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Get Her Back (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! This one was very fun to write, I had to research what Stockholm syndrome was and turns out it’s a fun one (jk it’s horrible) but yeah 😂
Warnings: brainwashing, lots of angst
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Reid and the reader are newly married and loving life with each other and one day the Reader goes shopping for dinner and asking Reid what he wants over the phone. Then the reader is taken and the unsub brainwashed her to fear and hate her husband. It takes years to find the reader but when they do she has Stockholm syndrome
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Reader has been kidnapped and escapes…
You pushed the shopping cart with one hand and held your cell phone to your ear with the other.
“What sounds good to you, baby?” You asked your husband, Spencer, as you looked at the new wedding ring on your finger.
You and Spencer got married last week and you are finally having some down time for yourselves.
Spencer suggested that you both cook dinner as a bonding activity, which made you laugh, and that’s what brings you to the store.
“Umm something sort of simple. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a master in the kitchen.” He said adding a small giggle that made a smile creep upon your lips.
“How about spaghetti?” You said turning down the noodle isle.
“That sounds great!” Spencer said happily.
“Alright, I’ll let you go. I’m at checkout.” You said putting the two items on the conveyor belt.
“Okay darling. Call me if you have any questions, concerns…”
“Spencer I’m 5 minutes away from the house. I think I’ll be okay.” You said staying on the line longer than you had hoped.
“Hold on Spencer.” You said as the cashier asked “cash or debit”.
“Debit.” You said taking your debit card out and swiping before taking your groceries and leaving.
“Hey I’m back.” You said holding the phone to your ear again.
“Hey. I can’t wait for you to be home.” He said letting out a huff afterwards.
“Spencer I’ve been gone for 10 minutes.” You said getting your car keys out of your purse.
“But it’s felt like an eternity.” He said.
“Damn it.” You said dropping your keys on the ground.
“You okay?” Spencer asked worried.
“Yeah I just dropped my keys.” You said putting the key into the lock and opening your car door.
“Well I should be home in…”
Your sentence was cut off and interrupted by your own scream as a masked man swung open your door and pulling you out.
He put a damp rag over your mouth, and being in the position on the ground you were in, you couldn’t defend yourself.
You kicked and punched but he had a tight grip around your throat as he drug you farther away from your car and closer to his.
You couldn’t hear them, but Spencer was screaming your name from the other line.
He begged that whoever had you to let you go, but it was no use.
Soon enough, you blacked out and were taken to an unknown destination.
You woke up with the disability to move your hands or legs.
There was a white screen in front of you and the room was dark.
You looked around the room, trying to identify your surroundings, but your attention was brought to the screen when a man appeared on the screen.
“Your awake.” He said looking into the screen.
All of a sudden the door opened and the same man entered and stood in front of you.
“You see this man?” He asked holding a picture in front of you.
“No no please don’t hurt him. He’s innocent please leave him alone.” You begged as tears pricked your eyes.
“We aren’t going to hurt him. This is the last thing your going to see of him so take a good look at him.” He said holding the picture in front of you.
The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.
You and Spencer at your wedding.
He was smiling so big and hugging you to his side.
You felt something set on your head.
You jerked your head forward, trying to avoid whatever was being put over your head.
“Stay still.” The man said putting the picture on a stand in front of you before pulling your hair back and placing the helmet like contraption on your head.
You heard a switch and then a loud buzzing.
“That man… you are going to fear him, despise him. He is your worst fear and he’s done horrible things to you.” He said spitting lies into your ear before feeling a contraction on your head before a immense sharp pain.
You screamed and attempted to thrash in the chair you were bound to.
You slowly felt the happy memories of you and Spencer slip out of your head and replace with horrendous, painful thoughts.
You tried to deflect the lies that were being put in your head, but then you couldn’t reject it anymore.
You had no clue how long these images were being set into your mind but it all stopped and you felt the biggest relief in your life.
You opened your eyes to see blue eyes, unrecognizable ones.
The man sat in front of you and held up a picture of… a man.
You looked at the picture and then to him.
“Do you know who this is?” He asked.
You tried to pull memories from your mind, seeing him for a second and then vanishing the next.
“Maybe… I’ve seen him before but…”
You were interrupted by a slap in the face.
It wasn’t even painful compared to the consistent zapping at your brain.
“Look at him!” He yelled putting the picture in your face.
“I don’t know who the hell he is!” You yelled back, earning another slap in the face.
He harshly put the picture back on the stand and slammed the helmet back over your head.
You felt the agonizing pain shoot through your head as you let out bloodcurdling screams.
It stopped and you saw the man sitting in front of you through your tear-filled eyes.
He reached across and wiped a tear from your cheek.
“You know I’m doing this because I love you, Rosie.” He said stroking your face.
That wasn’t your name.
“Let me go please. I won’t tell anyone I promise.” You begged as your wrists burned from the rope that was holding them to the chair.
“I can’t darling you know that. I have to see if something worked.” He said turning around and picking something up before showing you a picture.
Your eyes ran across the man in the picture and an overwhelming fear flew through you.
“No no get that away from me! I-I don’t want to see him ever again! Please get it away.” You yelled thrashing in your chair.
“Perfect. You did so good, Rosie. We’ll be perfect together.” He said stroking your cheek.
After seeing that picture of that man… this caring one wasn’t as scary anymore.
“Oh and please… call me Sebastian.” He said untying your wrists delicately.
You nodded and smiled, feeling at ease with Sebastian.
“I won’t let him come near you again.” He said kissing your forehead before taking your hand and leading you to another room.
Spencer was absolutely devastated knowing you were out there probably scared and hurt.
He didn’t sleep or eat for weeks due to stress.
He kept himself isolated other than getting more information on how to find you.
Eventually months have passed and the team was slowly losing hope.
There was no body, no more clues, no more time.
But Spencer will never give up.
The team would start a new case and he would work both; the case with the team and yours by himself.
When he would get frustrated, he would cry alone by himself or to JJ.
He had this feeling in his big heart that you were alive and out there somewhere, and sure enough you were.
You were out there, with Sebastian, belonging to another man.
A man that used his sick tricks to make you fear the love of your life.
To hate him.
The months have grown into years, and there was still no evidence or body belonging to you.
Spencer has been told that you would have wanted him to move on, but he remembers promising he would never leave you; to always belong to you.
And you promised back, long ago.
You sat at the clean breakfast table in yours and Sebastian’s house, your wrists loosely chained to the chair.
It’s been years and you’ve always felt… safer this way.
Sebastian had control of you, he kept you safe.
Being limited to space made you feel secure, like no one else could get in or release you; except Sebastian.
He was running his hands through his hair, he does that when he is nervous.
Earlier, you and Sebastian went to the park and a dark haired woman followed both of you.
Sebastian instantly prompted that you both go home and that you were in danger.
At that moment, a pair of handcuffs would have made you feel safer, but Sebastian quickly leaded you too the car where you drove to your secure home, where you ended up now.
You heard sirens in the distance, nothing new, but Sebastian quickly unlocked the chains from your wrists and took you downstairs.
“They’re going to try to take you Rosie, but you’ll be safe down here.” He said cuffing you again and kissing your forehead as he went back upstairs as you sat in the underground attic.
A few minutes later you heard yelling and the door being slammed open.
You jumped at the noise, instantly curling into a ball.
It went silent, but was soon disturbed by close footsteps and someone calling… your name.
The voice was closer, probably right in front of the little opening.
You saw light stream in and a man walk in.
It was…
It was him.
“No no get away from me! Don’t touch me! He’ll kill you if you touch me! Sebastian!” You yelled as the man crouched down in front of you.
“Y/N it’s me.” The man said reaching out to touch your face but you screamed as he got closer.
He instantly walked back, tears flooding his eyes.
“It’s me Spencer.” He said quieter as you looked into his dark eyes.
“I know who you are. I hate you. I hate you so much please don’t touch me. Don’t hurt me please.” You begged as tears rolled down your cheeks.
He flinched at the word “hate” but didn’t leave.
“Please remember me sweetheart please.” He begged covering his mouth to muffle sobs.
Spencer knew what had happened.
Hotch say the brainwashing helmet.
He saw the chair.
And Spencer was right behind him.
JJ climbed through the little opening and he turned into her shoulder and started sobbing.
She looked at you on the floor; crumpled in a ball with chains on your wrists.
Little did everyone know, that’s when you felt the safest.
“He did this to her. She-she’s scared of me JJ I can’t scare her.” He said pulling out of her shoulder.
“It’s okay Spence. Give her time and we will fix this. He’s going to prison for the rest of his life.” JJ said.
“No! He didn’t do anything wrong! Don’t take him away you have no proof!” You yelled at them.
“Y/N! You’ve been kidnapped for 2 years, brainwashed and tricked into…” you immediately flinched as he yelled at you.
“I-I’m sorry I didn't…” before he could finish his sentence, he bolted out of the basement.
“I’m going to take the handcuffs off of you okay?” JJ said slowly approaching you.
“I-I don’t want you to take them off. Where’s Sebastian?” You asked.
“What Spencer said was true. Sebastian had kidnapped you, tortured you and made you think that you were safe. He made you hate Spencer, Y/N. Your husband.”
You woke up to a bright light.
You have no clue when you blacked out or how you got to the… hospital?
You looked to your side and saw the man again, sleeping in the chair next to your bed.
You tried to move away as best as you could, the heart monitor beeping faster and faster.
His eyes shot open and he immediately stood up and walked to the far corner of the room.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” He said putting his hands up before rubbing his eyes.
“Leave.” You said weakly as you realized all of the tubes and needles in your arms.
He hesitantly looked at the door and back to you.
“Can I ask you a few questions please? I promise I’ll stay on my side of the room.” He said.
“If you have questions have someone else ask. I don’t want to talk to you.” You said.
You saw his eyes gloss over as he bit his bottom lip.
“Do you really not remember me?” He asked quietly.
“Yeah I remember you. I also remember that I hate you and every time I see you, I want to run away. So yeah I remember you.” You spat making him quickly leave the room.
“Stockholm syndrome. It’s a very rare illness where the victims actually become attached to their abductor on an emotional and sentimental level. That’s why she is refusing to testify against Sebastian and why she feels safe in chains or handcuffs, she feels he’s the only one who can release and put her in them.” Spencer told the team with his head low.
“Fortunately it is somewhat curable but it will take time. Slowly introducing people should familiarize her surroundings hopefully making her feel safe. I know I can’t be the one that helps her… she’s too scared of me. That monster turned my own wife against me and every time I see her… she says she… she hates me. I can’t stand looking at her gaze into my eyes and all I see is hatred.” He added.
JJ walked across the little circle the team has formed and hugged Spencer.
“She’s not gone Spence. Like you said it takes time but we will get her back.” She said rubbing his shoulders.
That’s all Spencer could hope for right now; that they can get you back.

After a horrible accident at a comedy club, it turns out that every human has the ability to blow up in a giant explosion if they do a specific set of absurd actions in a certain order. You have the only recording of “The doomsday dance” and must keep it safe from all who want to learn it.

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

a quick sketch of celica!! if anyone knew anything about her can u tell me about it.. asking for a friend


listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme

one of my favorite things about the trans!danny hc is that, assuming we’re going by canon here, jack is suPER supportive

like almost every episode we hear jack referring to danny as “danny boy”

like,, think about this for a second

danny coming out to his parents, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his too-big t-shirt

maddie being quiet at first, taking it in, thinking about how she would have to take her son shopping for new clothes immediately.. and a binder. he would need a proper binder.

she gets so lost in calculating all the things she would have to do to help her son feel comfortable she doesnt realize how quiet shes being - but danny does

he starts panicing. his fears had come true - they didnt accept him. of course they wouldnt.. he begins backing up when all of sudden jack’s face turns into a huge grin.

he claps a hand on his sons shoulder, beaming. “oh danny boy!” he proclaims, “why didnt you tell us sooner???”

danny blanches. he hadnt expected his dad to be so accepting. this snaps maddy out of her trance, and she starts talking at lightning speed, how they would have to buy him some new, appropriate, clothes and the seriousness of proper binding.

danny cant believe it.. they? they’re ok with this? he starts to cry - from relieve and from happiness and also from a bit of guilt he didnt tell them sooner - that would have made things a lot easier

from then on jack and maddy try their best to be as supportive as they can be. maddy always cooing about her precious baby boy and jack going on and on about how they need to have more father-son bonding time. making sure hes always comfortable and correcting anyone who ever dares misgender their baby boy. danny couldnt have been happier.

even so, he stills gets dsyphoria sometimes and it really brings him down - and so jack does the only thing he could think

he starts calling him danny boy.

maybe a little reminder is all he needs… besides, he always wanted a son anyways

  • someone: it's inevitable snape turned out to be a horrible person, when you consider his childhood...
  • sirius: *abused and raised by blood supremacists, is disowned, is framed for murder*
  • sirius: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • neville: *grew up with a controlling grandmother who always told him he wasn't good enough, lived with the knowledge that his parents were tortured to insanity, bullied and looked down on by just about everyone*
  • neville: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • ginny: *is literally possessed by voldemort for the better part of a year*
  • ginny: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • remus: *had no friends until he was 11, lives in constant fear of being outed as a werewolf, forced to become a monster every month*
  • remus: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • luna: *watched her mother die, picked on by everyone except ginny, treated as a freak, has only one friend until she's 14*
  • luna: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • hagrid: *expelled at age 13 for something he didn't do, accused of murder twice, outcasted for being half-giant*
  • hagrid: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • cho: *has her first love be murdered by a genocidal dictator and about half the world refuses to believe it, must struggle with her feelings towards harry and her guilt about them*
  • cho: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • mcgonagall: *fell in love with a muggle but had to break off their engagement, for fear of turning out like her own mother, later married a wizard who she loved but he died 3 years later*
  • mcgonagall: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • harry: *is degraded and abused his entire childhood, forced to sleep in a cupboard for 11 years, constantly treated as being an unwelcome outsider, told he should be grateful for his abusers taking him in, lied to constantly for the first 11 years of his life about who he is and who his parents were, consistently blamed for things that he couldn't control, picked on at school and continuously beaten up by his cousin's gang, sees multiple people die*
  • harry: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊

Warnings: Hella smut! Swearing. Semi public sex.


Bucky always made a habit of telling you stories of the 40’s. Mostly about how different the times were, especially the architecture or the music. Surprisingly, one of the many things he missed from the era were the milkshakes. There was a little ice cream shop in Coney Island named Lucy’s that had the greatest tasting shakes in the world according to him. One of his favorite pass times was telling you story after story of the small shenanigans he and Steve used to pull in there.

There was the time he dared Steve to down an entire large shake called ‘The Big One’ which consisted of shake and cake mixed together. He was practically in tears when he told you that Steve only made it halfway before he raced to one of the trash cans and blew chunks. Steve never forgave him for that, by the way. He still winces and clutches his stomach whenever he’s reminded of it.

There was also a time where Bucky took a girl named Suzette on a date that ended horribly. Turns out, she was a little on the scary side. She flat out refused to let him order because the waitress was female. And she even went as far as making him switch seats because apparently “there were only girls in the booth behind him.” Poor Bucky was so afraid of the girl, he ended up excusing himself to the bathroom and climbing out of the window, only to find Suzette already waiting for him. It took him a week to get rid of her.

So being the big softie you were, you vowed to find a similar little spot to take him. Not only would it help him get some fresh air, but it would replace some of those traumatic memories with good ones.

That’s how you found yourself seated across from a grinning Bucky Barnes as he sipped happily on his raspberry milkshake.

Not only was Lucy’s still open after almost eighty years of business, but it was currently run by Lucy’s own daughter, Leslie, who was in her early 80’s now. When she saw Bucky, she nearly had a heart attack. She weaved her way through the many people in the little shop until she was standing at our booth.

“You used to come in here with that smaller fellow, right?” She asked, adjusting her cane. She was practically glowing with excitement. “I remember coming’ in here after school everyday and seein’ you two.”

You could see the words processing in his head. He was barely remembering things now, surely he wouldn’t be able to remember t
“I think I taught you how to tie your shoes, right?” He asked suddenly, his eyes sparkling with nostalgia.

Leslie gasped, placing her hand on her heart. She began singing some old nursery rhyme, one that you’ve never heard.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, playing by a tree.
Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me,”

Before she could finish, Bucky began singing as well.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
Popped out the other side beautiful and bold!”

You both stared at him with wide eyes. Bucky however, grinned back at the two of you with triumph on his handsome face. He managed to remember something that wasn’t horrific or involved Steve. This was purely a personal memory he shared with her.

Leslie looked down at Bucky, her blue eyes watering.

“You two can have as many milkshakes as you want. For old time’s sake!” she exclaimed, wiping away the ones that fell.

Bucky and you thanked her. Even after she left, he couldn’t wipe the million dollar smile on his face. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get a bit teary eyed as well.

Yeah, this was a brilliant idea.


The ride back home was a long one. Tony let you borrow his favorite black mustang which he usually used for taking Pepper out. You figured the car would give you some relationship points, considering Tony claimed he “always got lucky” in this thing. Taking a sip of your to-go shake, you got the second best idea of that evening.

“Hey Bucky,” you say, looking over at him. His eyes are fixed on the road, his hair blowing slightly from the open window. Man, how did you get so lucky?

Bucky hummed, looking back over at you. His lips curved upwards into a small smile. One that made your insides melt. You popped the lid off of your milkshake and tooked the small cherry out of it. “You wanna see something cool?”

The car slowly came to a halt at the red light. Oddly, only you were the only ones at the intersection. For this specific road, that was kind of rare. Bucky placed the car into park and turned his full attention to you.

You plucked the stem from the cherry and placed it in your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised.

“Wow, doll,” he deadpanned. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my hundred years. Congrats.”

You swatted his arm playfully, earning a giggle from him. Gosh, he could be such a man child sometimes. You weren’t complaining, though. You loved that side of him. It rarely came out, but when it did, it was only with you.

You fiddled with the stem in your mouth, tugging it with your teeth until it formed a perfect knot. You didn’t notice it at first, but Bucky’s eyes never left your mouth. He subconsciously ran his tongue along his bottom lip, taking the pink flesh into his teeth. Your lips were his favorite part of your anatomy besides a few other hidden places as well. It turned him on that only he’d see those places.

Sticking your tongue out, you took the knotted stem from your mouth and held it up for him to see. But to your dismay, he didn’t even acknowledge it. Instead, he was staring elsewhere.

“I thought it was cool.” you frowned, tossing it out of the window.

Before you could turn back to him, you felt his hand grab onto your chin roughly and force you to look at him. Your eyes looked into his blue ones, which burned into yours. What had gotten into him. That’s when you made the mistake of licking your lips.

It was just a simple gesture of distress, nothing big or anything. But it caused Bucky’s erection to strain against his dark jeans. In one move, he crush his mouth onto yours. You groaned into the kiss, letting his tongue dominate yours with ease. You’d never say it outloud, but you were one submissive lady. And this newfound dominance was making you wetter by the second. That, mixed with the fact that you could still taste the raspberry milkshake on his tongue just added to the experience.

Reaching between the two of you, he undid both of your seat belts. His hand held you in place, forcing your mouth open a bit more into the kiss. Letting out a whimper, you obeyed him. But before it could get any better, he pulled away.

You pressed your thighs together, desperate for any kind of friction. By now, it had been at least five minutes. The light had turned yellow now, yet there still wasn’t anyone else remotely near from what you could see.

You ran your hand along his clothed thigh, dragging your nails against the material lightly. Bucky groaned, resting his head back against the headrest. Slowly, you reached for the zipper of his jeans. You pulled the zipper down, unbuttoning them as well.

Taking the hint, he lifted his hips up and you slid the material down his thighs. The sight of his fully erect cock resting against his stomach made your mouth water. You’d seen it plenty of times, but it still got you off knowing that only you could make him that hard.

Lifting yourself up, you crawled over the middle console of the car and swung one of your legs over Bucky’s lap. You placed your knees on either sides of the seat. His hands ran along the back of your thighs, traveling upwards. They slowed once they got to the waistband of your skirt. Before you could figure out a way out of the material, Bucky placed his hands on the waistband and ripped the material apart.

“Hey!” you whined. “That was my favorite skirt.”

Bucky pressed a kiss to your cheek, ignoring you. “I’ll buy you as many skirts as you want doll,” he pressed another kiss onto your neck, causing a gasp to escape from you. “But right now, I wanna see that pretty little pussy of yours stretched around my cock.”

You let out a moan. This was the first time hearing his dirty talk, but you weren’t complaining one bit. It was music to your ears. You slid a hand between the two of you and slid the material of your thong to the side. You pressed a kiss to his lips as you lowered yourself onto his cock.

You knew he was big, he’s a fucking super soldier, for Christ’s sake. But the way he stretched your walls, filling you up until you were resting all the way onto his hips, caused you to groan -not from pleasure, but pain. It wasn’t extreme, but enough to subside the pleasure.

“Блядь…” he sighed, his forehead falling into your chest. You gave an experimental roll of your hips. He inhaled sharply, pressing small kisses onto your chest. You repeated your actions, this time, giving a gentle bounce. Slowly, the pain began to subside and your body coursed with pleasure. You placed your hands behind you, on his thighs, and began bouncing on his cock.

“Shit…” you groaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of him entering and exiting your body.

Bucky ran one of his hands along the material of your blouse, feeling the warmth of your skin radiate from behind it. With a loud rip, the material came open. Your eyes shot open, peering down. The buttons from your blouse were gone, leaving you in just your black bra, one you wore for special occasions.

When he placed his hand on the material, you reached out and grabbed ahold of it. “This is my special bra!” you pouted. He gave you an amused smile, before ripping it off as well.

“BUCKY!” you shouted, turning an angry scarlet. But before you could scold him further, he placed his hands on your hips and began thrusting into you. You placed your hands on his shoulders as he pounded into you, his cock hitting inside you deeper and deeper.

“F-f-fuck!” your body jolted upwards from the force, making you stutter on your words. You placed a hand on the roof of the car to prevent hitting your head.

Your bodies moved in sync, rolling your hips into each other. Bucky’s mouth found itself onto your breast, sucking on it gently. You keened, pressing your chest further into his face.

Your other hand found its way into his hair, pulling on the long strands gently. He let out a growl, biting down gently on your flesh.

That’s when you heard it.

The sound of a car door opening and shutting loudly.

You could see the figure of the police officer walking towards your car, sending little red sirens off in your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, moving his head to the side and peeking at the side mirror.

The both of you instantly scrambled apart, desperately trying to make yourselves presentable. Bucky practically tossed you into the passenger seat, trying to pull his jeans back up his thighs. Slipping back on your ruined blouse, you held the material closed with your hands. As for your skirt, you simply placed it back onto your lap.

“If we go to jail, I’m so gonna kick your ass, Barnes!” You hissed, trying to smooth out your I-just-had-sex hair. Jesus, it was so obvious.

“Relax doll,” he laughed, winking over at you as he buttoned his jeans.

“I hear prison sex is the best sex there is.“

-FIN. ❤

Wedding Date - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word Count : 1,013

Warnings : none

Requests are open!


Sitting at a round table, you were admiring the view in front of you. Your older sister, happily dancing with her newly wedded husband.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” you asked your long-timed boyfriend, Jughead Jones the third, who was sitting right next to you. The usual beanie who was normally on his head, was nowhere to be seen. His raven locks gave him the cute, boyish look that you loved. You were kind of glad that he had tried to dress formally for the celebration. He looked down and smirked before answering,

“Is that a trick question?” You playfully nudged him in his side, knowing he was messing with you.

“You’re supposed to say yes!” He chuckled at you and took your hand in his, bringing warmth and a fuzzy feeling in your stomach. Even though you guys had been dating for already a few years, he always had the same effect on you.

“She is pretty, but you’re pulchritudinous.” You raised your eyebrows, giving him a puzzled look. Jughead had that way of coming up with words you’d never heard before. He was a box full of surprises.

“English, please?” He sweetly laughed at your confused expression and replied,

“It basically means that you are a delight for my eyes.” The blood rushed to your cheeks, probably giving you a small pink tint. Your boyfriend could feel your embarrassment and tried lighting up the mood,

“Don’t be shy (y/n). You are the most alluring and divine creature I’ve ever seen.” A smile crept up your face as Jughead said those words to you.

“Well, you’re pretty foxy yourself.”

“Foxy?” Jughead said back dazed and amused by your new vocabulary.

“Yeah, foxy! It means artful, cunning, knowing- which I personally think describes you perfectly.” You explained. At this moment, something seemed to shine in his blue orbs. He leaned towards you, for only you to hear,

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” You gazed back at him.

“Only every day.”

A dorky smile appeared on him as you kissed his cheek. The next minutes had passed in a comfortable silence, both of you appreciating your surroundings. You and your sister’s friends had token hours to decorate the backyard for the wedding.

Usually you weren’t the arts and craft type but you loved your sister fondly and would do anything for her on this special day. Fairy lights we’re hanging on trees and across the dance floor. All the tables had a bouquet of sunflowers in a translucent vase. Balloons were scattered everywhere across the floor. You had also tried some diys from pinterest but didn’t really get an interesting ending. In other words, they turned out horribly. An enticing tune was playing in the background which you were quietly humming.

Seeing your sister like that made you so happy. It made you think about your future with Jughead. If you two would ever get married. As you were lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed your boyfriend getting up, and offering you his hand for you to take.

“Will you give me this dance?” Your boyfriend asked. The music had turned to a slow song. One of your favourites. You smiled and him and gladly took his hand.

“Of course.” Hand in hand, you and your boyfriend made your way to the dance floor where other couples were starting to appear. Jughead placed his hands on your waist and yours gently rested on his shoulders. The two of you were lightly moving to the rhythm of the romantic sway. You looked up, your gaze meeting his.

“Have you ever thought about us? Like, in the future us?” His eyebrows furrowed and peeked at the sky, thinking before saying,

“Sometimes.” He answered, “I like to think of us being together after school. Going to college would be fun. Maybe settling down after?” You bet your bottom lip.

“Yeah I’d like that…” You trailed off, “And what about after? What would you want? Would you want… this?” You asked motioning to the world around you.

“You mean the wedding?” You nodded, “I wouldn’t mind calling you wifey and being your hubby.” You both laughed and grinned and his comment. “Wouldn’t it bother your parents though? I know your dad isn’t very fond of me.”

“My dad isn’t the one who’s going to be deciding who I’m going to spend the rest and most of my days with. Besides, my dad’s moving to Arizona in the next month or so. It’ll only be me and my mom. You know she cares about you.” I said back.

“I’m sorry about your dad. I know you two don’t have the best of relationship right now, but just try to make the best out of the time you two have left together.” Jughead knew that your parents had separated when you were only a child. You couldn’t clearly remember how they announced it but every time you thought about it, your heart ached. Your boyfriend continued, “On the good side, since your sister is moving out, doesn’t it mean that there’s going to be more place for me?” You teasingly hit him,

“Oh shut it you oaf”

He smirked and pressed his forehead against yours. His icy blue eyes piercing into your (y/e/c) ones.

“To answer that question of yours, yes, I’d like you to be my wife someday.” He titled his head forward and his damp lips met yours. The kiss was sweet but passionate. It probably would’ve lasted longer if you two hadn’t been in public. Or to be more precise, to your sister’s wedding. Just when you two parted away, your sister came up to you with a smile bigger than ever,

“Hey love birds, looks like you two are next.” With that, she walked away and left you a giggling mess in your boyfriend’s arms. Jughead smugly smirked at you.

“Can you at least promise me one thing

“Depends what.”

“That we’ll at least have nine kids.” You chuckled and wondered how you got the chance to have such an amazing boyfriend.

I imagined RGB meeting one of my ocs

titled: “meeting an other monster”