and it was a good one too

Angus starts to get really popular his first two years of school. Not just popular as in other kids want to be his friend and they know of his heroics, as in he’s been getting more and more letters from around Faerun asking for his detective help. He gets fanmail, other kids asking to meet him, and even meets with the author of the Caleb Cleavland novels.

It’s the day that Angus is invited for an interview on a popular talk show that Taako starts to get… competitive. Taako has speeches lined up suddenly, and after a week of red carpet appearances, Kravitz finally asks what he’s doing after missing dinner three nights in a row. “Oh you know, giving the people what they want! Keepin up the Taako brand, baby.” He asks Lup instead and she confirms his fear, he’s jealous of Angus. 

One day before a talk show appearance, Kravitz sneaks into Angus’s dressing room where he’s busy applying his Taako Brand eyebrow pencil and tells him whats going on. He’s all of 14 years old and about to publish his first book. To Kravitz’s surprise, Angus already knows.

“Sir, I hate going in the spotlight. The only thing I hate more is seeing Taako sad. A detective’s work is best done in the dark, but if it means making him happy then I’ll do it.”

Dropping the cockney accent after an assistant leaves, Kravitz replies, “But Taako’s been running around all week making public appearances, meeting celebrities, doing radio talks and campaigns for the school… He’s always tired, he seems overworked.”

Angus turns from the mirror, “But his smile is always genuine.”

The reaper took a second to think about that. Its true that his husband had always came back tired as hell, sometimes with barely the energy to eat. But he always came home smiling, face full of makeup in an absolutely stunning outfit, excited to see him after a full days work. 

Angus continues, “Taako glows the brightest when he has a spotlight on him, it just took a little competition to push him back to his luminous self. I’m the worlds greatest detective, I can see through his mask. Its my job as his… friend.”

Kravitz couldn’t believe it. Angus… Understanding Taako was supposed to be HIS job, and he couldn’t see how sad Taako had been cooped up in his schools headmaster office. Every time Kravitz was too busy with work to come to the speeches, every time he had said no to the events. God, this kid was doing the work for him.

A small bell went off, “Oh! That’s my cue sir, Maybe we can talk more later, but I doubt you haven’t already found the answer.” And with that, he left.


Falyn Elwood, Old Hunter | Ten of Swords

A simplified tarot card that I drew for for my Bloodborne OC, Falyn.Ten of Swords represents a tragic end, but also a new beginning - the light shining on her face plus the lumenflower in her hand (symbolizing her relationship with Lady Maria) is meant to show that. Her ending always sounds so sad when I explain it to other people, and it definitely is, but considering all of the suffering she’s done throughout her story, it’s exactly what she wanted. She’s finally free.  

Animated ver.

I had no idea that spending an entire day off the couch would be so exhausting. I’ve cried twice since I got home from work and I have a headache and I guess there’s something to this “recovery from cancer surgery” after all.

jsyk interracial couples don’t mean shit if they’re drenched in racist tropes. a brown man is jealous and overprotective of his dainty white girlfriend? racist! an asian woman is narrow minded until a white man chooses her to be his girlfriend and liberates her from her outdated cultural beliefs? racist! a black man constantly “dominates” his white boyfriend? racist! this treatment isn’t exclusive to interracial relationships that involve a white person, but it’s much more common with them and it’s complete bullshit 

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.


Magnus wearing blue shirts.