and it turned to shit

Ok ok so I feel like its more commonly assumed that Phichit was probably pining for Yuuri for a while first before he had to be blatantly obvious that he had a big ole crush on Yuuri, but what if it was the other way around? Imagine if Phichit was the first person Yuuri found that he was really attracted to, and when he realized that, it hit him like a ton of bricks. 

He would try to play it cool and act normal, but start freaking out more than usual. Phichit is a naturally touchy person, even in the most platonic ways, but now every time he’s touched Yuuri jumps like he’s received an electric shock. When they’d have movie nights, they used to share a blanket and when Phichit offers, Yuuri scoots his ass as far away as he can on the couch. 

And Phichit’s like “What the hell man you’ve been acting weird all week…Yuuri did I do something wrong?”

“Nonono it’s not you I promise.”

“Well then what is it? And don’t say nothing because I can tell when something is bugging you.”

Yuuri clutches his elbows and doesn’t meet Phichit’s eyes.



“Yuuri, don’t make me make you tell me,” he says with a devilish smirk. Phichit crawls towards Yuuri and pounces on him, tickling his sides. They crash to the ground with Yuuri laughing and gasping for air. 

They end up with Phichit sitting on top of Yuuri and pinning him to the floor. He bends down to whisper in Yuuri’s ear. “I’ll stop when you tell mee~.” Before he can lean back, Yuuri turns his head and captures Phichit’s lips in a quick kiss. 

Yuuri slaps a hand over his mouth as his face reddens. “I-I’m so sorry I didn’t mean-” He covers his entire face with both arms.

He feels Phichit’s fingers gently trying to peel his arms apart. “Yuuri,” he says softly, “Yuuri please come out..” He mumbles out a no, that he’s staying like this for forever, before feeling the soft press of lips to the skin of his forearm.

He peeks through the crack of his arms to find the worried gaze of Phichit above him, a little crease forming between his eyebrows. “Is this why you were acting odd? You… like me?” Yuuri manages a little nod. 

“Well, that kiss was a little sloppy. If you come out of there, we can try again, if you want.”

Yuuri slowly lets his arms fall to the side and pushes himself up on his elbows so his nose is a few inches from Phichit’s. “You… aren’t mad?”

Phichit lets out a breathy chuckle. “Oh Yuuri, why would I be mad? Especially when you look so cute like this?”

Yuuri felt his cheeks flush again, and leaned forward to kiss Phichit once more.

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do you have any favourite voltron au's? c:

yesssss! I love altean prince lance and blade of marmora keith!!! or any variation in which keith is a galra soldier and they meet by circumstances (peace negotiations, political visits exc) and fall in love 

Ok so major vent/fuck coworkers post because I swear if I don’t I’m going to punch this fucker’s teeth in. Its long without a tl;dr so im sorry viewers

There is this slimey mother fucker at my work… lets name him Graig… and he is that insufferable “teacher’s pet” kind of person (read as: the store manager’s bitch), and hes that fuck that will kiss everyone’s ass and act really nice and polite but then actively talks shit and tries to snitch on u for something u may or may not have done the moment ur back is turned. But he talks the most shit on people who are “in his way” (ie: people whi arent managers but are still in a higher position than him) and he actively tries to sabotage blue shirts because he thinks that if the one in front of him is gone they have no choice but to make him a blue shirt. In every case he successfully pisses off a blue shirt to the point they leave, my manager just hires another blue shirt

Here’s a little segway to explain how the heirarchy of Dankin Doodoos works. At the top of a specific store is the manager who wears a red shirt in the middle are the shift leaders who wear blue shirts and at the bottom are the crew who wear white shirts

Now backstory for Graig so this will make sense: at this point he is a White Shirt and hes pissed because he is p much the store’s bitch and all he does is complain about how he doesnt have a Blue shirt, how he deserves a blue shirt even tho he takes waaaaay too many short cuts, actively ignores when Blue shirts ask him to do something or tell him to move to a different station, actively creates and perpetuates rumors to cause discourse, is very rude to customers, didnt know how to do most stuff that ur p much supposed to learn in training, literally fucks up most of his drinks, etc the list goes on and on for why he shouldn’t have one and shouldnt even work here for that matter and we were all even told by our District Manager (a big higher up) he will never have a blue shirt. I came to work at this location after him but as a whole I was an actual manager at my old store so i was immediately put in a blue shirt position. He was not happy about that one fucking bit. I didn’t care. I was nice to him, hoping if i didnt give him anything to bitch about hed eventually fuck off and do his goddamn job.

Now onto the reason I say fuck Graig. I used to stream myself playing video games on twitch on my off time from work, which was A) a great stress reliever and B) something I’ve wanted to make a career for a while now. My manager knew I used to do this because I’d gush about how much I loved doing it so much. Id given a lot of my coworkers my twitch url and told them to come watch some time and it was all fun!

But then one day my manager calls me into the office (with, of course Graig pretending to need shit out the office every 5 seconds so he can eavesdrop) and she tells me that someone had sent the url of one of my stored videos on twitch to my the district manager. It would have been all good, because i literally never say anyone’s name and i never say i work for Dankin, it was just a fun stream i did with my friend and honestly my hair was long and i look way different with my hair pulled up so i might not have even been recognised so any of the foul language and dicks and stuff i joked about wouldnt have even mattered. But of course they absolutely had to try and get me with something, so they saw my shirt, which said DankinRonpa (a parody of Danganronpa) on it with a bear on it was close enough to the Dankin Doodoos design that I was representing my location and decided that everything i was doing was inappropriate so I was literally almost fired. And my district manager even made the comment that she had saved the url to my page so that shes going to check in from time to time to make sure im not doing anything inappropriate. Thankfully my manager saved my ass by pointing out it was a first time offense, i didn’t know that my shirt would let people know where i work, promised it wont happen again etc etc

I was so upset i still havent back streaming because im terrified shell keep her promise. So now if i want to continue streaming i have to abandon my current twitch channel (and all 200 followers) and start fresh.

Of course after my shift is over my actual friend that worked there at the time also as a blue shirt let me know that Graig decided he had “had enough of me” and decided to prove that he had “eyes everywhere” and sent the link to my district manager.

And the kicker? The real fucking kicker? He got a job as a assistant manager at a dollar corporal and he had put in his two weeks in the same fucking email he sent my twitch url in. He legitimately had no fucking reason to do it other than to be a petty piece of shit.

Oh and even after he left, he kept calling the store, asking whoever answered the phone how much they were making, then told them they could make more at his dollar corporal like are you fucking serious? And what hes doing is trying to convince people to leave their job here and to come work under him. And from what the other managers say, its because he acts like hes a fucking bigshot and yells at everyone and hes already driven off half the staff.

And wouldnt you know it, because of that they severely cut his hours to the point where he came crawling back this past week. But because right now, my store is so severely understaffed because all the hires have additudes and refuse to come in on time, they damn near handed him a blue shirt.

But he always nags me when i dont let him touch my drawer or count the safe, or let him in drive thru. “Oh why dont you trust people?” And then try to guess why: “is it that rumor i heard about you getting in trouble over youtube?” And honestly that pisses me off even more because he was there when i had the conversation with someone esle i worked with and even asked questions about it, so he knows. And one of these days hes going to catch me when im not in uniform and not in the store and im gonna whoop his fucking ass if he doesnt leave me alone

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gemma, looking through the internet at all of the things tabloids and fans say about harry being an attention seeking, cheating, scheming, lying, womanizer who only dates when he has to promote something which is an image harry and the boys have spoken up against: no, that one. that comment from a 12 year old fan on my instagram picture implying harry is in a loving supportive relationship with a man. i can't stand seeing comments like these about my brother every day. i have to speak up.

gemma: you’re welcome to live in my brain for a day and then read comments like yours and see how you wanna deal with it, go ahead. me: oh shit thanks *turns off my computer so i can enjoy being an old white privileged millionaire cishet woman whose sole grievance in life is people thinking her brother is gay* great! now it’s your turn to live as a lower middle class trans teen of color who takes the time to support a boyband whose family members demonize you for thinking their brother is gay.


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heyo what happened with cj? i've got him blocked on every media in existence so i'm a little out of the loop. if possible could you get a screenshot of his new endeavor of dickery?

Okay, so you should know about Daniel, how they shat on him RIGHT AFTER he killed himself. And then, how they drew porn right after Mark followed them.

Now, they are going on about how Mark’s selfish because of the charity. But let’s face it. They are mad cause they made him uncomfortable by openly displaying the porn directly at his face and not 1) not doing it or 2 ) keeping it out of his fucking eyes like every other lewd artist out there.

Basically being a whiny little shit because their fantasy didn’t turn out right and now blames Mark for everything, calling him a shitty person because he was disgusted by their behavior.

So yeah. :D I don’t have screenshots, but there is stuff in their tag, so check it out. :P

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I hate all this 'Gemma should have done this' 'Gemma shouldn't have said that' rubbish. It all feeds into the Larries fucked up derailment tactics. She's been harassed for years by these stupid ass conspiracy theories, often overly SEXUAL theories about her little brother, it's gross. So she hit back ONCE, boo fucking hoo Larries. If you bully someone everyday, in and out, and one day they punch you back, you don't get to turn around and cry victim. Take responsibility for your shit just once.



So, I’ve just got wind of this disgusting bullshit- and wanted to talk about it.

Who the fuck in their right minds would say something so awful?
Who would threaten someone’s life so carelessly?

I am absolutely appalled by this.
I am D I S G U S T E D.
Just thinking about harm coming to Jimin, or any of them for that matter, brings me close to tears.

Companies need to take threats like this seriously, no matter where in the world they are, sadly especially in the US- take this shit seriously.

A singer that I idolized and adored, which I’m more than sure everyone knows about, was killed because her murderer was able to easily get a gun into her concert venue.

I don’t want it happen again.

Do not take this shit lightly, whether it turns out to be a hoax or not, always take threats like these seriously.

I really hope BigHit looks into these and ensures our boy’s safety, because this is not okay.
No one should threaten someone else’s life like this.

P.S. If you’re attending one of BTS’s concerts, please be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re getting bad vibes from someone, or if someone/something seems suspicious- please for the love of all that is good in this world, please report it.

We need to protect each other and our boys from horrible people like this.

(None of these screenshots are mine, the account was taken down.)

i am so goddamn sick of the reylo and kylux fandoms turning harmful shit into “Hot sinful kinks”

reylo incest week? there are fucking incest survivors in your fandom who dont feel safe because you decided to be a fucking jerk and romanticize their trauma

internalized homophobia? c*nt boy hux? this is why i left the fandom because of homophobic transphobic shit like this.

People’s trauma is NOT for your disgusting “”“”“"aesthetic”“”“”“”

You wanna stop being called problematic? Stop doing problematic shit.

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Do you think you would consider turning the "you're full of shit' crystal ball into an enamel pin? It would be precious!

I wish I knew how to!!
Turn the Tide - AnnieMar - Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 10/?
Fandom: Vikings (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ivar (Vikings)/Original Character(s)
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Ivar (Vikings), Lagertha (Vikings), Sigurd (Vikings), Ubbe (Vikings)
Additional Tags: Sex, Healing, sexual healing, Dreams, Sex Dreams, as much humor as you can have in a fic about vikings, also feels, Smut, smutty feels

A new young seer in Kattegat conspires with Lagertha to ensure that the queen will not be “killed by a son of Ragnar” as it had been prophesied. In the process, Ivar gets an education of sorts, before he goes off to become myth and legend. And the seer must decide if she wants to become a part of his story.

Chapter 10 of Turn the Tide is up. 

In which some shit happens. 

So yeah, I wrote this smutty chapter, I hope ya enjoy. I blushed over it for well over a week due to me trying to write feels. It’s what happens when you have someone with a cold black heart trying to write this stuff ;-)