and it was 4am and i couldn't sleep

How to tell DAY6 apart in fancams of their live performances:
  • Jae: the one who sticks his head up as if he's drowning but he's really just feeling the song
  • Sungjin: the one who looks the saddest/angriest
  • Junhyeok: the really cheesy one who clasps his hands in Habits
  • Young K: the turnt up one
  • Wonpil: the one smiling the widest while making hearts with his fingers
  • Dowoon: the one you can barely see bc he's always blocked by either Brian, Sungjin, Jae or their instruments.

me: wow i’m going to go to bed so early tonight, get back into a normal sleeping pattern, can’t wait!!!

stardew valley: 1.1 beta out now!