and it was a good one too

my favorite ship dynamic is Mutual Appreciation Society

  • enthusiasm for each other’s interests, hobbies and pursuits
  • smiles get bigger when they look at each other (giant!! nerds!!!)
  • each other’s number 1 fan
  • supportive and honest
  • do that nerdy shit where they want to be the best version of themselves for the person they’re in love with
  • laugh together A Lot
  • talk their partner up to their friends, and everything they say is totally sincere
  • Happy, whether they’re in love or aaallllmost there

Sorry for no giant grin, lol, I guess I was too busy pondering my possible goth phase (which was nicely aided by the black dress I was wearing) and low-key applauding myself for whatever weird aesthetic that first one is, even if it’s a little off center.

On a more important note, I am not ready to go through an episode of pain and no bellarke (which is why it’s good I’m watching tomorrow ayyyyyy)

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People hating because Katie got bumped to series regular... bro Maggie is already listed as a regular. The writers just treat her the way they've treated all good characters this season: like shit. And they are bumping Katie up cuz she does the same thing for their ratings lol. Plus the fans want it. If only they'd listen to us in other areas too...

literally my feelings for maggie aside what theyre doing to sanvers shippers is ugly. They hyped the gay rep at the beginning of s2 to get views but now a couple tha should be one of their main focus along w alex’s arc this season is being put to the side to give that ugly ass more screentime. If anything their hatred should be @ mon-el and karamel, NOT lena lmao its completely misdirected. But work i guess


Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.

what if everything falls apart?
what if it all goes to shit?
what if you realize i’m not good enough?
what if one day you decide to call it quits?
what if you you decide i’m not what you want?
what if we just aren’t a good fit?
you’re everything – smart, handsome,
caring, full of wit
and i’m just scared
not of you, but of this
of us, you and i, it’s getting to be so intense
and don’t get me wrong, i fully commit
but it almost feels too good to be true
and what if it is? what if this is it?
what if this is as good as it gets? and you wind up wanting more?
what if you want more than me? what if you decide you’ve had it?
i don’t know what the future holds, i just hope it’ll be you holding me
and that everything will work out despite all of it
—  Anonymous said: I wanted to ask… if you can please write about someone who fell in love, and the relationship is actually so great, but has anxiety and is scared because it’s so great?
(cc, 2017)

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i lowkey look like a trainwreck in this bc morning practice slays my life but at least tims is my saving grace (i have a claw hand lmao pls ignore)

i’m v excited for this ep tho it looks like a good one!! 

tagging these fantastic people below (don’t gotta if you don’t wanna, also ignore if u already posted) and i’m sure i’m forgetting so many people so YALL ARE TAGGED TOO as well as anyone that wants to do it!!! everyone is looking amazing as usual!!! keep slaying y’all

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ok wait important question

so everyone has those types of monsters that they like, design and appearance-wise, but what’s your favorite kind of personality for a monster? do you prefer for them to be mostly human-like with only some monstrous traits, do you prefer for them to be friendly, or do you prefer for them to be fully capable and willing to completely tear you apart? and we’re talking like, hypothetically in a situation where you wouldn’t literally die from that

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Can I make the random observation of how its so lovely how affectionate the guys of cr are… like for example Taliesin is a puppy who seems to cuddle up to anyone near by & Liam is so huggy like in that gif with Sam u reblogged & its so nice to see guys being like that? I’m used to women being touchy& affectionate with their friends but for adult men, i feel like its more discouraged for supposedly being 'unmanly' so its so healthy and good to see each week :)

yeah, it’s a really nice thing :D tal literally molds into the side of the person he’s closest too and it’s never not funny to me. usually it’s marisha since they’re closest, but lately he’s been doing it more w/ sam and that one time travis was on that side of the table, willingham got in on the cuddles too.

the cast is delightful.

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Can you explain the Choi Siwon thing please?

  • disney wants to make a mulan live action movie
  • with an all asian cast
  • *look at the camera like i am in the office*
  • generalization of asian people i live in north america long enough why do i still feel bitter 
  • the kpop side of twitter chip in and discuss about possible actor for li shang
  • a person suggested choi siwon 
  • a fucking homophobe
  • who queerbait his entire fucking career
  • oppapoligists come at me 
  • anyway the tweet got popular 
  • and i am bitter 

btw regarding the movie 

  • disney decided to take out all musical score 
  • decided to eliminate bisexual icon li shang 
  • the first ever queer disney prince 
  • who is a BISEXUAl 
  • and a CHINESE (a poc, an asian)
  • and instead replace with a meninist who “hates mulan completely until she reveal she is a she”
  • i want to die
  • i a gay chinese girl who grew up loving mulan with her entire being 
  • who refuse to go to kindergarten if my mum didnt play the mulan vcr while we were getting ready 
  • i a dylexic chinese who had to dictate the entire 木蘭詞 in secondary school 
  • i a gay chinese girl does not deserve this 
  • disney already made a white people furry boderline beastility live action movie
  • leave my ancestors alone please 

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Is work stressing you out, Dark? I'm sorry😥

“It ebs and flows as it should. It’s a natural process, to be over-piled with paperwork and then receive a few relaxing moments.”

Dark bent a hand behind the length of his neck, where one could see his thumb rolling around in circles against the taunt expanse of his skin. Rummaging about in his spot to gain a comfortable angle, he finally provided a tense, caked smile that told too little.

“I would not state that I am stressed. Stress is a sensation I rarely feel. I am simply busy, it keeps my mind at work and allows the days and nights to pass by at a quicker pace. I’m glad for good work, and despite what many people may say, I actually do enjoy some paperwork.”

Okay I’ve been called many things and been talked to in a different way because I’m a furry, and dealt with people saying my art isn’t as good because it’s furry. I don’t care it’s whatever, 99% of people who say that stuff are insecure
But this one irks me the most: when people assume, because I don’t look like the stereotypical furry, that I’m pandering to get money or attention. like it doesn’t upset me as much as I don’t understand. people genuinely believe I spent way too much time learning how to draw different animals and bend anatomy just to make money.
for real


Hi friends!!

As you may have seen, I woke up Sunday morning to some dull knee pain. It wasn’t horrible, but I made the albeit annoying but smart decision to not run. I was bummed, but knew I was doing the right thing. I did make sure to do some PT exercises, stretching, and icing to help things along!

Monday my knee felt better, but not quite where I wanted it, so I took that day off too. Trying to be smart! The days off weren’t all bad though, got in some good snuggles with my boys :)

Yesterday I woke up and my knee felt SO much better! So I decided to head out and try

Indy Mini W12D2 - STRENGTH 4x1.5 miles

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, so I told myself just do one and see how I felt. After the first one my whole body was screaming LOLNOPE, so I turned home and cut the workout in half.

And I’m totally fine with that! During this run I had lots of thoughts about how much I push myself for running. And how I really need to be nicer and not put so much pressure on myself. I run for fun! Literally no one depends on how my runs go. My friends and family will still love me if I’m not running 100%. And I feel like I’m learning that more and more. I shouldn’t be nervous 3 days a week because of the hard runs I have to do after work. They should be something I look forward to! So moving forward, I’m going to try my hardest to have a different mindset towards running. It should be fun! Not another stress in my life. If I’m not running 9 min/miles, I’ll still be me and that’s pretty great :)

Okay enough rambles for today! My knee feels great again today, so I’ll be doing tempo tomorrow!

Happy hump day! :)

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What are your favorite btob group interactions? I know about btobap and now I have witnessed gotob show me more beauty.

btoapink is my personal favourite…. they trained together and they are really like real brothers and sisters changsub and chorong are known to be the best friends of best friends i can go on about them forever ilhoon and bomi cohost weekly idol together and they are so cute and they are really good friends minhyuk and chorong are best friends too bomi and eunkwang minhyuk are the best hayoung is close with changsub nayoung and ilhoon are family friends lol namjoo is the only girl in sungjae’s 95line and they argue so much lmao and hyunsik is the only one who remember and congratulates everyone in apink on their birthday lmao 

every time they get together its just a chaotic super noisy out of control mess and i liveeeeeeeeeeeee for that

honorable mention 

  • btobeast/btohighlight (do i even have to explain this lol)
  • btob1a4 (simply the best this post will never end if i have to say some of my fave moments of them just look them up the best sandeul are btob’s fave and they wont stop arguing funny and pure af also changsub and jinyoung are best friends)
  • btosuju (minhyuk and eunkwang are ryeo-line and he invented all of them to go watch world cup in the suju dorm…. heechul and eunkwang are close too uwu)
  • btoboyfriend (sungjae’s 95line 😭👌🏻 “we see each other 8 days in a week” “they are the friends that i can call and meet up with anytime”)
  • btoinfinite (do you know changsub and hoya are bffl)
  • btoivxx (hyukyeon coparenting the 10 chaotic kids with minhyuk eunkwang, changsub wont stop putting booger on ken, ilhoon and ravi the bestie)
  • btobangtan (ilhoon and namjoon were in the same fashion club in high school 😂 taehyung and sungjae’s toilet friendship, angel jimin who is the #1 angel eunkwang fan)
  • btosf9 (eunkwang and his 189cm son rowoon)
  • btoblockb (P.O. whose eyes gleamed upon meeting eunkwang and keep saying he wanna befriend him)
  • btomx (have you watch that monsta x show where btob guested 1 ep…. funniest…. they are all so close but peniel & minhyuk? eunkwang and shownu? minhyuk & minhyuk?💯)
  • gotob (peniel always introduce bambam as his son and he said he raised him since he was a baby in which bambam said i am still a baby how cute is that, have you seen peniel helping jackson to wear his namtag in isac most pure most wholesome, mark and peniel who are best of friends, eunkwang and jj projects, changsub and eunkwang are always spotted eating with jackson, yugeoum who has been adopted by eunkwang)
  • btomamamoo’s collaboration are always gift from gods (also changsub and solar are coffee friends)
  • btoredvelvet (red carpet had red velv5t shooketh & just watch that bbyu @ amusment park wgm ep… dumb meets dumber…. i love btorv )
  • bto9muse (chorong apparently introduced changsub to 9muses and they become friends and you can see them taking selfies together in isac)

like i don’t even know how it could happen and what’s gonna happen if ever and IF it could even be as good as the first one

but i’m just desperately feeling the need for a beauty and the beast sequel you know

  • first things first i need it to have a new title because he is not a beast!!!
  • i literally want to see more belle and prince adam being together damn it, it was literally too short in the film
  • lefou and stanley together
  • i wan’t backstory about cogsworth and the woman in the film (or did i miss it?)
  • basically i just want to see the human castle people + belle and prince adam, and belle’s dad living in the castle
  • I JUST REALLY WANT TO SEE BELLE AND ADAM TOGETHER OK i would pay to watch the next movie just to see them be together and fight about books and be cute and couple-y and in love pls i need good things in life
  • dan stevens was supposed to be naked in the transformation scene i want justice

The part of me that likes things to be organized and have things all in their rightful place (thats the part that creates a new sideblog everytime i pick a new hobby) wants to organize this blog, but knows it’s impossible because this blog is a mess of literally 77,000 posts. This part of me is pissed off by how disorganized this blog is and sort of wants to delete this blog and start a new personal blog to start over and have shit organized. The rest of me is more sentimental and is reluctant to get rid of 2 full years of fuckery, and that this url is the one that would be recognized by anybody. 

What happens if I delete my main anyway? Would one of my sideblogs become my main? Is there a way to delete more than 100 posts at a time? 


Okay I have something super important to say, so bear with me for a second.

deep breath


It’s damaging to you, because it sends you into a sneaky hate spiral of “man I’m never going to be as good as I want to, look how crappy this is, whatever I’m done” and makes you cranky and frustrated.

In addition, here’s another scenario, one that you likely hadn’t considered-

That person who follows you, who admires everything you do, sees you calling your writing or your art garbage? They immediately give up because damn, if this person I idolize is saying their work is bad, how on earth am I ever going to be any good at it?

Having standards is good. Knowing what YOU think looks good is how you improve- taking those techniques and borrowing them, implementing them into your writing or your artwork or whatever and putting together this beautiful tapestry that becomes YOUR STYLE.

If you worked on something- if you put ANY effort into something and you’re even a little bit proud of it- say so. Be like damn, this story came out friggin’ incredible, and OWN it. Months later you’re likely going to look back and be like haha wow that was actually not that great, but you know what? That’s a sign of IMPROVEMENT, and you should be proud of that.

Just don’t insult the work past you did. Don’t insult the work PRESENT you has done. Chalk it all up to learning, to improving and persevering, and KEEP AT IT. How you talk to yourself is inevitably how you will end up talking to others, and trust me- you wouldn’t dare say half the things you say about your own work in regards to someone else’s.