and it turned out horrible

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I always gets my hopes up when I see Donald Trump trending on tumblr, but I'm always disappointed because it turns out he just said or did another horrible thing.

Same anon same…. 😒

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hi. I tend to "know" as soon as i wake up if it's gonna be a good day or not. this has been proven over and over and over again as i ignore my intuition and initial feeling and just "sees what happens" and the day always ends horribly, it never "turns out okay" in the end, if that makes sense. But people around me seem to think this is a matter of attitude? Idk i feel very belittled and being framed as some sort of pessimist asshole but like.. I know how i work..? How do i explain this? itaat?

I’m not sure, but I’m gonna give you one possible explanation - fluctuating energy levels.

Many autistic people experience a change, a fluctuation in their abilities from one day to another. For example on some days I am so sensitive to sound that ten minutes of noise will send me into a meltdown, and on other day I can manage a whole hour of that same noise and be tired but otherwise okay. On some days I don’t even feel executive dysfunction and can achieve many things with no help, on others I struggle to make myself a cup of tea because I get stuck at one step like “should I put the sugar first or pour water first?”.

It is possibly due to fluctuating levels of mental energy - some of us call it “spoons”, from spoon theory originally created for chronically ill people. Basically things that don’t take energy for abled neurotypical people do require energy for us. You can be out of spoons, meaning completely exhausted, and then your functioning will drop and you might have meltdowns/shutdowns or just feel really bad. And perhaps on some days we wake up with a lot of energy, and on some we wake up with less - whether because of sleep quality, or being tired the day before, or some random changes in our bodies.

I’m thinking, maybe you can sense that very well? Personally I can never tell how many spoons I have left until I’m suddenly out of them, but I am not really good at reading my emotions in general. If you can, you might consider low energy days bad and high energy days good and know immediately whether you can do any energy demanding activities that day, or whether you should better stay at home and rest.

Of course it can also be random, or nocebo effect (opposite of placebo - when you believe in something bad and actually start feeling it), and you can’t really know until you conduct some sort of experiment, but fluctuating energy levels is one possible hypothesis.



                                            What is human?
                                            An ability to reason?
                                            To imagine?
                                            To love or grieve?
                                            If so,
                                            we are more human
                                            than any human ever will be.

                                           AESTHETIC MEME | eight stories
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Can you imagine if an internet connection was established between different worlds and suddenly people from different universes could communicate with each other

Someone makes a post complaining about how “an asshole at work today didn’t trim his dragon’s claws and now the floor is scratched” and someone else is like WAIT YOUR WORLD HAS DRAGONS EXPLAIN and OP ends up explaining what he sees as his boring everyday dragon job to all these strangers who think it’s the coolest thing ever

An elf from your average high fantasy world chats with a robot from a sci-fi universe and discovers that it doesn’t matter that he’s horrible with a bow and arrow because it turns out he’s really good at this thing called astrophysics

“What do you mean your people are suffering because the king got killed and everything’s falling apart? Here, I’ll send you info about the basics of our different governments. Go restructure your economy.”

The blending of different cultures. The discussion of different types of magic. Ideas about fusing science and magic. The sharing of technologies. Lives being saved because zombie-apocalypse-world is giving nuclear-apocalypse world survival tips or that one centaur told an alien about a new medical treatment.

inter-dimensional social media

a quick sketch of celica!! if anyone knew anything about her can u tell me about it.. asking for a friend

one of my favorite things about the trans!danny hc is that, assuming we’re going by canon here, jack is suPER supportive

like almost every episode we hear jack referring to danny as “danny boy”

like,, think about this for a second

danny coming out to his parents, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his too-big t-shirt

maddie being quiet at first, taking it in, thinking about how she would have to take her son shopping for new clothes immediately.. and a binder. he would need a proper binder.

she gets so lost in calculating all the things she would have to do to help her son feel comfortable she doesnt realize how quiet shes being - but danny does

he starts panicing. his fears had come true - they didnt accept him. of course they wouldnt.. he begins backing up when all of sudden jack’s face turns into a huge grin.

he claps a hand on his sons shoulder, beaming. “oh danny boy!” he proclaims, “why didnt you tell us sooner???”

danny blanches. he hadnt expected his dad to be so accepting. this snaps maddy out of her trance, and she starts talking at lightning speed, how they would have to buy him some new, appropriate, clothes and the seriousness of proper binding.

danny cant believe it.. they? they’re ok with this? he starts to cry - from relieve and from happiness and also from a bit of guilt he didnt tell them sooner - that would have made things a lot easier

from then on jack and maddy try their best to be as supportive as they can be. maddy always cooing about her precious baby boy and jack going on and on about how they need to have more father-son bonding time. making sure hes always comfortable and correcting anyone who ever dares misgender their baby boy. danny couldnt have been happier.

even so, he stills gets dsyphoria sometimes and it really brings him down - and so jack does the only thing he could think

he starts calling him danny boy.

maybe a little reminder is all he needs… besides, he always wanted a son anyways


cry out [RIJF'16]

I imagined RGB meeting one of my ocs

titled: “meeting an other monster”

Chapter 15 made me feel horribly trapped and anxious. It turns out that the real reason why Sangwoo took Bum to that afterparty was to make him realize nobody would help or save him even if he manages to escape somehow. Bum is all by himself right now and it makes me want to cry. He has to interact with Seungbae somehow or learn to manipulate Sangwoo.

On Underdark Cuisine

So, just a bit of background info. I play a drow rogue, and she’s in a party with an elven paladin, an elven Druid, and an elven monk (they’re all either elven or half-elves or some combination, still not entirely sure.)

Anyway, so we’re in what’s basically the basement of a temple, and we stumble into a storage room.

Paladin: Hold on, everyone, I want to grab a bucket with a lid.

Me (rogue): Why do you need a bucket?

P: I dunno, just in case.

Well, the bucket he reaches for turns out to be a mimic. After a few minutes of failing horribly at trying to kill it, it somehow is set on fire and it dies.

R: I think the mimic meat is done cooking. Who wants some?

Druid: I don’t think that the mimic is still in there. Is it?

Monk: Why would you ever want to eat a bucket? It’s-

R: I eat the bucket.

Party (including DM): ?????????

R: Mmm, Underdark cuisine at its finest. Just like my parents used to make.

(later, after we’ve fought a lava child and looted it)

D: Wait, we never looted the bucket. Was there anything in it or on it?

DM: Ummm.

R: I’ll let you know in about 24 hours.


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