hadn’t peed myself but the poop was messy enough without any more liquid. The light jeans would do nothing to help and any stains would appear dark against the light material. 

Pooping myself noticeably in the underwear section of a store was exhilarating and would have been the climax of any normal mission but this was only just beginning. As I left Debenhams the feeling inside was almost diarrhoea like and crampy and on top of the rush of just losing it and having had witnesses, a seriously nervous worry came over me about the severity of my predicament and the possible diarrhoea that could happen at any moment. I didn’t know how much was left but there was still an increasing urgency. On the escalator the halt was enough to bring on another serious wave. Genuinely trying to resist with people ahead of me and now behind me I was in a predicament; totally sandwiched. I couldn’t cross my legs enough and even as I resisted some very loose poop started coming out adding to the already terrible smell. Full brakes did nothing. I couldn’t hear it this time at least but the people behind me whom I still hadn’t been able to look at would have smelled me. Another five seconds or so of losing control and I had to walk off the escalator as I was still pooping. I managed to bring it to a stop by again standing by the barrier. I’d pooped a lot more and the need was starting to subside.

This was getting really serious. Much more than I’d bargained for. I was sweating badly and I knew my bottom was bulgy and stained through and the smell was so bad. This was a proper public pants poop that I dream of but never actually act out and I was totally out of my comfort zone. I suspected my escalation of public pants pooping recently would eventually get me into trouble. With a more solid poop and a cardigan to tie around my waist I’d have gotten away with it much more. It was like tunnel vision on my way to the ladies. I had no chance of getting a picture anywhere else and I’d wanted to see how badly I was stained. It was so busy I didn’t know who saw and who didn’t. Those walking behind me must have had a pretty good view and I hope they weren’t too disgusted. But the smell was revolting, moreso somehow than usual. It takes about 5 minutes to walk the distance and I was doing my best to be stealthy but it was nearly impossible with eyes everywhere. I had to walk carefully as there was a slight squelching noise whenever I sped up. 

Eventually and after various little laughs I heard on route that I can’t definitely put down to me although they probably were, I reached the ladies. Typically, there were a few teenage girls on the bench outside who’d have had full view of me going in. The witness count must have surpassed 100 by now. I walked all the way down to the end stall and went in. The light above wasn’t working properly so it was a bit dark and atmospheric. These toilets are huge and probably have about 40 stalls. It was very busy. I breathed out a sigh of relief that I was now out of public view but was hoping that no one who’d saw me enter with a stained bottom would ask if I was okay or gone to call someone. Now in private, after standing there for a little while and listening to the ambience of the room, calming slightly from the chaotic headspace of walking like that so publicly, I knew I needed to finish a little and a wave wasn’t coming so I waited for a hand dyer to come on and then I pushed forcefully. In one movement which was loud and bubbly, I pushed out what felt like the volume of an apple. It wasn’t liquid but nearly. Such a messy poop. It would have worried me on a more secluded woodland mission, let alone a busy shopping centre. I felt behind and my hand got dirty so the stain was going to be obvious. I had to flush the loo onto a bit of toilet paper to clean my hand but I didn’t touch any of the toilet or the water base in doing so.

There was no coat hanger to hang my bag on so I hung it on the door lock and positioned my camera and mini tripod in it to take a photo on timer. Looking at it, all my fears were confirmed. The stain was silly and covering nearly half of my bottom. I really should have taken the cardigan. And what if I bumped into someone I knew. It was a terrible situation but it was maybe the biggest rush of my pants pooping life. Probably moreso than the bad stain on supermarket day. 

And now I needed to wee but that would have been impossibly messy to attempt so I held it and prepared to face the music. I couldn’t stay around for much longer as the smell was getting out of hand. I heard a woman in the stall next to me mutter under her breath ‘disgusting’. She was just weeing and didn’t stay long. I left and luckily this side of the toilets had no one at the basins. I just had time to have a quick glance in the mirror at the horror, which did amuse me slightly and I pulled an unhappy face quickly, then rinsed my hands more and tried to sort out my hair a bit. I then left and the same teenagers were still there. Like they were waiting for one of their friends who must have been taking ages, or to see me again. God! I just bolted past and heard someone say excuse me. I wasn’t sure if it was directed towards me or not but I just did an arms slightly out with fingers stretched ‘not now’ sort of gesture as I walked without looking back and they went silent. 

Although the toilets are close to the exit, it was still crowded. Probably at least another 40 witnesses. Walking back across the overpass I was being followed by a mother and her children and various others. I made a mistake here. Somehow I’d missed the car park stairs entrance and walked into the car park thinking where the hell is it! I was avoiding the busy ticket machine by default and I think the stairs entrance was next to it. I saw back through the doors as I turned around that one of the children, or early teenagers was staring through the door window straight at me. I had to head for another exit the other side as I didn’t want to pass them like that again. The poop felt terribly messy and I wasn’t sure that cut tights were enough for this one. The need to wee was bothering me and I was really wanting out of it all now.

After the wrong stairs fiasco I ended up leaving the large car park in a far more public place by the main triple bus stop on the one way system beneath the overpass. The worst place possible to have left apart from maybe the highsteet. There were people everywhere and I missed a step as I exited the building and would have looked clumsy. I pulled out my phone as both a distraction and to centre my focus down toward my path ahead through the people and nothing else. I looked no one in the eye. Panic levels weren’t healthy and I was walking much faster than usual. It was a stupendous rush despite the stress. I had to pass the main cinema entrance next and ignored my peripherals but there were at least 20 people; I don’t know who saw but no laughter. And then as I finally reached the corner to turn into the road that led me to where I’d parked, I clearly heard someone casually shout from a passing car, ‘Shitty Bum!’ I uncontrollably burst out laughing. I was so tense that something needed to give and I couldn’t help but see the funny side of just how unreservedly direct he was. And the tone of the way he said it was definitely teasing rather than venomous. The laughter dissipated my panic a little. It was a far better reaction than genuinely shocked disgust. Or maybe that was a subconscious trauma defence system kicking in. The sudden laugh made me wee slightly however.

I managed to reach my car without any further witnesses apart from a Woman smoking a cigarette just outside a backstreet pub. I was so relieved to be back at the car and had to carefully position a bin liner over the seat as this one was messy. Sitting down as usual amplified everything. The smell was gaggingly bad and the weather was quite hot. 

I got home and it took a while to come to terms with it. Such an unbelievably public poop compared to most my missions and I was seen by so many people. I’m not sure how I feel. The rush was next level but that would have been destroyed if I was seen by someone I knew. And none of this was bravery. More risk taking. I’m maybe getting a little better at not overthinking it but next time, definitely a cardigan! And amazingly, the jeans washed well and aren’t noticeably stained. Thanks for reading K x

Essential Items for Your Backpack

Since school season is upon us, I’ve decided that it is my duty as a high school senior to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. Here is a list (especially good for freshmen going into high school!) of things that you can and should have in your backpack.

• The backpack
Do not buy an expensive “lifetime guaranteed” backpack. You will get bored of it within six months. Trust me. Save yourself some money and get a cheaper one. It may break (it may not!), but you’ll be wanting a new backpack by then anyway. You could alternatively get a tote bag or messenger bag, but a regular, two strap backpack is recommended because it is easier on your neck, back, and shoulders when your carrying nearly 20 pounds of books and homework.

• Notebooks.
One single subject notebook for each class, or two or three 3 subject notebooks, or one or two 5 subject notebooks. The amount depends on the level of classes you’re taking and what kinds of classes (i.e. you’ll probably write more for a literature class than say, a math class).

• Binders/Folders
One binder for every two classes you take, or one folder per class. Do not get a binder for each class. They will not all fit in your backpack, and you most likely won’t need them. If you do end up needing more, you can get them afterwards. Get dividers for your binders. If you prefer folders, make sure you get the sturdy, plastic kind, because the paper ones last about a day. Also, some teachers will require a binder for their class, so having at least one is good.

• Thumb drive/flash drive
Everyone has a teacher or two or five that insists on having the class do power points. This may be the only thing you use the flash drive for, and it will seem useless otherwise, but when you need it, it is the most helpful thing you can have in your backpack.

• Highlighters
At least two colors, but you won’t need more than three. They’re great for studying, note taking, and other assorted things your teacher will have you do. Plus, who doesn’t love highlighters?

• Pencils
Unless you really love wooden pencils, I suggest mechanical pencils. A lot of classrooms don’t have a working pencil sharpener, or it works, but it sucks, so mechanical pencils can be a relief. If you do like the wooden kind, make sure you have your own handheld pencil sharpener. No matter what kind, only carry 3-5 pencils at a time, and replace them as needed. You’ll lose the pencils either way, but this way you’ll lose them gradually, and you’ll save yourself the trip to staples halfway through the year to buy new pencils.

• Pens
Black and blue are best, because no teacher will tell you that you can’t use them. Some teachers will let you use colorful pens, but others will not, so make sure you at least have black and blue. Red is excellent too, for when your teacher has you correct your papers, or when you are editing an essay or peer reviewing. If you know you will lose pens easily, but a pen that you really like and won’t want to lose (I have a pen that is printed with a scene from The Hobbit and I haven’t lost it in three years).

• Book covers
This is something that you may never use, but they’re usually cheap, and there are some teachers that insist upon them for some odd reason. Make sure you get the really big ones, because they will actually fit on your textbooks.

• Hand sanitizer
You won’t always be able to wash your hands between classes, and there WILL be a few occasions when you touch gum under your desk (EW), and you will need this. This is also great during winter, when everyone is getting sick.

• Lotion
This isn’t strictly necessary, but if you have dry skin, this will come in handy, and it’s a great thing to have because even if you don’t need lotion, you may have classmates that will. Also very good for the winter months.

• Mini stapler and a pack of staples
Staplers get jammed easily. There may be times when all five staplers on your teachers desk are jammed. It will be so nice to have your own on hand. Also, if you do work during a study or in a library, you might not have access to a stapler otherwise.

• Paper clips
These are nice to have for organizing papers, but are not 100% necessary.

• A wallet
Use it to keep your school ID, permit/license, a library card (if you’ll need one), and any other credit/gift cards you have. They’ll come in handy. Make sure you have at least $5 at all times, but you’ll probably want around $15 total for school lunches or to buy any neat thing your school/department is selling for a fundraiser. You’ll want to have bills and coins. My school has vending machines, so if yours does too, the change will be very helpful if the machine is not accepting bills.

• A bag of personal supplies
Chapstick (the kind with sunscreen is best), lip balm, pads/tampons, a travel sized stick of deodorant (do NOT forget deodorant), a hairbrush and hair ties, face wipes, a lint roller, nail clippers, some mints or gum, band aids, some pain medication (this is against some school rules, but unless you’re waving it around in front of teachers/staff, it will go unnoticed and no one really cares. Bring it anyway. If could save you a trip to the nurse/home), sunblock if you need it, contact solution if you need it, and make up if you use it. This is a long list, and you won’t always need all of these things, so you could bring some of them as needed, for example, only bringing a lint roller when you’re wearing dark clothes.

• Glasses if you use them. And a case.

• Tissues
These will save your life. Trust me. Get a couple of those little packs of them. The ones with the cute, colorful designs. Perfect for when you get sick.

• Wet wipes
Not something you always think of, but absolutely wonderful to have.

• Your keys
Do not leave home without your keys unless you have a parent/sibling who will reliably be home or you always leave your house unlocked. You absolutely do not want to be locked out of the house (ever) but especially when it’s very cold or raining. Plus, you’ll most likely need to use the bathroom when you get home from school, so ALWAYS have your key.

• Umbrella
Trust me. You may never need it, but if you don’t have it when you need it, you may spend half your school day completely soaked, and that’s not going to be fun at all. This is especially essential if you walk to school.

• Scarf, gloves, a hat, and a jacket.
Stay warm in the winter. You will be thankful you had these in your backpack when everyone else is complaining about how cold their ears/fingers are.

• A reusable water bottle
Easy way to stay hydrated, and a must have for gym class or athletics. Even if you don’t have a reusable bottle, always have water on you. Most of the water from water fountains tastes bad and won’t be enough to keep you hydrated.

• Headphones
Great if you ride the bus or have a study. Some teachers will even let you use headphones during quiet assignments or if you’ve finished a test and the rest of the class is working. Not all teachers will, but some of them are pretty awesome.

• Notecards
These are great for classes with a lot of vocabulary words, or when doing an oral presentation. Again, not something you will use every day, but very nice to have.

• A planner
Not everyone can or will use these, but if it will help you stay organized or remember upcoming tests/projects, get one.

• Red lipstick
Highly recommended for times you’re not feeling completely good or confident. Bring a small mirror or go to the bathroom and put some on. Guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.

• A phone charger
This is a necessity. You will be so thankful. Even if you don’t use it, a friend or classmate may need it from time to time, and they will be so thankful.

• A sketchbook
If you like drawing, or even just doodling.

• A notebook for personal writing
If you like writing.

• A personal book
If you like reading.

• A snack
A granola bar or other non-messy snack (like grapes or carrot sticks) is good. There will be times you are hungry in or between classes, and you will need a snack. Some teacher will let you eat in their classroom. Others will not. Bring something anyway. You can probably eat it between classes.

• An EpiPen
If you have an allergy.

• An inhaler
If you need one, never forget it. Even if you don’t have asthma, there may be times someone else who does needs an inhaler and doesn’t have one, so this is never a bad thing to have.

• If you have space in your backpack, you can bring a change of clothes.
This may actually come in handy when you least expect it.

• A pack of cards or something similar
Great for something to do at lunchtime.

• A handheld gaming device
Again. Great for lunchtime, or on the bus.

• Anything else you notice yourself reaching for throughout the day