and it turned out they were

Okay so. Let me talk about the Skulduggery Pleasant saga. It’s fucking amazing and you should read it. That’s all you need to know about it, because if you wanna know something else you SHOULD READ IT EVERYONE SHOULD COME ON GO GO GO LEAVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND START READING THEM ALL

This is Darquesse. If you wanna know who she is, GO READ THE BOOKS. They’re by an amazing writer called Derek Landy, this is his twitter. Go follow him.

ANYWAY, I’ll probably draw more characters from the Skulduggery Pleasant books because I love them so fucking much and I have so many unshared feels. I can’t wait to read the 10th book hnnnnnnnnnng cries in Spanish bc it will take ages for the book to be translated but stops crying bc I’ll get it in English and then it’ll take me years to finish it

surely alec would tease magnus about that ridiculous nickname

as suggested but the lovely @vivilionheart19 and an anon! they were kind of two separate prompts but i think they work well together, so thank you! <3

as always, let me know what you think! (also possible part 2 coming for this)(where magnus tells alec about what happened with dot) (??)

“You never have to prove yourself to me.” Magnus turned away from the balcony ledge and Alec pulled him in by the waist. “I love you,” Alec said in a gentle tone.

Magnus let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and placed a hand to Alec’s cheek. His fingers caressed Alec’s deflect rune and Alec felt his skin tingle. Magnus swallowed hard, he knew Alec was just following orders. If Alec did truly distrust him, it would’ve come out much earlier. “I love you, too,” he said, softly, barely louder than the traffic below. But Alec heard.

Magnus pulled Alec in for a short kiss and he could feel the boy’s shaky breath. Alec pulled apart but stayed close, their noses almost touching. “I trust you, Magnus…” whispered Alec. Magnus could feel Alec’s eyelashes against his skin. “And I’m sorry.”

Magnus nodded. “I know.”

“I should have never asked you, I know that now.” Magnus’ eyes fell shut and the corners of his mouth twitched up in a smile. “Besides, my first order of business was to have those stupid tracking chips removed.”

Magnus pulled away, arms tangled with Alec’s. He squinted. “Order of business?” he asked.

Alec licked his lips and grinned. “Yeah,” he answered, looking at Magnus in amusement.

Magnus took a step back. “You mean…” Alec shrugged jokingly.

He let out a breath of a laugh and turned to face the city in front of them. “Interesting, isn’t it?” Alec said with a knowing smirk on his face that drove Magnus crazy. “How the High Warlock of Brooklyn and Head of the New York Institute make such a great couple.”

Magnus’ eyes widened, his jaw slack. Alec tried his best to contain his laughter at Magnus’ reaction. “You’re kidding!” he said, slapping the back of his hand against’ Alec’s arm. Alec smirked and shook his head, his smile only widening as he bit his lip.

Magnus laughed in surprise and grabbed Alec’s face, bringing him in for a kiss that was more intense than either of them expected. Magnus felt his heart stammering in his chest and it wasn’t even him that had received the promotion.

As they broke apart, Alec noticed someone standing by the balcony doors. He recoiled from Magnus slightly but stopped when noticed that it was just Dot. “I’m glad you two are okay now,” she spoke, leaning against the brick wall. Alec smiled at her and turned back Magnus. He frowned at Magnus’ slightly uncomfortable demeanour. His shifting eyes and awkward footing confused Alec. “I should get going now,” she said, addressing Alec, who nodded. “I’ll call you later, Mag.” Magnus nodded and opened the front door with a swift movement of his fingers.

Just as the door clicked shut, Alec turned to Magnus with an eyebrow raised. “Mag?” he asked slowly, a little sceptical.

Magnus sighed loudly. “Don’t,” he groaned with a roll of his eyes.

Alec smiled smugly at his boyfriend. “If I had known you like nicknames, I would’ve given you one… Maaag,” he stretched out in a tone that he was sure was annoying.

Magnus glared at Alec. “Alexander, stop.”

“Mags?” he said, testing the feel of the name on his tongue, knowing full how cheesy it sounded.

“I swear to-”

“You call me Alexander, I wanna call you Mags!” he teased, spreading his arms out to try and embrace his boyfriend. Magnus turned away from him, a playful pout on his lips.

“Oh yeah?” he asked, gesturing his fingers in a tickling motion. Blue sparks escaped his fingers and encircled Alec’s waist. Alec let out a laugh, clutching his sides. “Go on. You were saying?” he asked, the smirk now on his lips.

“Stop, Mags!” choked out Alec, backing back into the loft.

Magnus shrugged. “Nah…” he said, continuing to tickle Alec with his magic. Alec continued to plead Magnus to stop but the man only backed him further and further towards the couch.

Eventually, he stopped using his magic and switched to his fingers. The sound of Alec’s rare laughter was music to Magnus’ ears. He didn’t know if it was the boy or the times, but Magnus never really got to laugh as hard as Alec made him laugh. Alec was laughing so hard he fell onto the couch behind him and into a bed of cushions, trying to get as far from Magnus’ tickling fingers as possible.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop!” he yelled.

Magnus frowned. “Sorry, I didn’t quite hear what you said, Mr Head of the New York Institute,” he teased. He liked the way that title sounded.

“Magnus!” Alec finally gave in, using the man’s real name and not the silly shortened version Dot had given him. With a satisfied smirk, Magnus stopped and smiled down at Alec curled up on the sofa, panting. Magnus let out a sigh.

Alec’s raven hair was a mess now, falling into his sparkling hazel eyes. Alec looked up at Magnus and couldn’t believe what he had asked of him mere hours ago. All he saw was the man he loved.

Magnus crouched down on the floor beside the sofa, eyes not leaving Alec’s. He reached over, one hand touching the exposed skin of Alec’s stomach where his shirt had ridden up and the other touching his neck rune again. Alec stayed still in his position, clearly finding it hard to breathe, and Magnus was sure it wasn’t from the tickling. Magnus leant over, kissing him softly and sweetly. And Alec felt every inch of his body burn up.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, alec decides to propose on christmas day.

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this lady was convinced we'd overcharged her for this £6.99 big tub of cream bc 'both your shelf and website said it was £3.99'. there were no £3.99 tags anywhere on that shelf. our website only shows shop locations and history. couldn't figure out where she got this idea from. even called head office. googled it and turns out she'd looked at a hot deals site user entry for it dated 2015 😒😒😒

•To Build A Home•
Chapter 3

Her feet were dangling from the back of his pick up truck, tiny white converse unusually clean, not a speck of dirt on them. Come to think of it the beautiful, pristine blonde sitting in his truck was a sharp contrast to the down and dirty mechanic he had met just two days ago. Betty’s eyes were trained on the screen in front of them, she hadn’t been lying when she said she loved this movie, he couldn’t help the grin that peeked through when he caught her mouthing the words.

“You really do like this movie huh?” Jughead whispered from her right.

Betty’s bright green eyes turned to him in surprise, it seemed that she had forgotten he was even there.
“Huh? Oh yeah, definitely, Cry Baby is my favorite movie.” She shrugged her shoulders slightly and held out her bag of twizzlers, Jughead took the strawberry candy and bit into it dramatically, wiggling his eyebrows at Betty.

The hint of a smirk graced Betty’s features as she rolled her eyes, suddenly turning serious she scooted back in the truck turning her body towards Jugheads

“I’m sorry for the way I acted a few days ago. It was unnecessary. I don’t know you and I shouldn’t have based my judgement off of gossip.” She bit her lip guiltily.

Jughead nearly choked on the candy hanging from his lips
“Hey, no. I get it, I know what people say about me, I guess I bring it upon myself, I promise you I’m not as bad as they make me out to be, I’m just… I had a rough highschool experience. Veronica says I’m over compensating.” With a shy smile the dark haired boy shrugged his shoulders and peered at Betty through his lashes.

Betty’s eyes hold nothing but understanding as she straightens out her white Tshirt, her hands shaky as she fidgets.
“I know all about rough pasts.” She whispered her soft voice being carried away by the night breeze, Jughead watched as Betty’s shoulders shivered, he quickly shed his denim jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

“Oh no! You’ll be cold.” Her fingers clench he rough fabric as she looks at him worriedly.

With a wave of his hand Jughead changes the subject, she seems stubborn and he is not about to have her freeze to death, not to mention.. she looks cute as hell in his oversized jacket.

“So, tell me Betty Cooper, who are you? Oil Covered Mechanic or Ridiculously perfect Girl Next door?” His tone is teasing but by the look in the girl in questions eyes he knows he most definitely fucked up.

Betty’s eyes harden
“Don’t call me that. I hate that word.”

Jughead shifts back
“I’m sorry.. I…”

“No, no. I’m sorry. It’s just.. it’s really nothing. Im just ya know, not a fan of that word. But to answer your question I’m both. I love being a mechanic, when I’m under the hood of a car or… fixing up some Harley I can be.. free. I can get dirty and bury myself elbow deep in nuts and bolts. But.. when I’m not at work this is who I am, I can’t help it. I was.. conditioned to be like this.. to be… perfect.” She winced visibly at the word. “I had a boyfriend, he umm, wasn’t the nicest. He sort of built me to be this way. I’m working on it but I still get nauseous when I see a stain on my jeans.”

His fists are digging into the cold metal of his pickup truck and he’s biting his tongue so hard he can taste the copper flavored blood. How could anyone hurt this incredible woman? Who would ask her to change who she is?

After a few moments Jughead swallows thickly
“Well, for the record. I like both of you.”

The rose petal pink blush that spreads across Betty’s face is the most satisfying thing in the world and he reaches out to touch her cheeks, she stiffens under his touch but he doesn’t pull away, he needs her to know she’s safe, needs her to know that he would never hurt her.

The overwhelming surge of protectiveness Jughead feels for this girl sends a shock through his system but he finds he doesn’t hate it. It feels good to care about someone.

“Do you mind me asking who this prick was?” He whispers low, treading carefully.

Betty’s eyes flutter open, pain evident in the meadow green irises.

“He went to the school over, his name was Jason. Jason Blossom.”

Jughead drops his hand in shock and Betty’s eyes widen in alarm.

“Did I say something? Is everything okay?”
The fear is rising steadily in her chest as she clutches Jugheads denim jacket.

An almost wild smile appears on the young Serpents face
“No, but you’ve just given me the perfect excuse to beat the shit out of my very favorite highschool bully, he’s been on the Serpents radar for quite some time. I’ve let it slide but not anymore. I’m taking him down.”

Betty quirks an eyebrow sassily
“You think the Serpents are gonna be okay with you going incognito?”

Jughead snorts, draping an arm over Betty’s shoulder and pulling her down so they were both laying on their backs, she squeaks but snuggles a bit closer to Jughead

“This doesn’t mean I’m going to go out with you ya know?” Betty smiles lazily as Jughead beams down at her

“Oh you will Betty Cooper, mark my words. I’m gonna make you mine one way or another”

She smacks his arm playfully as the sounds of 1950s doo wop plays on the screen in front of them.

Midnight Talks

Characters/Pairings: Sam x Sister!Reader, Dean x Sister!Reader
Warnings: None, I don’t think. But there is fluff!
Word Count: 502
A/N: I know this is kinda short but I thought it was pretty cute! Anyways remember requests are open!! Please feel free to send anything in. (gif isn’t mine) Also I’m writing this at 12:30am, maybe I should go to bed but I probably won’t oops.

It was taking forever for you to fall asleep. You kept on tossing and turning, and your mind was wandering off to places you didn’t want to go. So you did the only thing that you knew would help you fall asleep.

Your feet found their way to Sam’s room. Gently, you knocked on the door, hoping you weren’t bothering him. You were surprised when the door opened and Sam’s head peeked out. His face softened when he saw you. “Hey (Y/N), everything okay?” he asked, voice still heavy with sleep.

You shrugged and looked down at the floor. “I can’t sleep. Can I… Can I stay with you?” 

“Yeah, of course. Come on.” You followed Sam into his room and laid down on the bed with him, snuggling into his side under the covers. 

“Sammy?” He hummed in response. “Am I a burden to you and Dean?” you asked softly.

“No,” he answered immediately. “(Y/N), you’re our little sister, of course you’re not a burden to us. We love you. Why would you ask something like that?” 

A smile appeared on your face at his words, “I love you guys too. It’s just that– I feel like sometimes Dean doesn’t want me around. Especially on hunts. It’s probably just because I slow you guys down, isn’t it?” 

 Sam shook his head, and then remembered you couldn’t see him in the dark. “Why would you – No, that’s not why. He doesn’t want you to tag along with us because – he just doesn’t want you to get hurt.” 

You laughed. “But he knows I can take care of myself, right? I mean, I’ve gone on hunts with you guys before. Not that I’m as good a hunter as you guys, but…” 

“He knows. It’s just… I think he also wants you to have the most normal life you can. Especially since we found the bunker and have a place we can call home now… He never really wanted you to be involved in the hunting life anyways. He was afraid he would loose you just like he lost dad. Dean thinks of you more as a daughter, you know. Don’t tell him I told you that.” 

Stunned, you struggled to find the words to respond. “Oh… I–I didn’t think… I didn’t…” You trailed off into silence, unsure of what to say. 

“Hey, why don’t you try to sleep, okay bug? It’s pretty late.” 

You yawned, suddenly feeling tired. “Yeah, okay…” Not long after that you went out like a light.

The next morning you and Sam had woken up earlier than Dean, which was no surprise. You were sitting at the kitchen table, Sam drinking his coffee and you eating breakfast, when Dean walked in. “Morni–” Before Dean could finish you ran up to him and wrapped your arms around him tightly, making him stumble back. He caught his footing and pulled you in for a hug. “Hey kiddo. Everything alright?” 

You smiled, pressing your face into his flannel shirt “Yeah. Everything’s great. Love you Dean.” 

Dean squeezed you tighter and looked over at Sam. Sam just smiled back at him and shrugged. “Love you too, kid,” Dean whispered.

Forever taglist: @sisterwinchesterwriter (let me know if you want to be tagged!)


“I come here a lot when I need to get away from responsibilities.” Lance suddenly said. Pidge blinked, turning her head to stare at him as he pushed off the ground now and again but unwilling to take flight. “Sometimes life throws a lot, you know? And it’s hard to keep up with it. Stress sucks. So I sit on a swing and fly until I stop thinking so hard about it.”

“And it works?” She whispered. Lance looked up, and she could tell his eyes were shining even in the shadows of the park.

“Yeah. What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Did you stop thinking about it?”

“About what?”

He let out a laugh, focusing on swinging again. “If you have to ask, that means it worked.”

@planced MADDY………. i love all my scenes equally how dare u…..

but… the swings were my favorite to write about…. the first time LOL. second time it hurt me

sometimes I think there’s something missing
in the way his voice doesn’t speak to me
like a song

the words tumble out of me
for the others
with lines of grace and flowers

and their faces write
the poems for me
as if they were made for the paper

but the words stop
when I turn to him
as if he were not art in its true form

but then I remember
that when I look at my own face
the words stop too

and I know
the poems don’t come
because he is another part of me
—  Miriam K, sometimes a love is so simple, it does not need a poem to explain it
ET LIVE with Sasha and Marlene.

So I’ve watched the video and thought I’d make note of all the important things that were said/revealed during this interview (check out the video here).

- Marlene didn’t know who the “he” was that was coming for Ali in the flash forward scene previewed at the end of 6A. It was a last minute decision to include the scene after the Charlotte reveal, and was turned into a “nightmare”. 

- Alison DiLaurentis-Fields is an easter egg, most likely a clue that Ali and Emily will get married in the finale. 

- Mona didn’t intend on killing Charlotte, she only wanted to scare her because she knew she never got well and was going to start playing the game again. Mona’s intention was to scare Charlotte into not playing again for her own and the girls safety. 

- Melissa’s suitcase handle has nothing to do with anything, and whoever tried to run down Emily to get the handle was most likely AD themselves chasing a lead because they were too after Charlotte’s killer.

- There have been other people looking for AD/the identity of AD, and in the finale we will get a bit of a look at who else has been looking for this person. 

- Quote Marlene; “Aria does not have multiple personalities” in reference to her talking to Archer’s dead body in 719. She was just regulating and calming herself down. 

- Jason will not be in the finale. There were a few actors who could not come back for the last episodes for legal reasons. 

- Ali got her bloody lip (Season 3) from a bunch of older kids she was hanging around with (in order to make the girls jealous), the same bunch of teens who pushed the girl at the frat party down the stairs (although Noel pushed her as confirmed in early Season 7…)

- The NAT Club is not going to be revisited. Marlene described them as a group of peeping toms spying on people for kicks, and that’s the end of that.

- Emison has the most shocking scene in the finale. 

- We will find out who the father is of Em and Ali’s baby. 

- Toby is the most changed in the finale after the one year time jump. 

- The final scene of the show is a “full circle moment” as describe by MK. “Although this show ends, the world continues.” The mythology of the town will always go on, hint hint possible spin off.

- Mona staged Charlotte’s death as a suicide. 

- The Perfectionists (Marlene’s next project) will most likely be set in the same universe as Pretty Little Liars, and when asked if Emison could be in a spin-off, Marlene and Sasha both smirked at one another. 

- Mary Drake is stabbing Spencer in the promo. Aria also says “marry” not “bury” in the promo.

- There is going to be very realistic masks in the finale: “Atleast 1, maybe 2.” 

- “Everybody is interwoven but as one story ends another one begins.” Confirming AD only started the game when Charlotte died, not before, but AD is a character who has been on the show and is interwoven in the mystery that has been happening for the past several years. 

- Marlene did not want to say whether or not Paige is going to be in the finale. 

- How the mums got out of the basement is discussed but not shown in the finale. 

- The actor who plays AD didn’t want Marlene telling anyone their identity because they didn’t want to affect any scenes in certain ways. 

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The rumours were Gemma, Adam and Emily leaving 2 of 3 those turned out be right so far hopefully be 3 out of 3


suspicious partner 25-26

This was really a turning point for the drama, 2 episodes that would or break the main plot for me. The issue with many police/crime dramas is with all the fluff and humor in the first half, the darkness in the second half feels too heavy for what we’ve been given so far to the point where it’s like it isn’t even the same show since the things you loved about it are gone (you’re all surrounded, for example, suffered this imo).

I am very happy to say I’m not feeling this right now. Yes, we were given a lot of humor in the beginning, but we were also given murder and Bong Hee’s arrest and trial, which set a tone very much like what we got with these 2 eps. Because of this, I didn’t feel like the drastic mood change from last week was out of place for this drama at all. Actually, I enjoyed the dark turn we took today because the focus was still on the characters more than the plot itself.. 

I have to say the stand out scene for me was everyone going over why/how they blamed themselves for Mr. Bang’s injury. Rather than having one character go on their noble idiocy arc alone (though i’m still not entirely convinced Bong Hee won’t do something,) I enjoyed everyone knowing how everyone else could have done something to save Mr. Bang, but nobody blamed each other. The loyalty and teamwork of this group is astounding to me and I really enjoy the dynamic. Another thing that really surprised me was Attorney Cha being a welcomed member of the team despite her history with both Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk. The level of maturity of these people despite the circumstances is what’s setting these characters apart for me from other similarly themes dramas. 

I was disappointed by the lack of romance (I’m a simple girl with predictable  tastes), but was still pleased with the little we got. Again, speaking to maturity, by all accounts Ji Wook and Bong Hee should still be in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and even though they couldn’t be all over each other I still saw the newness conflicting with the need to comfort and be comforted. The comforting scenes were simple, and sweet and the most I could have hoped for. 

Ji Wook was definitely the stand out character of this hour, and watching his dark side come out was equally terrifying and exciting. He’s been an amazingly kind, upright man so far and I’ve been wondering for a while what his breaking point was (the man let him self be physically assaulted and fired for doing his job correctly for god’s sake). I was equally pleased to see that his anger was solely focused on Hyun Soo and he never turned on the people he loved, Bong Hee for example. It would have been easy (even understandable) for him to push those he loves away to get revenge, but he was just as soft and kind to the as he’s always been. And as @overthinkingkdrama pointed out, the way he showed his pain by changing so quickly into lawyer mode was more powerful than any of JCW’s acting thus far (which us saying something since I think this has been some of this best work). 

Hyun Soo’s demise disappointed me. It was an entirely cliche and expected move to off him just as the lawyers are closing in, and in a show that has constantly been subverting my expectations, I wanted something more. Of course, he could be alive but I’m not holding my breath. With the only known Big Bad gone, I have no idea what will come next, but there was more potential than what we were given from him. 

The biggest question on my mind right now, is, assuming the psychic was right, and if Mr. Bang survives tomorrow, who will be the second person to die?


The Hat

*Sort of based off Norman’s movie Sky.

Request; Daryl and the reader are out on a supply run when out of nowhere, he kisses her. Please and thank you!

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 900 Words
  • Warnings;Language, cutesy shit.

You hear Daryl’s light footsteps behind you. As a tracker, a hunter, he’s normally very light on his feet, but since you came along in the group, he took to trying to walk a bit heavier. His light footsteps always scared you, always put you on edge.

You are rummaging through a bin in the mall, looking for any type of clothing the group could use. Some of them were running low. Blood stains don’t come out too easily and it’s much quicker to just throw them away once they turn red.

Daryl’s breath feels like it’s hitting the back of your neck as he gets closer, almost standing directly behind you. Goosebumps appear on your arms and a chill runs down the center of your back, causing you to cough to hide the shiver.

“Found anythin’?” He asks, his voice always much softer with you around. Rick always teases that Daryl has a crush on you, but you doubt that. There is a little bit of an age difference and you thought Daryl may want someone a little older.

You turn around, ready to give him a full report on what you have found, when you suddenly stop and lay your eyes on Daryl, who hardly looks like Daryl at the moment. It takes a few seconds to register what was on top of his head and you can’t help but to giggle at the sight.

“What?” Daryl huffs, his eyes watching you closely as your shoulders shake. “Look like you’ve seen a clown.” His drawl was worse when he was messing about, giving his vowels a longer sound than they need, but obviously you thought it was the most adorable thing.

“I think I have.” You giggle and wipe at your eyes, trying to hide the tears that the laughter caused you. “That’s a look…”

Daryl tips the cowboy hat and gives you a little wink. “Don’t think you appreciate my hat.” He grumbles.

This isn’t like Daryl. He was pretty quiet and serious for the most part, hardly ever cracking a joke or straying away from the mission at hand. The others say it’s you—you bring out the kid in Daryl Dixon.

With a quick shake of your head, you turn around and continue looking through the bin of clothes, hoping something will pop up soon. Most of the items were already torn or far too large for the rest of the group, and with none of you knowing how to take in clothes, large wasn’t good enough.

“Whatever you want, Dixon.” You tease and move on to the rack of clothes, spotting a jersey that may fit one of the new kids back at the prison.

You feel Daryl’s eyes watching you as he stands behind you, that big, silly hat atop his head. It’s a style you never quite liked, but you have to admit, it was a damn sexy look on the redneck behind you.

After tossing the few shirts in the bag you brought, you zip it up and throw it over your shoulder, ready to move on to the next shop. It’s almost time to start heading back. This was only meant to be a day trip with the two of you, and the mall wasn’t too far away. You two can make it back by sunset, perhaps a little after dark if you stay for another hour.

Turning around, Daryl is still behind you, leaning against the bin you were previously looking through. You raise an eyebrow and watch how he’s staring at you. “What, Daryl?”

“Ya don’t like my hat.” Daryl’s eyes find yours and he locks onto yours, keeping his arms crossed in front of him.

A little annoyed, you decide to go along with it anyway. “I told you to keep the damn hat, dude.” You groan. “But can we go? We still need some baby supplies.”

Daryl grunts, though it’s not an answer you knew how to decipher. He continues watching you, his eyes trailing down your body. This hat makes him a whole new person. It seems to make him, confident?

He stands straight and strides over to you, grabbing the bag away and throwing it over his own shoulder instead. “Told ya I’d carry the bag.” He says in his usual rough tone.

You look up at him through your eyelashes, unsure how to act around this new Daryl. “I’m perfectly capable of carrying a bag full of clothes.” You insist.

“Mm hmm.” He takes a step closer and pulls his hat down, covering one of his eyes. “Pack mule, at yer service.”

You let out a laugh and cover your mouth, still unsure what was happening in the world today.

Before you have a chance to calm down and collect yourself, Daryl places a hand on your hip and pulls you closer to him, nearly touching your body to his with just enough space between you two. It confuses you, causing you to gasp and put your hands against his chest.

He tilts his head as he watches you, the hat tilted up slightly so you could still see his face. “Don’t cha laugh at me, little girl.” He whispers in your ear, sending a different kind of shiver down your spine.

Without a warning, he crashes his lips to yours, throwing you off your guard and nearly smacking him, but then he softens himself, kissing you gently and with a little hesitation, as if he wasn’t expecting it himself.

You slowly slip your arms up and around his neck, playing with the little hairs sticking out from underneath the cap. His hand is still firmly on your hip.

In no time, Daryl is pulling back, blinking down at you as if he isn’t sure what to do now. Honestly, neither do you. This is something new between you and Daryl, but you don’t exactly want it to stop.

“Keep the hat. I love it.”

TalesFromYourServer: The 4 Arnold Palmers that turned into 20.

We had a weird situation tonight. I work at a ritzy beach resort in a tourist town. Tonight we had a party of 4 order 4 Arnold palmers in a very specific way – sugar rim and extra extra sweet. My bartender made them and their server took them out. One of the guests sent them back saying she didn’t want ice so they all said they didn’t want ice, they were made again. She sent them back again and said they weren’t sweet enough, all said they wanted new ones again. They were remade again and sent back again. Finally the fifth try was “right” and they drank them. She then asked for her bill and another server brought it to her because their server was in the restroom, the woman immediately asked to speak to a manager.

I went down and she stormed inside before I even reached the patio to tell me how terrible their server is and how she should be fired for her service skills. She got so close to my face that I could feel her breath, she then began yelling at my server and tried to go around me to yell at her in the server station. I immediately got an adrenaline rush and wedged myself in between them so she couldn’t, my poor server was starting to tear up. This pissed her off even more. She then said if I were a halfways decent manager I would fire her and at least comp her drinks. I told her I had comped her drinks already and if she had any issues she could talk to me about them and not my staff. This made her storm off after saying they were locals and will never come back here again. (KBYEBITCH) I just stood there shaking.

I guess she went to the front desk and wanted to report me to “someone above me” for “being rude to them”. They gave her my F&B director’s number so we will see if anything happens. Unfortunately I work for a place that bends over backwards for the guest so I am a bit concerned I will be reprimanded. I already emailed him to let him in on what happened.

This bitch was legit pissed that she was asked to pay $10 on what should have been $50. If she had nicely explained she didn’t like them or whatever I would have happily comped them and probably even fake apologized. But no, she had to come in and treat my staff like shit. My team isn’t always the best but I will get hit before I let anyone yell at them like that.

Only 4 more hours until I can go home.

By: zoidberg3000

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Jeongguk stares down at the gun in his hands. It had been a gift from RM, chosen specially for him. A gun to match his personality, RM had said. Jeongguk knew he was in too deep. It was far too late to back out now that he had seen so much. The only way out was to die. But was it right? To turn his back on so many people to join the underworld? "Are you gonna watch me perform?" Jimin asks, arms winding around him from behind. "I wouldn't miss it," he replies, stuffing the gun (and guilt)away.ㅎㅎㅎ

hOly shit. Holy sHIT. DUD,. DDUDE I GOT CHILLS ( oh god does that mean were heading into mafia!jungkook territory because i dont think im mentally ready )

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How would the UF and US bros react to ther crush holding a conversation with them when all of a sudden they say, "I-I hate to i-interrupt you, b-but can I j-j-just k-kiss you? L-Like, r-right now?" Turns out that the crush has liked the skele for a while, but they were afraid of admitting so.




  • “What.”
  • “Sorry, sweetheart. I just. Could ya repeat that? Just run that by me again real quick?”
  • He pretty much blanks out and teleports away.
  • He’ll show up later though and ask you if the offer is still there


  • At first, he’s a bit upset that you interrupted him.
  • As soon as it actually registers what you asked, he’ll start blushing.
  • He denies the blush, and he’ll start ranting about how “OF COURSE YOU’D WANT TO KISS HIM. AND NO OF COURSE HE’S NOT BLUSHING YOU MUST BE SEEING THINGS AND–”
  • Kiss him to shut him up, otherwise, he won’t stop ranting.



  • His face turns bright blue and he starts ranting as well.
  • Unlike Edge though, his rant slowly gets quieter until he stops completely.
  • He sits there quietly for a bit until he looks up at you still blushing.
  • He tells you in a surprisingly quiet voice,
  • “U-Um. I know that I, the Magnificent Sans, have ranted for quite a bit, I– um.. *ahem* YOU ARE DEFINITELY WELCOME TO KISS THE MAGNIFICENT SANS, HUMAN!”


  • “Hm? What was that, honey?”
  • He’ll tease you about it and he’ll seem pretty chill on the outside, but inside? He’s dying.
  • He’ll say some shit like “You’re too far.”
  • The fact that his face is glowing orange gives him away though.
  • So either climb up his chest and kiss him, or just pretend to leave and he’ll teleport to you and give you a smooch.

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Spot always eats, like, fruity yogurt or healthy cereal for breakfast any day that Race doesn't cook. Race, however, eats three day old pizza with Mountain Dew when he's too tired to cook. Spot almost throws up when he comes to the kitchen and sees Race dipping his pizza into the Mountain Dew ("it's for convenience, babe!") and loses his appetite for the rest of the day. Race gets glared at the rest of the week too whenever they eat together.

Okay listen.

Race is one of the best cooks in the world, and can turn anything into a gourmet meal if he wants to.

But if he doesn’t and is feeling lazy and they’re out of whatever he needs? He finds a replacement, causing him to eat the grossest stuff.

Once they were out of milk so Race poured grape juice on his captain crunch.

They didn’t have any syrup for pancakes, Race smothered his in corn syrup. “There’s not a difference between regular syrup and corn syrup. They both have syrup in the name!!!”

Race put ketchup all over his leftover spaghetti because there wasn’t enough sauce left from the night before.

They didn’t have mayo, so he put Strawberry Jam on his ham sandwich.

Spots always disgusted by this and tries his best to make sure they always have what they need so this nasty habit of Race’s hardly ever comes out.

Now listen.

Spot loves his Wheaties. He loves them, and Race and his gross food habits are not allowed to touch his Wheaties.

Not after he found Race sitting on the counter with a bowl of Wheaties, Mountain Dew poured over them like milk and just eating them, claiming they’re were bland and flavorless.

Spot almost threw up, and he couldn’t even look at his favorite cereal for weeks because of it.

He told Race that if he ever saw him touch his Wheaties ever again, he was going to break their snapstreak without a second thought.

Race steers clear of Spot’s cereal now.

@sunyshore hooked me up with the most massive YOI acrylic keychains ever! These boys are about NINE INCHES TALL. They’re so ridiculously big. I love them. I would never put these on a bag, because like… so humongous?? But they’ll be great for display. 

They were released for the YOI Namja Town Satellite Event on June 8th, so super recent! 

The adorbs Victuuri keychain next to it is from the Choko Kawa Rubber Strap set Sega released in April! It’s the Animate exclusive. I ordered the set from Amiami, because it turns out I was able to find the Victuuri exclusive keychain on its own for preorder at a low, reasonable price on another site. It was much cheaper in this case to just get the set from amiami and that keychain on its own than order the entire set from animate+pay all the proxy fees, basically. Anyway, it’s so cute. :D