and it turned out horrible

  • someone: it's inevitable snape turned out to be a horrible person, when you consider his childhood...
  • sirius: *abused and raised by blood supremacists, is disowned, is framed for murder*
  • sirius: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • neville: *grew up with a controlling grandmother who always told him he wasn't good enough, lived with the knowledge that his parents were tortured to insanity, bullied and looked down on by just about everyone*
  • neville: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • ginny: *is literally possessed by voldemort for the better part of a year*
  • ginny: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • remus: *had no friends until he was 11, lives in constant fear of being outed as a werewolf, forced to become a monster every month*
  • remus: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • luna: *watched her mother die, picked on by everyone except ginny, treated as a freak, has only one friend until she's 14*
  • luna: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • hagrid: *expelled at age 13 for something he didn't do, accused of murder twice, outcasted for being half-giant*
  • hagrid: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • cho: *has her first love be murdered by a genocidal dictator and about half the world refuses to believe it, must struggle with her feelings towards harry and her guilt about them*
  • cho: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • mcgonagall: *fell in love with a muggle but had to break off their engagement, for fear of turning out like her own mother, later married a wizard who she loved but he died 3 years later*
  • mcgonagall: *still manages to not be a horrible person*
  • harry: *is degraded and abused his entire childhood, forced to sleep in a cupboard for 11 years, constantly treated as being an unwelcome outsider, told he should be grateful for his abusers taking him in, lied to constantly for the first 11 years of his life about who he is and who his parents were, consistently blamed for things that he couldn't control, picked on at school and continuously beaten up by his cousin's gang, sees multiple people die*
  • harry: *still manages to not be a horrible person*

one of my favorite things about the trans!danny hc is that, assuming we’re going by canon here, jack is suPER supportive

like almost every episode we hear jack referring to danny as “danny boy”

like,, think about this for a second

danny coming out to his parents, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his too-big t-shirt

maddie being quiet at first, taking it in, thinking about how she would have to take her son shopping for new clothes immediately.. and a binder. he would need a proper binder.

she gets so lost in calculating all the things she would have to do to help her son feel comfortable she doesnt realize how quiet shes being - but danny does

he starts panicing. his fears had come true - they didnt accept him. of course they wouldnt.. he begins backing up when all of sudden jack’s face turns into a huge grin.

he claps a hand on his sons shoulder, beaming. “oh danny boy!” he proclaims, “why didnt you tell us sooner???”

danny blanches. he hadnt expected his dad to be so accepting. this snaps maddy out of her trance, and she starts talking at lightning speed, how they would have to buy him some new, appropriate, clothes and the seriousness of proper binding.

danny cant believe it.. they? they’re ok with this? he starts to cry - from relieve and from happiness and also from a bit of guilt he didnt tell them sooner - that would have made things a lot easier

from then on jack and maddy try their best to be as supportive as they can be. maddy always cooing about her precious baby boy and jack going on and on about how they need to have more father-son bonding time. making sure hes always comfortable and correcting anyone who ever dares misgender their baby boy. danny couldnt have been happier.

even so, he stills gets dsyphoria sometimes and it really brings him down - and so jack does the only thing he could think

he starts calling him danny boy.

maybe a little reminder is all he needs… besides, he always wanted a son anyways

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headcanons for Kaz trying to propose to Inej?

*incoherent screaming* 

  • Kaz goes to every single jeweler in Ketterdam. He agonizes over the ring material, the jewel, and eventually rethinks the ring itself, because he doesn’t want people to sideline Inej as his fiancee instead of the dangerous girl she is. After everything she’s been through, he’d rather die than make her feel insignificant. 
  • Jesper and Wylan find it hilarious that Kaz is stressing out over a simple engagement when he’s faced down literal monsters of the Barrel. When Nina finds out, she and Jesper go full wedding planner mode.  
  • “Do you think the freesias in the bouquet would complement Inej well?” 
  • “Only if she’s wearing satin. Kaz, what do you think?” 
  • “I didn’t even propose yet, this is ri—”
  • “So that’s a yes then. Jesper, tell Wylan that we’ll need his mother’s help; Marya’s sense of taste would help enormously.” 
  • Without a ring option and since he’s so out of touch with affection, Kaz grows a bit desperate and starts picking apart methods to propose to Inej, until the stress grows to the point where he starts having doubts that she’ll accept him or even be with him for long. 
  • He starts to avoid Inej, and Inej misreads this as Kaz needing his space for a while, so she soon sets sail again, sending Kaz down into more misery.
  • It gets to the point where Jesper writes to Inej that she’s desperately needed in Ketterdam and that Kaz is sick. 
  • Inej practically flies back to the Slat and slams open Kaz’s room, which makes Kaz flinch at his desk.  
  • “Kaz?” Inej asks, shocked. “Did you just…?”
  • “You were loud.” Kaz says, clearing his throat and refusing to meet her gaze.
  • Inej walks up to the desk to get a closer look at him. Besides his skin looking paler than ever, Kaz seems fine. 
  • “Well, I barged down here because Jesper said that you hung on the balance between life and death; did you put him up to this?” 
  • Kaz doesn’t answer, which makes Inej realize just how affected he is. 
  • “Kaz.” she hesitates. “Is this because of me?” 
  • After a long silence, Kaz lifts his head to gaze at her. He lets out a shaky sigh. “Yes.” 
  • “Does this mean you don’t want me to see you again?” 
  • “No,” Kaz whispers, his grip tightening on his chair. “I want the contrary.”
  • “You have that already.” 
  • “I meant in a more permanent sense.” 
  • Absolute silence follows this remark. 
  • Inej then perches on his desk, exhaling an unsteady laugh as she sees him tense. “Do I terrify you that much?”
  • The answer comes instantly. “Of course.” 
  • She sucks in a surprised breath. She’s never heard him voice fear so openly.
  • “And yet you want me.” she says, shaking her head. “You want a paradox, Kaz.” 
  • Kaz digs his gloves deeper into the handles of the chair, but soon unclenches them when he feels Inej’s warm hand through the leather of one of the gloves. 
  • Her eyes ask a simple question, and after a moment of hesitation, he nods. Inej quietly strips away his gloves and delicately traces his palm lines with her fingers. Kaz fights the urge to shiver from disgust and hope. 
  • “You never considered that I might be afraid of this too.” Inej whispers. “But I’m still here. And I want that impossibility just as much as you do.”
  • Kaz’s heart stutters. “Inej—” 
  • “Not now.” Inej interrupts. “Not when we’re both making a name for ourselves in this world; not when we still remain in this town of ghosts. But don’t you dare think that I don’t want this.”
  • Kaz falls silent as Inej threads her fingers with his. They stay that way until night falls over Ketterdam, but when Inej begins to untangle her hand from Kaz’s, Kaz leans forward and kisses her hand delicately. 
  • “Thank you.” he breathes, and Inej can’t stop the soft smile that immediately comes to her lips. 



they look so perfect next to each other as per usual and so touchy :D

a quick sketch of celica!! if anyone knew anything about her can u tell me about it.. asking for a friend

Lup and Barry have definitely gotten married before, at least several times, but that was with old bodies in old dimensions. It doesn’t count, probably legally speaking. And if Abeir-Toril is going to be their last world they’re going to make their marriage here count. They have lots of experience in getting married, they’re practically experts, they can totally throw the best wedding ever. 

They plan for several years, scientifically analyze their past weddings to identify the best parts of each, invite half the continent, make denim themed invitations. They absolutely over-think things and it’s one part extravaganza one part absolute disaster. 

  • Carey and Killian and Hurley and Sloane have been pen pals for a while and are delighted to finally get to see each other at Lup and Barry’s Matrimonial Party Weekend. The only problem is that it’s cherry blossom season and it turns out Carey is horribly allergic. She sneezes fire onto several drapes, and then both couples spend half an hour staring wistfully at each other until Carey’s allergy meds kick in. 
  • Magnus brings all his dogs. Which, to be fair, he got permission to do, but it’s still a lot of dogs. 
  • Angus brings a date and the entire Bureau of Balance spends the whole time trying and failing at being intimidating, except Magnus who tries to convince them to adopt a dog. 
  • Despite being excessively coached beforehand, Merle still slips up and invokes the power of Pan at the beginning of the vows. Lup and Barry have to go sit in a side room until the holy aura wears off. 
  • Lup drops her bouquet in the rush to get away from the religion. Unfortunately she heavily enchanted it so that when she threw it at the end of the party it would go and bat Kravitz around the head until he grabbed it (Taako wasn’t about to propose and they needed a push, plus it seemed like a good drama note to end the reception on.) It interprets being dropped as being thrown. 
  • Their boss comes. Enough said. 
  • Avi builds a high speed catapult for throwing rice and nearly blinds someone with projectile grains. 
  • They’ve incorporated wedding traditions from seventeen of their favorite planes of reality, which is very cool but also means that everyone who wasn’t on the Starblaster has no idea what’s going on most of the time. 
  • Multiple people need healing by the end of it, it’s incredibly gushy and lovey, and finally Lup and Barry decide to abandon their own party on a Phantom Steed and go get a room at a seedy inn. They take the (five tier, highly decorated) cake with them. 
  • The reception still lasts until 6am without them. 

After a horrible accident at a comedy club, it turns out that every human has the ability to blow up in a giant explosion if they do a specific set of absurd actions in a certain order. You have the only recording of “The doomsday dance” and must keep it safe from all who want to learn it.


listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme