and it turned out they were

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What advice would you give to young women who want to get into politics?

That’s a fantastic question! When I was campaigning and young girls would find out that I was the first Latina to potentially be elected into the Senate, I heard so much excitement from them. I realized that they looked at me and thought: If she can do it, so can I. And that is just amazing. Because they can! And they should. There are women who were trailblazers for me and that’s why I’ve been successful. Now it’s my turn to open doors for those behind me.

So, if you want it and are willing to work hard – go for it! There’s nothing young girls shouldn’t feel like they can’t do. When women apply for a job, we ask ourselves, “Am I qualified? Do I have the experience? Do I have the education? Do I have the abilities?” We need to stop second-guessing our abilities. We need to stand up and make ourselves heard. Women can be whoever they want to be. In today’s challenging political environment, it’s more important than ever that we have strong, passionate, fierce women working in politics. So, if you are thinking about getting into politics, just do it. But do it for the right reasons: Fighting for the most vulnerable.

BTS Reaction to Another Guy Sending Looks to Their GF

Request: May I request a BTS reaction to another guy sending looks or staring at their girlfriend? :3

Note: REVAMPED.*Credit to gif owners*

Jin  He was bothered by the way the other guy looked at you, blowing you a kiss from afar and while Jin saw the way you flushed in embarrassment, turning around to bury your face into Jin’s chest, he was absolutely pissed. He death glared the guy and eventually, the guy walked away before he could witness Jin’s terrifying aura.

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SugaHe noticed the way the man stared at you and he tried to ignore the man, trying to enjoy your company and the fancy dinner he took you out on. About an hour passed and the man was still staring at you as if you were a rare kind of delicious piece of meat, Yoongi was more than done. He walked from your table and towards the man’s table, and the man instantly flushed. “It would be nice if you could stop.”

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J-Hope ➳ He was bright and happy, trying his best to show you how much he loved you so you wouldn’t notice the group of men staring you in a way that would make you feel very uncomfortable. He pulled you into his chest, and instantly death glared the men behind you, giving them a ‘I’m going to kill you’ gesture which had them looking away sheepishly. “That’s what I thought.” He muttered under his breath and you looked to him in confusion, questioning what he said but he just pecked your lips, a bright smile adorning his features.

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RapMonster ➳ His eyebrows furrowed while his fingers began to grip yours, anger surging through him in seconds. He was going to tell the guy off, the one who kept sending you 'call me’ gestures and whistling towards you, catcalling you in various ways. He began to charge towards the man who was with a group of friends, until you tugged on his arm, shaking your head. “It’s not worth it.”

“For you, anything is worth risking for.”

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Jimin Your smile was so bright, and that was one of the main reasons he fell in love with you. He was jealous seeing how your smile attracted other eyes, especially that guy who kept staring at you for a while now. But, he couldn’t be mad, because he knew if you didn’t belong to him and he saw you with someone else; he wouldn’t be able to help but admire your beauty as well.

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V You tugged on his shirt when you two were trying to buy groceries. He looked at you worriedly when you looked slightly embarrassed. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked you, and you looked behind you to a man who kept staring at your body, making it obvious he had wanted you in more ways than one. Taehyung was annoyed to say the least, he pulled you into his chest and smirked at the man, raising his eyebrows and the man looked away, sulking.

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Jungkook He wasn’t stupid, he saw the man staring at you from afar the moment you two arrived. You were too busy looking at items at the theme park, too excited to notice, and occasionally asking Jungkook if the item was worth getting. He was too busy staring the man down, ignoring you. “Kookie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing, I thought I saw something worthless.”

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Captare, (eruri, nsfw)

this is the only thing basements are good for in regards to snk.

“Levi…wait. Your mother—

“She asleep.” Levi replied to Erwin’s concerns, his voice breathless from the way they’d been kissing. “And she never comes down here.”

Straddling Erwin, Levi looked down at where he was seated against the couch. A few seconds ago he’d backed him up to the front of it so that he could sit in his lap, after they’d spent the past two hours playing a videogame in front of the television. They’d been on the floor and were in his basement — a veritable private cave for 17 year old Levi, who practically lived down there except to sleep and where his mother rarely ventured like he’d said — and had started making out after turning the electronics off. Levi had initiated it because he couldn’t get enough of his cute, tall, and charming boyfriend, and Erwin, who was running on the same teenaged hormones as Levi, had not protested until it had become apparent that their kissing was going to turn into something else.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to though, Levi was sure, because he could feel his boner pressing up against the bottom of his ass through Erwin’s jeans, and it wasn’t like they hadn’t done this plenty of other times elsewhere. The difference was they were usually in a bedroom or a car or somewhere else private that didn’t come with the chance of getting caught rather than an open basement, but Levi wasn’t worried about it. His mother was home, sure, and her room was right above where they were, but it was past midnight on a Friday and he knew she’d gone to sleep long ago, and he was pretty confident that even if they woke her up — which he didn’t think would happen, because they would be quiet — she wouldn’t bother to investigate and would just go back to sleep.

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It’s got the best unintentional color palette ever. On one hand I wish I knew what the original looked like. On the other, it came out so perfect that it probably doesn’t matter?

The original looked like this!

Far less interesting, in my opinion.  It was drawn in black ink and ink wash, with a bit of correction done in white paint, so when I scanned it in, the ink greys were slightly warm and the whites were slightly cool… but instead of desaturating it like I’d intended to do, I accidentally OVERsaturated it, resulting in this.

The warms were amped up until they were legit red, and the cools turned blue.  So I just went with it. :V

sherlock trying to pick a random person up vs sherlock trying to pick john up
  • random person
  • sherlock: um hi, i just wanted to tell you that your eyes look like a pair of eyes that i experimented on 3 days ago.
  • person: ???
  • sherlock: the colour reminds me of a burnt cookie
  • person: *getting creeped out*
  • sherlock: so tell me, how did you break your arm when you were 8? i already know of course, but i want to hear the story first hand.
  • person: *tries to walk away*
  • sherlock: tell me about your three sisters and two brothers! i want to know why you decided to become an accountant for a law firm!
  • person: *literally turns around and runs*
  • JOHN
  • sherlock: *stares into his eyes* i know exactly your profession and your sister's marital situation
  • john: woah.
  • sherlock: i also know that your not close with any family, do you want to shoot a man to save my life tomorrow?
  • john: *moves in with him*

So fun story, I’ve loved Leonardo DiCaprio my whole life and the day after the Oscars I was rushed into an emergency appendectomy and wow

I woke up hours after the surgery groggily and thirsty. I asked the Nurse how it went and she giggled and was like, “I’m so glad you’re awake Ms. DiCaprio.” And I was like lmao wtf that’s not my name

Turns out I woke up towards the end of my surgery, while they were still performing the operation, and started quietly weeping and whispering about how my husband Leo won an Oscar last night and I was so proud of him and he deserved it and um wow. The nurse said they shushed me and lulled me back to sleep but I was crying about Leonardo winning his Oscar for a good 5 minutes before I was out again

This honestly says so much about me as a person why am I like this

BTS: Dating Jimin

• He met you at a shop somewhere and hut it off and started hanging out
• Asked you out while you were hanging out
• He asked so quietly that you had to ask him to repeat his question
• Soft kisses and soft lips
• Telling him that his chubby cheeks are cute and watching his ears and face turn red
• Comparing hand sizes
• Wearing sweaters that are too big together
• The Cutest Couple Around™
• Becoming good friends w/ Kookie and Tae
• Him letting you watch all of his old dance studio videos
• Missing the pink hair if we’re being honest
• But also letting him know he always looks fantastic
• Telling him he’s super sexy and handsome whether he has abs or not
• Him performing ‘Lie’ for you before anyone else
• Having a high vocal range competition
• “My voice is higher than your voice.” “MY VOICE IS HIGHER THAN YOUR VOICE.” “M Y Vo ICe iS H Igh Er THA n Yo UR vO I Ce.”
• Painting each other’s nails

I had the weirdest damn encounter today so far at work. A customer for the pharmacy I clean came in and made a beeline for me. She got so far into my personal space that I swear to fucking God I could count every goddamn eyelash she had. She asked me if I knew her niece “Monica” who, apparently, works with me? I don’t know a Monica, so I told her no. That’s when she reached out and literally PALMED my name tag, which was over my boob, and said “but you definitely work for (insert company name)”. Turns out she cleans on the day shift in the HOSPITAL not the clinic where I clean(I asked my supervisor). So we never ever meet. This woman made me so fucking uncomfortable Jesus Christ. Thank fucking God the pharmacists noticed and, by chance, knew her by name so they were able to get the beast away from me. I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes cleaning in the lobby waiting for her to leave the pharmacy. Wtf lady!? I haven’t had an experience like that since I worked at my old craft job! I didn’t have the balls to do anything about it because I seriously love cleaning in pharmacy and did not want to fuck up a good thing by unleashing my temper. -Abby

A Zimbits iteration of the tried and true “bed sharing + clothes sharing + it’s really cold” triple trope (feat. bonus love confessions). 

Bitty wasn’t afraid of storms generally speaking, but this one was downright nasty. The team had walked past upended trees—big ones with years of life in them—on the way back from the store. Powerlines were downed. The heating in the house the hockey team had rented for what was meant to be a nice weekend getaway is non-existent because there’s no power.

Bitty lies in the single bed in the smallest room in the house in the pitch darkness and tries not to jump every time a tree bangs into the glass of his window. It’s all so loud.

So, no, Bitty isn’t scared of storms in general, but he’s scared of this storm. For good reason, it turns out, because not a minute after Bitty wishes he’d bailed out of the trip to stay on campus instead, a tree crashes through his roof.

Not the window he’d feared it coming through. The actual roof.

Bitty screams bloody murder.

The tree limb comes through almost all the way to the floor, and water starts dripping down it, heading toward the carpet. Thankfully, it didn’t crash land onto Bitty’s bed, where it would have skewered Bitty. Bitty’s body is thrumming with adrenaline; half terror, half relief.

The door to his room crashes open and Lardo and Shitty practically fall through.

“Fuck,” Lardo says, shining one of the torches they’d bought earlier at the tree.

“Goddamn,” Shitty states. “You alright, brah?”

Bitty tries to speak but it doesn’t quite work. He realises it’s because his body is locked up, he can’t even move his fingers apart. That’s going to be a problem.

“What’s going on?” Jack comes in behind Lardo and Shitty. A knight in rumpled sleep clothes. He surveys the scene, adding his own torch light to Lardo’s. He manages to look calm, and it helps Bitty to see it.

“You shouldn’t stay in here,” Jack deduces, looking over to Bitty, who is slowly encouraging his limbs into movement.

“No shit,” Lardo adds.

“You can take the floor in our room,” Shitty offers. “We’ll put some pillows down for you.”

“No.” Everyone turns to looks at Jack, surprised. “Stay with me.”

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Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s dog Bisou first stole his heart. Now the Rottweiler mix is muscling in on his career.

The 9-year-old dog earned an impromptu cameo in Morgan’s latest film, “The Accidental Husband,” costarring Uma Thurman. “We were shooting in New York, and I had Bisou off-leash,” Morgan told the New York Post. “She came running up behind me like a crazy dog.”

The movie’s director, Griffin Dunne, decided to keep the spontaneous footage, and as they say in Hollywood, a star was born.

“Bisou’s become quite accustomed to being on sets,” Morgan says. “The first thing she figures out is the location of the food truck. If she ever goes missing, she turns up there, doing her ‘I haven’t eaten in 100 years’ thing.”

~Jeffrey on his pup, Bisou~

I was in a video and Felicia Day was my sidekick (or maybe I was hers??? Idk). I was like really confused because as we were going through all the levels, I was wondering what the actual goal of the game was, but it turned out that it was all leading up to saving a princess and that’s when I realized how gay I am. I woke up before I could save her though.

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Who do I have to bribe to get a hug out of Bellamy and Marcus? I feel like if they've gotten this painful part of their history out in the open maybe it's another step to actually being the father and son neither have known but it's really like a tease of when it'll happen. After kabby it's my favorite relationship.

So here’s what I think.

I think the theme of “from the ashes we will rise” is being applied very literally to a couple of these characters, most clearly so far Kane and the Blakes (which is ironic because a few episodes ago they were the three where I was the most concerned the show had no idea what to do with them, but they CLEARLY do after that fucking fantastic episode last night).  Kane, Bellamy and Octavia all are getting burned down to ashes.  They’re literally hitting their absolute lowest point.  We saw Octavia turn the corner in tonight’s episode, after being so distraught that she tried to kill herself by walking out into the black rain and then having sex with Ilian just to give herself something to feel besides crushing, miserable sorrow.  That was her “ashes” moment, everything burned away, reduced to her lowest, darkest point.  But then she woke up in the morning and she threw her knives into the water and left them behind, because after she almost died, she’s become a person who can’t kill anymore.  Ilian was right that whatever release that used to provide for her is gone.  And she’s already different, as we can see from the way she can see Ilian’s humanity in a new way that she couldn’t before because she was blinded by anger.  So now Octavia has come out of the ashes and she’s about to rise.  I don’t know what she’s gonna do but I know that every single person involved in the show who has been asked which character has the best arc this season has said Octavia, so it’s probably going to be something awesome.

I think for Kane and for Bellamy, both separately and together, what we got last night was their “ashes” moment, with the turnaround and resolution still to come.  Bellamy is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people he can’t save, by his feelings of failure, by his fear for Octavia, and by the collective series of losses he’s experienced that all came back up again at once when he was stuck in the Rover in the mud.  And Kane is in a similar position; all he wants to do is help everyone and he can’t help anybody.  He can’t comfort Bellamy, he can’t save his two stranded people, he can’t protect Harper from her guilt or heal the man she’s watching die, he can’t be there with Abby when she has to do the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life, he can’t bring Octavia home, and also - crucially - he can’t erase the things that he did on the Ark, even though he’s been trying since he landed on Earth to repent and be better as though that could wipe those sins away.  So they both end this episode at the lowest of their low points in four whole seasons, and I don’t think it’s accidental that it happens when Clarke and Abby - who are the people who keep both of them grounded and make them feel understood - are so far out of reach. 

But Octavia was down in the dark place too, and she turned the corner and came back around into the light.  She’s rising from the ashes.  So I think Bellamy and Kane are next.  I think Kane’s arc for the rest of the season was set up very neatly by this episode and that it’s going to connect in some way with Jaha’s, and that we’re going to explore the question of whether Kane becoming a better man made him a less effective leader, and whether Jaha’s political savvy and ability to manipulate a situation to his advantage was, as Clarke tells Jasper in that scene in the brig, a whole lot more vital to keeping the peace on the Ark than anyone (INCLUDING ME TBH????) ever gave Jaha credit for.  So I think a Kane/Jaha team-up where we see maybe an inversion of Season 1 (Jaha as Kane’s second-in-command instead of Kane as Jaha’s?) might emerge as the connective thread between the Cadogan story and the Arkadia story and that Kane is going to be instrumental in finding a way to lead his people and prove himself and save them.  And I think his relationship with Bellamy will be key to that; we got that “you turn the page and you don’t look back” moment from them in the season premiere that I think was really significant and it feels like the show is setting us up for their big “rise from the ashes” moment to be something that involves them working together. 

Because the important thing to remember is that every facet of their complicated relationship can be equally true at the same time; Kane is the man who floated Bellamy’s mom, and neither Kane nor we can dismiss that even if we want to; but he’s also one of the only characters in this entire show that Bellamy has ever opened up to like he does when he talks about his mom and baby Octavia in that heartbreaking scene over the radio.  So his anger at Kane for the loss of his mom, which is real, and which has always been there, does not erase the relationship they’ve built on the ground, because he’s still someone Bellamy feels safe enough with that he can let Kane see him cry.  I think looking at it like “ugh Bellamy was being a dick” misses the depth and complexity of all the different emotional truths that were contained in those scenes. 

This relationship is so, so hugely important to both of them individually and to the show, but they had to confront the one big thing between them that they’ve never confronted before - just the way Octavia had to finally, finally, finally really confront her grief for Lincoln - in order to burn all the way down into ashes so they can rise.

I’m not giving up on a Kellamy hug yet, and neither should you.  They’re still a family.

Together || Jughead Jones

Prompt: Omg, but can you make one where reader knows that Jughead will be a great father and that he actually wants kids but she is still scared to tell him that she’s pregnant? Like, she has that uneasy feeling that just won’t leave her but everything turns out okay. You can make it with them still being at school or maybe after their graduation😁 *hugs to the amazing writer*

A/N: God, I love these kidfic requests so much. Thank you for sending one in!!

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“Come on, come on.” you mumbled as you looked at your clock, your leg unable to stop its incessant bouncing.

You wished the damn timer would go off already. You hated being kept in suspense. And you were sure you’d be late to school if you waited another minute.

You shook your head. You had more important things to think about now.

Like the fact that you had been getting sick recently almost everyday and that your period was late? How about the fact that you had just taken a pregnancy test and your whole life could be changed in the span of—

Briiiiing, briiiiing

You froze and swallowed, shakily turning the alarm on your phone off. You took a deep breath and walked to your bathroom where you saw the pregnancy test lying facedown.

Here goes nothing.

You picked it up, turning it over. All the breath left your body immediately.

“Oh, Jesus.” you muttered as you looked at the positive pregnancy test in your hands, moving to sit on the toilet seat.

You couldn’t believe this. Why?

Maybe it was because the two of you were only sixteen. Maybe it was because the both of you had only just finished your sophomore year. Maybe it was because Jason Blossom’s killer was still on the loose? On, and the fact that you guys didn’t have jobs. Hell, Jughead didn’t even really have a place to live. Sure, he occasionally lived with Archie, but you knew how he still couch surfed. You had a home, but you knew you’d be kicked out of it as soon as your parents found out you were pregnant.


The word rattled around in your head as you looked down at the test and the two pink lines again.

He’d be a great father.

Those were surprisingly the first words that came to your mind. And you knew they were true. You knew Jughead had wanted kids. He had mentioned it to you in passing once. Of course, you knew he didn’t mean right now. He meant 10 years from now. Fifteen years from now. But now that was changed to seven months.

“Y/N!” your mom called from the hallway, breaking you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah, mom?” you called back, quickly getting up, gripping the test in your hands.

“Hurry up! You’re gonna be late!”

“I’m going!”

You quickly gathered your stuff up, shoving the test in the front pocket of your bag, dashing downstairs.

To your surprise, you weren’t late to school. You had made it with five minutes to spare and even better, there was a substitute. She let you guys go as there was no work that needed to be done so now you were making your way to the Blue and Gold’s office where you knew Jughead would be.

You and Jughead weren’t sexual creatures. You certainly weren’t like the rest of Riverdale’s students. You had only had sex a handful of times. You had sex so little that you could pinpoint the exact day when the baby inside you was conceived.

“Got it!” Jughead said as he climbed on top of the couch before settling down next to you with the bowl of popcorn in his hand.

You giggled as you moved to grab a handful of his popcorn before he swatted your hand away.

“Uh uh,” he protested, holding the bowl away from you. “I don’t think so.”

You rolled your eyes as you began to climb on top of him, attempting to get the bowl your boyfriend of a year and a half held above his head.

“Come on!” you exclaimed as you reached for the bowl, Jughead’s arm stretching back further and further.

“Y/N, you’re going to—”


“Make me drop it.” the raven-haired teen muttered.

You bit back a smile.

“Sorry?” you tried.

Jughead snorted and then the two of you went silent as you realized you were straddling the teenage boy. The two of you looked at each other for a second before Jughead claimed your lips with his. You immediately kissed him back, your hands coming to rest on his shoulders. Jughead’s arms made their way to your hips and he moved you so you were lying down on the couch, him on top of you. The two of you pulled away for air and Jughead looked down on you.

“You want to—”

You nodded, cutting him off.

“Yeah.” you said quietly as you kissed your boyfriend again, beginning to pull his shirt over his head.

That was exactly two months and twelve days ago. And of course it was the one time you guys didn’t use a condom. You were so wrapped up in your antics that you didn’t even think about using one.

You were jerked out of your thoughts as you realized you were at the Blue and Gold’s door. You took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. Jughead was learning against the table, looking at his murder board.

“Hey, Juggie.” you said.

“Mm,” he said as acknowledged you, his eyes never tearing away from the murder board.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have English this period?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“We had a sub. She let us go.”

Jughead nodded.

You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Jughead, I need to talk to you.” you blurted out.


Jughead turned his gaze to you at your tone and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yeah, of course,” he said. “You okay, Y/N?”

You shook your head and he got up.

“I, um,” you cleared your throat. “I’m pregnant, Juggie.”

You saw his face drain of color in record time, his eyes widening. He was silent, unable to formulate words.

“A-Are you sure? Did you take a test?” he croaked out.

You nodded slowly, turning your backpack around, unzipping the front pocket. You pulled out the positive pregnancy test from earlier, handing it to him. Jughead took it with shaky hands, looking at the two lines. Jughead was silent again as he looked at the test. After a few minutes of only the clock ticking behind you to fill the silence, you decided to say something.

“I-I understand if you don’t want to be involved. I just—”

“Why wouldn’t I be involved?” Jughead cut in, looking up at you.

You sighed.

“You have such a bright future as a writer ahead of you, Jug. This baby’ll hold you back.” you mumbled.

Jughead scoffed.

“And what about you?” he asked, stepping closer to you. “Your career? Your life?”

He put the test on the table next to you.


“Y/N, I’m not leaving you to do this alone,” he said softly. “We’ll figure something out, okay? We always do.”

You sighed in relief and nodded. Jughead pulled you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“I love you, Jughead.” you said quietly.

“I love you too, Y/N.”


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i think that, in the end, so much of the success of Harry Potter can be attributed to “misaimed fandom”. Rowling has notions about heroism and good versus evil that are ultimately at odds with those of so many of us—the story frames it as an ultimately good thing that Harry was knowingly left to be raised by abusive relatives, that Snape tormented and harassed children under his care as a teacher and explicitly only ever did the right thing because he still had a boner for a dead woman who rejected him.  And as it’s been said by others, Dumbledore knowingly allows so much suffering, yet he’s held up as the Big Good.

So many of us were waiting for a payoff, a vindication of the suffering of Harry, and Hagrid, and maybe even Draco, and all the rest who endured bigotry, abuse, false accusations. So many of us were waiting for things to not only turn out well, but for a certain kind of justice. And in the end, we got maybe half-way there, or at least a kind of good ending, but it wasn’t the one we needed.

And Rowling went on being successful, went on being a kind of shitty person (the type who openly and actively opposes independence movements, who thinks that Dumbledore counts as gay representation). Because we bought her books, so many of us kids like Harry, hoping to see in his life something we never had in our own, because by the time she had him looking up to one of his most constant abusers as hero enough to name a child after him, by the time he went on to become a cop after a childhood full of seeing injustice perpetuated and perpetrated by the same system of authority, we had already given Rowling all our money.

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What if Kara goes for the Supergirl reveal, and tears open her shirt, but forgets that she isn't wearing the costume and instead flashes Lena

So Kara is so nervous, because she has planned on telling Lena her secret for weeks, right? The Lucy reveal was easy, so she’s going to copy it, just go in and take off her glasses and pull open her shirt and it’ll be just like ripping off a bandaid.



Because Lena does not react like Kara anticipated.

She expected some confusion, maybe a little anger, some hurt -

She didn’t anticipate the way Lena’s jaw drops slowly or the way her eyes widen, or the way her lips curl into a smirk before diving after Kara’s.

Later, when they’re naked and half wrapped in the blanket from Lena’s couch, Kara turns to her.

“If I would have known you were going to react that way t finding out I’m Supergirl, I would have told you a long time ago!”

“Wait, you’re Supergirl?!”

“Yeah,, that’s why I stripped down to show you my - … oh.”

“‘Oh’ is right!”

“I’m sorry? I had this whole plan-”

“It’s fine, I like the way it ended up better. Besides, I already knew you were Supergirl.”

“What? No way!”

“Yes way!”

Kara is silent for a moment before she speaks up.

“So … what now?”

“We could go on a real date?”

“I know just the place.”

Tamaytka’s Casper x Reader

Artwork, Casper, TicTac, Aaron, Scarlet & Pigeon’s Pizza all belong to @tamaytka​. This is merely a fan-work, inspired by the fluff-inspiring Casper. I might try doing more for Casper. It was really fun and relaxing to write. I apologize in advance for any misinterpretations & mistakes!

Casper leaned back on the sofa, head coming to lay against the sofa’s arm rest. He pressed a hand against his face and heaved out a heavy sigh before running his fingers through his newly cut hair. It had been getting into his eyes, and he had finally gotten sick of it.

Enough to cut it, at least.

He felt a weight drop onto his shoulder - turning his head, he found it was the tiny Tic-Tac he and his friends had adopted.

The little plush-looking creature stared blankly at Casper for a moment, before giving off a soft wheezy quack. He was slumped on Casper’s shoulder as if he were no more than a ragdoll - using the convenient softness of Casper’s sleeveless jumper and the rise and fall of the adolescent’s chest to ease himself to sleep.

‘I don’t blame you, Tic-Tac. I might join you in,’ a yawn slowly came to escape Casper. 'A couple of minutes.’ He flexed his legs and kicked off his shoes, his socks joining them shortly after on the floor. 'Aaron’s at work, Scarlett’s turn to watch'im…perfect time to nap.’ He hummed to himself, his hand coming to slowly stroke Tic-Tac’s feathery head. Gradually, his pastel blue eyes were closed and his dreams beginning.


You pushed open the doorway into the apartment, rubbing the back of your neck sorely. It had been a long evening, working as a waitress for the last hour of the lunch rush, and the first hour of the dinner rush. It didn’t help that Aaron started part way, dozing in and out of consciousness, and Scarlet pestering you, to pester him awake. Sometimes, you wondered why you put up with your boyfriend’s friends.

You slid the beak hat from the top of your head and tossed it onto the rack on the wall, jacket joining it along with the work apron. 'Casper?’ You called into the apartment, sliding your shoes off. You were eager to slide out of your skirt and button-up shirt, and slide into a loose shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Cuddling up to Casper in front of the TV would be a nice bonus as well.

There was no reply, which was surprising. Even if Casper didn’t always reply, Tic-Tac usually came waddling to you in hopes of free food.

'Tic-Tac, I’ve got cheese pizza!’ You tried.

There was still nothing, prompting a frown to spread on your face. With a firm nod, you decided to go get changed and then roam in search of the two.

Quickly ducking into your and Casper’s shared room, awkwardly stepping around Casper’s increasing pile of dirty laundry - he insisted that being dead meant his laundry didn’t need to be done. He got fussy sometimes when you insisted, but he enjoyed the soft clothes once you put them through a cycle. It also meant he was usually softer to cuddle.

One of his jumpers and a pair of your own sweatpants later, you stepped out of the room and strolled into the kitchen, glancing around for the little plush-looking TicTac. 'Ticcy,’ you called, opening the fridge to slide the small container of pizza you’d brought home, inside. 'Taccy.’ Stepping into the living room, you almost missed the nineteen year old on the couch, if it hadn’t been for the quiet quack TicTac gave as he rolled over. 'Guess the cuddle pile started without me this time.’ You smiled and folded your arms as you came to stand by the sofa.

His pale-tan skin still seemed as full of life as the day you met him, but his sudden death still seemed a surprise to you. Passing at such a young age, it couldn’t have been easy, but he always played it off. You supposed it was so he wouldn’t make you feel guilty for not really seeing him until a week after his death.

There were rumours that the longer someone was dead, the colder their body got. You could’ve sworn it was the opposite way with Casper. Always a warm little cuddle-ball, barely awake for the time you got off work and school. You lowered yourself down, resting on the edge of the sofa, snuggled up to the warmth that is Casper.

TicTac glanced at you, stirred from sleep, before sniffing and starting to pull himself over the sofa arm. 'It’s in the fridge, third shelf,’ you said to the little creature as he tottled off. You rested your face on Casper’s shoulder, inhaling his familiar smell.

Toasted marsh mellows and cinnamon.

You didn’t even know where it came from - he couldn’t have touched the kitchen without the food exploding everywhere, but never the less, it meant he was there. That’s all you needed.

You felt a pressure on top your head, a hand coming to rest on your back as an arm pulled you onto Casper’s body, off the edge of the sofa. 'About time you got home, my little ghost.’ He breathed into your hair. He tangled his fingers into your ponytail, gently tugging it free.

'I’ll make your dinner after a nap,’ you replied, lifting your head to look at the drowsy blue eyes. You pressed a tender kiss to his lips, rolling your eyes when you felt them smile. Your head soon resumed its place on his shoulder, eyes sliding shut for your own nap. 'Wake me in a couple hours, Cas.’ you whispered, yawning and drifting off.

'Maybe. Depends if I wake up then,’ he chuckled, joining you in a blissful sleep.

Sick day (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Summary - Reader gets sick, so Bucky takes care of her and is always trying to get her to smile, even though she feels terrible.

Pairing - Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

You hated it when you got sick. It was very unusual for you to get sick, so when you were sick, you weren’t faking it. And the team knew that. It only started with a small cold. Then it turned into violent sneezes, a dripping nose, a horrible cough and feeling sick and dizzy all the time. Everyone was out, celebrating a mission they completed. You, on the other hand, were in your grey over-sized jumper, sweatpants and fluffy socks. You had a blanket wrapped around your shoulders, laying on the couch in the living room, with the tv on. Tissues covered the floor, couch and coffee table. An empty pot of tea was in the sea of snotty tissues, along with various pills and medicines that Bruce had offered you. To put it simply; you were feeling sorry for yourself. When you heard the elevator, you couldn’t be bothered to even lift your head of the arm of the couch to see who it was. 

“You look lie death.” Came a familiar voice. You glanced over to the doorway, seeing Bucky Barnes leaning against the door frame, arms over his chest and an amused smile on his lips. You groaned, putting the blanket over your head. 

“I feel like death, too.” You groaned back at him. You lifted your head from under the blanket, seeing Bucky clearing your used tissues away. You began to sit up, groaning loudly. 

“(Y/N), doll, lay back down. I’ve got this.” Bucky said gently, pushing you back down slowly. “I’m immune to sickness.” He chuckled. You smiled slightly, nestling back into your blanket. You watched Bucky empty the tissues into the trash, then refill your tea pot with hot tea. You thanked him with a mumble, sitting up on your elbows slightly. Bucky poured some tea into your mug, then added some milk and one sugar into it. You smiled at how Bucky remembered how you liked your tea. He sat down next to you, holding the mug of tea. You sat up fully, leaning on the arm of the couch, taking the mug from him. 

“Okay, now you have your tea, how about Disney’s Hercules? Or, your favorite musical, Grease?” He raised an eyebrow at you, waiting for you answer. You told him Grease, watching him carefully. He hated both of those movies, why was he doing this? And he remembered your favorite movies? He sat down next to you when Grease started playing, pulling you close to his side. You unwrapped your blanket from your shoulders and put it over both you. You rested your head on his shoulder, sighing happily. Bucky smiled, holding you close to his side. 

Once Grease had finished, you gently pulled away from Bucky as he stood up to take the disc out of the dvd player. You decided you wanted a break from the tv, so Bucky turned it off and sat back down next to you. 

“Why are you doing this?” You questioned him. Bucky’s cheeks flushed a light shade of pink, a sheepish smile on his lips. He looked down at his hands, playing with the blanket that seemed more interesting at this point in time. You found it cute that he was blushing. Not that he wasn’t cute to start with, because he was. He was adorable. But you wouldn’t admit that out loud. 

“I just want you to feel better.” Bucky mumbled, looking up at you like a puppy. You smiled, moving closer to him, sniffing and whipping your nose on your sleeve. Bucky smiled at your action, putting his arm around you again and pulling you into his side. 

“And I want to see you smile again. You have a beautiful smile.” You pulled back slightly, looking up at him. He looked at you, his cheeks now bright red. You were positive yours were the same shade. 

“That’s not true.” Your voice was no more than a whisper. He gently cupped your cheek with his metal hand, the cold metal cooling your burning skin down instantly. You leaned into his touch, a small smile on your lips. 

“It is. You are beautiful, (Y/N/N).” Bucky whispered and started leaning forward slowly. You watched his movement, looking at him with curious eyes. You wanted to lean forward. So badly. But you were sick. You gently covered his mouth with your hand, making him look at you with amusement and confusion in his eyes. 

“As much as I want to kiss you. And trust me, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this. But I’m still sick.” You laughed gently, lowering your hand from his mouth. He grinned at you, leaning forward again, inches from your lips. 

“And I told you; I’m immune to illness. And even if I did get sick, It would be totally worth it.” Then his lips were on yours. You melted into the kiss, smiling. 

Let’s just say, the next few days, you were both snuggled up on the couch, a box of tissues in between you. But it was definitely worth it.


Prompt from the-beauty-of-imagination

Lance knew he was clingy and annoying and sometimes he wondered why Keith even bothers spending time with him. It’s not like he’s interesting like Keith or talented like Keith is or anything as good as Keith. But Keith still lets him be a part of his life, so Lance is going to do everything he can to keep from messing this up.

This went from giving Keith gifts as often as he thought he could without being too strange, letting him choose what most of their activities were when they went out, and most of all, he wouldn’t ever push for kisses unless Keith initiated them.

He was often told he was overly affectionate, which had at times pushed certain people away. Keith wasn’t that affectionate of a person so he couldn’t push his boundaries with hugs and kisses unless Keith wanted them.

To him, it was the perfect plan to make this last and keep Keith from turning away from him- as most people did at some point. At least, anyone he was ever romantically interested in.

“How do I look?” he inquired to Hunk. They had taken a small break at a peaceful planet to gather supplies, leaving them with a few hours away from being paladin’s of Voltron to just relax and enjoy themselves.

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@artsyfalafel told me I should post the fixer upper I wrote for Legends. It’s not what is canonly going to happen, based on next weeks trailer, but I felt the need to write something so I could stop being angry. 

Amaya found Ray in Mick’s room, sitting on an overturned hamper and cradling some type of futuristic (to her) gun in his hands, turning it over forlornly. He didn’t look up at her, though she knew that he knew she was there.

“We were such idiots,” he muttered, lip curling in distaste, at himself, Amaya realized. “Treating him that way, thinking he was just going to…I don’t know, follow us loyally no matter what? We treated him like shit.”

“Can’t disagree with you there,” Amaya said softly, dragging over a crate and sitting down next to him. “Though I would like to point out that you are the only team member that admitted we all distrusted him.”

Ray frowned harder, fingers tightening on the gun. “That’s the thing. I did trust him. I trusted him enough to be his partner, to take a beating for him in a goddamn Russian gulag. And the worst part is that I still…”

“You still trust him.”

It wasn’t a question, and Ray flinched. “Yeah,” he admitted. “Yeah, I do. He might have started out just a thug and a criminal and an arsonist and a-”


He offered a thin smile. “Point. He might have been those things…but he’s changed. He got captured, and fucked up, and he’s smart, I know he is, he taught me how to take apart and put this gun back together in less than thirty seconds, and it wasn’t even his.”

“Whose was it?” Amaya asked curiously.

Ray winced, absentmindedly starting to pull apart the cold gun. “Snart’s.”

“The guy who Mick left us for?”

“He wasn’t that nasty when he died,” Ray said, studying the slowly falling apart cold gun. “He died for us. The Legion just got an eviler version of him. Neither of them…”

He trailed off yet again, eyebrows furrowing and jaw tightening as he stared down at the gun. Amaya, mistaking his falter for emotion, reached a hand out and settled it on his knee. “It’s okay. I believe you. Mick is a good guy. I-”

“Look at this.”

Ray ripped a piece of paper from the inner workings of the gun, shoving it into Amaya’s hands and waiting breathlessly while she skimmed it, once, twice, three times, eyebrows shooting up in surprise. “This is…”

“A plan,” Ray confirmed, looking over her shoulder to read it again.


Know you’ll find this, you nosy bastard. You fiddle to keep busy.

I’m going with Snart on purpose. We don’t know how the spear works. They won’t trust the rest of you, but to them, I’m a criminal. Not a Legend.

Team’ll probably hate me. S’fine. Not like they don’t already. I expect you to keep quiet about this. The less people know, the better. I’m going to try and bring Amaya with me. If she doesan’t come, fill her in.

I’m gonna figure out this damn stick, get rid of the Legion, and then we’re getting rid of this godawful piece of wood for good.

Don’t touch my shit, and put the gun back together.


Amaya glanced at him. “Do we tell them?”

Ray shook his head instantly, folding up the note and tucking it into his breast pocket. “No. We protect him subtly if we fight, but otherwise we don’t do anything unless he says. He understands these guys better than any of us, especially Snart. I trust him.”

A small smile slid over Amaya’s face. “I do too. And it seems he trusts us.”

Ray chuckled fondly, putting the gun back together and setting it aside, cracking his knuckles as he stood back up and offered a hand to Amaya. “Good. Because I’m gonna kill him when he gets back. And then hug him.”

“You’ll be dead before you can lay a finger on him.”