and it turns out to be volleyball boyfriends

Headache (M)

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 2564 words

Plot: You have a headache but then you are met with your boyfriend and your thoughts to distract you.

Oh God guys, this is my first time ever using my blog or writing any sort of these oneshots/fictional stories and smut. That was difficult. This probably sucks… please give me any feedback so I can know where to work on. :) but that’s probably impossible because I have like zero followers. YIKES

Your hands gripped to rest at your knees as you panted for air. “Take five, guys. Great job!” encouraged your trainer. You walked towards your water bottle gratefully to rehydrate yourself. You had a mild headache and tomorrow night was going to be spent at another award show, so you and your group were in one of the dance rooms of the arena it was going to be held at for rehearsals. 

It was always like this, but you could never complain. Being an idol wasn’t something easy to achieve and you got paid to do the things you loved—singing, dancing, performing and many other bonuses that came with it. You sighed in relief after taking a long swig of the cold drink that quenched your thirst and grabbed for a small towel to dab on your forehead until you felt the presence of Hye Jin, your leader, beside you.

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Rare Friendships


I just think they’d be really cute because they’re ‘delinquents’ but on the inside they’re all big softies and Terushima’s super fucking smart and Kyoutani studies hard and they help each other

Teru totally influenced Kyou to get his ear pierced and he’s always wanted one and he was scared Yahaba would hate it but he digs the bad boy look

Kyou teaches Teru how to wear eyeliner and they walk around with leather jackets scaring people out of parks just so that they can use the kiddy swings.

They hang out to get away from volleyball and school stuff but whenever Kyou gets upset over an argument with Yahaba or something with the team Teru stays on the phone with him all night and sometimes he turns up with some sake and shitty action movies with bad CGI and acting

They work out together because Teru actually sucks at gym but Kyou helps him and they get the gainzz together

They can’t express their gayness to others because they’re the cold and cool type so they get together and fangirl over their boyfriends ((Yahaba in Kyou’s case and basically whoever Teru decides to get with for the week or month))

Kyou is surprisingly good at cooking because his mum owns a restaurant and so he teaches Teru how to make food and chocolates for Valentines Day to give to Bobata (their gay bromance must not be stopped)

Sometimes Kyou invites the Johzenji boys over after practice to have dinner and that’s how Seijou and Johzenji meet but they don’t fit in his house so they eat outside in the back yard and make a BBQ with leftover meat from the restaurant (the teams get on surprisingly well and Bobata keeps Teru in check but he constantly teases Yahaba about him and Kyou beside its funny watching him blush and be at a loss for words)

Imagine them going to a pool though and Teru has a fear of swimming because he thinks he’s gonna sink and Bobata and Futamata push him in and they all laugh at him because he can actually stand in the water but Kyou feels bad so he spends the rest of the afternoon teaching Teru how to float on his back and do freestyle

Kyou helps pick out Teru’s tattoo and goes with him because Teru is actually a pussy with pain and holds his hand the whole time (he gets a tattoo of his star sign and the Japanese character for ‘free’ and ‘wild’)

Teru has begun to like Hamima chicken and Kyou doesn’t mind sausage buns anymore but they both prefer Kyou’s cooking

They decide to try out smoking because it would complete their bad boy look but they start choking and almost die together so they decided to carry around one but never actually light it up because they’re I D I O T S

Teru corrupts Kyou’s mind and he is he reason why Yahaba has a heart attack when Kyou starts talking about kinks because suddenly Yahaba isn’t the knowledgable one

They’re just really cute like Teru would totally treat Kyou like a dog and feed him chicken and Kyou would bite his hand

I shall stop now but yes cute

Auston Matthews - Run the 6ix

Hey Jas, please can you do an Auston Matthews one where the reader is listening to the Auston Matthews rap after the leafs win a game and it’s on full volume because she doesn’t expect him home early but instead of going out with the guys he comes home to find her making dinner in nothing but a Matthews jersey and the song playing in the background. 

Author’s Note: I went slightly off topic with it and it was practice instead by accident! -Jas 

Ever since Steph and Mitch showed you ‘Auston Matthews’ by Black IRI$h it’s been on repeat on your phone, obviously whenever your boyfriend, the man himself, wasn’t home.

It’s not that you didn’t want him to hear you listening to it, you knew all the words and you didn’t care, but you knew he was uncomfortable talking about his newfound ‘fame’.

You, being the great girlfriend you were, usually stopped the boys from playing it, or only played it when he wasn’t around.

But today? You had no clue he’d be home so early.

Today was a lazy day and you decided to surprise Auston with his favourite meal after practice for dinner, and the first thing you saw was his jersey so you said screw it and kept on your spandex shorts from your high school volleyball days and threw on the Matthews jersey.

Being in a quiet apartment is very obviously one of the most boring and uncomfortable things ever to be, so you managed to convince Auston to get some nice surround sound speakers, which totally paid off for parties.

So there you were, Auston Matthews on blast while making some mac ‘n cheese, dancing in your boyfriend’s jersey, singing along.

“Run this 6ix yeah I run the 6ix like” was all you could get out before you heard a male voice sing along.

You quickly turned around to see your man-child of a boyfriend stood there, doing some stupid trendy dance along to the song causing you to laugh.

Deciding to ignore him you turned around to continue supper, also paying he didn’t notice how red your face was from him walking in on you singing his song.

Once the song was over you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and him bending over to have his head level enough to rest on top of yours.

“so (y/n)” he started, slightly snickering “I see you’re channeling your inner ‘fangirl’ today” you rolled your eyes.

“keep making fun of me and see if you get some mac ‘n cheese, your mom’s recipe and everything” you turned around in his arms, placing a hand on his chest.

He placed a hand over yours a dramatically sighed “what did I do to deserve a girl who wears my jersey, sings a song about me and even cooks my favorite meals for me on her days off”

You gently placed a kiss on his lips and smiled “a girl who deserves a spa day”


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Love and Kindness {S.M}

non-requested// imagine where you and Shawn went to high school together and he wasn’t so nice to you, but you run into one another and things are different

author’s note// sorry i haven’t posted in like seventeen million years but i hope you guys like this one!! 


You were bullied your senior year of high school. Freshman through junior year were fine, since you lived in Texas, and you had friends and you were actually kind of popular and super good at volleyball. 

Then you moved to Canada for your senior year because your dad got some transfer in his job and you had to move to some stupid town in Canada. 

And jeez, those stereotypes about Canadians being nice isn’t all that true. 

There was a group of kids who just really hated you. Like for some reason, they hated every little thing you did. It started when you asked one of them who was in your Current Issues class, who looked pretty decent and kinda looked like one of the girls on your volleyball team back in Texas, when volleyball tryouts were. Turns out she was most certainly not the type to play volleyball, cause when the word came out of your mouth, she cackled and the other two girls who heard started laughing as well, as if you had just dropped the most hysterical line in all of history. Ever since then, they decided to make your life a living hell, especially that Lauren girl who you talked to that first day of school and her boyfriend Shawn. 

Shawn was simply the worst. Shawn was on the hockey team, and you could tell that the one you went to, which you were harassed at, he was extremely good. When you first saw him, he seemed like a nice guy. You thought you’d strike up a conversation with him during AP Humanities. Didn’t work out well. He made fun of your accent, which you didn’t really think existed and the fact that you were wearing a Beatles shirt. It still didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it happened. And he also made your life a living hell, but it was whatever. It only lasted for one year, and as soon as you walked on that stage and got your diploma (Shawn and Lauren’s posse booed you, and they got shushed but it didn’t change the fact that you were legitimately booed at your own freaking high school graduation) you were out of there. You packed your things, and you were on your way to Stanford. 

Since you didn’t really have any friends and your rec volleyball team you joined was absolute trash, you had more than plenty of time to ace your SAT’s and keep a 4.5 GPA (cause of the honors and AP classes) so you got into Stanford. You were so happy to leave, in fact, you were ten times more than happy. You moved out before summer was even over, cause you couldn’t bear ever see these wretched people ever again. Your parents understood. Your parents loved you and missed you after you left, but they sure understood why you never wanted to come back to that town. 

And you usually didn’t. Stanford was great, the people there were great, there was a pretty good volleyball team, and you were getting your degree in Criminal Law. Like, life was pretty great. You went back “home” every holiday, and for some birthdays and surprise visits, but it wasn’t often. You managed to not run into any of them, for the most part. You saw Lauren once, but she didn’t see you and you saw Ian at Home Depot and he waved at you, a wave you didn’t return. And you saw Shawn all of the time, since he had kind of become a world famous pop star. So you saw his face a lot of places, but it didn’t bug you. You didn’t have to deal with him harassing you. For the most part. 

Your hands gripped the wheel of your car as you drove down the highway. You had just landed back in Canada, and rented a car. Your knuckles turned a bright shade of white as you clutched the steering wheel. You were back in town for your Dad’s birthday, you hadn’t been able to make his birthday last year due to some pretty important exams. And your Dad meant the world to you, so you made a big effort to be here this year, even though he wanted to go out to eat at the place that everyone always goes to for any and every event, so you’d for sure see someone you knew. Somehow. You were ten miles away from the restaurant, and your heart was beating a million miles a minute. You were nervous just to be back in the country. You were nervous you were going to see them again. You were nervous they were going to make fun of your Stanford hoodie, or the fact that you wore tall fuzzy socks over your leggings, or the fact that you breathe. Because those thinks aren’t above them two years ago, you don’t think they’d be above it now. You felt the air in your car getting thicker, and you couldn’t breathe. You felt all the words rush back. 

This hadn’t happened in a year. This hadn’t happened in a year, even when you came back just two months ago for Christmas, you hadn’t felt this way. Heck, last time you were here you saw Lauren, and this didn’t happen. Your vision started to get blurry, and you knew you needed to pull over. You saw the sign of a 7/11 and somehow managed to pull in and park without running someone over or hitting a lamp post by some stroke of luck. You quickly removed your seat belt at the speed of light and hopped out of your rental car, praying you didn’t throw up before you got out, so you didn’t have to pay to get it cleaned. By yet another stroke of luck, you make it out of the car before you threw up. All over the concrete. You threw up because you were nervous about the off chance of seeing some people you didn’t particularly care for. You heaved, trying to catch your breath and make your head stop spinning. The words they had said throughout that year started to fade from yells into whispers and you could again see the pattern of the birds on your shoes. 

“Y/n? Is that you?” You heard a voice call, and you knew that voice so well. You felt like you were going to throw up again. 

You looked up, your long hair flipping up, and pulling it back behind your shoulders and wiping your mouth as you looked in his direction. His arms were crossed over his chest, as he leaned back on his black jeep. His lips were turned up in a teasing smirk as he saw your face, white as a ghost. He was wearing all black, which you had noticed he had adopted after he became famous, because you never remembered him wearing black skinny jeans once. 

“Shawn?” You questioned, knowing damn well that it was him. He let out a chuckle as he pushed himself up from his car, talking long strikes towards you. You winced with every step that he took. You wondered what he would say. You wondered what he would make fun of you for. Would he remind you of something you did in high school that no one else would ever remember but him?

“You okay?” He put his hand on your back, not seeming so disgusted by the puke pooling at your feet. You craned your neck so that you could face him. You furrowed your eyebrows and gave him the most confused look you could muster. 

“Is this some kind of joke?” You laughed, shrugging his hand from your shoulder. He sucked in a breath, obviously not expecting that one, but he didn’t get angry or try and defend himself. 

“No.” He answered simply. He looked down at his hands. He started to mess with his fingers. He seemed almost… nervous? 

“Am I on some television show? Is your manager around?” You kept going, probably going a little further than you needed to. But he went a little further than he needed to all of high school. 

“No, I promise.” He let out a little chuckle. He was about to put his hand on your shoulder but he caught himself rather quickly. 

“Well, I’m gonna go! I wish I could say it was good seeing you!” You started for your car door, but his hand grabs onto your wrist. You felt your pores seethe, but not necessarily with anger. 

“Y/n, come on.” You looked up, and you looked into his eyes, accidentally of course. 

Okay maybe not. 

“I’m sorry.” He started. His eyes bore into your soul, and you couldn’t tell if he was as good an actor as he is a singer. You looked down at his hand on your wrist, but you didn’t pull away. You stood there, his large hand wrapped around wrist, both of your eyes locked on your skin touching his skin. 

“That’s nice to hear.” You managed to get out before you shook your wrist away. Yanking it away seemed a bit extra. 

“Hey, how about I drive you to wherever it is you’re going, and I can bring you back afterwards. You’re sick, I don’t want you driving.” Was this Shawn? Was this the kid that joked around that for Halloween he was going to dress as you, but he may traumatize some kids. 

“Um.. I don’t know.” Your hand slid onto your car door handle, starting to open it. 

“It isn’t a trap or whatever. Like, I’m just worried about you.” He looked down at his hands again, this time very obviously nervous. 

“I’m going to dinner with my parents…” Your hand stayed on the silver handle, but didn’t open it. 

“I can go with you, or wait in the car, or go somewhere else. Please, I can make it up to you, since I was a little mean to you senior year.” He muttered. You let out a sharp scoff. 

“A little mean?” He looked up at you, wincing just like you were only moments ago when he was walking towards you. “You harassed me, Shawn.” He nodded. 

“I was. I’m sorry. Please, let me make it up to you. We can catch up?” He suggested. You contemplated for a moment. Why would you get into a car with this dude? He will probably lock the doors and start roasting you within three or four minutes. Once a jerk always a jerk. 

“Yeah sure.”

What the hell? Did you actually just agree to get in a car with a guy who caused you to go to therapy for two years? Honestly? What is wrong with you?

But his eyes lit up, and he took your hand, and laced his fingers with his. You were about to pull away but your skin started to crawl, but the feeling wasn’t disgust. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve said that feeling was sparks. 

You made your way to Shawn’s car, your fingers still laced together, your entire body feeling alive. It was so weird. He even opened the door for you? Two years ago he would’ve probably slammed a door right on your face, breaking your nose. You got in, and he ran around to the other side, jumping in and turning on the car. 

“So, where are you going?” He asked, backing out of the parking spot. 

“Alo.” You looked out the window, trying to push that nausea back down your throat. But it felt a little more like butterflies than it did nausea. 

“Oh, wow. I used to love that place. I think Hannah works there, or maybe Lauren?” He looked off a little, thinking. “I don’t really remember. I don’t really talk to any of them except for Ian.” He shrugged. 

“Yeah I don’t really talk to any of them either.” You scoffed, looking away from Shawn quickly, in case he looked over. So he wouldn’t know you were looking at him. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’d understand why.” He laughed, trying not to make it awkward, but it was already too late. “So um.. How’ve ya been?” He didn’t look in your direction, which was good because you looked at him and it would’ve been extremely awkward if you made eye contact. 

“Good. Stanford is nice.” You stated simply, not going too into detail. He didn’t deserve to know all about your personal life. But you ached to tell him more. 

“Wow, Stanford? That’s amazing!” This time he did look in your direction, and when his eyes met yours, it wasn’t all that awkward. In fact, you could’ve sworn you saw him blush. But maybe it was just a trick of the light. 

“Yeah. Had plenty of time to study since I didn’t have any friends whatsoever!” You laughed, killing whatever mood it was that was there only seconds before. 

“Oh..” He trailed off a little. “I mean, you have friends at Stanford though, right?” He looked over for just a second, and then averted his gaze back to the road. 

“Yeah, plenty. Some of them asked me if I knew you, actually. There’s a few big fans of yours in my dorm. After I told them what high school I went to, I’m surprised they didn’t go into cardiac arrest.” Shawn let out a laugh, which surprised you. He had only ever laughed at you when he was making fun of you or making a joke at your expense. 

“You’re funny, you know that? God, why was I so mean to you?” He glanced at you again, and this time you were absolutely certain he was blushing. “I mean you’re actually not bad. Better than not bad. I mean you’re absolutely stunning. You’re funny. God, Y/n, I’m sorry.” He let out a breath. You weren’t sure if he was faking it. 

Did he just call you stunning?

“Oh wow..” You sputtered, trying hard just to get words out. “Thank you. I mean, not thank you, but I appreciate the apologies and the… t-the compliments” You scooted closer to the window, trying to move away. But it was a car, and it was actually kind of hard to scoot away from someone in the car. 

“It isn’t a problem. I mean, saying nice things and driving you. It’s the least I can do.” He chuckles, turning into the restaurant parking lot. “What do you say tomorrow I drive you to a restaurant again, but this time, I will actually go and eat with you instead of waiting in the parking lot to take you home?” He had parked and was looking right into your eyes, and this time, you were the one blushing. 

“Wait, you want to go on a date with me?” You probably shouldn’t have asked that. 

“More or less.” He smiled, and looked down. “It’s only the least I can do.” He looks back up and the smile is gone, and only a look utmost sincerity was plastered across his face. You felt so many things wash over your body, and you couldn’t quite control your words or emotions. So all you could manage to get past your lips was;


The look of sincerity was overtaken with a look of pure excitement, that was obvious he was trying his hardest to suppress it.  

“Well okay. That’s great. So um..” He looked down again. He kept doing that. “I’ll wait here. You go eat with your family. And when you get back, we can make plans for tomorrow, eh?” You only nodded in agreement, quickly hopping out of the car and scurrying into the restaurant. 

You started to feel nauseous again.

Wait no, that’s butterflies

Yeah for sure, butterflies. 

author’s note// hey my dudes you should send me those asks like “opinions on…” or “you think shawn would…” or bullet point things like please i beg of you i wanna feel cool!!!! p.s THE DEAR EVAN HANSEN SOUNDTRAcK CAME OUT I WaNNA DO AN IMAGINE OFF OF IT DWLKCJ@:UIHc IRS SO FGOOD

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Iwaizumi/Oikawa/Tsukishima headcanons? (a.k.a why does Iwaizumi always end up with people who have bad personalities,but he loves it anyway)

  • Surprisingly each of them play the mediator when the other two start bickering
    • Tsukishima loves mocking Oikawa and seeing him riled up, so Iwaizumi always have to tell Tsukki to lay off and lecture Oikawa for usually calling it upon himself
    • When Iwaizumi and Oikawa get into their usual childhood friend bickering, Tsuki just walks in between them and tell them they’re both over reacting. 
    • Although its rare, Tsukki will back talk Iwaizumi when he’s being too pestering and the two of them will go at each other. Oikawa usually sorts out the conflict as fast as he can, because when they argue it gets ugly
  • All of them know how to cook and often help each other out in the kitchen. Their favorite thing to do together (beside playing volleyball) is to cook
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa love spoiling Tsukishima with affection. They’ll hug or kiss him out of nowhere just to see his face turn red
  • Oikawa starts wearing his glasses more often so that he could “match” with Tsukki. Both of his boyfriend absolutely love it
  • Tsukki is the little spoon, Oikawa is the medium spoon, and Iwaizumi is the biggest spoon
  • Although Iwaizumi and Oikawa mutually liked each other and knew it, they never officially started dating. When they both developed feelings for Tsukki, they tried tag teaming him. Tsukki actually had a crush on them since the practice match and graciously accepted their offer
  • Once when Oikawa was out and it was just Tsukki and Iwaizumi, the younger man asked if Iwaizumi ever got sick of him because he had such a shitty personality. Iwaizumi laughed and promised Tsukki that he’s been around Oikawa for so long that terrible personalities didn’t seem so terrible
  • Oikawa and Tsukki were the first to kiss. The two of them got into an argument about effort and talent. The fight got so bad that Oikawa started crying in frustration (and a mix of self hate). Tsukki immediately rushed to his side and hugged him, reassuring him that he was sorry. After Oikawa had stopped crying he grabbed Tsukki and kissed him telling him that he was tried. Tsukki took him to his room, kissed him again, and left. They both apologize the following morning
  • The three of them like watching action sci-fi movies. Oikawa particularly likes the gruesome ones, but the other two strongly decline
  • Sometimes they’ll go stargazing just to listen to Oikawa geek out about the universe and space

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I'd like to request scenarios with Ukai and Kuroo and fem!s/o. She's trying really hard to learn how to play volleyball but her nerdy ass just cannot move like she want. After some kind of practice with her bf she's vv annoyed at herself.


I hope you do like it anon-chan <3


Ukai Keishin

“Keishin,” you whine when the volleyball you’re trying to bounce on your arms goes flying again, “what am I doing wrong?”

The coach flings away his cigarette, striding towards you with a chuckle on his lips. Taking your arms, he turns the flat of your forearms up, lacing your fingers together. “You keep hitting it here,” he advises pointing to the seam where your wrists are touching. “You need to hit it here,” he continues, tracing his finger up your skin to the center of your arms leaving goose bumps in the wake of his touch.

He grins at your pout, giving you a peck before saying, “Try it again, sweetie.”

You do so and for about five seconds it looks like you’ve finally gotten the hang of it when the ball goes off again rolling towards the fence.

“Forget it,” you say flinging yourself down onto the grass, “I’ll never get it.”

“Maybe not,” Keishin shrugs, “but then again, you don’t have to for me to love you.”

You smile at his sweet words, the blush on his cheeks making you giggle; he really is still such a boy in some regards.

Kuroo Tetsuro

The rally keeps on going and the ball doesn’t touch the floor. They were connecting. They made it look so easy that even you wanted to try it out. Practice ends and you walk over to your wonderful, sneaky ass boyfriend in the gym. You tap his shoulder and he turns around.

“I need you.” You sigh tiredly.

Kuroo looks back at you with his eyebrow raised.

“Well, not here sweetheart. Everyone’s watching-“

“That’s not what I meant!” You roll your eyes and he playfully kisses your cheek.

“What’s wrong babe?” He sets his towel down and crosses his arms.

“Can you teach me how to play volleyball?”

His eyes widen and a big smile etches on his face. Who wouldn’t want both the things they love at the same time?!


Okay, on second thought, maybe you just didn’t mix well with the other thing he loved.

He throws the ball at you, making sure to hit exactly where you’re supposed to receive it. You lift your arms up and it goes flying to the left side. You sigh and huff angrily.

“It takes practice, love. Don’t worry.” He reassures as he smiles at you apologetically.

You try again. Still no luck.

“Why do you want to learn so badly anyway?” He throws the ball at you again and it goes to the left.

“You make it look so easy and I just wanted to try it.” He nods and walks over to you.

“Okay so you’re just moving your arms, you need to send it off with your whole body,” He demonstrates and adjusts your hands to the right position.

“And, don’t forget,” You look up at him with expectancy. He leans down and cups your face, pressing his lips to yours. It ends in a second but, it still helped to cool your head.

“I love you even if you suck at volleyball.” You sigh at him and slap his arm.You mutter a soft, ‘not helping’ and he laughs. He goes back to his position.

“Alright, you ready?” You nod and take a deep breath. The ball is tossed to you and you hit it with your arms, trying to ‘send it off with your whole body’

The ball flies to the left side of the court and you make a beeline for your bag, leaving the gym in a huff.

“_____! Where are you going?!”

“Volleyball isn’t for me! Come on, let’s go home.”

BokuAkaKuroTsukki go to Brazil

This is my submission to @not-haikyuu ‘s secret santa. I was @hidingfromthehotties ‘s secret santa. I hope you have fun reading this story, as much as I had writing it at least! Have a great 2017!!

BokuAkaKuroTsukki - Secret Santa

“How can I pack if you don’t tell me where we’re going?” Tsukishima asked Bokuto who waved his hand dismissively.

“Just pack like you would for any trip.” Kuroo said from the couch where he was snuggling with Akaashi.

“Have you two packed?” Akaashi asked as he flipped through channels on the TV.

“Pftt… Of course not. The trip is only tomorrow night. We’ll have plenty of time to pack tomorrow.” Bokuto replied and Tsukishima rolled his eyes before walking to their room where he could pack.

But of course they nearly missed the flight because Bokuto and Akaashi had taken forever to start packing. They ran through the airport looking like a bunch of dogs chasing a rabbit. Bokuto ran ahead and asked a guy about flight JJ 637. The guy gave Bokuto a paper and the latter turned to his boyfriends.

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Hi can I ask for #4 kiss prompt w/ oikawa? Ty~

Aah! One of my fave baes!!! 

Prompt:  4) speaking normally, then after the kiss their voice is hoarse

Yet another volleyball was served, the sounds of it hitting the floor at an inhuman force echoed around the gym.

You sat on the bench as your boyfriend repeated this process over and over. It had been over an hour since everyone else on the team had left, but Oikawa, and, by extension, you stayed behind. Not that your boyfriend knew that.

He grabbed another volleyball from the basket and took a set number of steps back. His eyes remained closed as he tried to concentrate, breathing in and out slowly. After a few seconds, his eyes snapped open. Oikawa tossed the ball up, chasing it edge of the court before slamming down on it as hard as he could.

Just like the last time, it was out of the court.

“Dammit! Why can’t I…”

Huffing harder than usual, Oikawa was turning to get another ball when he finally noticed you. The shock of seeing you caused him to jump slightly and do a double take.

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Apollo cabin headcanons??

Will – eldest, leader of the cabin. Watches documentaries about horrible medical accidents and loves it. Can fall asleep literally anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. The big house porch? Of course. Mess hall? Several times, actually. The stables? Yeah, once. Nico di Angelo’s bed? almost every night now really whaaaaaaat. no never. what are you talking about, chiron? i am innocence. sin will not touch me, no sir. 

Lukas – best swordsman in the cabin, can hold his own against Clarisse. (win? Probably not. But hold himself with dignity? Usually. Sometimes. Once or twice.) Gets the most into planning the Capture the Flag strategies, joins the weekly Hermes video game tournaments (he’s kick-ass in Mario Kart and was banned from planning for two weeks when his banana peel caused Travis to spin out from first place right before he crossed the finish line)

Hina - has the largest stockpile of bubblegum packets in camp. The Stolls come to her when they’re developing their bubblegum bombs and she’s too happy to help. Have a secret? Yeah, she’s known about it longer than you have. Her girlfriend - Sage from the Demeter cabin - is the only one to have a documented incident of her smiling (nicely, at least.) Secretly really into poetry. 

Kayla – probably would be in charge of the infirmary if Will wasn’t such an obsessive workaholic. The mom friend, probably has an extra jacket and fruit snacks on hand at any given moment. Despite this, would stab you for the last brownie if it came to it. The Aphrodite cabin helps her (safely!!!!) dye her hair once a month.

Austin – that friend that always brings a guitar to the party. Would be annoying if he wasn’t so goddamn good with it. Leads the campfire sing-alongs most of the time. He’s the most level-headed & the one who talks to their new siblings to give them the run down such as: 

- if Will says he hasn’t hit his hours limit at the infirmary for that week yet, assume he’s lying.

- it’s better to accept Kayla’s motherhenning bc if not she’ll get pissy and that sucks for everyone

- If Lukas suggests going down to the practice rink for ‘a bit of tossing around the old swords’ say no. Ask Selena. He is out for blood. 

- same with Hina, except sparring. Do not agree to go. 

- and etc. 

Selena – holds the infirmary over when Will is banned and Kayla needs a break. Can usually be found toes-deep in the sand on her days off. The best archer in Apollo, good friends with Mitchell from Aphrodite because of this (they bond over having to specially order their colored arrow tips)

Ravi - newest camper in the Apollo camper, just turned thirteen. Still in a bit of awe about everything - especially about how Will’s boyfriend can control shadows isn’t that so cool?????? (((((kind of sort of has a tiny fanboy crush on di angelo and lololol nico has nooooo ideaaaaa)))))))

Marisol – very music orientated, helps out in the infirmary (read: organizes paperwork. Buut! Next summer, Will said she could start shadowing him! So!!!!!!!) Memorizes hymms with Selena when she can. On the camp volleyball team and is determined to crush the Red team this weekend.

Kiren - youngest in the cabin, probably the most excitable. Is Not Allowed to have sugar after four in the afternoon. Crawls into Kayla or Austin’s beds after a nightmare. Kayla is taking him to dye his hair orange next week and he’s a bit Excited. 

Drabble: Modern College AU

Just starting a quick series of modern college AU Hiccstrid drabbles inspired by this fanart (the last panel is a little NSFW so don’t click on it if you’re uncomfortable with Hiccstrid in the shower): Credits to the artist for the art! I have the last two drabbles written, I’m just not posting them all at once.

“I can put sunscreen on myself, you know,” Hiccup complained as his girlfriend rubbed lotion onto his back and shoulders. Sophomore year of college was finally over for Hiccup and Astrid, meaning that they were back home on Berk. With Berk came the type of peace that New York didn’t seem to have, and the two were enjoying that peace at their favorite beach.

“Stop being stubborn,” Astrid insisted, continuing to run her hands across Hiccup’s lightly freckled back.

“I’m not being stubborn. I’m being independent.”

The blonde rolled her eyes as she slid in front of her boyfriend and started rubbing lotion onto his lightly defined abs that were a result of her dragging him to the gym. Since she was on the school volleyball team, she needed to work out, and there was nothing better than having Hiccup there to work out with her. At first he’d been reluctant, but he eventually came to enjoy it.

“Ast, there’s kids here.”

“Why does that matter? I’m sure their parents do stuff like this. And besides, I’m almost done.” Astrid finished putting lotion on Hiccup, then handed him the sunscreen and turned around. “Now put some on me.”

He rubbed sunscreen onto the bare strip of skin between Astrid’s swimsuit top, which reached the top of her stomach, and her bottoms. He then put some on her shoulders, tummy, and legs. They then both rubbed some on their own faces before rushing into the water.

“Don’t go out too far,” Hiccup said as Astrid swam to a part of the ocean where he knew that his feet couldn’t touch the bottom. He’d never been a strong swimmer, and didn’t trust himself to go too deep in the ocean, as it was always unpredictable.

“Alright, I’m coming back.” The blonde swam over to her boyfriend and wrapped her arms around his neck before leaning in to kiss him.

Hiccup returned the embrace, and followed Astrid’s kiss on the lips with a kiss on the top of her head.

After hanging out in the water for a bit longer, Hiccup suggested that they play in the sand, which Astrid quickly agreed to.

“Let’s make a sand castle,” she said, grabbing the bucket they’d brought with them.

“No, let’s make a sand dragon,” Hiccup gently argued. Being a Norse history major, he was obsessed with the old stories of dragons and dragon training. Since he was a kid, his favorite story had been the one about Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his Night Fury named Toothless. That, combined with his hatred of being named Henry, had earned him the nickname Hiccup.

“Alright, sand dragon it is.” Astrid walked to the ocean and filled the bucket, then dumped the water onto the area in which they were working.

“Let’s make a Night Fury,” suggested Hiccup. He began to form the dragon’s head.

“Okay. I’ll start on the feet,” she offered.

In a little over an hour, the Night Fury sculpture was nearly finished.

“I’m just gonna grab some rocks to make him a face,” Hiccup said.

“I’ll help you look.”

The two split up and gathered rocks, then met back at the sculpture to finish decorating it.

“It looks great!” Hiccup exclaimed, stepping back to admire the creation. “Good teamwork.” He gave Astrid a high-five. “Now let’s take a picture.”

“It’s perfect!” Astrid said. “Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless.”

“I know,” grinned Hiccup. He pulled his phone from his backpack and slid in beside Astrid, who was sitting beside the sand dragon. Wrapping one arm around her, he used the other to take a few photos.

“Okay, babe, I’m gonna go cool off in the water for a minute.” The blonde stood up.

“Hold on, wait for me!” Hiccup called.

“I don’t think so! You’ll just have to catch up!” shouted Astrid before plunging into the ocean, leaving her slightly irritated boyfriend standing on the shore.

anonymous asked:

May I please request a tendou x s/o reader where he tries really hard to get her to be the team manager and after many failed attempts he gets her to be manager by telling her he's buy her ice cream for 4 months. thank you

Thanks for the request!

Dinner with Tendou had started to seem like he had ulterior motives.

Your boyfriend of only a month had been taking you out to dinner more and more. You had already been out three times this week and it was only Thursday. And you had a feeling you knew what was coming.

“Hey, ______.”

“No, Satori.”

He looked at you with wide eyes, and you continued eating. “You don’t even know what I’m going to ask.”

“Ushijima-san mentioned that you had said I would make a good manager. And my answer is no.”

“I wasn’t going to ask you if you wanted to be our manager…”

“Really? Then what were you going to ask?”

Tendou was quiet. His silence made you uncomfortable. “Okay, so I was going to ask that. But you would be great at it!”

“No, Satori. It would be weird.” You said.

“I’ll take you out every night for a week.”

“You’ve already been doing that. No.”

“I’ll buy you a flower every day for a year.”


“Ramen for two weeks.”


“God, ______. Really? Nothing will get you to want to spend all your time with me, your amazing boyfriend?” He said.

You ate another mouthful of ramen before answering. “Nope. I already have to spend enough time stopping you from doing stupid things, why would I want to try and keep track of a whole team of teenage boys?”

He watched you eat silently. “I’ll buy you ice cream for four months.”

Your hand paused halfway up to your mouth. He had found your one weakness: your insane sweet tooth. He had asked you out with candy, and you constantly had some kind of sugary snack in your bag. It was no surprise that he would use this weakness against you now. “How often are we talking? Like ice cream every day for two months? Or like once a week?”

“I am an eighteen year old boy in high school, do I look like I can afford ice cream dates every day?” He asked, a joking smile stretched across his face.

“You’ve taken me out for dinner three times this week.”

“That…is different. My mom loaned me the money.”

“Did you tell her that it was to coerce your girlfriend into being your volleyball team’s manager?” You said slyly, smirking when his face turned red.

“Fine, I’ll take you out for ice cream three times a week for four months after school if you agree to be our manager. It’s not hard, and you’d get to be around your amazing boyfriend all the time.” Tendou said.

You pretended to think for a minute, but really this was a no brainer. You sighed. “Fine, I’ll be your team’s manager.”

He shouted happily and then gave you a kiss. And once he paid the bill, he practically dragged you to his house to fill out the club paper.

As you filled it out, you couldn’t help smiling because even after all your complaining about it, the thought of seeing your boyfriend practice what he loves every day was enough to make you happy.

And of course, the idea of your first of many promised ice cream dates starting after school and practice tomorrow was something you weren’t going to let Tendou forget.

monkey-d-rima  asked:

Domo~! May I request Oikawa's girlfriend who has dislocated her shoulder (playing volleyball) so he basically pampers her all throughout the day feeding her lunch, carrying her bag, taking her notes and so on but other guys are also trying to worry over her ( bcuz she's also a little popular) when Tooru isn't looking?? Please and thanks

here ya go (:

It wasn’t the first time F/N had dislocated her shoulder, and it was probably not the last. It was, however, the first time a certain someone had pampered her for an entire day because of her injury.

Oikawa Tooru had taken it upon himself to make sure his girlfriend was well cared for at school the next day. He’d taken her to the hospital after having rushed to the girls volleyball gym upon receiving word of her injury. F/N cracked jokes the entire way there, while her boyfriend laughed at them to loudly and kept shooting her nervous glances as if she was about to faint or turn into a werewolf.

At school the next day, he was more relaxed, and instead, upon seeing her, took her bag from her and took her left hand, shaking his head when she opened her mouth to say she could carry her own bag. 

“I’m taking care of you for the entire day, and weekend,” Tooru announced, pulling her chair out for her when they reached their classroom. 

And he did. That entire day he did everything he could for her. He took notes for her (when asked about his notes, he waved it aside and said he’d figure it out). A few of F/N’s friends cooed at how he was pampering her, patting him on the back as they walked past, and Tooru beamed at her, saying, “I am a pretty good boyfriend, aren’t I?” F/N shook her head but kissed his cheek, smiling at him. 

At lunch, after carrying her lunch to their usual seat, and after they were both seated, as F/N greeted Iwaizumi, Mattsun, and Makki, Oikawa stuffed the pizza in her mouth. She bit off a bite and chewed, raising her eyebrows at Oikawa, who was now eating his own lunch.

“Oikawa you’re so cheesy.”

“I know.” 

After lunch, Oikawa was called to do an errand for another teacher during their study hall. He left, telling F/N he’d be right back. F/N was left reading her book, perfectly content with her quiet corner in the back of the class, when one of her guy classmates approached her.

“Hey, L/N. How’s your shoulder?” 

“Fine.” She replied simply, barely glancing up from her book. He continued to make light conversation with her, eventually asking if she need anything. 

“Nah, I’m good, thanks.”

He left just as Oikawa appeared, taking his seat next to her and loudly signing, taking out his work.

The rest of the day, when Tooru was gone for even a second, she was approached by her male classmates who tried to offer her assistance she didn’t need. She’d politely tell them she didn’t, but her patience was thinning. Eventually she’d start getting a bit sassy, maybe even sap at some of them. 

She asked one of her friends about it, who said, “Well, you’re kinda well known, aren’t ya?”

Eventually, the guys left her alone, because for the remainder of the day Tooru was with her. 

On the walk home, Tooru carrying her bag, humming to himself as he held her hand, she had the urge to tell him about it.

But everything was so peaceful. And who cared about it, anyway? She had an awesome boyfriend who loved her.

Nervous - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by teamunderoos

Words: 944
Pairing: (CACW) Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: none
Requested by: anon
Hi! Can I have a CACW Peter Parker imagine where you guys are dating, and your really serious about volleyball, and on the school varsity team and your a freshmen so that’s a big deal and your really nervous about a game coming up and so you freak out and of course Peter comforts you (maybe with a back massage and cuddles) thanks so much, sorry if thats confusing!
Author’s Note: Soooo I kinda added a few things onto this request but I think it still turned out super cute! Also, thank you all for 1400 followers!


You were pacing around your boyfriend apartment, in the midst of freaking out.

“Hey, you need to take a deep breath and sit down.” Your boyfriend, Peter, tried to tell you.

“I can’t, I’m so nervous!” You told him. Being on the varsity volleyball team as a freshman was huge, and tonight’s game was huge. Against your schools biggest rival, you couldn’t afford to lose this game.

Peter sighed. “Well, what can I do to help you calm down?” He asked.

You shrugged and continued to walk around his room. You got to thinking about the game, and how great it was going to go. Until you messed it up.

Your whole team would be mad at you, and blame you because you’re “just the freshman.” Peter was upset because he knew how much you worked for this, let alone make him listen to you freak out. You felt like you let your team down.

You were pulled out of the clouds when you ran into Peter’s wall, causing the attic access to open and drop some of his clothes on you.

“Ouch…” You grabbed at your head.

Peter walked over to help you up, also picking the clothes up off the ground and throwing them somewhere else. The only thing you noticed was how weird those colors were.

“Here, you need to sit down.” He laughed a bit and guided you over to sit on his bed with you. “Let’s talk.”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get this game off my mind.” You told him.

Peter shrugged. “It’s worth a try. How have you been doing in math?” He asked.

Keep reading

Anonymous said to hoothootmotherfluffers:
First kiss headcanons for kuroo, akaashi, and bokuto? Thanks!

Hey hey! I hope you like these, I put them more into a scenario than general headcanons, if that’s alright?


~You guys were probably watching a movie at the time.
~ “Tetsu… I’m tired…”
~He’d wrap an arm around you as you snuggle into his chest.
~He’d look down at you lovingly, gently placing his lips on your forehead.
~You’d look up in surprise, only to accidentally get smacked by his lips on your own.
~ “Oh my goodness, ____ I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean to!”
~You give him a gentle smile, leaning in for another kiss.
~Kuroo would sigh happily to himself, cuddling you with a bit more force.
~Is that popcorn you taste? Dayum


~This boy would plan it all out, he’d want the night to special.
~He’d take you out on a date to a high class restaurant, and on the way, you’d notice how he was constanty playing with the cuffs of his sleeves nervously.
~ “Keiji, is everything alright? You seem quite restless…”
~He’d give you a reassuring smile, leading you to your table.
~The meal was awkward at first, but half way through your main course, you’d both start cracking jokes and having fun.
~When you both finish, he’d insist he pay for the meal.
~He’d act really confident, quickly grabbing your hand and guiding you out of the restaurant.
~It’d be really dark, but pretty with the full moon glistening, the stars sparkling and the amber streetlights glowing.
~ “_____… I really enjoyed that meal… with you.”
~ Suddenly he’d feel really awkward, a burning feeling in his stomach that’s urging him to do it.
~A little to powerfully, your lips would collide.
~Surprised, you’d carefully kiss him back.
~ “I enjoyed it too.”


~ You’d be watching your boyfriend at volleyball practice, who seems completely out of it.
~Despite all of Akaashi’s attempts, nothing would cheer the captain up.
~As vice captain, Akaashi would call for a break, and come to talk to you.
~ “____-san, I don’t know what’s with him. Do you think you can talk to him?”
~You’d tale him out of the gym, much to his surprise, to talk to him.
~You try to ask him about the problem, but he’d just turn away and sulk.
~ “Koutarou… Please, if you won’t tell me what’s wrong… at least let me know how I can help.”
~He’d step closer to you, indulging you in a hug.
~You’d stand on your toes, and give hima quick peck on the lips.
~Flustered, he drops you and takes a step back.
~You’d look down, embarrassed, until he dips down, giving you a stronger, more passionate kiss.
~You guys would get caught by Akaashi, who would sigh, rolling his eyes jokingly and inviting the two back inside.

Note: Apologies for my recent inactivity!
~Admin Akaashi

panda-bryn  asked:

Kurro and Oikawa find out that some of their clothes are missing and realize that their s/o had taken them, because they felt lonely and needed something that remind them of the guys since they've been to busy to spend time with their s/o please?

sure thing! sorry this took a bit long, enjoy :D - sen


It was a cold winter night- the sky pitch black with a few twinkling stars and your breath like white clouds on each exhale.  Despite the beauty of it though, you were much more appreciative of where you currently were- beneath the warm glow of gymnasium lights accompanied by the scrapes of sneakers and shouts of encouragement. You watched as the tall athletics of Nekoma High took turns practicing various techniques like their spikes and blocks. Though you enjoyed watching the volleyball team train, your attention kept getting drawn back to their captain, Kuroo, who’d spent half the time giving tips and encouragement- something you’d honestly never get sick of.

With winter break around the corner- the two of you had, unfortunately, been spending less time with each other recently. Half the teachers seemed to taken it upon themselves to assign extra work and announce several upcoming exams right before the holidays- forcing you to spend more time studying. In addition, Nekoma had another match soon- prolonging the after-school practices and thus, leaving you and Kuroo unable to meet much.

It wasn’t too bad though; you two tried to find ways to spend more time with each other, no matter how small of a moment. Occasionally, you’d visit to watch practice- shifting between making funny faces from across the court and doing some of your work. The best part was being able to walk home hand-in-hand together- sometimes talking or just in silence enjoying each other’s company. On the nights you couldn’t make it, you always cheered up at the goodnight texts he’d send you followed by the reprimand to sleep soon.

You were broken from your daydream when a volleyball suddenly landed itself in your lap.

“Sorry, (Name)! Could you toss it back?” you looked up to see Inuoka waving at you some feet away- apparently they were practicing their tosses now.

“Sure!” you smiled, proceeding to perform a nice underhand serve back. Inuoka thanked you before turning back to the court. As you looked around a bit, your focus suddenly shifted to Kuroo, laughing at his thumbs-up and ridiculously goofy expression at you. ‘my proud lil’ kit-kat’ you could practically hear him say- an endearing nickname he’d came up with when you first started dating, and when you’d complained ‘kitty’ being too cheesy. Quickly, you returned the expression with a double thumbs-up, to which he grinned before the both of you went back to work.

                                                 - x -                                                   

Practice seemed to finally end an hour later, as you’d dozed off and felt your shoulder gently being shook. You suppressed a yawn, looking blearily around at members putting on their coats and some smiling in amusement at you. “You’re drooling, (Name),” you heard Kuroo state.

Quickly, you snapped up alert, scarlet burning your face as you tried to wipe it away. Loud laughter came from him, “I’m kidding love, even half-asleep you’re cute!” Annoyed, but not really, you lightly smacked his arm before moving to put your own coat on.

“Some of us are planning to go for hotpot though,” he said, amusement still in his voice, “You wanna come?”

You thought a bit before shaking your head, “Not this time, Tetsu- think I’m a bit too tired.” You started wrapping your scarf around you.

“Alright, see you tomorrow-,” he was about to turn when he saw the bright fabric cocooning your neck, “Nice scarf,” he smiled.

“Thanks, it’s yours,” you joked back, holding back a laugh as he leaned in for a closer look- blinking in surprise when he realized it was his. He stood contemplating it, as if deep in thought.

His teammates called from the door, “Kuroo! You ready to go?”

You took that as the cue to leave as well, “See you, Tetsu-“ though you didn’t finish as he spoke up, “Changed my mind guys, go on without me!” he called back, to which is teammates shrugged and went on.

It was now just the two of you as you made your way into the cold streets. “What gives? I thought you love food,” you asked, pleasantly surprised. You didn’t think he’d be one to turn down food, but you did appreciate him with you now; your fingers instinctively lacing together with his like always.

“True,” he replied smiling down at you, “but I love you more.”

You blushed, the crisp air feeling extra cold as he laughed aloud at your reaction, “Jeez, you’re such a dork sometimes.”

“Hmm, also true,” he agreed readily, “you also can’t get enough of this dork.”

You didn’t reply, but instead hummed in response and settled for a content smile. After a few more minutes of silence, you suddenly got a fun idea. “Tetsu~,” you drawled, to which he looked at you in confusion, “Carry me!”

He raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know (Name); you’re kinda heavy,” an obvious lie on his part, just to see your reaction.

“Really..? I guess I forgot how little you lift,” you played along, squeezing his bicep on emphasis.

“(Name) please,” he acted as if it were a challenge, bending low for you to climb on. Eagerly, you got on- feeling the warmth radiate off him as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Two blocks, east!” you declared, pointing ahead whilst laughing. As the two of you went, you talked about various things- from school to things that happened at home. Eventually though, your eyes began to droop as you rested your head upon his shoulder.

“(Name)…?” Kuroo called once you started getting quieter. A small hum could be heard from behind, with you shift slightly. He chuckled to himself; this was definitely better than food.


It was a rainy afternoon- the drizzle chilly and grey sky casting dim light into the room. You sat there on the couch, mindlessly flicking through channels. Unable to find something to pique your interest, you shut off the TV and sighed at the fact that there was nothing else to do; you’d already spent the day watching old sitcoms and cheesy movies. You grabbed the mug beside you and sipped at tea you’d made earlier, shivering as it’d turned cold.

‘Well, I can’t sit here forever,’ you thought. Making up your mind, you moved to make another mug before heading for your bedroom to grab a sweater. Upon opening the closet, you stopped short of grabbing one of yours to see another hanging beside it. The cardigan was a shade of light teal with white stripes as you made to take that one instead; it belonged to your boyfriend, Oikawa Tooru. Though currently, said boyfriend was out with his friends… again. As much as you missed him, you knew it wasn’t his fault; practice with his volleyball team had become more frequent and prolonged with the drawing of another tournament near, and it wasn’t a crime to hang with friends. Still though… it wouldn’t have hurt if he spent a bit more time with you recently. Oh well, you sighed as you put on his cardigan, the faint scent of linen and mint surrounding you.

Mug in hand, you made our way back to the couch, lying down and spending the rest of the time on your phone.

                                               - x -                                                  

An hour later, you were still scrolling through various apps when you heard the muffled jingle of keys followed by a door opening. “(Name), I’m home~!” a familiar voice called out.

You only hummed in response, though he probably didn’t hear it. There was a bit shuffling from him taking his coat off before you suddenly felt a heavy weigh fwump! on top of you. A mess of chocolate swirl could be seen lying on your stomach when you finally looked away.

“How was it?” you asked nonchalantly.

“Fun,” he laughed, “running from Iwa-chan is tiring though.”

You grinned, “What did you do this time?”

“Rude,” he pouted, “making it sound like I did something bad.” You laugh aloud, and he went on to tell you about his day. He gone out with his friend, Iwaizumi, and apparently tried to set him up with someone at a café. Needless to say, Iwaizumi didn’t appreciate Oikawa’s attempt at playing wingman.

You two fell into a comfortable silence after.. until Oikawa picked at the hem of the cardigan on you. “Is this mine?” he asked curiously.

“Maybe..” you trailed off, feeling awkward, “do you mind?”

“Nope,” he smiled, “but out of curiosity, why?” You blushed, mumbling something incoherent which prompted him to lean closer. “You’re gonna have to speak louder, (Name)- or I’ll just tickle it out of you!” he gave a wicked grin.

Knowing he’d actually do it, you quickly admitted, “Cause it smells like you!”

Heat rose to your neck and you wanted nothing more than to hide as Oikawa guffawed. “Well, scale of 1-10 how enticing do I smell?” he winked.

“Oh my god, Tooru,” you hid your face, ready to die of embarrassment, “It’s not my fault this sweater’s around more than you.”

You felt him go still. shitshitshitshit It wasn’t supposed to sound like that. “Not that I’m saying it’s yours!” you quickly tried to rectify. But guilt still flooded Oikawa- had he really been so oblivious? It was true; you two had been spending less and less time together. How could he have not noticed?

“No, it is,” he looked up at you, his eyes serious, “I made you feel lonely and for that I’m so sorry- tonight, we’re going to that favorite restaurant of yours and I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer!”

You couldn’t help but laugh, as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Okay.”

Kageyama Get's Jealous Quite Easily

It was a day like any other, Hinata raced Kageyama to school, Kageyama won this time. They would practice tosses, spiking, blocking, the usual things. But there was always something boiling in the pit of Kageyama’s stomach, hiding in the back of his mind.

He would never admit he was jealous, no, he had too much pride for that. But it was so fucking difficult when Hinata was giving Suga that bright smile, or when he laughed that angel’s laugh at something Nishinoya said.

He had no reason to be jealous, after all, the team didn’t know they were dating, how could they? Hinata was amazing at hiding it, after all the literal ball of sunshine was overly-affectionate with everyone. That was the setter’s problem, why did he have to get so close to other people? Why couldn’t he give Kageyama that smile? Or that laugh? Why couldn’t he be that happy to Kageyama? God, he wanted Hinata all to himself, but that was wrong. He knew he couldn’t take his boyfriend away from his friends, that was possessive, abusive relationship-wise. He’d probably tell Hinata about it when he got rid of his dumb pride, but for now, all he could do was call Hinata away from the others.

“Oi, Hinata” He called across the gym, a volleyball in his hands. Hinata immediately turned to his voice, running over with out a second thought.

“What?” he asked, still a bit out of breath from something that Kageyama didn’t see.

“Do you want to practice late?” No, he needed a reason… what should he say? “B-because your receiving still sucks” he blurted, silently cursing himself.

Hinata just brushed it off, completely unfazed, “Sure, can you toss to me too?” He asked excitedly, smiling.

Kageyama held back his own smile, nodding. Practice couldn’t end sooner.


Finally, the last of the Karasuno volleyball team had left the gym, leaving the couple completely alone. Hinata was still bouncing on his feet, repeatedly calling, “Toss! Toss! Toss!”

God, Kageyama was so tired. Truthfully, he just wanted to go home and lay in bed with Hinata, but he had said he wanted to practice with the spiker.

“Hey, Kageyama, you look really tired. Are you sure you want to keep practicing? It’s bad to strain yourself”

Kageyama just rested his head on Hinata’s shoulder, having to bend down due to height differences. Truthfully, he just wanted to be alone with him, no other people to take Hinata’s attention from the taller boy.

He pulled the shorter boy against him, sighing slightly, “I can keep practicing if you want to” he’d do anything to have more time with him, really.

“C'mon, lets just go home. You can come over to my house, mom’s out and Natsu’s at a friends house” Hinata said, while Kageyama just breathed out a small “Thank god”

The couple quickly got changed from their gym clothes, bundled in scarves and fleece for the winter weather outside. As they walked, Hinata began talking about how this time, they’d win against Aoba Jousai this time, and how they’d keep winning. He talked about how he would be the ace, just like the small giant. Kageyama wondered where all his energy came from, grabbing his boyfriend’s hand.

Maybe he could get over his annoying jealously, especially if it meant Hinata would stay with him after school.

anonymous asked:

K so time for angst. Can I get a pregnant reader (like 1month in) that asks Bokuto, Oikawa, and Kuroo (all separate) to sit down and talk with her. When she starts talking they think she wants to break up and cut her off before she says anything about her pregnancy saying stuff like "I understand if you want to take a break" or "I think it would be great if we didn't see each other for a bit". And then the s/o would either cry right then and there or do it later when alone. your choice! Love you

Babe who hurt you??? Geez louise! Here we go~


“Koutarou, can we sit down and talk?”

“Just a sec, Akaashi is calling. AKAASHI~”

You crossed your arms over your stomach as you walked through the park with Bokuto. How could you tell him? There was little chance in your mind that he would be happy. He chattered on with his friend for a few minutes before he got off the phone.

You sat down on a bench and Bokuto followed your lead. You sighed, rubbing your temples.

“Koutarou, I don’t know how to tell you this. I don’t want you to be upset-”

Bokuto’s face changed.

“Look, Y/N. I know I’ve been a shitty boyfriend. And I want you to know that I agree. I don’t think I have enough time for you and school and volleyball.”

He took your hand and gave it a squeeze as tears began to fall down f=your face. Oh God, oh God.

“No, Koutarou,” you said, but your chest hurt so much. Bokuto leaned forward and pulled you into a tight hug.

“It’s okay, Y/N.”

He stood up.

“I’ll give you some space.” He said, and then he walked away. You watched him walk away from you, and just before he was out of eyesight he pulled out his god damned phone.


“Oikawa Touro, turn around and listen to me!” You yelled.

Your boyfriend looked up from his phone and turned to face you. He sat on the windowsill in your bedroom, and you sat at your desk, holding a pillow over your stomach. The stomach that you could swear you could see growing every day.

“We need to talk.”

At these words Oikawa immediately turned back to his phone.

“Oikawa, look at me! GOD DAMN IT OIKAWA!”

Oikawa stood up and sauntered over.

“Fine. I break up with you too.” He hissed, grabbing his bag by your door. You heard him race down the stairs and slam the door. You didn’t even move.


You texted Kuroo that you needed to talk to him almost a week ago, and your boyfriend, the father of your unborn child, has been ghosting you ever since. You finally decided that you would wait for him after practice and tell him. You felt so alone; usually Kuroo was the one you told everything to. You didn’t even know how to tell your parents, or what to do.

“Kuroo!” You called as you saw him leaving the gym. He froze, and you could see in his eyes that he was debating leaving. What he did next shocked you. He bolted. 

You tried to run after him. WTF??

Of course you had no where near the speed or stamina of your boyfriend, and after a few minutes of you crying and walking around empty buildings you got a test from him:

I’m sorry Y/N. I just can’t hear you say you don’t love me anymore. I’m sorry I let you down so much. We don’t have to see each other anymore.

You sat down and cried on the sideway, tears slipping off of your chin and onto the screen of your phone.


Love you too! Thanks for the angst!

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Hello. May I request Oikawa burst into his little sister room only to see they are in a very compromising position with Kageyama + Iwaizumi + Ushijima (they are dating and she has told Oikawa but he's too distracted that he just nod and didn't actually listen)

Oikawa Tooru, professional cockblock

Warning: slight NSFW (like so minimal you’d need a magnifier)

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